Chapter 14 I Keep Trying

Moonrise Highway

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Sam nods.  He is mentally going through the wolves he has available and asks “I can send one with you now.  The only thing I know  he will want is the chance to make something of himself.  Though I warn you, he is a ladies man.  But he has no ties to the reservation other than being a wolf.” And he can get that wolf into a better place – he is wasted here.

Godric chuckles. “Eric should get along with him then.  If he wishes to leave now, we will take him.  I am not taking any chances with Bella.  But warn him that she is taken…” As he growls out the last part.  His mate…

Sam snickers. “Oh, Paul won’t mess with her other than to tease her.  But this will be good for him.  He needs to get away from the tribe.  I am hoping that this will present him the chance he needs.” He truly hopes this will help.  And he needs to do this.  He understands the needs of the tribe, but if three could guard it in the past, then three can do it now.

With assurances from both Eric and Godric that Paul would be welcome, he walks away to make the arrangements.

Bella sighs. “What is going on?  Why do I feel like there is more going on here than we think?” She feels like something huge is coming.

Godric kisses her forehead and he holds her close.  The three of them turn to stare at the house in front of them. “I don’t know, a thaisce.  But we will find out.  That I promise you.”


Godric's Car Aston Martin V12 Vantage

The ride to the airport had been much livelier than the ride to the Cullen’s house.  Both Godric and Eric are soon chatting with Bella about the world she is now involved in. They want to test their hypothesis about what she had received from the exchange with Eric.  After an intense round of questions, they find that Bella has most of Eric’s knowledge, but as for his in-depth information, there has to be something to make it “bubble up” to the top, to use Bella’s exact words in describing the feeling.

Leighton Meester 14

“I can’t explain how it really feels, it kinda feels like it tickles as the information comes to me.  Maybe Freya wanted us to know when we find out information like that” Bella guesses as she curls up in Godric’s arms.  She had mentioned to him earlier that she feels so much better when he holds hers like this, and Godric had been quick to tell her that he doesn’t mind…and then promptly wrapped her in his arms as he pulled her closer.

Eric 12

Eric just grins at her as he maneuvers through the minimal traffic on their way to the private airport.  He suspects that she will be getting a big surprise when they arrive.  Godric had ordered his jet to be here, although “jet” is such a misnomer.  His plane is big enough to take this car back to Dallas.  Godric had wanted to drive from the airport to the location of the meeting, not trusting the King’s offer of transport, but a hiccup with the airport had forced him to arrive in Oregon instead and then drive to Seattle. Not that he complained all, and definitely not after it lead him to his Mate.

Eric frowns as things suddenly start lining up in his head.  He comments quietly, “Godric, where were you going to land originally?” His eyes meeting his Maker’s for a second before glancing back to the road.

Allan Hyde 4

Godric looks up from his fascination with his Mate.  Meeting Eric’s blue eyes, he comments, “Port Angeles.  Why?” Most of his attention is on his small Mate, exploring the Bond he has with her, feeling it out and seeing what he can do with it while she is asleep.

Eric looks down at his lillasyster and mutters, “Then we could have possibly never met her.”

Not able to keep the growl from voicing, Godric’s eye glow briefly.  But he is also thinking about Eric’s observation.  His eyes narrow.  “Check on what happened.  Though I am extremely happy about the results, I find that I, too, am wanting to know how it happened.”

Nodding his head, Eric glances at his syrra with a small smile on his face.  She had been yawning as they were talking earlier so he is not surprised to see her sleeping.  Even with the venom gone from her arm, Eric can still feel the pain she is feeling in her head.  He quietly asks, “What about the pain?” The pain bothers him;  it’s telling him that they are still working with a deadline.  While it’s not as tight as before, he is not happy that she is still in pain.  He wonders what the substance is that is causing her pain if the venom was drained?

Godric sighs as he watches his tiny Mate. “I will offer my blood, if needed.  I also need to talk to her about the last exchange.  I have been able to dismiss the need for her by taking on her pain, but it was much harder to do this time. But I want her to have the chance to choose when she comes over.”

