Chapter 22 Feel So Far From Home

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Sighing, she nods.  Eric looks up at her, “Well, syrra.  I will hand the makings of the second club to you.  I like your ideas for Godric’s.  Since this will be where you will be if you come to visit me, I want you to be comfortable.” He pushes his trust to her and meets her grin.  He expects this will be a lot of back and forth, but he loves how imaginative she was for their club.  He is looking forward to her ideas for his club.

Godric’s mind starts to twist, as it sends up warning signs for a danger to his mate.  A quick glance at Peter shows him worried also.  Pamela will not like this.  And he is not looking forward to her reactions. Another glance at Peter and his look at him confirms this in his head. 

Pamela maybe a problem if Eric doesn’t do something.


Godric called a halt to the planning session when he felt Andrew’s pull for his day sleep to begin.  He told them all to take a literal break, and sent them off to rest, only holding back Eric, Bella and Alcide.

When it is just them, he sits back in his chair with Bella on his lap as always. He gives her head a kiss as he looks at his Son and his Guardian.  He cannot deny the pluses in having either Paul or Jasper over Alcide.  But Alcide’s family, and more importantly, Alcide himself, has earned his position many times over since he has become Godric’s Guardian.  He may have been the best he ever had, in fact.  With this in mind, he looks at Alcide.  “Is this what you want?  I can try to pull strings and have her brought here.” He will leave this up to his Guardian.

Looking at the large monitor showing the outside, Alcide sighs. “I’d rather do that, but this is a question I have been asked just recently.   You know Afanasi is pushing for a Council of all the Supes, especially before the Reveal.  He thinks it will help with public reactions and any concerns for future Reveals.  And he has asked me to be there as part of the Weres.  I have asked to think about it, but the timing is suggesting for me to do it.” He smiles wryly.  He never thought he would do it, but the honor of being asked is a huge one.

Bella smiles. “But this is a good thing.  And I bet you were chosen in part since you are Godric’s Guardian.  That means you have been trained to think more about Vampires and other Supes than most Weres,”  she asks, with nothing in her voice but pride that one of the people who mean so much to her Mate is being chosen for such an honor.

Eric nods.  “That would make sense.” Bella is right on the money with that remark.  Alcide is much more knowledgeable about other Supes because of his training.  He would be the Were who Eric would want on the Council, knowing that he will not automatically vote for Were interests each time.  He would really think about all the consequences.  But at the same time, he is leery of all their Guardians being replaced at once.  Having all new ones is not ideal.  However, on the other side of the coin, all of the new ones, with the exception of Paul, have been in battles of their own and have led others. It is not as though they are raw.

Godric, though, is staring at Alcide. “It is up to you.  Don’t feel like you are being forced.” He knows how much Alcide has wanted this.  After all, Alcide is tied to him by blood, and he can feel the young Were.  Godric knows how hard he has worked under Eric for this honor.  This will be Alcide’s choice.

Alcide finally looks up at him. “But in a way, I am.  I think this really is the right thing to do.  Who knows, the Council can’t be meeting every day, so I can still make my home here, and run the business.  The Gods know that you will need a company to handle your building needs.  And who better than me?  You will never need to wonder if you can trust me.” He grins at him at the end.  He wants the business, not because it will guarantee work for his boys, but because he is excited about their plans.  They will revolutionize the building of clubs with the ideas he has seen.  Godric’s club fascinates him because he thinks it is something so new.  They are capitalizing on the past, and while it may seem old, the fact that the owners are vampires will make it fashionable, even in Dallas.  People will flock to see the vampires, but the club’s rules on attire will weed out the less desirable patrons.  They can go elsewhere.

Godric finally nods.  “If you feel this is a good move, then I have no issues.  I just wanted to make sure you didn’t feel forced.  Now, what do you think about the Whitlocks?” He is very interested in Alcide’s opinion.  He has his own opinion, of course, and will entertain the opinions of his Mate and Son., but Alcide has a unique look on life that he has always valued.

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Alcide sighs and sinks into a chair across from the three of them. “I actually like and trust them.  What I don’t like is how easily they got inside.  I am hoping that they will help close up those holes in security.”  He looks off to the side, thinking through his next words.  Then he tells them, “I actually like the idea of them being your Guardians.  I’m not sure why they split the three of you up the way they have, but Peter insists that Paul remain Bella’s Guardian.  And to have Jasper here, too.  I’m not sure why, though, since Eric is an ancestor of Jasper…shouldn’t he want to be with him?” He shakes his head at the end, not understanding why Jasper wouldn’t want to be with Eric.  There is just something about this that bothers him.

