Chapter 1 Gentle Implosions


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Sam nods and quickly rattles off his number to the vampire.  Then glancing at his watch, Godric nods to the man in front of him, “I am trusting you with the most precious thing in my life.  Please watch over her.”  With a last longing glance at the girl who his life is going to revolve around, he leaps into the air.

Sam’s jaw drops as he watches the man leave.  Then glancing at Bella as she shivers, he tells her, “Well Bella, we sure are not in Kansas anymore.  Let’s get you home before his blood wears off.” And with that he lopes into the woods where he had placed the rest of his clothing.  It is going to be a long, dark night.


Godric is back in his car, heading down the dark road, his face lit only by the dashboard lights.  The night has no moon, no illumination to the road he is driving, the trees a blur as he tries to process what had just happened.  He had met his Mate, and had left her.   The wrench inside of him, as his beast tries to force him back to where it can protect her, is almost enough to make him turn the car around.  But his word to complete this task means a lot.  Plus, the faster he can get everything solved, the faster he can possibly return to his mate.

He knows this would be the best and safest route for right now.  He could not show up to this meeting with her being the way she is; nor does he really want to rip her from her life this close to the Revelation.  He could as it is allowed as a rare exception at this date, but he is choosing instead to heal her, and then woo her to his side.  He chuckles since she really has no choice; fate had decided that the two of them belong together.  He, for one, is looking forward to finding out why.  He is also looking forward to being with her.  He has been very lonely over the years.

He winces as he probes the light Bond he started with her.  He had not wanted to do it, but he is too worried about her getting sick and how that could affect her right now.  The less she has to fight through, the better.  But the emptiness,  self-hatred, abandonment, and worthlessness that he is feeling is painful to feel from his mate.  She has become the most important thing in his life and to feel as though no one wants her is not something he is enjoying.  He frowns as he realizes the bond is not diminishing as he pulls away from her.  He is hoping this is because of the Mate Bond.  While he has not initiated it, this may be one way to bring him back to her…as though he would turn from his one in a trillion chance.

Remembering his Childe, he pulls out his cell and calls him. He needs him and to be truthful, he has always needed him.  He just fooled himself into believing he didn’t.

Eric 7

In Fangtasia, Eric is at his desk, working on what will need to be done before the Revelation.  He and Pamela have planned to open the day after they come out of the coffin, as some of the younger vamps are calling it.  He grins as he chuckles at the joke.  He for one cannot wait until they no longer have to hide what they are.  He is looking forward to it, and to what he and Pam are thinking will be an “all you can eat” buffet.

Then his personal cell rings and, not bothering to see who it is, he answers it, “Northman.” With his luck it will be the child Queen he has to tolerate.


A genuine smile breaks out on his face, “Godric.”  He is truly pleased to hear from his Maker.  He has been somewhat lost as Godric has withdrawn from him more and more.  Eric has no idea what he has done to make his Maker, his father, pull away like this.

“I am sorry for interrupting your evening, but something has happened.”

With these words Eric sits up. “Do you need me?” He hopes with all his being that Godric will need him.  He will drop everything if Godric needs him, with no regard to what punishments he may incur.

In the car Godric relaxes and actually opens his Bond with Eric.  He smiles and tells him, “No, my son.  It is a wondrous happenstance, but…” He waits for a second for the Bond to equalize between the two.  He is shocked at the love and…the need for absolution he is feeling from the Bond.  He mentally sighs as he realizes he has done more harm than good with the closing of the Bond.

Eric is amazed that Godric has opened his Bond with him again.  He knows Godric had planned to do it when the Revelation happened, but this is much more preferable.  He assures him, “I am here to listen, Master.” He is happy as he feels that void inside of him fill with his Maker.

