Chapter 10 Lost the Song of My Soul


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Godric just laughs, enjoying her fire.  He listens as the two start a conversation that is evident to have happened many times, smiling as he sees the tears stop, as the two argue over some minor point. 

No more will he see her cry those tears, not if he can help it.


That night, Bella and Eric complete their last bond, and it takes everything Eric has to not have his mate sexually. When joined that way, he can feel her need for him, as well as his instinct demanding that they complete the mating bond.  But he worries about her health; he does not like how tired she is nor how pained she feels.  Those feelings are present behind her lust and need for him.  This helps Eric control himself, his mating instincts battling it out, but even they give in to the need to make sure she is alright.

Once the blood bond is complete, Godric gives his blood to her, and surprisingly, they bond.  Eric, standing on the other side of the room, jerks as he feels his maker in the bond as close to her as he himself is.

Thankfully, there is no pull to attack, and after they settle, they contact the AP.  She laughs, as she informs them it is because Godric’s blood is Eric’s.  Bonding with Bella first allowed Eric to have the bond as they wanted.  After some more information is exchanged, the three of them look at each other in shock.

Seems a maker can erase a bond, but only if the Child and Maker exchange blood often, and the third exchange has not taken place.  Eric and Godric have always been close and exchange blood often when they meet. In fact, the most recent exchange was when Godric became his Second. What Eric doesn’t mention, is the fact that the AP had suggested that they do so.

Now Eric is suspicious, thinking she is manipulating them.  These little things are nothing until you start counting them.  A bunch of trivial can build a mountain.

While they agree with Eric, at the same time, Godric and Bella just shrug.  It is too late to do anything about it.  All they can do is try to think ahead of her, but then how can you outwit a such a source of knowledge?

To help calm some of Eric’s worries, Bella tells him it really didn’t matter, she feels no pull to Godric, except a paternal one.  Then she asks if it wasn’t true, that Godric would have felt her anyways with him giving her blood, but this felt more even to her.  She can feel him.

Truthfully, they both can feel in the bond how happy she is that it is all equal between them and that the three of them will be connected. Godric just grins at her, giving her a kiss on the forehead.  Since mating is so rare, he is quite happy to have this closeness with someone.  Even if she will be bonded to him as a Maker also.

What does surprise Eric and Godric is the truth behind her actual pain levels. Both of them had been taken aback by the pain that Bella had dismissed as trivial.  They can feel the bone-deep weariness in Bella.  In reaction to that, both encourage her to sleep the rest of the night, as well as late as she wishes in the morning.

Sensing Eric’s and Bella’s need for the three of them to be close, the three of them had spent the rest of the night in their room.  Eric holds Bella as she cuddles up to him sleeping, Eric and Godric quietly talking to each other, making plans, and sending out emails to see how much of what they requested can be done.  Now and then, Eric drops a kiss on his mate, and Godric watches them with a soft look on his face.

Not the typical bonding night for vampires, much less mates, but all in all, it is fitting for them.

The following evening, Bella wakes when she feels someone in the room.  Opening her eyes, only to see a man installing some computer devices in the room, checking them against a tablet he holds.  He is good looking, not as much as her Eric, but she can see him being as much a lady’s man as her mate was.

He had been aware of her awakening but said nothing until she sits up.  Not looking up from his work, Teo tells her, “No worries, I will be out of the room soon.” He does not want to bother her.  He knows from what his brother and maker said that she is in a lot of pain as well as tired.  Teo hopes he did not wake her.

Unable to help the smile spreading on her lips, Bella admits to him, “I don’t mind meeting someone new.  I get the impression that I will be in here alone, or with only Eric or Godric for company soon enough.  I take it you are Teo?” She cocks her head to the side, thinking through the descriptions Eric had given to her, and hopefully making a correct match.

He turns and grins at her before bowing, “Matteo d’Napoli at your service, milady, but you can call me Teo as the rest of the family does.” With her willing to talk to him, he is thrilled.  He wants to know more about this woman who made such huge changes to their bloodline just on a chance meeting.  She has made his job a lot more fun in the past months.

Grinning, Bella introduces herself, just not as flamboyantly, “Isabella Marie Swan.”  Then she frowns, thinking of the marriage and everything that came out last night, including the bondings. “Unless my name changed with what happened last night.  I am unsure how that works.  But you can call me Bella.” She shrugs, looking at him with a smile on her face, enjoying meeting someone else.