Godric shakes his head. That is one of the few things that made sense to him.  “Jasper is more connected to Bella.  I think that is a big part of it.  And I think that I will insist on him traveling with her.  Here, I like having Paul around.  I think the Guardianships are going to change.  Instead of being the Guardian to one of us, I would like to have both Paul and Jasper be Guardians to us both.  I think it will be the best use of their time.  Jasper has managed armies.  I like to have that expertise with me. Eric is his own commander of troops.  Jasper is more than able to handle Guarding us when we are together and Paul needs to sleep. What concerns me is you, Eric.”

The fact that Eric is getting two of the Guardians worries him. He wishes he knew what Peter did, because he has an uneasy feeling that the things the young Cold One is holding back may be what hurts them.  But he feels as though he can trust Peter.  He would like to talk to him, to get to know him.  He thinks that the over-talking is hiding things that Peter has to keep quiet or that he has been shown in the past that speaking of them would be disastrous.  His Knower is a valuable tool, but he cannot think the bearing of such a gift can be easy.

Bella nods in agreement with her Mate’s comments as she looks at Eric. “I get the feeling that I’m not the only change coming for you.  Peter was more excited about the new club than even we were.  But from his reactions, he knows what Fangtasia is going to be like, and he is the sort who would enjoy Guarding you there more than at the other place.  I think we need to get everything in place that we can.  And that means me, too, gentlemen.” She is resolute at the end. There is something happening and she is not sure that they will have the time for a perfect turn, which she suspects is what Godric wants.

Growls erupt from both of them. She has no idea why they don’t want her turned, so shaking her head, she asks, “Don’t you want me to changed?” And there is a slight hurt in her voice and in their bonds.

Godric pulls her closer into his chest.  “Yes, very much so.  But I don’t want it rushed, a ghra!  There are many changes happening, and I want to be able to concentrate on you once you are turned.” He knows she thinks he is waiting for the perfect time, but there is no such thing.  The “perfect” time would have been in Forks.   However he does want to do it right, to allow her the time to enjoy life as a human.

Eric nods, but knowing Bella, he decides to explain the actual issues that they are facing regarding the turning.  Looking into her eyes, he tells her, “We have no idea what gifts you will be given upon rising.  And without knowing that, there is no way to prepare you for all of them.  Nor is there any way to know how strong your abilities are going to be.  The fact that you won’t be able to drink from any but the two of us also has me concerned.  It’s not like we can have bags of donor blood ready, and the potency of our blood is gone pretty fast except for the drug-like qualities.  I will not have you as my little sister having anything but the best!” His eyes are a deep blue as he tells her this.  He wants her to have everything she needs to be powerful.

No matter what Peter says, she will be turned by them.  They will be there to ensure that she will be as strong as she can be, though he does wonder at the strength of a newborn turned by Godric, who is an elder.  And being fed exclusively by their blood, which would make her…much stronger.  He would never do it normally since it would be so hard to switch over to normal blood, but if she can never drink it…

Listening to his Son listing all the reasons that he himself has thought of, Godric agrees. “There is plenty to be done, and you will be by my side at all times.  Any time lost is only when you need it, but it will be the same as when you are a vampire.  A thaisce, you will have much to keep your attention.  And I will have you changed before the end of the year.  Just give us until then to get you and us ready.” Plus, there is that wedding, and getting the ring.  He knows not much about humans, but even he knows how important an engagement ring is in her culture.

Sighing, she nods, and rests her head back in what she considers her nook in his neck.  She had never considered the things Eric had brought up.

Godric holds her close, but he is looking at Eric and acknowledging the truths he has pointed out.  To say the least, his Mate will have a hell of a turning. He remembers how hungry Eric, Nora and Andrew were upon their rising.

Alcide has been clicking on the desk and he tells them, “Well, I’m set.  I’ll be out of the state by this evening.  I have also issued orders for the work to start in the three locations.  If everything is how we think it will be, I will be back later this week to see the progress.  If Eric doesn’t mind, I think I will give Godric priority.  But then, with it being in two states, I have some who can work in one state and not in the other.” His mind is swirling with the ideas he has for the work crews, and how to get their plans becoming reality as soon as possible.

