Chapter 24 If I Had My Way


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No, no one will ever be able to take his Bella away, and as a newly fully-Mated vampire male, he basks in this knowledge.  As much as he would like this honeymoon period to last, he knows that there are just too many issues coming at them.  But they have each other now, and that is all they need.


aGodricAllanBellaGodric and Bella eventually surface later that afternoon, and she hides her face in his shoulder when Peter stands up and actually applauds when they walk into the room, and especially when she can see that even Andrew is up and grinning at them for coming in so much later than him.  Even with the shower they took, they smelled enough of each other that there is no doubt that they are Mated, Bonded and had sex recently.

Then Charlotte slaps him upside the head. “And you wonder why she likes Jasper more than us.” She gives him a nasty look.  She had been looking forward to finally knowing another female, and of course Peter is the one who is ruining it.  She shakes her head.  It seems that the fates want her to be only with her Mate.


He looks slightly crestfallen. “But, not only are they fully Mated, but she is truly his Mate in every way.  They both needed this!” He can feel Charlotte’s disappointment, and he knows that Bella will be all she wishes her to be, just not yet.  Bella needs to be alone for a little while longer.

Eric is sitting there with a huge grin on his face.  He does lean forward, figuring that since Peter opened the floor for his syrra to be embarrassed, he might as well take advantage of it. “I just have one request of you, Master.” He watches Bella as he requests this favor.

Godric has his arm around his Mate, kissing her head as he raises his eyebrow at his son.  He notices it looks as though Eric had showered recently.

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Eric’s grin actually gets bigger, and he tells them, “Teach Bella how to block the Bond.  I don’t mind it right now, but later when we are parted, it might be a little too much for those fans if I suddenly orgasm in front of them for no obvious reason.” He focuses his twinkling eyes on Bella, enjoying the chance to rib his syrra.   What brother wouldn’t enjoy doing that?

Bella closes her eyes as she snuggles into Godric, and she moans then whines to her Mate, “Just kill me now.  Please.”

The room erupts in laughter.  Godric shakes his head. “No.  Not yet.  I am enjoying you far too much as you are for me to change you now.” His grin is full of the ideas he has in mind of things to do with her while she is human.  When she is a vampire, he has ideas on that too.

She bangs her head against his side, her face feeling as if it is on fire and the only relief is his body.

Andrew smirks as he tells Eric, “See, this is why I will be her favorite sibling.  I won’t pick on her.”  He feels so much better not having to wear suits anymore.  Godric had snorted at the idea of dressing up every day.  He had told Andrew he was more than welcome to do so, but that he will only dress up for the club and that is it.  Unless, of course, his Mate wishes otherwise, of course, to which he had received a snort of derision.

Eric rolls his eyes as he elbows Andrew in the ribs.  “You say that now, but I suspect it won’t take too long before you’re picking on her as much as you pick on me.”  Eric has no doubt that Andrew will be fond of their sister by blood, but Eric has no problems rubbing it in Andrew’s face that she is also Eric’s sister by blood in every way.  Their Maker will be hers, and for Eric, that just means yet another Bond to her.

Everyone laughs at the two.  If nothing else, Jasper has noticed that the two of them act like brothers, and seem to take a great interest in trying to one-up each other.  Eric right now seems to have the edge, but Jasper has a sneaking suspicion that Andrew is actually in the lead because Eric is protesting about how much he is ahead…

Godric sits in his chair and draws Bella onto his lap.  For now, and for a long while to come, this will be her place.  Their need to be with each other is like an itch.  A couple thousand years from now might be when he allows her to have her own seat.  And even then, she will still be mostly on his lap…

Eric groans as he feels the lust from both of them ramp up. “The sooner you teach her how to block, the better.”  As he says it, he sends nothing but love to them both, showing how pleased he is to have them both so happy.

Godric just smirks. “And now you know how I felt when you were just turned, Eric.  It’s about time you had a shot of the never-ending lust.  She is your sister.” His eyes glint with a mischief that Andrew and Eric have not seen for centuries.  They both grin just a little more, delighted that their Maker is more like his old self that only they knew.

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Jasper can’t stop grinning at them.  He can feel Bella and her mortification at their teasing, but hidden in there is her enjoyment in being part of the group.  He too feels the same, the ability to relax, knowing that it is only teasing.  This grouping will be a part of each other’s lives for a very long time to come.  He is just staring into space as he enjoys this time and the emotions which are very heady to his empathetic senses.

