Chapter 9 Every Breath is a Second Chance

Chapter 9 AIW

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Godric leans back thinking and he finally nods, “Under Contract. Then there will be legal ramifications to their busy work.”

Roman gets an evil grin on his face, “My dear Maker, I think it is time to clean house, starting with this lovely state of ours.”

And with that, plans are born to disrupt plans that had been over 3,000 years in the making.


In the chambers they have been in, Eric wakes up next to his Sookie and realizes he just woke up for the first time for over a thousand years. It is not the instantaneous wakening that vampires experience when the sun sets, or whenever they ‘awake’ for the day.

No, this is a real wakening, with sleepy thoughts and generally coming to himself as he becomes aware of the world. While he is somewhat worried since his alertness has saved his life many times in the past, he cannot deny the pleasure of this kind of awakening. Having the sense of actually waking up beside the woman who would have been his wife if he was human, but is his Mate, his other half, is completely amazing. Eric smiles down at her in his arms. The last exchange shocked him. It was nothing like their first one, nor their first one in the alternative timeline. He has no idea how many days it has been, but he is eager to make the final exchange, to finalize their bond in every way.

Trailing his fingers down her side, he smiles as she cuddles closer and goosebumps erupt on her skin. He loves knowing her so much better than before. Now he knows many private things and will be telling Godric about her great uncle. She does not want his death on her conscious even though she has told him to kill him to protect Hunter. So, they will have to find another way to end him or make him pay for all of the pain he has caused their tiny Mate while making sure that Hunter will never learn of him.

He also is hurting for her knowing her childhood. Like he told her, it had been one thing to know her memories, but it still wasn’t her thoughts on it. That is why he wanted to talk to her and see what she thinks about it.

He had also shared his scars deep in his heart, the ones that meant talking about when he was born and the deaths of his family. They talked about their lives and explained their thoughts on what had transpired, even their thoughts through the alternative timeline.  They had shared the pain and the triumphs of understanding each other to the very marrow, and as Sookie had commented, knowing each other this way will allow for them to be able to understand the other more.

There were the ‘I’m sorrys’ for things that had happened – his fucking Nora, her almost fucking Alcide as well as her fucking Warlow and so much more. They come to understand that they may be Mates, but they are not the other person. As Eric told her, he is always hers.

He smiles down and tells his love as he senses her waking up, “Good whatever time it is.” He kisses her shoulder.

Sookie blinks owlishly at him as she yawns prettily. “You and that vampire sense of time cannot tell what time it is?” Her hand is covering her mouth, just as she has been taught, and it makes Eric smile at her even more.

He shakes his head. “My sense of time is befuddled by your beauty, my princess.”

She cannot help the sound of laughter that comes from her. “You are not the Eric I met in Fangtasia either tomorrow or today. Whichever day it is.” She is laughing up at him, her eyes reflecting her happiness.

He pulls her to him and nuzzles her. “I am the same man then and now. I just hid myself away. How would I have known that I was meeting my Mate, my other half, at that time?  Plus, you were with Bill Compton!” He growls the name out.

She giggles in his arms, relaxing there. She tells him, “We have so much ahead of ourselves.”

He nods, breathing in her scent. He can smell his own and Godric’s laced throughout. “But think of the happier times coming. You have Godric to woo you, which will be interesting to watch. Then there will be my own wooing, so you don’t forget who I am”, he teases her.

She laughs, and then looks up into his eyes, “We are going to be ok, right Eric?”

He nods looking into her own, and frowns. He looks closer and then remarks, “Sookie, your eyes are definitely blue now.”

She smiles. “Permanently? I don’t think so, Eric. People’s eyes don’t change.”

He nods, looking into them. “They are blue the exact shade of mine. I wonder if once you Bond with Godric, they will change to reflect his eyes as well as mine.” He chuckles. “My lovely, unusual Sookie. You will always be a surprise to me.”

With that he kisses her, but the kiss soon turns hot and sultry, and when he pulls back to give his wide grin, he tells her, “Greedy?” teasing her. He loves being able to let loose his inner self.

She laughs up at him, “I want you to be mine, no questions.  So, yes I am greedy!”

He kisses down her neck, telling her, “I like.”

She just moans as he makes his way down her body, proving to her once again that she should have chosen him as her first lover. His talented mouth soon has her squirming under him as he worships her breasts. She can feel him getting aroused on her thigh, and she is admittedly panting for his attentions. She has received nothing but him for the last however long they have been here in this room, and she can say it only feeds her addiction to him.

Eric soon moves down her body, eliciting moans from her as he makes love to her body with his mouth. He pulls every trick he knows to please his woman. Instead of using her to please himself, to get himself off, this woman is the one he tries to please. She always will be, just as he is always hers.

When he reaches between her shapely thighs, he smiles as he can see how wet she is for him. “Oh, lover, is this all for me?”

She leans up on her elbows to lift an eyebrow at him, “Who else do you think it is for? Do you not think of yourself capable of pleasing me?”

He growls playfully back at her and captures her eyes while he laps at the moisture that he is sure to have come from the heavens themselves. No matter how badly he wants to let his eyes roll back from her taste, he never lets his eyes break contact with hers.

Sookie is captivated by watching Eric between her thighs. He has always enjoyed her watching him please her, but feeling his emotions as he is doing it adds a whole new side of things. His so talented mouth… She used to dream of it, but the reality is so much better.