Godric sighs as he feels Eric’s love and affection for him bloom even over a need for forgiveness that was completely unneeded. He will deal with that shortly, but for now he wants to tell of his news, and warn him.  “I met my Mate tonight.  I found her abandoned in the forest apparently by a Cold One.  I did not make the connection that she was my mate until I met a creature I have never met before, a new species of Supe.  One that is made to hunt the Cold Ones.  He asked if I had imprinted on Bella.  I then realized that I had managed to prevent myself from touching her or looking her in the eyes.” His brain is whirling as he relays the information to Eric in short bursts.

Eric sighs, feeling Godric’s confusion.  “But she is your Mate, there is no question of it?” Maybe he mistook the feeling for something else.  Godric has been lonely for a long time and it seems it had not gotten better as he closed himself off from his Childe.

Godric knows what Eric is thinking. “My son, my entire body is protesting every mile I am driving from her.  If it had not for a new species of wolves, well, this would be a worst predicament than it is already.  If someone calls you named Sam or, really, if anyone calls you for a Bella, take whatever measures are needed to protect her or to solve the problem.”

He assumes his mantle as the head of the Bloodline as though he has never allowed it to lapse these past years.  He did what he should have done centuries ago.

Eric nods, pleased his Master is naming him his second. “Of course, Godric.”  Then he hesitates before asking, “Are you not going to shut the Bond down again?” His fear of him doing exactly that overrides the Bond.

Godric smiles in the dark as he is driving.  “No, dear one.  I had not realized how much I enjoyed your feelings.  I just didn’t want you to feel my emotions over the past decade.  They have been…unpleasant for the most part.” His sorrow over closing the Bond and what he has suffered from these past years overshadows even Eric’s fear and Bella’s feelings.  Then he pulls it all back, remembering his Mate.

Sighing, Eric runs his hand through his hair. “Godric, I am here for you, and I can help you.  Please allow me to support you as you have done for me for so many years.” He is not pleading, but close to it.  He cannot lose his Maker!  He is hoping beyond hope that Godric is right, that he found his Mate – that rare being every vampire hopes to find in their lifetime.

Godric frowns as he examines the Bond.  What he is finding is not making him happy.  “Eric…”

Closing his eyes, Eric admits, “Being shut away from you, hurts.  We have spent so many years with the Bond open.  I find myself with a shorter temper.”  He can feel Godric searching the Bond.  He is also feeling…an echo?

Thinking on this, Godric tells him, “And I had been finding myself spiraling into the darkness.  If it hadn’t been for me finding Bella, I am not sure what would have happened.” He is blunt, admitting he needs his son more than he thought.

“And that is why we are not going to do this again, right Master?” Eric states with a smirk, though the remark is not without his wistful thoughts.

Snorting into the phone, Godric tells him, “Eric, I think I am the Maker here.”

Eric grins, loving the mirth and affection he is getting through the Bond.  But then he hesitantly asks, “Did you already Bond with her?”  Is that where the strange echo is coming from?  Is he going to feel her also?

Godric takes a deep breath.  “I found her out in the woods and it had just started to rain, and even though I got there before she was soaked and covered her with my coat, she was already shaking.  She is basically comatose.  I have no idea what has happened, but will be finding out as soon as this damned meeting is concluded.” He can still feel her as though she is sitting in the seat next to him, and while in a way he rejoiced that he will never be alone again, he was also upset because the negative feelings are seeming to get worse.

Eric turns to his computer and starts to click away.  “What information do you have on her already?” He will make sure they know everything about Godric’s mate.  They need to discover why she was out in the woods alone and lost and in such a state.  He knows Godric and knows that no matter what his Maker thinks now, he will be back at her side as soon as he can.

Godric smiles.  He knew he could trust his child.  “I know her name is Bella and I believe the closest town to where I found her is Forks, Washington per my GPS.  Her guardian is her father and he is tied in with the local reservation; the chief is godfather to Bella.  Other than that, the person I left her with didn’t have much time to talk.  I needed to get out of there before I gave into my need to touch her, and her father had a search party out for her.” He shakes his head.  The need to touch is still strong and he is not sure how he will keep from touching her until he heals her and she has come to his side voluntarily.