They nod, and Alcide leaves the room with one grinning glance back at them.  There is no doubt that he wants to meet his Mate.

The three sit there thinking.  Eric finally leans forward. “So we are going to do this?” He is asking about all of it:  Godric taking the reins of the state, taking down Sophie Anne, building the new clubs, and all the complications involved.  He knows that Godric will do anything for Bella, the same as he would for him, so that was not even part of the question.

Godric is trailing his hand down his Mate’s arm and he smirks as he watches the goose bumps follow the path of his fingers as he nods to Eric.  “Yes.  I already let Andrew know.  The coronation ceremony will wait until the club is ready but it is in effect as of tonight.  And I will have Peter and Charlotte be in charge of your little problem.  I feel as though they will be effective there.” He chuckles at the thought.  And they will be effective as Cold Ones, not subject to her, and under his protection as well.  Yes, they will do great as the spymasters in charge of the take down of Sophie Anne.  And if they do as well as he thinks they will, he may just put them in charge of his own spy network.

Bella laughs at the idea, “Why do I think that Peter loves being who and what he is?” She just shakes her head at her… well, great grandfather?  But he had mentioned he wanted to be closer than that.  She is just not sure what he will be to her.

Watching the two of them, Eric grins as he sees the reaction his sister is having to Godric’s caresses. He enjoys their interactions and the feelings he gets from the Bonds. “And he has no problem letting the world know.  He will be a good match for me, actually.  I like Jasper, and I think we will get along well.  But for the beginning?  I think he will be better for the two of you and for Paul, too.  He cares.  Peter is entertaining and probably will always have fun, and I suspect he’ll give me more leeway than Jasper would.” He smirks at his sister, knowing as well as she does that she will be more on lock-down.  And damn right she would be!  She has been the target of too much already.

Leaning his head back, Godric answers Eric, “I agree.  As much as I don’t like it, you have been without a true Guardian since you left my side.  For now, let’s go with what we have.  And Eric, can you see about getting someone here to feed Bella and Paul?” He is running through the plans he has made since he and Bella got up.  He needs Bella by his side and not worrying about cooking, cleaning and so on.  But knowing her, he will need to bring it to her slowly.  First thing, however, is getting her a cook.  That will be the easiest to get past her.

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Bella starts to shake her head in denial, but Godric stops her. “A ghra, you have had no time to make food for yourself.  I don’t see this stopping anytime soon, either.  And Paul has admitted to being hopeless in the kitchen.  So even if you were turned tonight, I would still need to hire one for him.  The rest of the servants can be discussed later.  But for now, allow me to keep you healthy.” He stares into her blue eyes, a slight smile on his face as he notices they are exactly like Eric’s.  He loves his Son, and he hopes that Eric will now become the final part of the offer he had made him so very long ago:  Brother.  God knows Eric has taught him so much, but he is tired of being his Father.

As Godric stares down at his Mate, Eric speaks up, “I would also like Bella to have some of my blood tonight.  Peter said the pain is because your brain is much more advanced than your human body.  So unless you want to complete the third exchange and all that it signifies, I wish you to take my blood.  It will help strengthen our own Bond as well as help you manage the pain.” He smiles.  Even though he knows their Goddess-Blessed Bond is permanent, he will feel better knowing that this kind of Bond, something that he understands, will be there.  His smile turns wry as he can hear that his Goddess is not pleased that he would doubt the Bond that she herself had put into place.

Bella looks at him then Godric.  “You keep mentioning drug like properties to your blood.” She is not protesting, but she wants to make sure that she understands it all.  She never wants to find out later it does something different.

Godric cuts her off in mid-thought, “It is all intention.  I prefer you to have only my blood, but that may not always be possible.  There normally are side effects, but since you and Eric already have a fully formed Bond Blessed by the Goddess, I don’t think you have to worry about wanting him sexually, nor dreaming of him in that way.  Plus he already loves you, so the dreams would not be bad.  But a thaisce, I do agree with him, now that we know how to prevent this from being a problem, you should get blood from each of us each day.  It will help put to off the change.” His gazes down into her eyes.  He is being sincere; now that they know what causes the pain, he wants to ease her suffering as much as possible.  This will extend her human time since it didn’t matter how much of their blood she had.  She is already Goddess Bonded, and on her way to being Bonded to him.

Thinking about it, Bella closes her eyes. “It just feels wrong.” She tries to explain why it felt wrong, but she is at a loss for words.

