Chapter 23 Put Dream to Paper


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In the room he left, a fiery face appears, and smiles.  Then with a burst of flame it disappears, but a dome envelopes the mansion, leaving it safe for the people inside to rest.  The following day will dawn bright and new…the Mating of two souls is always a reason for the universe to rejoice.


Later that evening, before the traditional vampires wake up, Eric is back at the table working feverishly as Paul lays into a sandwich.  He is taking care of his duties back in Area 5, his vampires knowing it is best not to make waves when he is out of the area since, when he comes back, he is quick to discipline as needed.  So they politely send in their requests for his rulings and he is now answering them all, as well as setting up a home for his sister and everything else he thinks she will need.

Paul is freshly showered from his recent practice session with Jasper and Eric.  Those two had wanted to see how proficient he might be in protecting Bella, and the practice session had shown that he did not know everything.  No, the younger descendant showed him how much he didn’t know, then the 1,000 year old vampire showed him how far outclassed he is.

But after Paul’s lessons, Jasper had asked for a spar just to see what his old man can do. Eric had been eager to agree to his request.  What he had heard about Jasper made him want to see what the Major can do since he’s leaving his sister and Maker to this Cold One’s protection.


The blurs that resulted from that spar were unbelievable.  Then Peter came up beside him and watched for a while.  What he said next shocked the hell out of Paul.  “Jasper has no idea how lucky he is that Eric is taking it easy on him, and that he has no weapons in his hands.”

Paul had looked at the Cold One. “I would have thought that you guys were stronger than them.”

Peter shakes his head.  “First off, Eric and, I guess, Godric now, have both had Bella’s blood.  They were blessed to not be killed by it, which any Cold One or Vampire would be now.  It’s mutated that badly.  The benefits are that Eric’s skin is now as tough as ours, and unlike our teeth, that would slide harmlessly off their skin, his fangs can actually penetrate our skin, making it very possible he can set us on fire that way.”

Paul just stares in shock as Peter continues speaking while he watches them. “And then there is the fact that Eric is the premiere warrior.  Anything and everything is a weapon in his hands.  He has destroyed armies by himself, taken down things you have no names for.  And Godric is even stronger than he is.”

Shaking his head Paul asked, “Then why do they want Guardians?  I could see it before when they were literally dead to the world.  But now?  It makes no sense.”

Peter sighs and looks at him.  “Who are you the Guardian for?”

Frowning, Paul answers, “Bella.  But she is going to be turned soon, right?”

Turning his head to watch the sparring, Peter finally answers after a few minutes. “Bella is more precious to them and us than anyone in the world can imagine.  If someone took Bella, the two of them would flip.  Then Jasper and I would be hunting with the two of them.  And you never want the four of us hunting you.  To make it easier, why not assign Guardians?  That way there is always a line of defense.  There is someone who knows what happened, and what was going on around them.  Your job is to keep Bella safe, but if it comes down to a choice between your life and her kidnapping, Godric would rather you live.  Then you can help them start in the right place.  You are also to help Bella out.”

He sighs. “Don’t be upset if Jasper is sent out some times instead of you with Bella.  It makes sense if you think of it.  And there will be times that he will need to be with her.  You will be crucial to her surviving the next century, and I have told Godric that. He will not allow anything to hinder his Mate’s progress.  And that was before this morning, when they completed the Mating.”

Paul glances up and he can make out the odd dome that has prevented anyone from leaving or entering the premises.

Peter chuckles.  “Yeah, that is because of it. It will come down here soon.  Just in time for the cook that Eric has hired to come here to make you food.”

With that, Peter called out to the combatants, “Hey, you guys done?  I thought you were supposed to be teaching the newbie.”

And just like that the blurring around the yard stops, and it is evident by their clothes that Jasper had put up the good fight against Eric, but that the elder had been winning.

Alexander Skarsgard 96

Eric was grinning boyishly, evidently enjoying the spar.

Jasper turned and bowed to him, with Eric bowing back. “Thanks for the lesson.  It was more than interesting.”

Eric just grins and he turns to Peter, “Do you wish to spar?”