Eric nods thoughtfully into the phone.  He asks as he is inputting the search parameters, “I am guessing the ghost of emotions are all from her.”  He is quiet, for if this is true, then his Maker is going to have a hard time in front of him.  Eric has never felt anything like this before, and if it were his own Mate, he would be upset and raging that she feels this way.

Godric closes his eyes as he again feels the emotions rolling off of her. “Yes.”

Nodding to himself, Eric looks at the information in front of him. “Are you ready?” He has a tight rein on his emotions so that, in case it bleeds the other way, he won’t affect her any more than Godric is.  He suspects that Godric just gave her his blood, but there is always that chance that for some reason Godric took hers to make the first part of a Blood Bond.

Godric sits up straighter, “There is information on her?” This is not good…

“Actually a lot.  Someone up there is keeping an eye on that tribe and anyone associated with it.  If I were you, I would make a claim on her while you are talking with the King.  I can enter the paperwork into the system as your progeny.”  Eric is already getting ready to pull up the forms and such.  He is not happy with the amount of information that is available to him, though it will help his Maker.  Someone is a little too interested in Isabella Swan.

Godric thinks through everything and he tells him, “I agree.  Now tell me what there is on her.  From there I can see what I need to do.” There is no way he won’t have his Mate.  If need be, he would take the world down to ruins to have her.

Eric clicks through the forms and sends them to the Authority.  He is taking no chances with his Master’s Mate.  He will do whatever is needed to make sure that no one will interfere.  He of all the beings out there knows how bad it could be if someone tried to take Godric’s mate away.  He maybe civilized, but the beast that he had thought was Death is never too far from the surface.

He clicks back into the information and informs him as he reads, “For some reason they are keeping an eye on the reservation since there are rumors of wolves being sighted. But unlike normal wolves, they are larger than normal.  So the packs and any vampire in the area watches for them and anyone connected.  However it looks like the Swans are more connected to the reservation than just the current chief and police chief.  But the first thing I know you want to know is that your mate’s name is Isabella Marie Swan and she is 18, just turned so a couple of days ago.  She prefers to be called Bella.  She was born to a Renee and Charlie Swan in Forks, but her parents divorced and her mother took her.”  Then a growl comes from Eric.  If this is true, oh they are going to have to work with her.   Unbeknownst to him, this is the beginning of his relationship with Bella and how he feels about her.

Godric can feel the anger and asks, “Eric?”

Reading through the rest of the information, Eric shakes his head.  He is sure that this is not normal even coming from him.  “Godric, it looks like your mate is a very responsible person.  Her mother, however, is a ditz at best.  A true bloodbag by Pam’s definition, barely worth anything more than the blood in her veins.   Bella has worked since she was 11, at least from what whoever put this information together has been able to determine, but she has been cooking and taking care of her mother at least from the age of 5 and there is suspicion that she has worked since 7, but no proof.  Her mother missed her calling as a flower child of the 60’s.  Any and all hobbies have been taken up and discarded in weeks  She has dragged your mate through each and every one of them.  It has been noted in the file that there has been no trace of her really having any friends because of all the moving around, nor were there any romantic relationships during this time.”  Eric can’t believe it – this is absurd!  A child working at 7?  Not even his culture would allow something like that!  That is just too young!

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, “She moved in with her father this past year.  Her mother had remarried and the most anyone has found is that the new stepfather is a minor league baseball player.  It seems the new Mrs. Dwyer wanted to travel with her husband so her daughter left so she could do that.”  The last is said with Eric’s known dryness.  He is just incredulous that this could be right.

Godric cursed. “So she has never had a true childhood and had to take care of herself and her mother her entire life.”  He can foresee some issues that could come from this.  He hopes that he is not too late and can encourage his mate allow him to take care of her.  His nature literally demands it of him.

