Chapter 15 Two People Meant to Be Together


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Godric teases him, “Of course my child.  You and your brother are always welcome and able to use the houses.”  Feeling the wave of exhaustion from his Mate, he makes some quick decisions.

Lifting her in his arms,  Godric issues the orders for the night.  “Eric, take care of what will need to be done; I don’t think she will stay awake anyway.  I will take her in my coffin.  Before the plane opens, someone check on her.  If she is fine, have her stay in there until the house is clear.”

And with that Godric carefully pulls her into his coffin.  He cannot wait until they are out and the sleeker models will be most welcome. He climbs in with her and closes and locks the top parts, and then very happily wraps her body with his.  He feels as close to perfectly content as possible.


Still in the coffin and watching his mate sleeping, Godric had waited for the day to pull him under, but instead he is still awake when they took the coffin off the plane. Before the day had come, he had sent Alcide a message notifying him that Bella was fine and not to worry about getting her out.

Concerned about the handling of the boxes containing their hidden coffins, he had made sure that his love is wrapped up securely in his arms, but is pleasantly surprised with the gentleness of the people unloading the coffin. The box held both his and Eric’s coffins so that it would not be so obvious.  They have other boxes and such that they use depending on who is traveling.  It will be easier after the Great Revelation and all this smoke and mirrors can be used to defeat enemies, not just to hide their presence from humans.

Soon he can feel when they are being loaded into the vehicle to transport them to their home.  He can also hear Alcide telling Paul more of the rules and such. He smirks at some of the things Alcide tells Paul.  He doesn’t realize until later that he should have felt Eric die for the day, instead he is amused and trying not to laugh as Alcide tells Paul how Eric had painfully taught him when he was learning his position from him.

While he rests there, he carefully edges his phone out, and frowns as he notices that it is past noon.  Then he gets a shock when Eric texts him, ‘Still awake?

He sends to him, ‘Yes.  What is going on?’ He is not used to being awake this late.  Yesterday he had died for the day a bit later than normal, but even then he and Bella had went to rest about 10 o’clock that morning.

Eric sends, ‘Goddess Blessing?’ He had been spending the time awake eliminating all the different possibilities and had come up with that as the most likely cause.

Godric thinks on this but then sends, ‘Me?’  He can see this being true for Eric, and has a pang of jealousy.  Then he holds out the hope that this might not be a one-time experience.

Quickly his phone beeps, “Mate/Blood exchanges.’  He can feel his hope soaring as he senses encouragement from Eric.  Maybe, just maybe, he could spend all of his Mate’s time with her…

Before he can answer, he can hear them entering the grounds.   Alcide orders the security to be set for the day and checks that everything is ready for them.  He holds Bella closer, knowing that Alcide will have them in his room shortly.  Then he will be looking into this with Eric.

Soon the movements stop and he can hear Alcide telling Paul, “Never ever open the coffins unless you are told to.” Then he feels the box open and his coffin being extracted.  He smiles at the care his Guardian is taking in the handling of the coffin, and in teaching his Mate’s Guardian how to take care of her in the same way.  Alcide has been one of the best Guardians he has had in a long time.

Paul comments back to him, “But I thought he said to check on Bella.” He is looking at what they call a coffin, but instead it looks like a military grade box that happens to be the same size as a human body.  He wonders if Bella really is comfortable in there and wants to make sure.  He also assists in moving Eric’s coffin to the trolley and is soon helping Alcide take them through the house into a special room.

Alcide replies back as he carefully installs the coffin in the room put aside for it.  The room will move Godric’s coffin down to his room and on the other side of the room is Eric’s. “But if you see the lights here, that means he’s locked the coffin against anyone opening it.  I have the override code, but this situation isn’t important enough to use it.  The override is only in case the coffin itself is unsafe, in that it’s in unsafe place, or something  that will threaten Godric when he wakes.  Right now, there is nothing pressing.  He will wake soon and if Bella was not awake by the time he fell asleep, he must have decided that she was too tired to wake up without him.  Don’t worry, you’ll get this as long as you remember certain things.  Bella is Godric’s first and foremost concern, the most important thing in the entire world.  If it were a choice between her and him, she wins.  Second, is that she is Eric’s sister, by blood.  Meaning again, if there is a choice, she wins.  She always wins.  The two of them would rather die than take a chance she would.  She may fight against it, but these are just the facts.  Now, let’s head up. Eric needs to be put in his room, and then we will go and talk some more.” The door slides close and the machinery reads the codes on the coffins and then moves them down into the light tight rooms.