Eric pulls her into his lap, and looks into her eyes.  “Why, syrra?  Do you not want to be free of pain?  Godric and I have been pulling the pain away from you all day, but you should be feeling the effects.  It is not as if your body has not been needing this.  That is what the pain signifies.” He truly is trying to understand here.  Why is she feeling reluctant?  Is it his blood?

She looks into his eyes, then tells him, “But what if it makes me more of a freak?  I already can’t be a normal vampire.  And then to find out that my brain is different?” Tears gather in her eyes as she tells her brother one of her worries.

Alexander Skarsgard, True Blood

Eric pulls her to him and shushes her, his hand rubbing her back.   He tells her softly, “You are not a freak.  You are a blessing.  I will do anything for you, syrra.  Giving you my blood to have you in my life is NOT a hardship.  It really does nothing in me, and it is easily replaced.  Now, if you ask for other parts for me, well, they take longer to grow back.  I am not giving you anything besides the haircut you asked for and for the blood you need to survive on.”  The last is said teasingly.

When she finally nods, he quickly reaches up, bites his wrist, and offers it to her.  And he readies himself for the effect that taking blood normally has on that person.

Amazingly, there is none.  He can feel their Bond but nothing sexual takes place.  And for that, he is very glad.  He takes pleasure knowing he can help care for his syrra, but that is all it is.

Godric also monitors the Bond he has with the two of them for any effects.  When nothing happens besides her pain receding and Eric’s happiness in being close to his sister, he too relaxes.  He wouldn’t deny the two of them being closer, but either of them having the typical sexual reaction?  NoHis Mate.

Once Eric’s wrist closes, she looks up at him and smiles.  After wiping the corner of her mouth, she gives Eric a kiss on his cheek.  He grins back at her, and kisses her chastely.  Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear he says, “Jag älskar dig, Min Syrra.” (I love you, my sister.)

Godric soon has her back in his arms. He licks Eric’s blood from her finger, then, with a growl, he is gone from the room with her in his arms.

Eric leans back laughing.  While there was no effect from her drinking his blood on either of them, it had obviously affected Godric!  He turns to the computer and starts working on the requests his Maker had made.  This should be an interesting couple of hours…

Godric quickly has them in the room, and has her pressed against the wall  His lips were devouring hers, and hers equally demanding of his own, with their love, desire and plain lust for the other bouncing to and from  each other in the bond.

He only stops to check on her well-being, and grins at her as he murmurs into her lips, “Are you sure a thaisce?  The need from you is quite overwhelming.” His voice is much deeper than normal, and he is rubbing his erection into her center as she has her legs around his hips.

She moans as he nips at her throat, but she hesitates. He murmurs, “Only as far as you wish to go.  I will not push you, a ghra.  Never ever.”  Each word is bestowed with a kiss and a large surge of love being sent to her.

He knows that they will Mate, and probably very soon if the raging desire in both of their bodies is any sign, but for now he will go only as fast as she wants.

Bella’s mind is becoming hazy with her Mate’s passion and the need coming from both of them.  She tightens her legs already firmly wrapped around his trim waist.

When she pushes herself closer, trying to get friction where her body is demanding it, Godric growls and has them at their bed in seconds.  He lowers her to the bed, kissing her mouth demandingly.  The only time he breaks away is when she tugs his shirt off, and only then because she needs air.

He soon has her shirt torn and left in pieces along with her bra.  He is trying to be gentle, but she is not helping much as she is pushing her desire onto him.

Bella on her part is not much better.  She wants Godric and she wants him now!  She is tired of the all the cock blocking she has endured the last year and…she wants him so much!

Godric soon has her jeans unbuttoned and forces himself to slow down, to give her the love that she deserves.  But as he kisses down her leg, she lifts herself on her elbows and growls at her Mate.

He looks at her with a smirk. “What is wrong, a thaisce?  I thought every woman wants the romance…”

She just gives him a look.  “You can and will give me all the romance any woman would ever want.  It’s just a part of you.  But right now, and probably in the future, there will be times that I just want you.”

In seconds he is naked and kissing her.  “Oh, I can and will give you whatever you wish, a ghra.  Always.  But what if I want to make your first time special?”

She looks up at his face as she tries to move her hips.  But his are holding her down, and she can feel his erection on her hip. She is frustrated.

