Chapter 20 Distance in Your Eyes

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Nodding to them all, Eric opens the door.

A couple is on the entryway, the man holding a bag that he hands over to Eric.  “This should help Little One’s hunger.”  With that the two are in the house and before Bella.   The man grins and tells her, “Finally.  I’ve been waiting centuries for you to meet yer Mate.  Now let’s get this show on the road.”

The other beings stare at the two strangers in their midst.  The man moves and is soon sitting on the couch with the blonde lady on his lap.  “I think you been waitin’ fer us.  Jasper left the note for you, I take it?”

Bella just stares and finally says, “Peter?”

The male smiles. “Yep!  Nice to meetcha Little One!”


Bella slowly moves toward the two Cold Ones in her living room, however she didn’t get far before Eric and Godric are in front of her.  She is curious about these two vampires, and admittedly, she is wondering where Jasper is and what they are to him.  The way these two act, it is as if they somehow know her and yet she has never seen them before.

She looks up and smiles at the two men she loves most in the world.  Her hand lands gently on Eric’s arm as she leans towards him, “Nice hair, broder.” She cannot help her smirk as she notices  his shorter hair.


Not able to hold in the grin, Eric shakes his head, and decides to test his syrra, “Mo dheirfiúr beag, d’fhéadfaí tú a bheith tromchúiseach don aon uair amháin?” (My little sister, could you be serious for once?)

Her mirth is enough to let both Godric and Eric know she understood the language.  They both grin at the fact, enjoying that there will be ways for them to communicate more privately.  No matter what happens, as long as the two of them knew the language before Bella was Blessed, she would know it now.

However, before they could comment, Peter grins. “Isn’t she something?”  He looks obviously proud of Bella.  She is much more than he ever dreamed she would be, and he is damned proud of his little one!

Paul is shaking, and he finally growls out, “What the hell are you doing here?  Leeches!”  His inborn hatred of the beings is overriding his reasoning.  There is nothing he wants more than to rend these Cold Ones into pieces before they can hurt his charge.

Peter’s grin falls from his face and he lifts an eyebrow. “Jasper said we would be here.  He will be here himself when he thinks he has enough information fer Little One.  And ya better calm on down and control yourself over there.  You’ll be around Jasper fer a mighty long time.” He stares down the Native American; he will not back down from this man.  He will be in their lives for a long time to come.  He will fail in his duty, but the repercussions of him doing so are all good for their coven, so Peter will never hint otherwise…  Plus it is going to be fun in a couple of years, if they get through the end of this year, that is.

Godric’s eyebrow shoots up.  “Why would Paul be around Jasper?” He is not sure how he feels about this brash young Cold One.  He walks right into their home, and Godric is not happy about that.  At all.  The implications are dangerous to his a thaisce.

Charlotte sighs. As usual, Peter is making a fucking mess of everything.  He never understands how his brash attitude can sound abrasive.  She knows it is because he has a million things going on in his head with his Knower going off, and him having to concentrate to ensure certain things don’t slip out at the wrong time, but to others he sounds like he is a brash idiot.  However, he is her idiot.  She stands up. “Before we go any further, Bella, I’m Charlotte, Peter’s mate.” She grins at Bella, glad they finally get to meet her.

Charlotte SYF_edited-3

Bella smiles at the woman.  “Nice to meet you.  Sorry, but I don’t think they will allow me any closer.” She shrugs, indicating the two males that are surrounding her basically.

A growl escapes Godric as he pulls her closer to him as Eric slides protectively in front of them. “Not likely, a thaisce.  Not when we have no idea if being around them will make your pain come back any worse.” He clearly remembers Ludwig’s instruction that they could not bring anything from her home because it may activate the drug and make her worse.  She risks losing way too much to allow her to get close to another Cold One that may make her change have to take place sooner.

Bella turns to him, opening her mouth, and he places a finger on her lips. “A ghra.  You are the most important thing in my life and in Eric’s.  Your pain is no laughing matter, and in fact is the one thing governing when you are to be changed.  Eric and I both want to give you as much time as you wish to have in your human form.  If being closer to these Cold Ones would make you worse, then no, you cannot shake their hand and in fact, if they are allies, we will call Ludwig to see if you can even remain in the same room with them.”

His eyes watch hers as both he and Eric push their love and worry towards her.  She sighs and nods as she comes closer into his arms.  He holds her, his chin resting on her head, as he sends love to her, and he can feel Eric checking for her pain level.  He chuckles as he realizes how well he and his son work together to make sure that she is pain free.