Their voices fade, and Godric smiles.  There is a reason that Alcide is trusted more than any other.  He is hoping that Paul will be just as invaluable, especially since there seems to be a good possibility that he will be around for a long time.

Once he is sure that Alcide has locked down the rooms, he disengages the locks and is soon carrying his Bella bridal style toward their bed.  Before he can go much farther, Eric is there pulling the blankets down for him.

Working quietly, Godric quickly removes her shoes and settles her into the bed.  He leans down to inhale her scent, and then kisses her.  They pull up the blankets, and leave after turning on the low lights along the baseboards in case she wakens without either of them noticing. Though right now, that would be a miracle since both of them have already gotten used to monitoring the bonds in case there is any more pain that they can take into their own bodies before it has a chance to affect her.

Allan Hyde 4

Heading into the conference room, they both sit down and Godric types into the table the code for the screen to come up on it.  He quickly sets up the monitor to his room and sets to the side as Eric signs in for his prints to be allowed to use the screen.  It only takes a few seconds to link up to the jet’s system to transfer the work, and Eric is soon working on setting up everything for tonight.  His Mate will need clothing and that will be their first stop.

Once he is logged in, Eric tells him, “I don’t feel even the slightest inclination to die for the day.”  He is soon working on his emails, not even thinking about setting the timers for the messages to be sent like he normally does.

Godric shakes his head as he goes through his own emails, setting delays as is normal for them.  He also sends a carefully worded message to Dougal.  He finally replies, “Me either.  Why do you think it is a Blessing?” His eagerness is veiled by millenniums of hiding emotions, but he can’t hide a thing from Eric.

Eric is watching his maker, and his lips lift in a small smile.  “Because it happened after our Blessing, after the second Bonding.  If I could, I would ask her.  But the chances of this happening after Freya came herself and Blessed our Oath?”  His eyebrow lifts.  He believes in his Goddess wholeheartedly, but he sees no reason why she would answer him on this.  They should be able to figure it out on their own.

Pausing, Godric turns to Eric. “And what if it is her blood?  Do you know what this will mean?” His blood had turned into ice in his veins as the thought had entered his mind.  He would have to end so many lives, and he would do with no guilt or hesitation whatsoever if it kept his beloved safe.

His face wiped clean of his grin, Eric nods. “Every single vampire will be after her.  Unless we can prove it is a Goddess Blessing, then our job to protect her just got tougher.  But how to prove it?” His eyes are hard as he considers the measures they will need to take to guard his sister.

At this question, Godric leans back in his chair, his hands washing his face. “I don’t know.  She is not my Patron Goddess.  Though I respect her very much, and have believed in her for as long as I have known her, she is the opposite of my own Patron.  Though my sense of humor finds it humorous that my Patron is of water while yours is of fire.” He grins, the humor very evident in his face as he turns it over in his head for the hundredth time that day.

Both of them share a chuckle.

Eric then leans forward and starts a search for Jasper Whitlock. He tells Godric, “I can always ask.  See if She may tell us the answer.” He reads the screens as they give the basics, and he sends off requests for more information as he is moving in and out of the different databases that hold information, many of which would be a surprise to the humans.

Snorting as he checks the Bond and the screen of his beloved, “And what Goddess or God would make it that easy?”  He believes, always has, but his own God so rarely ever stepped in that to him it is normal to not get answers.  Even Eric has had more interference in his life from his Patron than Godric had from his own, though he carries his marks on his body.

A grin crosses Eric’s face as he searches through the results.  “If it means the difference of her life, well, She may answer.” He has already prayed for an answer, and is now letting it go.  If she answers, she does. If not, then it is for them to figure it out.  Right now this Jasper Whitlock is more of a worry.