But soon, too soon for his liking to be truthful, he is pulled from that state when Godric calls his attention.  “Jasper, did they get you into the computer system yet?”

He shakes his head, “No sir.” He glares at Peter and the emotions he emits.  Like Eric and Andrew, he and Peter are close and they often communicate with emotions.

Godric comments with a glance at Eric, “But let me guess, you got Peter and Charlotte in the system.” He lifts an eyebrow at his Eric, wondering if he is still jealous of Jasper and Bella.

Eric’s face turns mischievous.  “And Bella.” He knows what his Maker is thinking, but it is more a way to pick on Jasper.  And to be honest he had way too much fun getting Bella in the system when she wasn’t even in the room.  It was a true test of his abilities, and he couldn’t help but be egged on by Peter and Andrew as they heckled him about it.

Godric cocks his head to the side, not noticing the way his hands are caressing her arm. “How did you get Bella in the system?” He had built the system to be hard to crack.  And even though Eric had helped him build the system, he is a little alarmed that Eric had managed to break through it.

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“I have my ways.”

Bella snorts.  “He did it when we were looking at the clubs.” She can feel the irritation from her Mate, and let him in on the truth.  She had heard the boys picking on Eric, and when he had nudged her within their Bond, she had willingly helped him get one over them.

Eric shakes his head. “Not even a little bit of fun, syrra?” He is teasing her, knowing she had helped with him pulling one over the others.  She had done what was needed, then later when she was with Godric, and Andrew and Peter were commenting that he couldn’t do it, he pulled it over their heads.  Now if she hadn’t given up the game, he would have had a point.

Her eyebrow lifts, “As much as I got when I came in.” And with that, she smirks at him, telling him, “Point.”

The rest of the group, including Paul as he brings in a meal for Bella, grins.  They love watching the banter between the two siblings, and how Bella usually wins the exchanges.  Maybe not right at first, but Bella has really started to do the whole ‘revenge is better cold’ thing to Eric.  And he loves it.

Godric looks at the food in front of her, then takes the fork and, getting a bite of the chicken and rice, starts to feed her. The pleasure he feels in doing this for his Mate vibrates through their bond, and even Eric shivers.

Bella just smiles at him as she eats.  Godric nods to Eric, and he soon has Jasper in the system, explaining, “This is the main system.  If you are here, there is nowhere your codes won’t work.  I figure everyone here in this room deserves the highest level, especially since you are all Guardians.” He makes notations in the system to ensure that they can access it from anywhere.  The security levels in the system will terminate any connections it feels is unsafe, which is annoying but necessary.

As he finishes with that, Eric straightens up. “As Guardians, you will be privy to a lot of information.  Even information that is not known to the general population of our government.  Many kings and queens do not know this.” In fact, the only reason Godric and he knows is because of their age.

Godric chuckles. “The term King and Queen is just for the glorified bitches like Sophie Anne, Freyda and Felipe.  We are all actually placeholders, no more than Dukes.  There is one over us all, and when he says to do something, we all do it.  His name is Afanasi Kaschei.” His eyes glow momentarily remembering his own meeting with the infamous Kaschei.

“If or when he calls, you will immediately drop everything and do as he says.”  He looks at Eric and says no more.  The information about him needs to go no farther.  They will all learn what they need to when they need to, and he and Eric will tell Bella more later.

Registering the look, Eric informs them more of their duties. “You will also be responsible for our security.  One of you will always accompany us when we leave the nest.  But, you will be heads of the same security and are charged with making sure everything runs smoothly.  You will be helping to run the state with Bella and Godric. We will be using you as spymasters, and in other positions as needed.  Andrew here will likely be our media liaison since he is already accustomed to dealing with sensitive information and has a unique view of being a monarch.  Most Kings do not step aside, instead they are served the True Death when the monarchy is overthrown. We will fit you guys in as your expertise becomes more apparent and we can see where you would best fit.”

Bella sighs and asks, “But what happens when we take Louisiana?” She is full, and shakes her head minutely at her Mate when he tries to feed her more.  She is interested in their plans for when they add the other state.

Godric grins as he pushes the plate away, feeling satisfied that he has cared for his Mate.  “That will be Eric’s headache.  The first move will be to confirm that we are allied.  But you are my Queen.  I will not marry another.”