He chuckles, as he looks down and does some movements on his pad. “It is whatever you like it to be.  According to the legal system of the United States, you and Eric are married.  So to them, you are Mrs. Eric Northman.  But among us, you can claim whatever name you wish, including Godric’s last name of Nervii.  Hell, as my sister, you can claim d’Napoli if you wish!  Just tell me what you want, and as the resident computer genius, I will make it happen.” He looks up, grinning boyishly at her.  There are very few females in their line, and none he cares to claim like he is looking to claim her as a sister.

Bella throws her head back and laughs.  Once she can get herself together while still chuckling at him, she asks him, “Is there some way I can have something like your little tablet?  Or a laptop?  I want something I can use here in bed; I have a funny feeling that neither of them wants me out of bed much.” The last is said wryly, acknowledging that they do have a reason, but she is not looking forward to doing nothing.

Looking back up from his iPad, Teo’s face grows serious, “Sorellina, (Little sister) please take it easy.  Eric’s despair at finding out how much you are at risk is not something I or any of the bloodline wishes to feel again.  So, please follow what the good doctor prescribes.  If you do this, I will make sure you have the best toys to play with.” He watches her carefully, always making sure she is not overdoing it.  He may not have a bond with her, but it is easy to tell when she is tired.

Shocked on how serious he looks, which looks odd on a face that is made for smiling, Bella stares at him, and then nods. “I will.  But what did you call me?” She sounds curious; another new word for her to learn.

Teo grins. “Little sister.  It fits.  No matter what, you are the youngest of Godric’s children.  Expect to be spoiled, especially being Godric’s youngest child that he acknowledges.” He loses the sad look, regaining the normal fun look on his face as he admits to loving the fact that he won’t be the youngest.  He answers some questions from the others, wanting to know what is going on.

Sometimes this bloodline is too connected now.

Bella goes through the information he dumps on her, and she tilts her head sideways when she reaches a comment she wants more information on.  “Eric told me something about that, there are children of you all out there, but some were never acknowledged?  I don’t understand what that is all about.” She frowns.  From what Eric and even Godric had told her last night,  vampire children are cherished.  They are the difference between a bloodline surviving or not.

Seeing her genuine curiosity, his smile fades from his face.  Thinking of how to explain something that has been a secret, a very painful but needed secret, Teo decides on the best route.  Looking over at her, and meeting her eyes, he explains the way he told this information to his children. “Do you know that there is another d’Napoli out there?  An ancestor of mine, but one that is feared all over the world, even nicknamed the Dark Prince. The only being feared more than he is Godric.”

Running his hands through his hair in what Bella is beginning to think of as a trait of the bloodline, he asks her, “Do you know how many attempts at the Dark Prince’s life there have been?  Many.  There will be periods where he has to fight every other day for years to survive the current crop of idiots who think they can take him on.”  He sighs, feeling sorry for his ancestor, but at the same time, he has to chuckle at the man.  He has made his name even more infamous from all those attempts.  Now it is rare since it is known that he is tired of the attacks, and will drag out the deaths of the ones who attack him with a finesse that will leave them alive in pain for months.

Bringing his attention back to his little sister, Teo continues his explanation. “Godric has been named Death. That name alone has the same sort of idiots coming out of the woodwork to try to take the title from him.  There have been so many attempts at his life, as well as Eric’s.  It was for our protection that a lot of us were not acknowledged.  When Eric became King and put out the call for us to join him, the amount of vampires pouring into the state was massive.  And it did what it was meant to do.  It solidified Eric’s position without outright force.  Do you know how amazing it is that the richest kingdom in the new world was taken by Eric in one night, and not one vampire challenged him to it?” He asks her, as he reaches out to ok the next download on the computer.

Bella shakes her head, listening to his explanation, which in a way makes more sense than Eric’s explanation that had frankly left her even more confused.

Seeing her paying attention to him, Teo smiles. “This is according to the AP’s plan, and she planned for this so that when he needed us, we were already in play, experts in our fields and waiting.  She knew that he would meet you, that he would have the need to protect to you to the point that he would take this state.  She foresaw that he will be preoccupied with you, that while he would be working to consolidate his place in the state, he will also be working to retrieve you. The fact that the bloodline came out in force, it allowed him to be able to do all that, trusting the bloodline to take care of the stuff behind the scene.  You can see how much that plan worked. Eric is now king of a very wealthy and powerful state and he has no worry about others coming to attack.  While we are all here, in one spot, it is also safer for us, and allows us to reunite with the children we had to let free from our sides way too early.”  He looks up at the ceiling, feeling his children, especially Molly, one of his favorites, and enjoys that he can be with them all.

