Chapter 16 I Was a Lonely Soul


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They both chuckle. Then Eric grins. “Day Walkers.  This will be interesting.” Much more interesting…especially with Bella.

Godric grins as he looks to Eric.  “We should be careful with this information. Take our time testing it out.” He is thinking of all the time he will have with his Mate.  They will be on her schedule, and he will be able to see her in the sun, and not miss any time because of him having to stay inside.  And he heard that she will have the same advantages, that when she turns, it will be mean just a diet change, and an aversion to silver…

They both look at each other, then they are gone.  They appear next to a door that has an awning over it, and stare at each other.  Eric repeats, “Should.” He is thinking of how much more he could do, how much he could be with his new sister. How they can be able to do more…

Godric nods, a mischievousness look on his face.  “Should.”

And with that, they both walk outside to greet the day.


Bella wakes to find Godric lying beside her, running his hands through her hair.  When he feels her coming to, he softly tells her, “Good evening, a thaisce.”

She yawns before his words sink in, “Evening?  Did I sleep the day away?” She looks up to his blue eyes, amazed with the color of them all over again.

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Godric smiles as he grins down at her. “Most of it.  It’s been an entertaining day.  We had some surprising information given to us.  It will make life much more interesting.”  He goes to give her a kiss and she pulls away.  He looks at her and lifts an eyebrow.

“Morning breath”

Godric’s laughter rings out.  “My love, your morning breath is nothing to things I have dealt with in 2,000 years!  No, a thaisce, I think that this is one thing I will not give into you about.”  And with that, he curls his hand around the back of her neck and brings her to him as he kisses her.

Until now, Bella had only by now been kissed by Edward.  Gentle, chaste kisses at that.  Godric has not been shy about showing her affection since yesterday, showering her with kisses and holding her often.  But this?  This is a kiss.

Kiss 5Godric first presses little kisses to her lips, then as he tastes his beloved, he needs more.  He teases her, nipping that lower lip that has affected him so much when she bites it when she is thinking about something.  As she opens her mouth in surprise, he takes advantage of it and his tongue is quickly tasting every part of her mouth he can reach.

Once done mapping out her mouth, he starts rubbing her tongue, sucking on it, until he soon has her full participation as her tongue duels with his own.

Bella is lost in this kiss, not even noticing as he eases more of his weight on her, nor when he starts purring as her hands slide up his chest and are soon wrapped around his neck.

Godric is thrilled, and is not hesitant to allow his Mate as much of him as she wishes.  He may have some plans for tonight, but they are easily tossed aside if she wants him. And how he can tell she wants him!  Her emotions, her body, her divine scent!

Not liking the inability to use both hands as she is doing with him, Godric rolls them over and soon has her resting atop him, never breaking their kisses except to allow her a few seconds to breathe when she needs it.  And even then, his mouth and lips are still busy, until his Mate is ready for him again.

Bella is wrapped around Godric, but in the back of her mind she is waiting for him to reject her.  Edward always had, so this must not be all that enjoyable since a virgin would push away a willing participant.

What Bella isn’t realizing that Edward had been a prude, while Godric has had millenniums of experience under his belt.  He also has the woman of his dreams literally on top of him.  And there is no way he will ever say no to this woman.  Kings and Queens can kiss his ass as far as he is concerned.  They rank far behind the importance of Bella to him.  She is more important than anything in the world, and he will spend every day showing her this, and thanking her for being here.

His mouth is busy licking and nipping at her jaw when she has to take a big breath, his hands holding her close to him.  Godric has no intention of ending this until she wishes to.  He has been needing her, been hard for her since he first saw her.  If he can get any relief, if he and his Mate can come closer, he is all for it.  It is not like she ever has to worry about him leaving her.

Closing her eyes as he kisses her, she can feel his fangs as he lightly drags them on her skin then his tongue as he soothes each spot before taking up a new place to repeat the actions over and over. Each time his fangs are on her skin, it feels as if there is a line running directly from her skin to her lower body.  Soon she needs release of some type, and rubs against him.

Closing his eyes in joy of her movement, his hands fall to her hips and he holds her as he thrusts up against her, hoping to relieve the ache they are both feeling at this point…

Gasping for air, Bella moans, “Godric.”

His lips twitch as he thrusts himself up against her.  He also reminds himself she is a virgin.  Hating himself as he tells her, “Only as far as you wish to go, a ghra.”  Letting her know he will stop.  He will hate himself, but he will rein it in if she wants.

Bella is feeling those warm, intimate feelings and her eyes open wide as she asks, “Godric?” Her body completely stops moving as she waits for the physical denial that she is expecting emotionally.

He rolls them over and looks into her eyes as he sends her his love and his sheer need for her.  When her head falls back, he kisses her neck on the spot that he has noticed is his favorite to feed from and to nuzzle when they are close to each other.  It smells of him, probably from him always nicking his tongue to heal his marks.  Either way, it smells of him, and he loves it and pays attention to it each and every time he gets the chance. From the emotions he gets from her, she too loves his attentions.

He works his way down her throat, and is soon nudging open the buttons on her shirt. His eyes are focused on her own half-lidded stare as she watches him back. He is still instinctively moving his hips and cock against her.  He is also monitoring her emotions.  He doesn’t want to rush her, but he can feel how much they both need to have this release.

As he reaches her breasts, he grins up at her, “A ghra… so beautiful.”  And he kisses her breasts, outlining the edge of the bra she has on, reminding himself that he cannot get rid of it yet.  He cannot stop his grin when he sees the front clasp and quickly slides his hand up her body to release it.  As soon as it does, his mouth envelopes her nipples.