A smirk appears on Eric’s face. “I will do so, as it is my job as her brother to talk to her about sex. I have been failing in my duties not to do so earlier.”  The mischievousness in him is sparkling, and Godric muses that he loves this side of his Child that he has not seen in years. It seems Bella is not only bringing him back to life, but also his Son.

As good as Pam has been for him, Eric has been more serious since he turned his Child.  She needed a firmer hand, and he had to be more like a father than a brother with her at first.  And, unfortunately, she has not gotten much better.  Even when Eric had asked Godric to foster her, to try to give her more of a sense of her place, she had refused to leave.  That had been when Eric had shown the other side of himself, the stern taskmaster.  He cares for Pam, she is his Child, but he quickly grew tired of the spoiled princess routine.  Eric had learned to be more controlling, and brought back the aspects of his personality that had made him the kind of King that his followers wouldn’t leave behind when he was dying.

The feeling of having his Mate in his arms, and of knowing that Eric is becoming who he was before the need for revenge took hold of him, relaxes Godric.  He chuckles as he imagines what Eric will be putting Bella through, and comments, “And you so enjoy the opportunity to tease her.”

Eric’s smirk gets wider.  Then with a glance at her, his smirk fades as he tells him, “She is going to need both of us, my fader.  Is this acceptable?” He wants this out now, not later when it could fester and be worse.

His head resting on hers, Godric pulls her closer to him as he replies, “Tá sí do dheirfiúr. An bandia bheannaigh í féin seo. Tá sí ag tagairt dó ar an bhfíric go bhfuil sí mo maité anam an. Ní ba mhaith liom a dhiúltú duit, mo mhac, an-áthas ar a bhfuil fola. Mar tá a fhios agam nach mbeidh tú shéanadh orm mo ghrá. Chun liom, níl aon choimhlint. Ach an bhfuil tú ag mothú coimhlint, mo mhac?” (She is your sister.  The Goddess herself blessed this.  She has also alluded to the fact that she is my soul mate.  I would never deny you, my son, the joy of having Blood.  As I know you will not deny me my love.  To me, there is no conflict.  But do you feel conflict, my son?)

Sighing in relief, Eric replies to him in the same language, one that Godric taught him since so few speak it.  Neither would be surprised if their Bella knows it, too, and in fact, Godric is hopeful that she does. “No, mo athair. Níl aon neamhréireacht. Níl ach … áthas. Shíl mé riamh ba mhaith liom a bheith teaghlach arís. Ní mar seo. Is Pamela mo leanbh, ach nach bhfuil sí ina leanbh de mo chroí. Sea, tá mé millte aici, ach go fírinneach, bhí sí ar an saol crua sular tháinig sí chugam. Tá Bella gach rud a bhí mé riamh i teaghlach. Agus go mbeadh a fhios go mbeidh sí ag siúl ar an aois ag ár taobh, tugann dom sonas den sórt sin go bhfuil mé ag a bhfuil fadhbanna i bhfolach.” (No, my father.  There is no conflict.  There is simply… joy.  I never thought I would have family again.  Not like this.  Pamela is my child, but she is not a child of my heart.  Yes, I have spoiled her, but truly, she had a hard life before she came to me.  Bella is everything I ever wanted in family.  And to know that she will walk the ages by our side brings me such happiness that I am having problems hiding it.)

Here Eric pauses, then speaks frankly to him, “Mar sin féin, tá imní orm faoi na cinn Fuar, agus go háirithe an Whitlock Jasper mé. Ba mhaith liom níos mó eolas faoi dó a fhios, agus beidh breathnú isteach air. Ba mhaith liom go mbeadh a fhios cén fáth sé, de na cinn Fuar, is cosúil mar sin i gceist léi. Ní hé seo an éad, Freya í féin a fhios go bhfuil mé sásta leis a bheith a deartháir. Ach go bhfuil sé seeming a bheith ag briseadh ó na daoine eile …” (However, I am concerned about the Cold Ones, and especially this Jasper Whitlock.  I wish to know more about him, and will be looking into him.  I wish to know why he, of all the Cold Ones, seems so concerned with her.  This is not jealousy, Freya herself knows that I am content with being her brother.  But that he seems to be breaking away from the others…)

Godric nods.  “I too am concerned.  Now, let’s board. I am eager to meet this new wolf.” His looks at Eric, knowing his child had enjoyed meeting the other lone wolf.