Remembering she is still in the room, Teo turns back to her, and grins as he asks her, “Now what do you wish to have on your iPad?”

Later that evening, Teo sits on the corner of her bed cross-legged with her as he talks to Molly on the hookup that he had finished setting up for her to communicate with the outside world as Eric walks in.

Unable to help the feeling of completeness being near his mate, Eric leans against the doorway.  He silently watches his mate as she converses with the computer geeks.  His vampire mind takes note as they slowly seem to be getting her set up on a large tablet, but he is lost in the miracle of Bella herself.

When he picks up on some of what they are talking about, Eric is unable to keep the smirk from his face as he realizes that they are setting her up with the same stuff he has.  He suspects it is so she can keep up with the casino and their kingdom.  Typical of what he has learned of his little mate.  She won’t be able to sit in here doing nothing, no matter how much Godric and Eric try to restrict her.

Though to be honest, he wouldn’t be able to just lie in bed, unless it was to please her physically, or even just to be by her side.

No, instead Eric is seeing that Godric was right last night when he told Eric that his mate will need to have interactions with others.  However, the threat of germs is enough that Eric is being steadfast in not allowing others in the suite.


However, he had earlier passed Ewan implementing a new device that will spray on you each time you walk through it with the same chemical they use in the hospitals.  Dr. Ludwig and the AP indicated that it would be enough to keep Bella safe as long as they shower before entering the hall.  The clothing they wore have already been washed and ready for use in the rooms, as well as other set ups being implemented to keep her safe.

Ewan had already told him that once Bella is changed, he can change it to spray colloidal silver as another backup system here, and he has plans for the other devices to be turned as well to help protect them even more.

But as he is now watching his mate, his mind goes over all the safeguards and other items to come in to keep her safe.  While Eric can see slight differences, healthier than the previous evening, he knows she is nowhere out of danger.  Godric’s blood is helping, but it will take a while.  Not something he likes or wants.  His body and instincts are still demanding he complete the mating.

Unfortunately, it will need to wait until she is changed.  Though…he might be able to take the edge off for both of them later tonight.  His eyes darken with the thoughts he is having and his desire for his mate to be sated increases.

With that thought in mind, he moves towards her, the few feet separating them too much for him now.

Bella had noticed when Eric arrived, watching him lean against the doorway as she spoke with the two computer orientated vampires.  She laughs when Molly comments that she will just copy Eric’s programming for her, only adding a few things that are different. The little red head is a joy to know and her wit is dry and one that Bella gets all too well.

When he gets closer and hears the comment, Eric grins, “And what is so different from what I have?” He is also testing the air in the suite, wrinkling his nose slightly at the chemical smell, but satisfied it will keep her healthy.

Looking down at the tablet he is arranging for his Queen, Teo answers his King, “She is more interested in the layouts and so on.  She is determined that the casino needs to reflect the natural things we have here. As well as wanting to see the areas in the state along with who we have where, and if there are any left of the old regime.” Frankly, Teo is surprised and awed at how much Eric had taught her in their shared dreams.  If it had not been for the atrocity the Cold One had done to their Queen, she would be up and running the state at Eric’s side.

As it is, she will be doing quite a bit from her bedside, things that usually would take up Eric’s time that he could spend better with her, or taking care of stuff that will need his personal touch.  Bella is turning out to be an amazing young woman, and one he is proud to call Sorellina.

Rolling his eyes as he makes his way behind his mate, Eric kisses her on top of her head as he eases behind her and pulls her to rest against him.  “You should have heard all the arguments about this place. I was going to play on the Viking thing, but she demanded that she was not going to live in a gaudy home.  So we have this place instead.” He waves his free hand around signaling their casino.  All the time feeding through the bond his feelings, and smirking as she returns them all.

Molly laughs on the screen behind them, “I had wondered how we got this instead of Valhalla that I thought you would be doing.” She had been shocked that there was no Viking aspect to the casino beyond the names of the rooms.   They are Nordic, and the theme is Nordic outdoors with the Northern Lights playing on the ceiling in the casinos and halls.  But other than esthetic aspects like that, there is nothing screaming that it is based on Viking culture.