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Godric takes some mercy on her.  He tells her softly.  “I will give you hard and fast other times, Lá Mhuire, (my lady).  But this time needs to be slow.  Otherwise, I will hurt you.  As it is, the pain you will feel is unbearable for me to even think of.  I will do much to prevent it, but you must let me go slower.  After this, you will find I am as horny as any male my physical age is.”  He grins at her as his own hips surge towards her, and he sends her his own lust and desire as well as the love he is feeling.  But he cannot deny the need he is starting to feel to claim his Mate in every way.

Her head falls back, and the feeling of rejection passes through Godric making him shudder from the pain of it.

He groans and nips at her throat as he corrects his petite Mate. “Don’t get me wrong, a ghra. I am not going to stop tonight, if this is what you want.”

She sighs. “I guess I am wanting too much.  I always seem to do that. I pushed Edward too far too.”

With that she finds a very aroused and angry Mate on top of her.  His eyes are glowing in their anger as he growls out, “Never compare me to that incompetent idiot!  I am not him.  I have not nor will I ever deny you the pleasure you wish.  I will give it to you.  I can do nothing else but answer your plea for our Mating to be consummated.  Me wanting to make sure you are ready for me is not ME rejecting you!” His very eyes commanding her to understand him.

Her eyes dilate and she finds herself aroused by her Mate.  His fangs are down, and there is no question of him being a dominant feral male at this time.

He smirks as he registers her feelings.  He purrs at her as he looks down at her. “Oh a ghra, you like that do you?”  He leans down and takes her lips in a dominant kiss, leaving no doubt who is controlling this Mating, or who would be controlling it at any time.

Bella arches into his kiss, and she can feel his amusement that she actually does feel more aroused from his dominant take on her.  She can’t even get upset about it because the more she feels as if he is control, the more aroused and freer she feels.

He gazes down her length below him as he raises his head from her mouth.  His hand comes up and strokes her lips. “You truly are beautiful, a thaisce.  And you are mine, from now until the end of time.  Then whatever comes for us afterwards, we will meet together.  I love you, Isabella Northman.”


The tears that spill from her eyes from the sheer amount of love that floods their Bond are quickly caught by her Mate.  He leaves butterfly kisses as his hands begin the exploration he has been aching to finish since the last time they had been in this bed like this.  By the time they sleep for the night, he will be well on his way to starting his promise to know every inch of her body.

He slowly moves down, licking and nipping, enjoying the taste of his Mate’s skin as she perspires from the pleasure he gives her.  The only thing he has tasted that was more exquisite was her blood.  But this, this he will savor since it will be gone all too soon.  Her blood will only change to reflect more of him and will be there for millennia.

Soon his nose and tongue are between her breasts and he looks up to see his Mate’s head thrown back as he makes his way slowly, torturously, around one breast, his fingers on his other hand tracing the same path just as lightly on her other breast.  He didn’t want it to be jealous.

“Godric, le do thoil!” (Godric, please!)

He chuckles.  “Ní Oh imní ort mo ghrá, beidh mé a thabhairt duit go léir do mhianta agus ar mian leis a thabhairt duit. Ach tá tú ba chúis dom chun dul níos moille, mo Mhuire. Teach tú a thabhairt suas fear eile-ainm in ár leaba!” (Oh don’t worry my love, I will give all your wishes and desires to you.  But you have caused me to go slower, my lady.  Teach you to bring up another man’s name in our bed!)

The moan that falls from her lips makes his smirk widen then his attention is brought back to his goal as her nipples harden under his fingers.  He blows on them slightly. then with his finger he lightly grazes the surrounding area, ignoring the sounds from his Mate. Amazed by her body, he murmurs, not really to her but out loud, “Do bealaí isteach comhlacht dom, tá tú le cailleach? Nach mór a bheith an freagra. Ach is mian liom a bhriseadh an seal? Níl sé i ndáiríre. Ní riamh.” (Your body entrances me, are you an enchantress? That must be the answer.  But do I wish to break the spell?  Not really.  Not ever. )  And with that his lips descend upon the object of his fascination as his fingers mirror his actions on her other breast.  He suckles on them, encouraged by the movement of her body to try to give him more of her to please.

Man licking up a womans body

Godric’s actions finally help turn some of her torment into sweet relief, until the pulls from his mouth seem to shoot straight down to her middle.  Instead of the relief she had anticipated with him actually being forceful as he cups and pulls at her breasts, she instead is still being tortured out of her ever-loving mind by him!  Even as her brain translates the murmurings of his words, they make no sense to her.