Eric grins.  He had met Paul when he had arrived as they were about to leave.  Sam had told him that Paul was more than willing to leave.  He had an abusive  father, who had killed his wife and severely injured Paul when he had tried to defend his mother.  He had been ostracized by the tribe because of it, but he had been emancipated since he had inherited his mother’s family fortune. He had been ready to leave the reservation, but then he had changed.  The gene had come from his father, and had been another thing he hated about the tribe that had forced him to stay.

When Eric heard this from Sam, his eyes had gone dark in anger and he muttered, “What is it about this part of the world?  Does no one honor the gift they had been given?”

Sam had sighed. “Unfortunately, you seem to be finding the ones who don’t.  I had nothing to offer these new wolves, and nothing for them to fight for.  Wolves are pack animals, which is why Paul was asked to go.  He is an alpha since his father descended from the last alpha.  Seems the last wolves had felt it their duty to spread their genes.  Because of this, he is a lone wolf. He will be happier with others he considers pack, and I am hoping this works.  If it does, then Paul will be able to the first of many.  He will be alpha to the pack, but I suspect he will become part of your group, or pack.  But he will have nothing with him.  I will send on what he wishes, but neither of us want to take the chance the Elders will try to stop him.”

Godric had overheard this as he had been carrying Bella as they walked to the cars.  He turned around and asked, “Is this a problem?” He watches the Wolf, wondering if he is doing the right thing in making a treaty with him.

Sam sighs as he runs his hands through his hair. “It will be, but I will take care of it.  For now, let’s get you guys on your way with Paul.” He knows there will be a fight, but damnation, the world is not the place the Elders think it is, and they will need help.  This will allow them to have the support of a powerful group.

Soon after he finished speaking, a gray wolf as tall as a horse came out of the woods.  He walked right up to Sam and, eying him, turned his attention to Godric and Eric.  Neither of them backed down from his gaze.


Paul had been surprised by the two vampires.  He did not feel the hate he had towards the Cold Ones, nor did their scents burn his nose.  While they didn’t smell of “calming” like Sam had said, to him they smelled like Pack, like what Sam and Jared smell to each other as well as Embry, who they can tell was about to change.

As he stares down the two vampires, a shudder runs through him as he meets their eyes.  He soon lowers his head respectfully.  And at that second, his link to Jared is broken, and from that moment onward he will only be able to speak with Sam mind to mind.

The two in front of him are his new pack, his Alpha and his Beta. And something sparks in him as he looks back into their eyes.  Respect.

Eric shakes his head as he remembers the conversation he had after Godric had left to settle his Mate into his car, leaving Eric to finalize his plans.  He has the feeling that Paul is going to fit in fine.

Bella wakes to Godric nuzzling her.  “Time to wake, a thaisce.  We need to move to the plane, and while we have time, I wish to know which residence I need to have us taken to.  Plus the car needs to be loaded.”

Loaded?  Bella looks up and her mouth drops open.  “Godric?”

He is enjoying being this close to his Mate, and makes a questioning sound in answer. The pure joy he feels with her in his arms is as close to perfect as he can feel without clothing being removed…though he couldn’t deny he would enjoy that immensely.


“That is not a jet.  That is a plane.  A very large plane.”

And a burst of laughter comes from the door as it opens.  Soon she finds herself on Eric’s shoulder as he carries her to the plane.  “Yes, lillasyster.  It is indeed a plane.  And you have no problems.  Remember our earlier conversation?  This is a part of it.”  He glides them up the stairs and deposits her in a chair and collapses in a seat across from her with a narrow table between them. He absentmindedly double taps his fingers on the table to bring up a sign-on screen and is soon adding Bella to everything he can think of while he watches her take in the plane.