“Yes, and it doesn’t end there.  Her father is the police chief of Forks, and from what has been mentioned, Bella moved in and, since the man can neither cook nor clean, she has taken over all the household duties. He does nothing but acknowledge her being in the house.  And her father, while giving every impression of loving her deeply by all accounts, has no idea what to do with her or how to show her that he appreciates her.  So he lets her do as she wishes, mentioning in the hearing of one of the people who put this together that he knows that Bella is the one who did everything in Renee’s custody. He mentioned that he didn’t want to take that away from her.” A growl sounds from both at that, but Eric continues,  “And the only other thing noted is that she became involved with a coven of Cold Ones, had run away to Phoenix and managed to break her leg falling down stairs.  It is noted she is clumsy, but not that clumsy.”  Eric is upset and trying very hard not to let that anger affect his Master.

Godric suddenly growls and he spits out the words that have haunted him, “Whoever she was dating that was a Cold One…  He left her.  In the woods.  By herself.    Eric, I need to find out whatever we can on the Cold Ones.  I think this is going to be an uphill battle.” She has been abandoned by everyone in her life already.  Her father is a fool; no child wants to be that independent!  Bella would have probably been overjoyed to give over some of the responsibility and be able to depend on someone else for a change.

Nodding to himself as he sends some emails and starts working the networks available to him and his Maker, Eric replies, “I will find out what I can about this particular group.  Also, as I read more into these files, it seems as though her aunt married into the tribe.”  He stops and asks, “Godric, what are your plans?” He needs to know what will be needed of him.  No King, no Queen, nor any one in authority can interfere if the Maker or Head of the Bloodline calls for their progeny.   Godric happens to embody both positions.  Regardless, he would still go without hesitation to help his Maker.

Godric is in Seattle and is working his way through the city to the meeting place. “I am going to call some other sources and see what other information I can get on her.  Then I will be working to woo my mate as I heal her.  I am going to be up front and straight with her, since we know the Cold Ones are secretive.  One benefit is that I can feel her as though I am in the room with her, and that is from just a couple drops of blood.” He is making plans in his head, what he can do and will do.  He just needs as much information as he can get on her.

Eric hesitates and then asks, “Nora?”  He is dreading bringing her into his life in any way again.  He also hates the way she can bring down Godric.  He will owe Godric until the end of time for not allowing him to turn her.  They have a love/hate relationship.

After pausing at the name of his other child, Godric replies, “I hate to say it, but no.  Eric, I am getting the feeling that something is going on with her, something that she knows neither of us will be pleased to discover.  Be careful with your dealings with her.  Right now, my concentration will need to be on Bella, and I am only trusting you with her.”  He knows Eric’s true feelings on Nora, and he mirrors them.  But he always gives her a chance.  He gave one to Eric and look where that has lead.

Eric blinks and tells him, “I am truly honored.  I will get on the tasks you have asked of me.  If there is anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask me, Master.”  The trust in that one statement humbles him like nothing else will.

Godric smiles.  “I am happy to hear that, Eric. You are my true son.  You know this, and I know this.  There is no one I will trust with my Mo anam cara (My soul mate) as much as I trust you.  For all intents and purposes, I am naming you my official second.  After everything has settled from the Revelation and hopefully Bella is in my keeping, we will discuss this more at that time.” Eric deserves this and has in truth been doing the duties of a second, but never getting the bonuses of it.  It is well past time.

Eric is speechless.  Godric is basically naming him second in command only to him, and of their bloodline.  He is also declaring that Eric acts on his behalf.  This statement, coming from his Maker, can null and void any loyalty sworn to any King or Queen.  Godric, with his age, commands his own respect and rules over Area 9 which shares borders with his own Area.  At any time, Godric can decide that he can leave, and can pull Eric and Pamela along with any other progeny or those sworn to Godric and take them to his place of choosing.  Or he can decide to rule himself, and the world is open for him to pick a place.  If this is done, Eric will be only second to his Mate.