Peter leans forward, noting their reactions and their words.  Nothing makes him happier.  “She will be fine now.  As long as none of us try to pull her into the glamour, the agent in us that you are worried about will not activate.  And believe me, none of us want to hurt Little One.  I worked way too hard to get you with her, and poor Jasper was exhausted when he pulled the Cullens away.”

He shook his head as he remembers how hard his sire had to work and ending up having to ‘attack’ his little sister to make them leave her.  Even then it was a close call.  But Peter told him that he was changing Godric’s flight and until they can tell who all is innocent, and who all needs to be destroyed, Jasper wanted them to be gone.

Charlotte sighs, her hand covering her face. “Peter, shut up.  You are confusing them all.  Let me talk then you can go back to your Yoda shit.  And don’t think I won’t let Jasper know how you’re treating his little sister.” She really wishes she could gag him, but the one time she did, she had discovered what a horndog he is.  Some days, it’s all she can do to survive.

Eric can’t help the growl escape from him at the mention of a Cold One being the brother of his sister.  He just cannot accept that one of the beings that had caused the pain she’s in would be family to her.

Charlotte smiles though at the growl. “I take it you are Eric.  Calm down…Jasper is her brother only because that is the familial aspect he wishes to claim.  In reality, she is his great niece, and Peter’s great granddaughter.  Neither of them like the remote feeling of those claims, and just claim her as family. Jasper, who had gotten to know her, claims her to be his sister.” She grins as she watches the faces of the men before her since she could no longer see Bella, who is still behind Eric.  She is proud of Bella for all that she has suffered and survived, and the hints that they have of her future.

Godric listens to everything that they are saying, and he finally asks, “Great grandfather, great niece?” These Cold Ones are Bella’s actual blood relatives?

She looks at him, “Godric?” Charlotte smiles at the ancient vampire, fully approving of him for their Little One.  Both of the ancient ones in front of her are good for their Bella.

At Godric’s nod, she smiles. “Yes.  Peter is related through her mother, Jasper from her father.  But, the real reason they care so much is that Peter has known about her since he was turned.  He told Jasper and, later, me.  We have watched for her through the centuries.  Then when she came, everything was fine.  She was nowhere near a Cold One nor was there a reason that she would have been.” Her face fell as the she remembers that panicked call from Jasper when she showed up at their school, then later with Edward.  It had been a fucking nightmare as they scrambled to figure out what had gone wrong.

Remembering that time as well, Peter growls. “Until the stupid pixie saw her and changed her future.”  He looks at Godric and Bella. “What you came up with is exactly right.  The Cold Ones have been making sure for a very long time that y’all’s mates are not calling to you at the right time.  I didn’t know this; I just did what my Knower told me and played the game.  Then when it happened to Little One, I got a huge download of information. Knocked me right out.” He shakes his head at the strangeness of that day.  It had been needed, but he had not liked the loss of conscious he’d gotten for it.

Alcide finally growls out, “What the hell is going on?  Does any of this make sense?” His eyes turn yellow as he gets angry at all the references going over his head.  How could he be an effective Guardian if he doesn’t know what is going on?

Godric exchanges a look with Eric, then, feeling Andrew growing closer and irritated in his bonds, sighs. “Eric, go let Andrew in since he doesn’t seem to like the situation.  Alcide, call Ludwig, tell her I need her to come here for Bella.  Paul, do what you need to calm down.” He gives them all orders, getting everything under control since up to now it has been a fiasco.  With that he pulls his Mate to their seat and laughs at her look of disgust toward it.  He can’t wait until they can get the place more to her taste than the bright red chairs and very sterile room currently are.  He looks forward to this being an actual home, not just one of his places to sleep.

Charlotte is watching her, too.  She looks around the room confused, then frowns, “I’m sorry, but who decorated here?  Esme Cullen?”

aUgly roomaUgly room1

From what she has seen of her step-great granddaughter’s taste, this is nowhere near it.  She favored warm, comfortable rooms, much like Charlotte did herself.

Bella gif

With that Bella bursts into laughter at her comment, and Godric relaxes just a little bit more.  His Mate is already warming to them, and while that does allow him to relax a bit, he is not letting his guard down.  No, he is still guarding his Mate, and is extremely aware of everything going on. What he is relaxed on is that he is not as stiff with his Mate, but in such a way that his reactions, should she be threatened, will not be slowed down in the least. But the arrival of Andrew has helped with that as well.

Eric opens the door just as Andrew reaches it and raises his eyebrow at the look his brother gives him.  “What?” His lips quirk, almost smirking at the younger vampire.