Her eyes wide, she takes in the plane.  They are seated at a small table.  There’s an empty seat next to her, and one next to Eric.   She can see plenty of other seats, too,  as well as some doors that must lead to other parts of the plane.  The oddest thing is that the windows are heavily covered.

Noticing her curiosity, Eric causally explains, “The whole plane is light proof, and more secure than Air Force One.  Since this is Godric’s main plane, it makes sense.  You will come to find that your mate and therefore you are more important than most beings on this planet.  Godric is the head of the most powerful Blood Line.  There is no place where he cannot command respect.  The only reason he hasn’t taken a throne is because he has felt no need to be royalty, but I suspect this will be ending soon.” He moves his hands quickly as he has a couple of screens open by this time so that he can work even faster as he checks his emails and adds information from time to time to a spreadsheet.  He frowns as he sees an email from the Authority questioning Godric’s claim of Bella.  He sends off the attachments that they asked for and will let Godric know.

Looking at him, she cocks her head to the side as she asks, “Why?”

“Because of you, a thaisce,”  comes Godric’s voice as he seats himself next to her with a kiss to her hand that he takes in his own.  “I have more than Eric to protect now.  The Blood Line is important, but you are more.  I had not cared to do more than take a Sheriffs spot close to Eric in case he needed me.  But now, now I am feeling much more protective.  And Eric’s Queen is a bitch.  We will be working to see what we can do to take the state.” He watches everyone settling in as he pays attention to his Mate.

Eric jerks and looks to his Maker. “Take Louisiana?  Why not Texas?”

Twining his fingers in his Mates, Godric just smiles. “Don’t think I haven’t felt the pull you have to be there.  So until we know why you feel compelled to be there, we will make sure that you can stay.  But do not think this will be easy. I doubt that it will be as easy as I would like for her to make a mistake and be overthrown.  Though I suspect that Andrew thinks he will be stepping down soon.”

At this Eric snorts as he watches them close the door after Alcide and Paul make their way towards the rear seats.  “The man has begged you for decades to take the throne.  He only took it when you turned it down because he wanted to be near you.  He also didn’t trust anyone else to be over you.” He is still working on the screen before him.

Alcide had disappeared behind a set of doors to gather drinks for them.  He grins at Bella as he hands them to Godric and makes his way to his seat.

Godric sighs. “I suspect you are right, my son.  But he will need to stay in place for a little longer.”

Shaking her head, Bella asks, “Andrew?”

James McAvoy aka Andrew Roberts

Resting his fingertips on the screen to let it scan and allow him to sign in, Godric glances at Eric. “You can inform her.  He is your brother more than hers.” As he signs in, he notices that Eric flings some documents to his side of the screen and looks through them.

His blue eyes darkening, Eric’s fangs drop. He has no doubt that all of the holds up they are having with the Authority are because of her.  But he quickly regains himself and turns to Bella.  “Andrew Roberts.  He is the current King of Texas and what you call New Mexico.  He also is a vampire that Godric had found on his rising night.  Seems his maker had run afoul of a Fairy.  So Andrew rose with no Maker and was completely confused.  Godric not only offered to teach him, but since he was newly risen, Godric did something that no one thought was possible.  He became Andrew’s Maker without turning him.  It has never been replicated and no one can figure out why Andrew and Godric were able to do it.”

He chuckles.  “My brother, though, is not of our blood.  If you tasted my blood, you will taste Godric in it.  This is what makes us Blood.  Just as you will taste of both Godric and me, Godric as your Mate and me as your blood brother.  But Andew has a Maker bond with Godric.  He feels us as though Godric had been the one to turn him.  It is because of this connection that Andrew is more protective of us than you can ever imagine.  He was a warrior in his time, just as Godric and I were.  He is only a hundred years younger than me.  You will like him, lillasyster.”

Bella just shakes her head.  “What have I gotten myself into?  From a family who never cared about me to one that seems to be all over the place.”