Shaking his head, he complains to his Bella, “See what I have to put up with?  No one respects me.” He is grinning since he well remembers the arguments they had on the décor as well as the themes of this place.  All in all, it is a taste of the North, that he loves, but all done so tastefully that he has no doubt this will become a favorite casino of many.

And the Northern Lights are such a perfect touch, along with the trees, rocks and water that is all around the place.  He had been shocked to find there are many hybrid trees that would grow so slowly, they really had nothing to worry about them causing issues later on.

The entire casino is a work of art, blending the beauty of the Nordic North with the clean beauty of the modern setting Bella had elected for in the working portions of the casino.  And there is no doubt of the theme, it starts in the lobby of the casino, with a waterfall coming off a mountain cliff that looks natural to all the other outcroppings they have added in the casino and grounds.   The water falls through the trees, and lands in a pool, that has an outlet you can walk over as it winds through the casino over rocks that cause the whitewater you see in his homeland.

The effect is truly amazing, but the entire group can’t help but laugh at him whining to his mate on how unfair they treat him.  Bella had honestly worked hand in hand with Eric to make it a place they can be proud as being the center of their kingdom.

Everyone works on their projects, as Eric and Bella take the moment to reconnect, politely ignoring them.

After a little bit, Teo looks up from what he is doing, nodding his head as the last of the changes she has asked for is noted. “Ok.  I got the tablet to be able to link in with anyone who has one of our phones so you can talk to any of us, face to face.  The system behind me that Molly is on right now will do the same, and probably be the one you use the most to Molly and I.  Basically, one of us is always in the room.  If not, well, I guess we need to figure that part out.” He shrugs, knowing Eric and Godric would have something in place to protect her.  That is not his problem, he will be adding some more of his tech stuff around the area, to be able to monitor his Sorellina better when Godric and Eric are not available.

Snorting, Bella tells them all, “I get that you are vampires, but you guys still need to sleep.  So, how are you going to get around not being awake when a lot of your gamblers will be?  I’m telling you, you need to have more people trained to handle things.” This had been an argument she had many times with Eric in their dreams, as well as having it again when they bring up things like what Teo just said.  There is no way they can stay awake for the lengths of time needed to man the casino!

Holding her, Eric thinks over the resources they have now. “We do have Jasper, who is deciding if he wishes to be part of us.  If he does decide to be part of our retinue, I think we will take up his offer in bringing in his coven if you believe that we can trust them.” He pauses, then trusting all that are in the room, he continues his thoughts. “I am not sure who else to have confidence in, in this endeavor.  I can run the state, and do everything needed, even if the AP is playing with us.  But you are right, min karlek.  I do need to have points covered by those other than us.” He sighs.  This had been one of the parts that they had argued extensively about.  He knows she is right, but how to fix it and not leave them vulnerable at a time of the day that they have no defenses literally?

Sighing in relief that he finally sees what she has been saying. “So what are you going to do?  I understand the trust issue with humans, but you have the same problems with the shifters and so on.” She refused to call them all Were’s since how they changed are different from her shifters, then there is the whole issue of the ones called Shifters that could turn into anything.  Bella just groups them all as shifters and leaves it like that.

At her desk in the command center, Molly looks up and asks, “What about the shifters that worked to get Bella out of Washington?  Would you say they can be trusted?” Those are going to be a trouble to name, but among them, they knew the difference.  And Molly truly thought they could be trusted if Eric trusted them with helping to retrieve his mate.

Remembering how faithfully they had worked to help him save Bella, Eric nods. “Good idea, Molly.  I will contact Uley and see what he thinks.  We can give a portion of something to help fund their tribe.  It could be beneficial to both our sides to work together with this.” He can see the possibilities.  During the long nights waiting for his mate, he had met with Uley to find out what he can do to help the group that tried so hard to help his mate.

This way, they can do something for the tribe, as well as give those who want to leave the reservation a chance to get out.  A win, win for all involved.

Molly marks it down as something to do on her lists she kept for each of them, and the group continues to hammer out details, much like Eric and Bella had done in their dreams.  However, it all came to an end with a chuckle at the doorway. They all look towards the doorway with guilty faces.

“I thought Bella was supposed to only be exposed to Eric and me, Teo?  Why am I not surprised to find you making what you will of the order?  Am I needing to make it a maker’s command?” Godric stands in the doorway, having looked forward to the time with his newest daughter, and enjoying being able to tease his other son.

