Chapter 3 Head Stuck Under the Sand


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It is time for her to relearn the difference.


Overjoyed at her answer, Eric smiles and extends his hand to her.  This is what he has hoped for, but never dreamed could be possible for them. He is still not happy with how much she doesn’t know.  It is making so many things become clear from hints that Compton has dropped in the past.

Lost in her thoughts, Sookie looks up at him.  She asks him, with her eyes showing the conflict she is going through, “Your blood would help me with this mess of emotions and know what is my own and what is his?” She hopes so, there doesn’t seem to be any way she has been able to tell in the past.  Why else is she only now questioning this?


Thinking carefully, Eric answers her, “It should.  My blood will fight his, and it will show you what is false by highlighting the emotions.  They would not be as insidious for you.”  He stares at her with his bright blue eyes, thinking over the possibilities, then tells her, “The same would happen if I were to ever play with your emotions.  Compton’s blood would work to make it so you would feel something was off.” He wants her to never doubt anything between them.  This way she will know that there will be checks on him even though he promised not to influence her.

Sookie’s eyes widen as she realizes he is telling her that there was also a way for her to know he is keeping his promise.  Her mind whirs away with that knowledge.  And the fact that he is doing it helps bash some more holes in her earlier impressions of him.

When Eric sees that she is thinking through what he has told her, he couldn’t be happier. Eric never wanted to own pets.  They disgusted him.  He hated yes-sayers, and that is what a pet eventually becomes.  He never wanted someone around him all the time that never thought for themselves, that would never say what they wanted. Pets live to please their masters and cater their actions, moods and so on to be what they believe that the vampire in question wants.

It is one thing he actually loves about his child, that she had never been one to hide her opinions.  However, when Eric is truthful with himself when he thinks of her turning, he never was called to make her his child as Godric explained that he was called to Eric and Alexi.  And he often wonders what that can mean down the way.  A maker should only be trust those he makes or those in his bloodline, but there are hints in some of the ancient texts that Godric has had him read, that indicate that type of loyalty is only with those called to be made.  If you did not feel the pull, you would be setting yourself up for the opportunity to be sent to the True Death by your child.  This is something that Godric has pointed out in the past, but Eric has always been steadfast that Pam is loyal to him.

But now that he feels what he thinks it the call to Sookie, Eric believes. The need to be around her, as well as knowing deep inside of him that once she is his, there is nothing that would be able to come between them makes him understand more.

However, he wouldn’t take the choice from her. Although Eric is pulled to be at her side, to make Sookie his in every way he can imagine.  And he does have quite the imagination.  He never imagined that today would be the day, the day that he had prayed to his gods to come about.  The day that he had wanted to come about so often.


However, the empty feeling inside of him where Godric usually resides in him, cuts his thoughts off, and he tells her, “May I take you to your house for you to gather some clothing?” He needs to get them somewhere safe where he can ask her to go to Dallas with him to find his maker as well as talk to her about a great many other things.

Shaken out of her thoughts of cataloging things that she didn’t understand; how she had changed from the person she had been on the night she rescued Bill to where they are now.  Yes, she is guilty of pulling Scarlets and putting things off until tomorrow to think on when she doesn’t have time to think of them at that point.  But she always makes sure she does think of them!  Her Gran would be rolling in her grave at her actions!

But his voice comes to her, breaking her out of her thoughts causing her to inform him, “I need my car.  I can’t leave it here.” Without her car, she wouldn’t be very mobile.  She needs that car too much to leave it anywhere.  Thinking about that brings to mind his request.

Clearing his throat, thinking he might as well get this over with, Eric asks her, “I would like to take you with me to Dallas.  I was planning to ask you to go with me, for my maker is missing.  It would allow you some time to yourself, as well as getting you out of the area.  I need to leave either way, and would rather take you with me.”  It would be safer for her.  For them both, since if he left without her, he would be worrying about her the entire time.  That was not even an option with his suspicions.

Thinking over his request, Sookie figures she would do it.  From what she gathers, Makers are like parents for lack of a better word.  And if Eric is worried about his Maker, his parent for better words, she would feel remorse for not helping him as he is helping her now.  She agrees, “Sure.  I guess that means we really need to get my car and get moving then.”