Godric is tending to the screen before him, reading the paperwork they are asking him to submit for Bella.  He snorts, gives Eric a look, then quickly composes an email to Roman with the attachments added to it.  After sending it, he starts to work on some of the other items, gently pulling Bella’s attention to it and describing in a low voice what he is doing and why.  It is never too early to start helping his Mate to understand what is going on.

The plane is soon taxing out to the run way but no one on-board pays any attention to it.  Alcide is quietly talking to Paul about his duties and how since Alcide is Godric’s person, he will probably end up being Bella’s.  He will be put in charge of Bella’s security, going wherever she goes.  They will probably have a vampire as his alternative during the nights.  All this is being relayed to Paul as well the fact that Alcide will be teaching him what he needs to know.  Not told to him was that Eric will probably be in charge of his physical training.

Eric and Godric are paying attention to this, just as they knew that both wolves are paying attention to them.  But the two vampires are more attentive to Bella.  Eric leans forward on the table and, staring into his sister’s eyes that are the exact shade of his own, tells her, “You will never be alone nor will you ever even think that you are unloved.  Godric is your Mate, your other half.  You are one exchange from being bonded to each other.  And I would not be surprised that once it happens, you two will probably be Mated in every sense of the word.”

He smirks as he leans back and informs her, “Exchanges are normally very sexual in nature.  It’s only because of your pain that either of you have ignored your instincts.  But next time, lillasyster, I know that you will be Godric’s in every way.  To help make that be on your time table, you needed to aware of it before you demand another exchange.” His smirk grows as he remembers her demanding Godric use the healing she needed to make another step in the Bond.  It had erased any doubt from him or Godric that she might not want the Bond.

“A thaisce, we just wish for you to know about this.  I would love to romance you, and I plan on doing so.  But no matter what happens, you will be treated with utmost respect.  I need to admit to you that I have been fighting the urge by using your pain, but I don’t think I will be strong enough to do so again.  I…need you, in every way.  If you need it, I will give you my blood to help with the pain. Or if you would rather, I will ask Eric to give you blood to fight the pain and to give us more time. But no other.” Godric candidly tells his love.

Swallowing, Bella looks at both of them.  “So let me get this right.  You are essentially telling me that the next time we exchange we will be Bonded, which we both wish for…right?” At Godric emphatic agreement, both in person and through their bond, Bella continues, “But we will basically be having sex.”  With this she bites her lower lip as she blushes.

Godric leans forward and cups her face. He studies her eyes as he answers her, “Yes.  You will be my Mate in every way, except for turning you.  And to be frank, we will exchange blood often after the third time.  I crave your blood as it nourishes me, but I suspect that I will continue to crave it even after you are turned.  And most often it will be sexual in nature.  I will hold off turning you until you ask for it, but a thaisce, I cannot promise the same for our first joining when we complete the Bond.”  He smirks, “I am quite looking forward to it.” His eyes are smoldering as he stares down at his Mate, nothing more on his mind than imagining her under him, on top, everywhere.  He is also aware that when she is turned, it may take a couple days for the two of them to calm down.  His smirks gets wider as his over-busy mind supplies him with many more ideas.

Eric leans back as he laughs.  “Oh I am too, lillasyster.”  His eyes snapping in merriment, he also advises her, “But I too cannot wait until you are turned.  You will be safer, but we will make sure it will be on your terms as much as possible. For now, just think of the next step, and be aware of what is going on.  That is all we wanted from you.” His amusement tells Bella he also wanted to tease her, but she just laughs, promising she will get revenge.

Godric soon turns his attention back to emails and business, and Eric starts talking with Bella.  His questions cause so many bubbles to form in her brain that she begins shuddering  to the point that Godric had been ready to grab her a blanket when Paul comes over and drops one on her.

Watching the wolf from the side, Godric just glances at Eric and can see him watching the wolf as well.

Paul had noticed his new ward shivering and had seen the younger-looking vampire twitch a couple of times as if he wanted to find a cover for her. Paul grabs a blanket instead, and, without really thinking about it, holds it close to his body to warm it up.  He wants to take measure of this woman who is the reason he’s being allowed off the reservation.