Peter takes a step back. “Nope.  I get my ass kicked by Jasper regularly.  Charlotte says it helps keep my ego in line.  I don’t need to spar against you to know my ass will be kicked royally.  But I figure it’s time for the muscle here to learn more about his job as Guardian than watchin’ you two.”

The atmosphere had been joyful all day, and nothing had happened to decrease it. Everyone knew the Mating had happened last night and no one was anticipating the newly Mated couple to come out anytime soon.

However, Jasper had been worried, and asks Eric how they are.


Jasper lifts one eyebrow. “Even Godric?”

As he types away at the desk, Eric nods. “It is…odd.  The only reason I can tell you is because it’s the same feelings I get from Bella.”

Leaning back in his seat, Jasper watches Eric.  “And how about you?  Have you died or slept?”

Looking up briefly as he continues to work, “Not yet.  Godric told me he felt…tired.  But we are not sure if the Mating Bond is affecting him or not.  It is why I sparred with you today, to see if I can get tired.  So far, I have not needed anything but a larger amount of blood.  Not to a newborn’s standard, but more than usual.”

Jasper hums as he tries to piece together the information as Eric works.   After a few minutes, he asks, “Are you still thirsty as though you need something more?”

Eric lifts an eyebrow as he looks over at him.

Taking a deep breath, the Cold One leans forward.  “From what I hear, and you can correct me on this, is that Bella needs blood from you and Godric to survive, even after she is turned.  And that you have some increased abilities because of your Goddess taking both of your DNA’s and mixing them, right?”

Eric nods, leaning back in his seat.

“Well, you know the reason is because she has mutated the venom in her blood, and her blood actually poisons any of your kind or mine now who drink it.  Right?”

Sitting up, Eric asks, “What?  This means neither Godric nor I can share blood with any but her?”

“No, that is NOT what it means. “


Peter comes into the room and flops into one of the seats.  And because he is who he is, and enjoys showing off to Jasper, he signs into the computer and sits there playing solitaire just because he is allowed to get into the system and Jasper isn’t yet.

Eric sighs.  He looks to Jasper.  “Does this happen all the time?”

Jackson Rathbone 17

Nodding, Jasper frowns to Peter.  “I’m sorry.  I have no idea where Char is, she normally keeps him in line.  It seems to be her talent.”

Peter mocks Jasper, then tells Eric, “When Godric rises, well let me correct that, when he and Bella finally surface, they will be able to tell you more.  It has to do with their Mating.  I do know that Godric will only feed to be able to give it to Bella.  He will find blood stale and unappetizing.  But he will drink it to be able to feed his Mate.  And once she feeds from him, he will drink from her.  I have no idea how this works, but somehow it does…”

Eric thinks about it.  “He will no doubt gorge himself on blood then she will drink it from him, and he will get the small amount he needs back from her.  But can he share his blood?”

Peter frowns at him, then Jasper nods. “Because he is head of the Bloodline.”

Eric nods to them.  “It is critical.  I understand Bella’s blood and all, but if Godric cannot share his blood, then there can be no new members to the Bloodline.  And that is not a feasible option.  To not grow will eventually make us weak, and once that happens, the wolves will be gathering at the walls, men.”

Peter’s face shows his understanding.  He thinks about what he knows, and finally tells Eric, “As far as my Knower is telling me, it is crucial that only you or Godric, or someone that you have turned after the Blessing, drink her blood.  Even Pam cannot have it.  It will have to be someone that you turn from now on forward.  But that information tells me that you can give blood.  Bella cannot even turn anyone.  Ever.”


Eric leans forward and turns that information over in his head.  He takes in Jasper’s question and it all comes together.  “Godric needs Bella’s blood because of the Mating.  He needs that extra something in her blood.  But nowhere did anyone tell us that Godric had to drink solely from her.  So he can last without that something special in her blood.  And nowhere has anyone mentioned I need to drink from her.  Her from me, yes, but not me from her.  I suspect that whatever is special to Bella in our blood is not what makes hers poison, but that we are the answer to her poison.”