Freya as Fire

And a female voice answers them, “Och du skulle vara rätt, min krigare. Jag kommer att göra det klart för vampyr världen att hon är under mitt beskydd, och att denna förmån är bara på grund av min välsignelse över dig och hennes kompis. Han skulle ha fått det, men det skulle ha varit tveksamt att han skulle ha kunnat rädda hennes liv. Min gyllene krigare, kommer du att hitta fler förändringar än du förväntat. Hennes DNA ändrades av Cold Ones. Hon kommer att vara unik. Jag har välsignat dig för att kunna vara samma, så hon inte känner sig ensam. Hennes Mate är att få det från att vara hennes kompis, och hans egen Patron välsignar deras förening också. Vara beredda, fler allierade kommer. Den första av dem redan har kontaktat dig, kan du lita på Jasper Whitlock och hans bror. De har sina egna skäl för att vara unik och skydda Bella. Världen kommer att gå igenom några stora förändringar under nästa kvartssekel, och ni, tillsammans med er familj, kommer att vara i spetsen för detta.” (And you would be right, my Warrior.  I will make it clear to the vampire world that she is under my protection, and that this benefit is only because of my blessing upon you and her Mate.  He would have received it, but it would have been questionable that he would have been able to save her life.  My Golden Warrior, you will find more changes than you expected.  Her DNA was changed by the Cold Ones.  She will be unique.  I have blessed you to be able to be the same, so she doesn’t feel lonely.  Her Mate is getting it from being her Mate, and his own Patron is blessing their union too.  Be prepared, more allies are coming.  The first of them have already contacted you, you can trust Jasper Whitlock and his brother.  They have their own reasons for being unique and protecting Bella.  The world is going to be going through some major changes in the next quarter century, and you, along with you family, will be at the head of this.)

They both look at her, and she smiles to them. “Vet detta, Godric, du älskade mer än du kan föreställa dig. Själva öden har klivit in och gjort en mindre ändring som kommer rippel ner i åldrarna.” (Know this, Godric, you are loved more than you can imagine.  The very Fates have stepped in and made a minor change that will ripple down through the ages.”)  She glides forward and cups Eric face. När vampyrerna vaknar, kommer det inte vara fråga om Bella passerar daywalking till en annan. Och ingen kommer att vilja gå igenom vad som krävs för mekaniken i att det ska vara möjligt. Nu, fortsätta dina planer och inte oroa dig för din syster. Även om det gör dig både kredit att oroa henne. Mina välsignelser över er båda.” (Once the vampires wake, there will be no question of Bella passing the daywalking on to another.  And no one will want to go through what it takes for the mechanics of it to be possible.  Now, continue your plans and not worry about your sister.  Though it does you both credit to worry about her.  My blessings upon you both.) She disappears, but a light on the screen make them both see her kissing Bella on the forehead as her lips move silently.  And then, with a smiling glance to the both of them, she disappears.


Godric can’t help the bubble of laughter coming out.  “I don’t think your Goddess will like her Golden Warrior cussing.” He teases Eric.  He is relieved that there will be no threat to Bella, but he has no doubts that there will be others who will still try though.

Shaking his head, Eric wisecracks, “You wouldn’t know her well then.  She is my Patron for more than family connections.” He is giddy even.

They both chuckle. Then Eric grins. “Day Walkers.  This will be interesting.” Much more interesting…especially with Bella.

Godric grins as he looks to Eric.  “We should be careful with this information. Take our time testing it out.” He is thinking of all the time he will have with his Mate.  They will be on her schedule, and he will be able to see her in the sun, and not miss any time because of him having to stay inside.  And he heard that she will have the same advantages, that when she turns, it will be mean just a diet change, and an aversion to silver…

They both look at each other, then they are gone.  They appear next to a door that has an awning over it, and stare at each other.  Eric repeats, “Should.” He is thinking of how much more he could do, how much he could be with his new sister. How they can be able to do more…

Godric nods, a mischievousness look on his face.  “Should.”

And with that, they both walk outside to greet the day.

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