Shaking his head, Andrew looks at the new people in the room, but upon seeing his new Queen, his smile breaks out and he is on his knee before her in the next second. “My queen.  We have awaited your coming for way too long.”  He reaches into his jacket and pulls out a box. “Please accept this as my welcome to our family.”

Bella takes the gift from him, curious, and opens to find a tartan brooch with blue stones.  She looks up in confusion and lifts an eyebrow.


Andrew smiles from his spot.  He takes the brooch, and being careful, he gently attaches it to her shirt. “My clan is called Robertson now, but when I was alive, we were the MacDhonnachaidh.  As the oldest member of my clan, I am the leader.  I have extended the clan to include Eric and Godric, and they are on the rolls as members.  It would be my privilege to add you to the roster.”

Bella giggles as Peter humphs.  She gives him a look before  looking back to the man before her. “I would be honored.”  She can’t help the grin as she ruefully repeats, “From having no family, I seem to be gaining family at a large quantity at a very fast pace!”

Eric just shakes his head as Ludwig comes through the door right before he closes it.  “Come right on in.  Anyone else out there I should know about,” he asks, still grinning from his lillasyster’s comment.  He is happy she’s gaining that ever-increasing family, and can feel how pleased she is.

Ludwig just chuckles as she makes her way over to Bella.  She pushes Andrew out of her path, her face concerned as she asks, “What is bothering you, my lady?” She is very respectful, as this tiny woman on Godric’s lap has completely garnered her compassion and loyalty.  Bella is a great Mate to Godric.

With that comment, Peter groans. “There will be no living with her if this is how they’re treatin’ her!” He leans his head back to stare up at the ceiling, fighting his own grin at how wonderfully his little one is being treated.  This is so much better than the Cullens or the wastes of space that were her old biological parents.  His grin gets bigger as his Knower shows him how lost Charlie is and how he cannot get any help with the house now. Word has spread about the real reason he accepted Bella into his home, and the town of Forks is not taking it too kindly.  There is talk about one of the deputies actually running against him now.

Without a pause, Charlotte hits him on the back of his head.  “Shut up, Peter.” Her voice tells the story of how often she does it, and his acceptance of it is further proof of how often she must do it as he shrugs.

The whole thing looks so common that no one can help the grins on their faces. Andrew is standing next to Eric, and they can’t help the look that passes between them as they grin at Peter and Charlotte’s antics.

Ludwig looks at them and realizes that they are Cold Ones. She glances back to Bella and sighs.  “Godric, I told you I don’t have any idea of how their poison works on her.  I’m not sure why you asked me to be here.”  She is frustrated, but can understand his instincts to want answers.  Unfortunately, she simply doesn’t have any.  She is working on it, but she just can’t find the identifying agent.

Looking down at his Mate, Godric asks her, “Are you in any more pain?” When she shakes her head no, he then glances up at Ludwig. “You didn’t want any of her stuff here, not sure if it would cause a relapse.  How is this any different?” He asks her, wanting to know what she is thinking.  He wants nothing around that will hurt his a thaisce.  It is up to him to keep her safe, while at the same time letting, even encouraging, her soul to fly free.

She looks back at the Cold Ones, “Were you two anywhere around her when the poison was administered?”

Peter shakes his head. “As blood family to Bella, our venom would do nothin’ to her.  The poison as you call it doesn’t work on family, sweetheart.  If family was to be turned, it has to be done by someone not related.  It is how turnings sometimes go bad for us.  She is fine, but the venom in her has been mutated from her shield.  Fuckward used gallons of it on her, trying to break that shield of hers.  Instead, the shield mutated the venom.  Her brain is working at our level, but her human body can’t supply what it needs to function at the higher level.  The blood of her Mate and her brother are the only two that can provide what she needs, therefore, it is ‘healing’ the pain.  In reality the pain is from her brain needing their blood to keep up her higher brain functions.  Sadly, this is only going to increase.  She is probably way above genius now, and it will only keep going.  And when Godric turns her, she will only be able to drink his or Eric’s blood.  It is a great thing that Eric’s umm…Patron came down and blessed them.  To have this kind of weakness is not good, but the benefits are many.”

He is not sure, because his Knower is giving him fits about it, but he thinks that for their kind, the Mates can only drink from each other.  Godric will drink from humans or blood bags, then Bella will drink from him as he drinks from her.  But that can’t be right….

His eyes turning a dark, stormy blue, Eric growls out, “Benefits?”