Agreeing with her idea for leaving Sookie’s car here would lead to unwelcome questions that he wants her not to be involved in. With her stating that she is his, he is more than willing to leave Compton to deal with his own messes.

He holds out his hand, smirking, “Air Eric is ready and available to take you where you need to be, milady.” Eric adores her being in his arms, even this small amount.  Plus, he didn’t want to shock her too much and not tease her.

She smirks and takes his hand telling him, “Can we take off slower?” She is nervous, but she also understands that they need to get moving, and this is the best way to not deal with Bill.  She has had more than enough of him for one night!


Eric nods as he leans down to sweep her up into his arms bridal style again.  Compton is close to where they are, and going back to her car will hopefully confuse him.  Eric had no intention of Compton getting any closer to her, so he intends to fly above her car on the way home. He can’t fit into her car easily, and he suspects that Jessica has been left behind as her maker ran off after Sookie. This will allow him to react quickly to make sure his Sookie is safe.

Remembering her request, Eric rises gently into the air. He raises an eyebrow as if to ask if that is better. He looks forward to a time that is not so hectic so he can take her flying more often.  To make sure that is something she wants, he doesn’t want her frightened of their flights.

Feeling better about being gently lifted off the ground, Sookie looks around, and then back at him, “Thanks.  I have never been off the ground like this.” This flight is already better, and she is enjoying it much more.  It is…personal if that makes sense.  She feels like she could actually reach up and touch the stars.

As he levels off, Eric moves horizontally to her car asking, “You ‘ve never flown in a plane?” Keeping her interest, but also wanting to know for future information.  He has never had a chance to just talk to Sookie.  It is something he has wanted for a while but had to be aloof because of Godric’s words to him.  He had not wanted to interfere since, while he may hear the call of a potential Child, Compton may have the call of a mate.  It is only recently that he has him actually been thinking otherwise, allowing him to finally act on them just today.

Still looking around at the scenery and being awed by all she sees, all that Eric would generally see anytime he wished, she shakes her head and answers him. “Nope.  We couldn’t afford to go anywhere, so this is the first time for me.”

Looking down at her as he tucks that piece of information away, Eric reveals to her, “With that in mind, I will make sure that when we fly to Dallas I will be on the plane with you.  It won’t take but a half an hour either way.”  And he would rather be with her and help her with her first flight than spend the time in his coffin.  It will allow them a small amount of time to talk in case she has more questions than he can answer tonight.

Appreciating the fact that Eric won’t leave her to be alone to fly her first time, Sookie smiles.  “What are we going to do after we pick up my car?” She looks up at him to see if he will tell her, or put her off with some excuse as Bill always does.

Using his senses, Eric swallows a growl when he finds out that he was right about what the idiotic Veteran has done back at Sookie’s car.  Jessica had been left there, but mindful of Compton having left a Makers command, he answers Sookie, “First we get you home, and you pack a bag.  Then I will take you to my safe house for tonight.  I will then talk with you, finding out all you know and then telling you the rest.  I will not leave you uninformed and defenseless.  Then you can sleep.  Tomorrow will be the time you asked for, time for you to think through things.  Does this sound satisfactory to you?” He looks down at her to make sure this will be ok with her.  If not, they can adjust whatever needs to be changed to suit her better.

Thinking over what he told her, and glad to have someone actually listen and answer her with real answers, not words to simply placate her, Sookie nods then asks, “will you explain what it really means to be yours?” She has asked Bill several times, but he had always shunted it off with some excuse or by stating that no one could bite her with her being his.  Sookie had thought that it must mean much more, but never could get the answers she wanted.

Eric jerks his head down to her as he asks, “Compton never told you?” How could he not teach her even this fundamental part of Pets and Vampires?  Even fangbangers know that much!

Shaking her head as she pulls his jacket as close to her as she can while in his arms Sookie told him,  “All I know is that no one could bite me if I was his.” She lightly shrugs, but her intent eyes on Eric tell him it had been something that has bothered her for a while.

Growling as he lands, Eric discloses, “I promise you that I will always tell you everything to the best of my ability unless it is something I cannot, but as soon as I am able to, I will tell you even then.” He wishes that he could tell her everything, but there are times that even Godric has kept things from him at his age!  If nothing else has sunk into his head in the millennium he has lived, it is that knowledge is sometimes more valuable than life.