As her hips surge up with the rest of her body to give her some sort of relief, he only switches to the other side, loving the Bond that relays to him his effects on her body.  It also allows him to tread that careful line between pleasure and pain.  He never wants her in pain, and the bond allows him to carefully monitor her before his actions on her breasts cause her anything but pleasure.

As she registers his actions, he moves down her body to caress the creamy skin below him.  He tongue draws designs on her stomach as he rests on his knees, letting his hands caress her sides, learning her body and what she likes.  Apparently tracing her belly button sends a thrill through her, as does his hands gripping her hips as he lifts her up to him.

Her own hands find his arms, tracing his biceps as they bunch when he lifts her lower body to his view.  She revels in the thrill of feeling her vampire’s strength as he manipulates her body as he wishes.  The way his hard muscles move so fluidly under her hands is driving her mad.  She traces her fingers up to his wide shoulders that bear the weight of so many, but are here for her.

He pauses for a moment to not only savor the pleasure of her hands on him, but to savor her own pleasure from touching him that he senses through the Bond.  He watches her as her hands meet at his collar bones, then slowly trace their way down, feeling his pecs.  He couldn’t resist it, he flexed them under her hands and laughs in delight at her thrill before she jumps.

He has, by this point, rested her legs on his shoulders when her hands move, and leans back just enough to give her room.  So when she goes to remove her hands from his body, he grabs them. “No, mo ghrá. Is é mo chorp mise chun teagmháil, chun iniúchadh a dhéanamh, a bheith rud ar bith is mian leat. Thug mé díreach tar éis admiring tú mo lámha nuair a bhog mé, agus ag iarraidh a thabhairt duit an sásamh céanna. Ní raibh an gáire ag tú, bhí sé áthas íon go mbraitheann tú saor chun teagmháil a dhéanamh liom mar mé teagmháil a dhéanamh leat, agus taitneamh a bhaint as an ceint. Ní raibh mé geall leat ba mhaith linn a memorize go gach ceann eile ar chorp do na míle bliain seo chugainn? Agus é seo ach an tús …” (No, my love.  My body is yours to touch, to explore, to be anything you wish.  I just noticed you admiring my arms when I moved, and wanted to give you the same pleasure.  The laugh wasn’t at you, it was pure joy that you feel free to touch me as I touch you, and enjoy the sensation.   Did I not promise you we would memorize each other’s body for the next thousand years?  And this is only the beginning…)

He gives them a kiss, then rests them on his chest.  Her hands then trail over his tattoo.  His eyes close in pleasure and he doesn’t move when she pulls her legs off his shoulders so she can touch him.  He wants, no needs, to feel her take pleasure in his body, just as he will be from hers.

Bella is mesmerized by her Mate’s body.  Now that she is closer, and is exploring his whole body with her hands, she can feel the scars that spell out the training he had, the life he had led before she could have even been a thought in anyone’s head.  But somehow this man, this man holding so still in front of her so she can slowly explore his body though his muscles and skin twitch beneath her touch, claims she was present in his dreams.

Her hands drift down to his stomach, and she feels the ropes of muscle right below his pecs, then notices a slight scar across these.  She looks up from her exploration and watches her Mate’s eyes open, and she again gets lost in trying to define the color of his eyes, which are darker than normal.  While she knows how to describe them, if someone ordered her to actually name a color, she would fail.  They seem to be as fluid as that shade of the trees deep in the forest, changing from a blues to grays and greens that capture her as much as the body in front of her.  More, in fact.  She can touch and feel his body, and she knows that he is telling her the truth that she will need those thousand years to memorize his.  But his eyes, nothing can touch those.  There is no describing the feelings that they give rise to in her.  His eyes show the years that his body will never reveal.  The pain those eyes have seen and felt, the beauty of the years as they pass by, his eyes have seen it all, and yet, they love her.

Godric’s hand raises up and cups his beauty’s face.  He smiles when she looks up, his teeth not perfect, but it only added to his beauty, these small flaws that to her are not.  He whispers, “A ghra.”

He pulls her forward to kiss her, chuckling at her moan, then gently pushes her towards the bed, telling her, “I have not started yet.”

And her stomach clenches and flutters as he soon has her back in the position he had decided was perfect for his first time to see her, to feel her, to taste her.  She is open to his view, the only male to ever see this part of her, the only male that will.  His eyes catch hers, and he growls out, “Mianach.” (Mine.)