When he feels her getting close, he stops, then moves up her body, sliding into her in one movement. At her shocked face, he captures her lips. They both open their mouths to each other at the same time, and they fall under the Bond, their tongues starting to mimic the movement of their bodies.

He finally allows her to catch her breath and watches her eyes as he tells her, “I love you.”

She sighs out in pleasure, “Always, and a day…”

He smiles down at her as he makes love to his beloved. When they get closer to that moment, her mouth is on his neck, and he begs of her, “Do it, bite me and take me as your Bonded, my love!”

His fangs are down and slide into her neck as her teeth break through his skin and the light that bursts in the room is enough to make them cum at the same time. Their souls binding to each other as only Soul Mates and Bondeds can, making them both become what they were meant to be.

Now they are only missing the third in their souls, and he is more than welcome in their love.

Godric is panting in his room, a smile on his face. He had luckily been off the phone with his contacts when their pleasure built in him, and he too had seen the burst of light in the room as it exploded from him.

He shakes his head at the joy he can feel from the two, and their love for each other. He can also feel the yearning from the two for him. That alone has him feeling as though he is the age he physically looks – something he has not felt for centuries.

He leans back in the chair, realizing that they managed to complete the Bond in two days.  Tonight would have been when Bill had Sookie attacked to give her his blood. Instead, she is safe in Eric’s arms, and he dares anyone to try to attack her now. The Bonding alone will override another’s blood in her. His, being her Mate, won’t be rejected, and he can’t wait for the time for them to go forward in their bonding.

He looks down and sighing, checks over his plans. He has already, with Roman’s blessing, told his King that he will not be in his area and that he may be retiring from his position. He offered Isabel to be his replacement while he is considering his position. That would allow him to remain here, without having to swear to the Queen, holding his position in the other state.

He grins as he looks through the other plans. Tomorrow will be interesting. In Eric’s name, he had sent Pam to Bon Temp to capture Bill. He has proof of him moving there, a couple of weeks ago, and he has Pam taking Bill in contempt of the rules. He himself is about to leave to go inspect the home Bill has been in.

Grinning, and only taking time to change to jeans and a hoody, Godric heads outside to fly himself to the home place of his Mate. He revels in the flight, happy to be removing one of the immediate threats to his Mate.

Within minutes, he is landing outside the Compton Plantation. He can hear Bill sputtering at Pam for her silvering him. He is soon by his Grandchild’s side and looks at the Civil War veteran. “William Compton.” The words are growled out.

Bill glares at the vampire in front of him. “Godric. Why are you here?” He is not happy with the site of his Sheriff’s Maker here. What Godric knows, Eric does. He already is trying to find Sookie, no one has seen her.

Godric smiles serenely at him. “I was visiting my Child on the most auspicious day. Would you know he found his Mate just yesterday? Amazing isn’t it? But he had found out that you had been in the area without checking in, and asked me to help with the restraining of you.  He is quite busy Mating and Bonding his Mate.” His smile only grows slightly wider as he notices the panic in Bill.

Trying to calm himself, Bill cannot help but breathe in and holds back the snarl as he smells the delectable scent of the human he had been sent to procure. Why does Godric smell of her?

Godric inwardly smiles as he picks on the younger vampire’s reaction to the smell of his Mate mixed in with his own scent.

He says nothing as he passes by the veteran and enters the crumbling antebellum house. He frowns at the obvious rundown condition of the place. “You have been here for almost a month and not done a thing? Compton, it looks like you were trying to hide your residency from my Child. This is not looking favorable for you.” He cares not for the man, but he likes needling Bill, hoping he hits a button that will cause the veteran to give information away.

He moves through the house, knowing that there had been a file on Sookie for Russell to be able to gain. Godric is looking forward to tearing apart this wretched house to get to said file, as well as anything else he can find here.

Then he thinks of the pluses or negatives of letting the man watch him destroy the house. Godric sighs. He just turns around, and looking at Compton, he tells Pam, “Please take him to Fangtasia. My Child will enjoy his time with him later. He will probably be bringing his Mate along for her to learn about her new life.” He will be able to move much faster if the veteran is gone.

Pam rolls her eyes. “She will be my new sister?” I will at least be older, if nothing else. But how are they so sure Eric has found his Mate? she thinks.

In that second, Godric realizes that while they will never need to turn their Sookie, they will have to ensure Pam does not know about this situation for a while. Until then, it will need to be said that he will change her, or Eric and he will. Otherwise, Pam would flaunt her age in front of Sookie. This way, his Mate will be superior to her in Pam’s mind. “No, she will be my new Child once we get to that step.” He has not forgotten the memories of Pam’s jealousy of Sookie.

Pam’s eyes widen, but she doesn’t say anything. Godric had personally taught her how to behave when she took their familiarity with each other too far in his estimation. His Grandchild was not to disobey her Maker or him in any way, not when he may learn of it.

She nods, then takes Compton out to the van, and Godric turns around in the house. He wrinkles his nose at the smell, figuring either Compton has no sense of smell, or he is counting on the smell to hide him and anything he has done.

Unfortunately for Compton, his scent is easy to separate from the house’s smell, and Godric is soon tracking him through the house.

He finds the file on his Mate easily, and shakes his head at the ease in finding it. Because of that, he searches out everywhere he can smell the veteran. When he ends up in the attic, he stares at the wall full of pictures of his Mate. A lot of them show how close he has been to his Sookie. Godric’s snarl rings out through the house and scares the birds out of the trees in the area around him.

No, it is not a good time to be William Compton.

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