Instead, he finds a group of people talking with Eric and Bella.  Only one person is in the actual room beside Eric and Bella, but nevertheless, much more activity than he expected when he came in here.  His smile is teasing on his lips, feeling how happy Bella is, and how content Eric is as he holds his mate in his arms.

Ewan sounds from where he is finishing the installation of the rest of the safety measures that Dr. Ludwig had advised down the hallway, “He has been there all night.  She woke up to him and is just too nice to get rid of him.  She even had to deal with him and Molly talking that computer shit with her there.  He had Molly bring him parts here to me, for him to retrieve to make sure he never left so he got past the order.” His voice sounds out his irritation at not being able to meet his new sister, instead having Teo monopolize her time with his work.

Hunching slightly, Teo mutters, “Tattletale!  Just wait, Ewan.  I will make you pay for that.” He gives a dirty look behind Godric to the tall archer working on the final touches of the toys that he is installing for their Queen.

Everyone laughs, and Benedict sounds in from his place outside from where even Evan is. “Hell if Teo is allowed in there, why cannot I?  How the hell am I supposed to guard you two?” He is teasing, knowing the full reason why they are restricted.  He even approved Tea’s tactics as all he has heard is the lovely sound of Bella’s laughter coming down the hallway.

Godric starts chuckling as he watches his daughter’s face. Bella looks like she had done something wrong with not being able to meet the entire family who is apparently working to make her stay in the room safe, as well as not so boring. “See what I have to deal with all the time?” He moves to his chair, and inquires of Teo, “Are you done?” It is pointed, but with Teo, sometimes you need to be.

Teo nods as he configures the phone he has.  He then holds his hands out, “I need yours and Eric’s phone before I leave.  Normally I have Molly deal with this, but I want to make sure that you three are tied into each other.” There is no way he will leave here without her having those lines of communication secured.

Pulling out his phone, Godric hands him his as Eric does the same.  The wisdom of having the three of them with direct lines to each other is great.  Godric leans back and watches his son and daughter together, enjoying the love playing through their bonds.  He is glad to have the bonds he does with each and suspects that their bonds with each other will only deepen when they turn Bella.  And that closeness bothers him none at all.

Breaking him out of his thoughts sooner than he expected, Teo hands the phones to them, as well as handing Bella her new phone and iPad.  “The phones and the iPad are all tied into each other.  If you need them, just tap on the icon of their faces and you will get them.  It is a direct secure line, so no worries about anyone overhearing.” He gives her a fond look as he explains, savoring this moment since he does not think he will be again in her presence while she is human.

She smiles at him as she looks over her new gadgets.  Seeing her awe and then her head tilt as some of the features on it, Teo informs her, grinning, “And of course, all you need to do is tap the star to get us.  I will work on getting you links to the others, but I have the feeling that I have worn out my welcome with my brother and maker.”  He leans forward and leaves her a kiss on her forehead, as he is then walking out.

Eric growls at him, and only hears laughter from him and his daughter as she signs off from the monitor by the bed.  “Are they truly worth it, Godric?” He teases them, knowing they can all hear him from where they are at.

In answer, Godric just chuckles as he watches Eric move Bella and he back against the cushions.  He then lifts an eyebrow at her, “I can feel how tired you are getting, dear.  I thought we talked about this last night?” While she is nowhere as exhausted as she was last night, he is not happy with her pushing her boundaries.  For now, she needs the rest.  Later she can push all she likes.

Bella sighs as she snuggles into Eric’s arms. “I’m sorry, but I know what you told me, and knowing it was the only time to see him, I wanted to make sure I got everything taken care of.” She shrugs, not really worried about it.  It may be the last interaction she has with anyone outside the two males in the room with her until she is better.

Shaking his head, Godric asks, “Do you really think the two of us will leave you alone all day?  We knew Teo and anticipated him being here tonight. But after this evening, we are set and ready to have one of us with you.  But…” He trails off waiting for her to meet his eyes.

She looks up at him from her place in Eric’s arms, her eyes closing some, “You will rest little one.”  Godric lifts an eyebrow at her, and when Bella nods, he smiles at her.  “Now sleep.  One of us will be here when you wake.” He leans down, and grabs his laptop that had been cleaned and cleared to be in these rooms, he opens it ready to get to work with the two in the room

Without a thought, Bella drops off, barely hearing the two of them talking softly, with the soft clacking of computer keys lulling her to sleep.

Final count, 5,283 words.


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