Both of the vampires nod at him as they put it together.  “That sounds about right.  You will need to talk to Godric about it, but I think that is so.  As you said, your Goddess would have mentioned if you had to have Bella’s blood.  But then, she also never mentioned that Bella’s blood would be poison to everyone else.”

They looked at each other, but before they could get more in depth, they all felt a shiver of power as the dome of whatever it had been came down. Peter glanced up and then told Eric, “Your new cook should be here.”

And then the doorbell rang.

Eric shakes his head.  “Do you ever get tired of not being wrong?”

Peter’s eyes go dark.  “I was once.  And it led to this mess with Bella.”

And with that he is gone from the room.  Eric shakes his head as he leaves.

Jasper watches them, his mind busy processing all this new information as he tries to find hidden meanings, knowing how much it matters to their group.

Godric slowly wakes, an amazing sensation he has not truly felt in thousands of years. He also becomes quickly aware of the Bond flowing between himself and his Mate.  It flows easily between the two of them, and is stronger than anything he knew of.  He can sense everything now – how she feels physically, and emotionally, too. The only thing he can’t do is read her mind.  But then, the day is still early.

Right now, as he slowly wakes up, he relishes knowing how she feels physically, and he knows that if there is any pain, he will even be able to tell exactly where it is, unlike before when he only knew that she was in pain.

He should have anticipated this;  he could actually feel his blood healing her after the first two times of the blood exchange, but this?  This is totally unexpected.

But then his mind suddenly catches up with the pleasure of his body and he gasps as his beloved’s lips cover the head of his cock and his eyes fly open.


She grins at his reaction, and licks down his cock, then comes back up to suck on the head. Her eyes are shining as she watches for his eyes to meet hers.  She lets him pop out of her mouth as she greets him.  “Morning, Godric.”

His mouth opens, but only a gasp comes out as her mouth descends upon him again.  How the hell is he supposed to talk with her doing that?

He grabs her and pulls her up to him where he quickly kisses her.  He had meant to tell her ‘good morning’, but it seems his little Mate is hungry for him as she uses his movements to slide his cock in between her lower lips.  Then just as he lets her go to breathe, she moves so that he slides easily into her.

His eyes meet hers, and he finally can tell her, “A very good morning to you, a thaisce.”  Then as she moves on him, his eyes fall to half-mast as he growls, “A very, very good morning to you, my love.” His hands fall to her hips to help her ride him.

Bella tips her head back in obvious pleasure as she feels their connection surge and senses his pleasure as she rides him.  His hands are on her hips, not doing a thing but helping her keep her rhythm. It is obvious that Godric is allowing her to control this Mating, but right now, all Bella can concentrate on is how full she feels with him deep inside her, how good it feels as she rolls her hips.

girl on top 2

Leaning up, Godric catches her nipple with his teeth and lightly bites down, feeling the answering reaction from within her body.  He grins, then lets go to catch the other nipple which he suckles on as he moves with her body.  His hips are soon thrusting faster as he can feel them both coming closer.

Bella uses her muscles to grip her Mate, then she looks down at him and sends him all her love.  Her arms reach around him as his face comes up to gaze adoringly at her.  She can feel him sending her love as he rolls his hips up into her, the two of them fitting together as their bodies are made for each other.

She watches him as he gets closer to that cliff as she rides them both to that edge, never once hesitating in her movements.  Neither one closes their eyes as they watch the other in that moment, nothing existing but the two of them.

Then, strong and quick as a lightning strike, Godric surges up into her as Bella slams down and they come together, feeling that moment as their souls connect again in a way that takes both of their breaths away.

As Bella blinks, she realizes that Godric is holding her to him, but they are both laying down with her on top of him and him still inside of her.

She looks up into his eyes, and she grins ruefully.  “I was looking forward to making you beg for me.”

Godric chuckles as his hand slides up and down her back.  “A thaisce, you can make me beg with a look.  No need to worry about that, a ghra.”  He kisses her softly, reverently.

She is everything to him, and he can feel the same from her.  They are truly Mated, truly one, and nothing can ever separate them, not time, not space.  Their souls are once more combined.

Holding her, he slowly remembers the revelations that they had last night.  “Life will be interesting.”

Thinking over the same thoughts, she asks him, “Until I am changed, can you at least drink from me?”