Godric chuckles, “Eric, you can’t be that shocked, can you?  You have been acting as my second for centuries.  I am only acknowledging what is in truth an actuality.  But for now, gather the information as I have requested.  Once I have spoken with the man who is taking care of Bella right now, then we will discuss the next steps.” He parks his car and readies himself to get this onerous duty over with.  His mind is focusing more on his Mate, and what needs to be done to make her happy, and his son, for whom he has great affection.

Eric smirks.  “I look forward to it.”  It will be interesting for Godric to have a mate.  Too many people still underestimate him because of his boyish looks.  Under those looks is a man who grew up in a violent time in one of the most violent villages, earning their mark in history in Julius Caesar’s records.

With that the two vampires disconnect the call with Godric going into a meeting he couldn’t really care less about at this time, and Eric completing the request of his Maker.  Both ready for their worlds to change for the better.

Sam carrying Bella

Sam stumbles out of the Forest, making it look like he is exhausted for the humans gathered around Charlie.  Billy looks up from planning the search, sees him, and tugs at Charlie’s shirt.

Charlie carrying Bella 1

Charlie looks up and, seeing his daughter in Sam’s arms, runs to her and takes her from him.  He barely notices the black jacket she is wrapped in, only relieved that she is ok.  Not noticing that Sam is following him, he thanks everyone, and hurries into the house with the doctor following them.  This is one of the few times there is no mistaking Charlie’s love for his daughter.

Before entering the house, Billy grabs Sam to stop him. “What happened?” He is studying the young man who he has taken under his wing.

Sam looks in the house, watching the proceedings.  He tells Billy, “There is more to this world than we thought.  There are other vampires, but I felt none of the need to kill.  I actually felt…a bond with him, one of friendship.”  He looks down at Billy and continues, “They are closer to us than the Cold Ones, they even imprint like us.  And the one who found her, who protected her, gave her his coat to protect her from the elements, gave of himself to ensure her health, is her mate.”  He is calm, but he won’t allow anyone to interfere with Godric and Bella.  Mating is sacred, the man in front of him told him this, but Sam is sure he won’t think the same now.

Billy lets go of him in shock.  “Bella is mated to a bloodsucker?”

Sam nods, looking back in the room. “Billy, you need to meet him.  He is nothing like a Cold One.  He hates them, and not just for what he thinks they have done to his mate.  He looks like you and I, and in fact has hazel eyes.  And he is over 2,000 years old.” The last is said with awe.  He cannot imagine living that long, and seeing the pain in the young vampire’s face, he is sure he doesn’t want to.

Billy’s mind is whirling with this new information.  There is no doubt that what Sam said is true for Sam has no reason to lie to him, nor any inclination to do so.  That there is an ancient being who calls himself a vampire, who Sam has no inclination to attack, and who has imprinted on their Bella, makes him take a step back.  “Yes, we will need to meet with this vampire.  But Sam, do you trust him with one of ours?” He stares at Sam.  He had always harbored a  secret wish that Bella would be his son  Jacob’s mate, or at least mate with one of the other wolves in the pack.

Sam looks back into Billy’s eyes.  “Completely.  He is as dedicated to her as any of us would be to our imprints.  But he has made the decision to help her heal, and then woo her.  He is right now at a meeting that he could not get out of, but as soon as he is done he will be calling to speak with me and Charlie.  I suspect he will not mind speaking with you either.  He will be telling both Charlie and me about his race, and I have agreed to protect her, and to tell Charlie about us.” His eyes go back to the house, not wanting Bella too far out of his reach.  This ancient being trusted him with her, and he doesn’t want to betray that trust.

Billy looks away, working through all this.  He finally sighs.  “I have wanted Charlie to be told since he helped with the search for you.  I know the man will keep the secret as has his daughter.  But yes, I would like to be there.  This sounds like our world will be changing yet again.  But this time I will have my Best Friend helping us.”

Sam nods and the two head into the house, intending to make the world a bigger place for the man inside who loves his daughter.

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