She frowns, but he has set her gently upright to stand on her own two feet.  After making sure Sookie can stand on her own, Eric then turns to growl out at the youngling, Jessica, “I would leave as soon as possible.” His arm is still around his Sookie, in case he needs to move her behind him to defend her against an attack from the younger vampire.

Shivering at the growl in his voice, Jessica submits to him as she informs him, “Bill ordered me to stay with the car.” She hates this, never does she want to be a risk to Sookie, the only person other than Eric and Pam who had listened to her.  And having Eric loom over her is telling everything inside of her to show her neck and submit entirely to him.

Thinking quickly over the options he has without hurting the youngling that is in no way to be blamed, Eric growls out his frustration.  But he instructs them both on what he has come up with. “This is what we will do.  Sookie will take her car back to her home, and I will follow to make sure nothing hurts her.  Jessica, you are to stay outside the car.”

When Jessica nods frantically, agreeing, Eric zips Sookie to the door, telling her gently, “I will be right above you, Min Alskare.” He smiles at her as he puts his hand to her cheek as he murmurs, “I will keep you safe.” He watches her as she gets in and puts on her seat belt.  Then she starts the car as he gently shuts her door.  When she puts it into drive, he smiles at the gumption in this tiny woman that now allows him to claim her.  Eric takes to the air as she hits the gas, only caring enough about Jessica to know where she is and that he can get to the car first before her if it comes to that.

The trip is mostly quiet, but Eric spends most of it planning.  At one point, he smells something utterly horrendous, but he is not deterred from his path, determined to protect Sookie, and to also hope that she will find his maker.

Once they are at her house, Eric lands next to Sookie’s car when she stops and has the door open with his hand extended.  He asks her as she takes his hand to exit her vehicle, “Can you please rescind Compton’s invitation?” It is the beginning of the plans he made while on the way to her home in order to give her the time to grab what she needs without the two vampires tearing apart her house.

Not that he wouldn’t fix it back up for her.

Sookie looks up at him in confusion, “Doesn’t he have to be here?” That was what Compton had implied about the invitations, that they can only be given or taken away if the vampire in question was there.

Again a little growl escapes as Eric finds yet another shortcoming to her knowledge.  “No.  The magic is always surrounding your house, and will know who has an invitation. It is how it knows to allow one in even if you are not home.” That was an essential protection to inform your human about!  Otherwise, they would take the chance of being attacked if they tried it with the vampire there.  What is Compton up to?

Taking yet another blow to how much Bill had kept her in the dark, she says in a small voice, “Bill Compton I rescind your invitation.” She lifts an eyebrow asking if that would work.

He smirks and is about to say something, but a thought occurs to him, and he informs her, “Also rescind Jessica’s invitation, please.  If a child has entry, the maker can still enter the residence.” He needs to think of all these things and treat Sookie like a newcomer instead of thinking that Compton taught her things like he should have.

 Sookie complies with his request, then she looks to Eric, “I suspect you want an invitation?” Sookie figured he would demand it at the least.

Waggling his eyebrows as he moves closer, “My Sookie, if you wish me to be in your bedroom with you, I will be more than willing.  However, I don’t suspect you have a light tight room in the house so we will need to wait until we get to my house.” Eric’s voice is light, teasing.  He can sense how much she has been beaten down with everything that has been withheld from her.  While they may not have a bond, he can see it in her eyes, her bearing, her voice even.

Snickering at him, Sookie hits him in the stomach, then cringes, waiting for him to yell.  Instead, Eric’s hand, yet again, raises her head to meet his eyes as he tells her softly, “In private, there is nothing wrong with your reaction.  I love the fire in you, and it makes you one of 3 people in this world I care about. Now, I will wait on your porch for you to pack a bag.  Also, grab a coat since the only way to my place is by air.” His eyes track over her face, taking in her reactions.

It made him angry, yet sad, that she would expect for him to yell or even hit her for reaction.  It is one he has seen other couples make with each other, and his heart had soared at that moment, that second until she realized and cringed.  That had made his heart plummet.

Nodding, floored by the fact she had felt it natural to treat him that way, and even more that he is encouraging it, she heads into the house.  Grabbing a bag from the closet, she starts packing, her mind busy thinking of nothing but how she has changed since she met Bill.  It truly is like she has her head stuck in the sand like an ostrich!