So, grinning mischievously, he drops the blanket over her.  But then is shocked as she groans as she looks at Eric.

“I thought I was gaining one brother.  Now how many do I have?”

He chuckles.  Paul drops down to her level and holds out his hand. “Paul Lahote.  I gather we will be working together for quite a long time.”  He grins as she shakes his hand, pleased she is not too shy.

Alcide laughs. “Until you die, Paul.”

Paul raises his eyes to look into Eric’s as he answers the werewolf.  “Didn’t Sam tell you?  As long as we change, we stay immortal. Since for some reason my instincts and the wolf inside me accept Godric as my Alpha and Eric here as my Beta, and with both of them being immortal, there is no reason why I would stop changing.  So, as long as I don’t die, there is no reason why Bella and I can’t be a team for a very long time.”

And with Paul’s words,  the future seemed to be a little less scary for them.  Godric soon has the houses displayed in front of them, and nods Alcide over to help. The group gathers around the table and looks at the houses presented in front of them, debating the pros and cons to each house.

They go through the houses that are available for their use.  Bella has shook her head many times, just lost.  Finally, she leans back as she admits to them,  “I don’t know what to do with any of them.  I  want to be away from Godric as little as possible.”  Since most of the conversation was about the safe rooms, she is not happy with how so many of them are not available so that she could stay with him.  She figures this will be a way to eliminate some.

Godric frowns as he taps the screen and he flips through them, and for the first time he notices the kitchens.  He can also see which houses are ready for them now.  He has listened to his Mates comments, and frankly is not happy with how frustrated she is with the whole progress.  If she isn’t happy, then he will have no problems purchasing, or even building, one more to her tastes.  The only thing is it needs to be able to hold Alcide, Paul and any of his Children who come, including a place for her.  Though if he doesn’t hear from Roman soon, he will be calling her in the most painful way to get her to heel.  What does it matter to her if Bella is his mate?

Soon he finds one that he enjoys the outside.  He tugs Bella to his lap as he shows it to her.  But the insides make her shudder. “I really hate the all-white part.” Her eyes go back to his and she is holding inside the wince.  The house is beautiful, but whoever had designed the interior really had no taste.

Nodding his head, happy they have found a home that they can work with, he asks, “If we get rid of the white, can you work with me and make this our home?” She looks and indicates a few rooms she likes but she is thinking on his request.

Flipping through the house, she finally nods. “Yes.  But I don’t want  your job to be handled there.  That will be our place.” She does not want anyone knowing where they are, or to have easy access to the house.  She really doesn’t want to take a chance with the two vampires who have become quickly her family to be at risk.

Godric nods as he thinks about it.  “With your help, I will turn some other houses over to the nest and let them be targets if they do not listen to me.  And we will decide if another residence I have in mind will work when we have to entertain others.”  He also plans to build a club like Eric’s to start handling business in.  It will be more upscale, however, since he will not want his Mate exposed to  fangbangers daily.  But he does need to have someplace to meet with his vampires.

Thinking about everything he needs to set up for the next while, Godric turns the property over to Alcide and asks him to make secure it enough for them to rest in today and tonight.  This is actually one of the easier places since the secure resting facilities for him and Eric are already underground and prepared.  Food will need to be brought in as well as guards for the grounds.

Eric looks over the compound, and he grins.  “I see you already had a place for me.”  He taps on the space under the house, and thinks about how alike they are.

Godric teases him, “Of course my child.  You and your brother are always welcome and able to use the houses.”  Feeling the wave of exhaustion from his Mate, he makes some quick decisions.

Lifting her in his arms,  Godric issues the orders for the night.  “Eric, take care of what will need to be done; I don’t think she will stay awake anyway.  I will take her in my coffin.  Before the plane opens, someone check on her.  If she is fine, have her stay in there until the house is clear.”

And with that Godric carefully pulls her into his coffin.  He cannot wait until they are out and the sleeker models will be most welcome. He climbs in with her and closes and locks the top parts, and then very happily wraps her body with his.  He feels as close to perfectly content as possible.

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