Man and woman 4

With that he moves to lick her, needing to taste her, the smell that she is giving off luring him in.  And her taste!! His eyes close and he takes a second to savor the flavor, the uniqueness that has been blessed to him in granting him her as his Mate.  But the flood of pure desire and the moan she gives at the same time has him moving.

Bella has only given herself orgasms, needing some kind of relief in the mornings when Edward would leave.  But the feel of Godric’s tongue on her is more erotic than she ever dreamed of when she had dreamed of pleasure to get herself off.  And that was one lick!  But when he hears her moan, she is soon not able to think of anything but the gorgeous man between her legs.  She couldn’t move because of him holding her, but she tries, using her heels against his back as he is soon doing something to her clit that she couldn’t describe!

Godric cannot help but smirk at her attempts to get him closer, to move him faster, to do anything more!  He is in control of this lovemaking, and he has no plans to allow her to move him any faster than he wishes to go.  As he had told her, she will never mention another man’s name in their bed, nor anywhere else he takes her.

He soon moves his hand leaving her even more dependent on him holding her up with his other hand on her ass.  That hand periodically flexes, loving how soft it is.  The hand he moved is soon at the entrance of her vagina, and he moans when he feels how tight she is.  It will be pure torture, driving him to madness, trying not to take her as hard as he will wish to.

But the one thing that makes him happy is that his fingers encounter no other barriers.  This he is relieved about, glad his blood had not repaired it, if it had been there.  As he had told her earlier, he is going to try to make sure his Mate feels nothing but pleasure from their joining.  This is just another way to help him.

He is soon sending his pleasure through the Bond as he adds another finger to stretch her out.  He also, noticing the fluttering in her walls around his fingers, is soon nipping at her clit, working that fine line between pleasure and pain, adding another finger when he can no longer feel the discomfort from his two fingers.  When he can feel it inching close to pain, he turns his head and sinks his fangs into her femoral artery, not able to help his moan in reaction to her blood, to her screaming his name as it pushes her off that cliff.

Bella opens her eyes, breathing hard from the orgasm ripped from her by the talents of her Mate.  She stares at him, slightly shocked, and watches as he pulls his three fingers from her, licking them with obvious pleasure.

His eyes are glowing, knowing that while she is not aware of it, she is in fact one of a very few who cums hard enough to squirt.  He, as the primitive male he is under everything, glories in the fact he will have the joy of knowing when he has pleased his Mate to the fullest extent possible.

He moves up her body, his fangs out, and holds himself above her.  He rubs his erection along her clit to collect the moisture from her orgasm, knowing it will help with him when he enters her.  He had, before she had come back to herself, sliced open his palm and liberally anointed his cock with his blood.  It is one of the reasons he is going to rush this portion, so that she never knows he had done that.  He suspects that his little Mate would be upset with him for doing it, when all he wants is to make sure that when he enters her anything that might tear or cause her pain is immediately healed by his blood.  Hopefully she will never be aware of it.

He looks down into her eyes, and asks, “Are you sure, A ghra? It is not too late, and we can stop here.”

Her eyes widen, and she answers, “Are you kidding, I can have you, as mine?  And even as good as that orgasm was, I need…more.”

His pleasure shoots through them both as he thrusts into her, “Then more you shall have.”

Bella arches her back, her heels digging into his back as she takes him into her.  He nuzzles her neck and, staying as still as only a vampire can, he takes any pain she feels into himself, and allows her time to adjust to his size.

Bella moans, “Fuck!”

He chuckles.

She opens her eyes to him, amazed by the fact that there is no pain, nothing but the pleasurable sensation of him inside her, deep inside, and how full she feels.  She stares into his eyes, feeling as though they are joined more than physically.

He looks back into her eyes as he becomes aware of the same feelings as well.  They start glowing, and he is shocked to see her own eyes glowing impossibly blue back at him.

However amazing the feeling is, it is soon overridden by their desire, their need for each other.  To finish this Mating of the two…


Without losing eye contact, they start moving together, and neither notice how in synch they truly are.  No, instead both of them are wrapped up in the Mating Bond, and at that second they both realize the truth, the true reason that the Mating Bond will trump anything else.  The Mating Bond doesn’t tie their blood as a Blood Bonding would do…no, this act is Bonding their souls, making them one once again after their separation when Godric had been born over 2,000 years ago.  He had dreamed of her as his soul was trying to show him what it was missing.