Stackhouses never do that!! That was not how her Gran raised her!

Shaking her head at herself, Sookie angrily shoves a couple of shirts in the bag, then pauses.  She goes to her window, and calls out, “Eric?” She needs his input to make sure that she packs everything that she needs.

However, she never expects the way he answers! Sookie jumps when Eric is suddenly floating in front of her, his hands folded in front of him, “I do remember telling you we didn’t have time for any bedroom activities.”  Then he cocks his head at her as he grins, “At least not for what I plan for when we are together for the first time, minn dýrr [my dear].”  He waggles his eyebrows at her, in the hope that it makes her laugh.

With a smile on her face, she shakes her head at the teasing vampire in front of her, “What type of clothing do I need to bring with me?” Bringing their conversation back down to what she needs to get answered so that she can get out of there.  Her heart is starting to pound harder, and she is not sure why.

Eric knows what he wants her to bring, his eyes grow dark as he thinks about that dress, all the while he answers her verbally, “Nice clothing, we will be in my Maker’s nest.  But you will need comfortable clothing for other times.”  Then he hesitates, and quietly asks, “If you would do me a favor, please pack the dress you wore the first time you came to me.” His eyes are dark blue, almost a black with a need that is showing only as that.  His hands are hiding the other proof of what he is actually thinking about, and that dress has premiered in quite a few of his thoughts.

Her eyes wide, Sookie turns and grabs the dress she thinks he is talking about from her closet, “This one?” His posture had straightened, along with other tells she had learned by using her telepathy to make sure she is reading people’s tells rightly.  Without that, she would have no idea that Eric is reacting to the thought of her in that dress she had met him in so firmly.

His eyes go darker, reminding her of dark stormy skies, “Yes.” He swallows, commanding his body not to react anymore, needing to make sure he doesn’t scare his Sookie away when he has finally gotten her.  There will hopefully be time to explore some of his ideas about that dress.  After he finds someone to make more of the dresses or has Pam to buy copies of it to allow him all his fantasies.

Smiling shyly at Eric, Sookie turns to grab a few other dresses as well as more shorts and shirts.  She also grabs some jeans in case she needs to fly again. She is making sure that everything is the best she has, though that is not much when she thinks of what all she might need.  Oh well, they will have to accept her as she is.  She cannot do anything about it at this time.  Though Sookie does curse Bill in her mind with how he told her that her clothes didn’t matter.  They must matter some since Eric asked for dresses.

The entire time Eric is watching her, strangely calm for the first time since his maker has gone missing. Something is calming about watching the woman he cares for getting ready to spend time with him.  He wonders how it will change when they get closer, if he will enjoy watching her get ready as well.

Then suddenly Eric remembers something that he needs to talk to Sookie about, “Lafayette.” He needs to remember to tell Pam to make sure he is okay since he has not had the chance to check on him tonight, and to talk to Sookie about him.

Her head twists around quickly, “Do you know where he is?” Sookie has been worried about one of the few people who genuinely cares for her as a person, not for what she can do.  She is also hiding the fact that her heart is pounding more and more, her stubbornness is the only reason Eric can’t tell yet that she is beginning to be in pain.

Cursing himself, for this is not how he wants to tell her, Eric starts to explain to her, “Yes.  We…“ Then they both hear “Sookeh!” His head turns quickly to the sound, missing the wince that works itself free of Sookie’s iron control. Eric has not missed her heart beating faster, but thought it was excitement. Now, he’s worrying that Compton is the reason it is beating it faster.


Hearing the epithet from his generally non-cursing southern belle, Eric shakes his head in shock, and as he turns to her, he hears, “Eric Northman, I invite you in.” Surprised, but relieved, Eric is soon through the open window, looking down to her, “Minn dýrr, I know you are anxious, but I honestly don’t recommend this as an opportune moment.” He grins at her trying to get her to relax some from how strict she is holding herself.

Shaking her head, Sookie works to hide the pain all the while gathering the last few items, then grabbing another bag, beginning to roll her dresses to put in there. She is wondering why her heart is beating so fast and hard.

Eric asks as he watches her, “Minn dýrr, why don’t you put them in a suitcase or a garment bag?” He is looking around, trying to see one of the items in question. Surely everyone has one or the other?  Pam has a set for each of their houses in case she can’t get to another.  And there is something which sounds odd to him, and he is trying to find the source of the sound.