Andrew is right beside him, angry too.  Can’t they get a break?  From what he has heard from his deartháir (brother), poor Bella has had anything but an easy life.  How could they tell them that this is a benefit, knowing that unless Eric or Godric was able to feed her their blood, she will die?  There is nothing positive in that!

Peter nods.  His face is sad, knowing what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling.  Even if his Knower was right about Godric, it still is hard to take.  Their Little One has been through so much already! “First and foremost, y’all, is that Little One survived.  She shouldn’t have.  Nor should she have survived a direct venom attack as there really is no way to suck out all the venom as y’all have already found out.  Her shield manifested and managed to keep that shit contained.  Which wouldn’t have happened if Fuckward hadn’t been trying to glamour her all this time.  He was using something meant for hunting as a steady attack on her.  That is how he wore down her resistance, to get her to be interested in him.  If it had not been for Jasper attacking her, and Fuckward’s mistaken thought that she might actually be his mate, that had ‘em leaving.  And even that was only after Malice told ‘em that the separation would make you, Little One, malleable to his control over you.”

Peter shakes his head in anger.  “You were fighting them too much for their liking, and if it hadn’t been for the fact that they’d been ordered to keep you alive, they were gonna “accidently” kill you long ago.  They had even thought of a backup plan to have you rescue him from the Volturi.”  Peter’s eyes darken to black as he thought through the plans they had made.  He has not told Jasper all of that, wanting his sire here before he finds out.  He would have killed them, quite simply, and from what his Knower said, that would have been bad for Jasper.  The backlash from him doing so would kill Jasper and anyone close to him.  This way, they have a chance.

He then looks at Eric. “Plus, there is the daywalking.  She gained that from the mutation.  In fact, she will have a shield to rival a god’s.  She passed to you her stronger abilities, them being encoded into her actual DNA, and from that you are now stronger than most of your kind – yer fangs are even able to penetrate our skin.  Godric will have all the same and more, since he is her Mate.  But as her brother, and to make it possible for her to have another source for nourishment rather than havin’ to remain solely at Godric’s side for the rest of her life, y’all should be on yer knees thanking your Goddess.  She has made it possible that you will not walk this world by yourself.” He shakes his head at the tall blond Viking.  His Knower is saying that he can’t be too rude to the man, but it won’t tell him why.  And that is frustrating the hell out of him.

He growls and jumps up from his seat, and begins pacing so fast that he is a blur.  He finally stops.  They can see him vibrating in place.  “The fucked up shit is that Bella surviving was pure luck.  None of the three of us knew what was going on, and if we hadn’t cared so much about her, I’m not sure my Knower would have told me the information.  Jasper is trying to see how widespread it is before he comes here.” That was part of what pissed him off.  His Knower just didn’t tell him everything they need to know!

His eyes squinting as he tries to understand, Andrew asks, “And why would we want Jasper here?  I’m sorry, I know I am late, but I cannot see how having a Cold One nearby would be a good thing.” Nor does he like the feelings he is getting off of Eric.  Eric really didn’t want this Jasper close.  He trusts Eric since he has no idea who this Jasper is.


Peter turns in place.  “You don’t, do you?  How about the fact that Jasper is to become Godric’s Guardian – the last one he will ever need.  And since we care about Little One, Charlotte and I are to become Eric’s Guardians.  Actually Charlotte will float between places, but just as Paul is meant to be Bella’s Guardian, Jasper is to be Godric’s, and Bella’s, too, when Paul has to rest.  Cause you see, Your Majesty, we don’t sleep, we don’t rest.  Now who else would you want for Guardians to the three most important people in this world at this time?” He is growling at the end.  Not take them up in their offers to be the permanent Guardians that they need?

Andrew tenses up, but Bella’s hand on his arm has him looking down at her from where they are standing behind their chair.  She smiles at him as she turns back to Peter.  “Peter, calm down.  Is there anything that has to be done right now?” She looks at him, waiting for him to answer.  She is anticipating some security issues, really, anything.  While not knowing the man personally, she can see that something is eating at him, and knowing the Cold Ones, she suspects it is a gift that is driving all this knowledge.  She just hopes it is enough.

He smirks and, blurring, he drops a bag on her lap. “Yes, you eating.” He stands there and folds his arms, waiting for her to do as he said.  While she needs Godric’s and Eric’s blood, she also needs to eat real food.

Godric can’t help the laugh that escapes him.  He pulls his Mate closer, and, taking the bag from her lap, soon has the sandwich ready for her.  “He is right, a ghra.  You do need to eat.” He watches her as she takes a bite after making a face at them both.