And now, it is knitting back together.  Time and space is nothing to their Bond.  They are, now and forever, as one once again.  The physical Mating just ties together the last parts that had been joining since Godric had seen her on her on that cold forest floor.  Mating did not begin with a mutual look and a touch, no it began when the two souls wake up to the other.

What the Cullens had done was a travesty to the very Gods.  They, along with the other Cold Ones, are preventing Soul Mates from finding each other.  The worst is that they do this not only to the vampires, but to every being on the earth that has a soul.  Every Supe, every human.  And this is what they are fighting against.

The two Mates move in sync, their eyes never leaving each other’s, both glowing brighter as their souls not only become one, but unleash all the powers that come with their uniting.   Without thinking, they both strike each other’s necks, finishing the Blood Bond, also making the connection that had been mentioned by the Goddess.  Bella will drink from none but her Mate, and from her brother in times of need.  Godric will find no other blood as satisfying as his Mate’s.  He will need her blood as much as she needs his, only his age preventing him from needing to drink from her as much.

Godric is soon thrusting into his Mate, not noticing the strength he is using, nor does Bella notice how she is taking him.  Her body is built for his just as his is built for hers, and together their bodies are built for the bliss that is rippling through the two.  Their mating is just the beginning of the pleasure they will find in each other.

As they both reach that cliff together, their bodies start glowing, their joining becoming visible as the last of the powers are unleashed on the two.  Both of them release at the burst from the true joining of two souls and from the pure pleasure of becoming one

In another room, Eric is panting; the Mating of his Maker and Sister had pulsed through him from the Bonds he shares with both of them.  He had, for the first time since he was a child, cum in his pants without touching himself or another.

Not ashamed of his reaction, he knows that unless he finds a Mate, that fucking had just become something that would forever leave him searching for the same pleasure he had felt from the two.

He smiles, joy radiating from him as he revels in the emotions, the completeness, he feels from those two.  He leans forward, makes sure the email he had been about to send is still there, and sends it out with the time stamps on it adjusted.

Then he stands up and heads to his room to take a shower, whistling as he goes.

In the room he left, a fiery face appears, and smiles.  Then with a burst of flame it disappears, but a dome envelopes the mansion, leaving it safe for the people inside to rest.  The following day will dawn bright and new…the Mating of two souls is always a reason for the universe to rejoice.

Final count:  7,644 words.






  1. Sassy Mami

    Will Eric find his mate? I hope he does but at the same time I hope is not Sookie. Awesome chapter hun, update soon. 🙂

    • andrewpine

      Fantastic visual.hopefully Eric will find his other half and he won’t have to wait until they kill off the Cullens.hope she is a desendant of a Viking Shield maiden the only one worthy of a warrior side much as i like Charlize she is not a good choice as Char,too tall and boobs aren’t big enough.

  2. meganba1989

    Loved this chapter! The lemon was incredible and the end of it was great. Can’t wait for the next chapter! Keep up the great work.

  3. Katie Tipton

    Love it and can’t wait for more please update ASAFP. I hope that Eric finds his mate he deserves it.

  4. Casper22

    Love it!
    The lemon was tastefully written and yet still saucy and emotive.
    Love Eric. Sad to see Alcide leave, hope he comes back with Leah.
    I hope you’re feeling better soon
    Best Wishes

  5. Carol

    Loved it, can’t wait for more.

  6. Tiffany

    Gods that was so worth the wait but Eric steals the show for me for some reason… Lol

    You and Karen are ruining me for romance and sex lol… I’m afraid my poor husband just won’t live up to where my imagination takes me with your alls lemons.

    Absolutely loves the outtake and the thought of a clockblocked Godric killing Harris for us all.

  7. Gabrielle Spiteri

    LOVED IT can’t wait for next chapter. hope you’re feeling better

  8. duckbutt60

    I hope it’s Sookie –but a sassy, smart Sookie –not the whiney bitch from the books or TB, please!!

  9. Natalie

    Love this!! Especially the lemon!! I love the joke chapter hilarious!! I really liked how it ended with him going after Harris for all the women who read her books!!

    I also can’t wait to see all the powers they both develop from this…I’m thinking that will be very interesting…

    Also can’t wait to see her and Pam through down over how close her and Eric are….

    I also agree that I hope Eric is with Sookie in the end but not the whiney childish version from the books and show!!

  10. mzpeaches74

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  12. mirkit1

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  19. geenakmom

    Fantastic!! So happy for Bella and Godric.


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