“We never had any.  My Gran taught Jason and me to roll our items, and they won’t be wrinkled when we get to the place we need.” Sookie is working quickly, trying to ignore her racing heart and the bellows coming from Bill outside, something inside of her is telling her she needs to move faster.

While she is talking, Eric is starting to look around, making notes in his mind about his little one.  It is evident she lives on the edge of poverty, but his extended knowledge of the years he has lived lets him know that often those who have kept their homes and mementos through a lot of hard work are often too proud to allow someone to give them things.

His quick mind is thinking of ways that he can help her out, without making her feel cheap for it.  Make no mistake; he will come up with something.  His lover will never want for anything; all he wants for her is to be comfortable.

Once she is done packing, Sookie looks at him and asks, “How far is it to your home?” For she is not sure how long her heart can keep this up, and she also wants to know if it is worth the time wasted to change into jeans.

He turns to look at her, lifting an eyebrow to ask why while ignoring Compton outside as he makes a buffoon of himself, which is easier to do now that Sookie is no longer enamored of the idiot.

Shy about asking suddenly, Sookie looks down as she explains, “If it is too far, I would rather change into jeans, if that is ok.” She never wants to ask opinions again, but here are times when she needs to know specific things, and this is one of those times.

Unable to help himself, Eric smirks, “While I will miss the feel of your skin, minn dýrr, I think it would be better if you changed.” He will miss the feel of her skin, but her comfort is much greater than his wishes.

Then as the house shakes, he looks outside and moves towards the window, “I would prefer if you hurry.” With that Eric is on the ground, growling at the impertinent vampire in front of him.  He will buy Sookie enough time to change and to grab her things.  He suspects once they leave, Compton will follow, and it will save the house.

Taking in Jessica’s wide eyes at how the idiot vampire is throwing himself at the old farmhouse, Eric growls at him, “Why are you attacking my human’s home?  Did I not order you to not come close to her?” He knows Compton thought he had deserved the leniency he had obtained with Eric wanting Sookie.  Now is the time to show that with the loss of Sookie, the overgrown ape has lost everything else.

Compton is concentrating on walking the fine line of keeping Sookie on the edge of dying and living with his manipulation of her blood.  But he is desperate, the Queen had ordered him to bring Sookie to her by the end of the week.  As it is, she is not happy with Eric’s knowledge of Sookie.

So, he ignores the detestable vampire, working to make Sookie capitulate into being his again.  He needs her out of the house.  As it is, how dare she uninvite him!  Bill had purposely led her to believe that a vampire had to be there since he always felt it rude to take away an invitation.  If a human does that, the vampire has every right, in his mind, to tear down the dwelling!

Then suddenly all his thoughts stop when he is lifted from the ground, with Eric’s hand wrapped around his throat, crushing his voice box. His eyes dart down to the Viking who suddenly has his undivided attention, and his thoughts return to their first meeting and how he had promised Bill that he would be Bill’s true death.

Seeing he finally has Compton’s attention, Eric smirks. “There, we won’t have to listen to your annoying voice for a while.  Listen carefully to what I am saying, for I will not allow there to be any more leniency in how I deal with you.”  He brings the nitwit closer to him as his fangs drop, and he growls out at the underling in his grasp, “Leave my human’s property.  Now.  Or I will silver you as is my right for you not listening to me.” His eyes are glowing slightly with his anger:  He wishes that he had enough time to deal with churl in front of him.

As Compton struggles, Eric shakes his head in disappointment. “I am out here dealing with you instead of watching my Sookie change clothing.  What makes you think that I am in any way pleased to be dealing with you.  Last warning, or you will be facing my child for punishment.” His hand closes tighter on the rube’s throat, waiting for an answer.

Instead, he hears the throat of his human clear. Eric’s head looks up to see Sookie leaning out the window, and he smiles at her as he throws Compton to the side. “You ready?” There is nothing of the angry Viking from a second ago, the mere sight of her is calming to him.

With her nod, Eric zips to the window, and when Sookie moves out of his way, he enters, accepting his track suit top from her.  He puts it on, then grabs the bags she had packed.  Eric then exits the window, holding his hand for her to step out onto the porch roof, only letting her dainty feet rest there for mere moments before he has her in his arms, taking to the air and away from Compton.

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