He looks down, frowning.  “I don’t want you for a meal, a ghra.  You are much more than that.”

A hand comes out and traces his features.  “I know that, Godric.  But until I am changed, you might as well as have some pleasure feeding.  And it won’t be like you won’t be feeding me too.”

He sighs as he angles his head to stare down at her face, and replies,  “I don’t need much.”

“Then it won’t hurt for you to take it from me,”  Bella quickly answers.

Sighing, he smiles.  “I am not going to win this, am I?”


He chuckles, then leans forward, kissing her. He asks her, “Shower?”

She giggles. “Shower, or more play time?”

Using his power of flight he quickly lifts them off the bed and soon has them in the shower, his body blocking the shower spray as he turns the shower on with one hand, the other holding his tiny Mate to his body.

As she shrieks in laughter, he moves her against the wall, his mouth busy at her neck. “Mmmm…nothing better than you in the morning.”  His fangs are down as he nuzzles her neck, then he thrusts, still inside of her.

Misty Shower

Her head falls back as he does. “Oh my God!”

He looks up and corrects her with an innocent look. “Ric.  God-ric.” And then he thrusts again, both of them moaning through the contact.

Bella gasps,  “Already?”

He chuckles as he moves inside of her. “The beauty of vampirism.  Any time you want me, I will be ready for you, a ghra.   Always.”

Her legs tightening around his hips, she groans, “We may never surface.”

He laughs as he pushes into her faster, feeling her need before she even mentions it, his body so in tune with hers.  He murmurs to her, “Never if you wish it so.  Mo ghrá, a bhraitheann tú chomh maith fillte timpeall orm. Tá ar neamh anseo i do armas, taobh istigh de tú, d’anam timpeall mianach.” (My love, do you feel so good wrapped around me.  Heaven is here in your arms, inside of you, your soul around mine.)

Sensitive from their last Mating, Bella’s walls are soon fluttering around his cock, and Godric moans.  The feeling of being buried inside her wet silky heat is unbelievable.  He never knew it could feel this good, and to discover that each time seems to be getting better for them, he has no idea how they will take it.  He realizes then that he will turn her because her body won’t be able to stand up to their love making.

He can feel her need, and when she had mentioned never surfacing, he understood.  It will take much for them to be able to separate from each other.  And even then, they will need to be in constant physical contact.  He needs to be close, and if he can’t be buried inside of her like he prefers, then he will at least need to have her there beside him.

As they both are ready to orgasm, they intuitively know what is needed this time to tip them over.  With a look, they both bite each other.

The pure feelings of pleasure and joy, of ecstasy from taking in the other’s very life force, and of knowing that your blood is entering their body to nourish them vaults each past what an unmated couple would call an orgasm.  For them, this was nothing short of heaven.  There is no word to truly explain how they feel, for their souls are touching each other, their bodies are becoming one as the gods themselves made them to be.

However, the meeting in that place reserved for just the two of them cannot be maintained for long, and they come back to earth once more.

Breathing hard, Bella barely notices that her bite mark is gone as her limp body rests in Godric’s arms.

Godric comes back to himself as he licks her neck, then he nuzzles it.  He holds her as he smirks in pure masculine pride at having made his Mate legless.

He murmurs, “One of these times, I will be drinking you down there as you erupt around my mouth, and I will finally taste you as only I will be able to.”

Bella blushes and he laughs.  He steps back into the spray, and holding her to him as he slips out, he grabs the shampoo with one hand, keeping the other around her. “Unfortunately, as much as I wish I could do this now, I think we have some people waiting for us, and you, you are still human.  I need to feed you if you wish to feed me.”

A moan escapes her lips, and he grins.  The grin never fails as he washes her, making sure that every part of her is clean while enjoying the fact he can still smell his scent in and on her.  He can also smell her on and in him, and knows that no sane person would ever doubt that they belong completely to each other.

No, no one will ever be able to take his Bella away, and as a newly fully-Mated vampire male, he basks in this knowledge.  As much as he would like this honeymoon period to last, he knows that there are just too many issues coming at them.  But they have each other now, and that is all they need.

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