When she takes another bite, Eric grins. “Lillasyster, you need to eat so that you can keep up with Godric.  Soon you will need more energy.” He needs to feel her lighten up.  Yes, it was not all good news, but like Peter said, she survived then, and continues to survive now.  She needs to smile and be her normal self.

The blush on her face makes the room burst in laughter, and they all relax just that little bit more.  Ludwig signals to Godric and motions with her head to indicate she is leaving and he nods.  She disappears, and he studies the two Cold Ones that had just volunteered to protect his son.

Alcide shakes his head.  “Why am I no longer Godric’s Guardian?” This is the piece of information he wants to know.  While he has a point, Alcide is not pleased to be replaced so easily.  Why right does this man have in doing this to him?  For most of his life, he has only wanted to be Godric’s Guardian.


Peter grins at him, happy to be telling this man this.  “Cause you need to head to Pittsburgh.  The treaty is finalized, and there was an entry that is causing your Mate to head there.” This is one of his more pleasant opportunities to change history, one that he jumped at to make happen.  The heartbreak that the two Mates would have gone through had actually made him wish for the ability to cry, so when his Knower gave him the chance to change it, he did it without a second thought.

Paul has been working to control himself, and has slowly gained control over his wolf.  It helped that his Alpha and Beta had wished it of him.  He looks up, interested in the information this strange Cold One seemed to have. “The treaty for us with Godric’s line?” He had been wondering if it was completed.  Sam had really wanted that treaty.

Peter nods, watching Alcide with a grin.  “And with all Treaties with the Bloodline, there is an individual that one member of the tribe has to meet.  While you guys left the other night, there was a new member added to the tribe, one that begged to be able to go.  Sam agreed, after he was assured that the new member would be better off there.”  And after he had told that particular individual – which he is not sure of how he knew about the Whitlocks but he has reached out to them a couple of times – that it would be a good idea to have her there, he had asked for her specifically.

Godric nods, not answering the questions pushed to him from the bonds.  “That is a standard addition to the Treaties.  I am shocked that it was called in.” In fact, it was so rare, that he was more than shocked.  But that addition to the Treaty was per him, and they all listened to this man.

Peter is still grinning.  “There was a reason.”

Going through the Tribe in his head, Paul finally asks, “Who?” He cannot think of anyone other than Jacob that could have changed, much less a female.

“Leah Clearwater.”

With that, Paul laughs.  He pounds Alcide on the back, “Good luck, my man!  She is a firecracker!” He cannot hold in his glee. But at the same time, she deserves this.  She has had much heartbreak in her life, and to have a Mate like Alcide?  It would be the best thing for best for both of them.

Shaking his head Godric just asks, “How?” How does this man know so much about them?  How does he have the information?  He mentioned his Knower, is this like that one Cullen’s ability to see the future?


Turning to gaze at the young-looking man in front of him, Peter answers him honestly. “Because I love my great granddaughter more than you will ever realize.  Because Jasper loves her.  With her meanin’ so much to my coven, I was given knowledge.  I interfered, I admit it, and I would do it all over again.  I saved Alcide much pain by interfering decades ago.  This has also changed Eric’s fate.  I am also the one who made you land where you did so that you would meet your Mate.  So much I have changed, and while there is much pain that I wish I could have made not happen, there is much I have spared everyone.  All because I learned of Little One and have worked towards being in her life as much as I could be.” He is being honest with this man who will be the new leader of his coven;  the man who will bring him into a whole new life, one that will give him reason to keep testing his will and heart against the future.

Godric says softly, “Love, the most powerful force of all.” He knows it is enough to have changed Eric and himself both.  It is also what has given him a whole new outlook on life, and to have him willing to take over duties he has put aside not wanting to be involved in the world any more than necessary.

Peter and Charlotte nod in agreement.  It had given them and Jasper the will to wait for Bella, to do what needed to be done so that they could be here, now.

Eric sighs. “Now what?” He gives into the inevitability that Bella will accept this Jasper in their lives, and that he will have Guardians.  At least he doesn’t have to worry about knowing them, they will be around as long as he is.

Peter grins at the man. “Now I get to know Little One’s new family, and we wait for Jasper to get here.  Alcide would probably would like to get on to Pittsburgh, and from what I gather, we need to get one monarchy established, another one set up to fall, and to get Little One’s house not looking like it was designed by an idiot.  Oh yeah, and my Knower says something about bars.  Yes, plural.  Seems Eric here is going to be updating his bar for the Reveal.”

He stands there grinning, ignoring Charlotte’s sigh as well as Andrew’s snort.  He is just happy to finally be here.

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