The incredible feeling of his mouth on her breast makes her arch her back towards him.  The pleasure is surprisingly intense.  Nothing she had ever experienced before had ever felt this good, she realizes through the haze fogging her brain.  And looking down as he nips her, seeing his eyes dark with the desire for her, she moans.

Godric grins, and soon is laying kisses across the valley between her breasts as he goes to give equal attention to the other one.  He only lifts his head from his path when her hands pull his shirt off.  His eyes continue to watch his Mate’s as he teases her other breast and nipple, his hand busy making sure the other side is getting the attention it deserved.

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He notices how much more eagerly her hips have been surging up against his, and he can feel her getting close.  Deciding that they have plenty of time in the future to explore each other bodies, he moves up to take her mouth with his as his hips pump against hers harder, faster.

The sensation of him moving faster against her is enough for her to feel as though sheer ecstasy explodes from her body, causing her to crush her body against his, his mouth swallowing her cry as her eyes close and she loses time to the pleasure she can feel flowing between them.

The next thing she knows, Godric is kissing her gently, his hands basically petting her body as she is trying to regain control over her breathing.  He tells her lovingly, “So exquisite.  And mine.  Thank you, a thaisce.”  He kisses her neck, curling her into his body as he can feel her trying to calm down.

Bella can feel his love and his pleasure at what they did, and she can feel tears falling from her eyes.

Smelling the salt, Godric is quick to move them both to where he can look down, and uses a hand to wipe at the tears.  “A thaisce, what is the matter?” He is also frantically searching the bond to find what out is bothering her.  He relieves the small amount of pain from her head, but even that is still so slight that she probably hasn’t even felt it yet.

Bella just curls into him, needing to feel him.  She feels his arms wrap around her as he kisses her and tells her how beautiful she is, how kind and loving.  How he worships her and will for the rest of their life, and more tears fall. She can feel him trying to soothe her, to stop her from crying.

She finally asks, “Truly?  You want me?”

Godric frowns, and looks down at her. “Of course I want you, a ghra.  You are the reason for my life.  I feel so alive, so much better than I was before.  I feel young again.  I had allowed my years to catch up with me, and had forgotten how to live in the moment.  I also very much want you sexually.”  He allows a small growl come out.  “You are so very tempting to me, the body of a goddess, out of my very dreams.  How could I not want you?”

She turns her head to the side, but Godric pulls it back into where he can look into her eyes.  What he is seeing and feeling is definitely nothing he wants his Mate to feel after they had been so in sync with each other just a few moments ago.  He asks her softly, “A thaisce, why would you think that I wouldn’t want you?  What made you think any male would turn you down?”

Tears spill out of her eyes as she just stares at him, not wanting to tell him in case he agrees with Edward.  Her lips tremble as she cannot imagine the pain she would feel if he did agree.  Or if he even laughed at her.

Godric’s face softens, and he musingly says, “Oh a searc. (my love, between lovers) what has been done to you?”  He kisses her softly and informs her, “Here are the facts, a thaisce.  I am yours entirely, mind, heart, body and soul.  I cannot even think of another person other than you.  I have craved your body since I first saw you on that forest floor before I even knew you were my Mate.  I will never reject you, in fact, I will warn you that you will often be the one who needs to slow us down.  Your body is perfect.  You taste incredible, and I look forward to making sure every single part of you has been in my mouth. I look forward to teaching you what I enjoy, and finding out what you enjoy.  But, I figure we have a couple thousand years until we can even imagine knowing each other’s bodies as well as we wish.  Then I plan on making sure that I rememorize everything.  I get lost in the beauty of you, and I can tell you now, that this will never end.  So, please, tell me, who convinced you that you are not desirable, because I would love to teach them how to recognize beauty when it is right in front of them.” His eyes are bright as he can imagine the ways he will teach these others a very serious lesson.  His a thaisce should never doubt herself, not this way!

Bella smiles, her heart melting with the sincerity she feels through the bond from him.  She loves this connection, there is no way to lie to each other.  She never has to question his emotions.  She sniffs, and finally says in a little voice, “Edward.  He rejected me anytime we went beyond a chaste kiss.  He would tell me it was too dangerous.” Even though he just told her he would never reject her, her head is down, her eyes looking anywhere other than his face.

A low growl breaks loose.  Godric looks down at his Mate, his hand on her chin lifting it to meet his eyes. “Edward is an idiot.  I have no idea how the boy has survived to these times with that type of attitude.  A thaisce, you just felt my reaction to you stemming from a single kiss.”  He grabs her hand and places on his pants.  She gasps, a feeling which him makes him smirk as he tells her, “This is the least I have when I am around you.  When we Mate, I will probably turn you just so that we can last for many days and nights, for I can tell that I will never tire of you.  And this is all before I have even had you.  I could deal with the next decade of nothing more than what we did.  Though, I will admit, I want more…much more.  I want all of you.  I want no male not being able to tell you are mine.  And I want no female not to know I too am claimed by you just as much.  I want your body to claim mine.  You are mine, but I, too, am yours.  And I am very happy to claim so.”

He holds her close to him as he lets his words sink in.  She finally asks, “Will it be like this all the time?”

He looks down at her, “Like what?”

She looks up at him, and asks, “Our feelings, being so open to each other?  Or will this fade after awhile?”

He kisses her and tells her, “Are you asking if I will be bored of you?  Never.  Will I always treat you as my equal?  Yes. Will we always desire each other?  I pray it is so from your side.  It will be from mine until the end of time.  Is this how we will be from now on, talking out our troubles?  By everything I hold dear, I am working on it being so.  But you need to remember to talk yourself.  I can’t read your mind, but if you tell me your worries and fears, I will do my utmost to banish them from you.  However, you must promise to talk to me.  Deal?”

Bella searches the Bond and his eyes.  When she finds nothing outside of what he has asked, she nods.

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