He looks over at Eric.  He will make Eric the King of the Louisiana, but in reality, the two states will be ruled by the three of them.  Not that Eric needs help, but Godric wants everyone to know that there is no difference who you attack, they are all the same.  In fact… some thoughts start going through his head for an alliance against those who may take it into their heads to attack…

Eric groans, “Do you know how much debt my state has besides my area?” His head drops into his hands as he remembers Rasul telling him the expenses the Queen racked up foolishly redoing her palace and the other idiotic things she has done.

Laughing at him, Bella teases him, “Well I guess you will actually have to work instead of larking all around the country on a whim, huh?” She pushes him, her eyes laughing at him as the rest of the room laughs.

He growls at her playfully, as he leans forward to access the records. “Shit.  I know that the state is in bad straights.  The Authority had to step in to stop her from taxing us any higher.  But there is no record of this.  I have no idea what needs to be done.” He is staring at the records that should be available as one of the Sheriffs, but he cannot find a one.  They’re not in the Authority records nor are they in the state system.  He growls as he realizes how much work is needed to get the state back to the levels where it should be.

Watching his hands run through his short hair, Peter asks, “But that’s what we’re goin’ to be doing, right?  Overthrowing her, and getting the state in shape?” He cocks his head at Andrew who shakes his head.


Andrew tells them, “His Queen is not someone who should be in charge of a state.  She has no idea how to rule.  She’s more caught up in the benefits of the position than with taking care of it.  She reminds me of a certain French King and Queen.” He just knows that he will still need to deal with the bitch, but he is glad Godric will be making the decisions.  He had forced himself to handle the bitch with kid gloves because of his brother being under her.

Godric agrees with Andrews statement. “Here is the problem.  The bitch is a money whore.  She throws money at problems until there is none.  But the problem is that she’s hemorrhaging the state to do so.  With the economy as bad as it is, there is just not enough tourism to fill the coffers.  And I have a feeling that it will go from bad to worse when the Revelation comes about.  The smarter vamps are doing what Eric is doing, planning to make money off of the novelty.  She, on other hand, will wine and dine the humans.”

Leaning back in his seat, one leg stretched out farther than the other, Eric tells them, “She just spent a couple million updating her residence.  That wouldn’t be bad, but it wasn’t on security or anything important.  It was wasted on making it seem even more opulent.  And most of the money was  wasted on something she calls the sun room.”

Jasper listens to it all, and he finally comments, “Let her.  Eric, you make money hand over fist, and if you put some aside to be for your ‘rainy day’ fund, and then use that to help the state, no one will say anything.  In fact, it will help your position.  Match what you send to the bitch.  Show that she could have done the same when you take power.  One more nail in her coffin.” If Eric can turn around the state with just the money from his revenue, it will prove how inept the child queen is.

They all nod.  Then Eric looks up at Bella. “How is my club coming?”

Sighing, she clicks on the board. “Here is what I have so far…”

The rest of the day is spent talking about the clubs, and the decor for them, but running in the backs of their minds is what all will be needed to be done to remove the Bitch Queen and make Eric a King once more.


Before the sun sets the following night, Godric escorts his Mate to his car.  He kisses her knuckles as he hands her into the car.

The dress she is wearing had her brother stop and stare earlier when she had made her way up to the main floor.  The rest of the nest had been spread out looking at things, watching TV and so on.   He had waggled his brows and told her, “Perfect color on you syrra.”

Bella had grinned at him, and then went over to Char to finish the discussion they had started earlier in the day about the house, thus discreetly allowing Godric to finish up with Paul and Jasper.  Bella and Char had found that they share the same tastes in furnishings, and Char had spent time pulling together some rooms she thought Bella might like, as well as working on rooms for the rest of the nest.  Bella was adamant that she wanted them all here in the house.  She wanted family, and they were all more than willing to give into her.

As it was, she had been excited since earlier this afternoon when Godric had talked to her.

After they had reconvened to discuss the clubs, Godric had grinned and told her, “I made some changes, a ghra.  I would like you to accompany me to the club tonight so I can show you.” He had planned to make an evening of it as a date for his love.

She had agreed, and when she left to get ready, she had walked into their room and found this dress on the bed waiting for her.  It had a lace filigree coming from the sweetheart neckline to her collar bone.  The lace was black, but the rest of the dress was bright red. It was a simple design, flowing down to her waist and then flaring out from there to her knees.  She had paired it with some garters she had bought the other night and a pair of heels with lace on the top.  A simple white gold bracelet finished the look along with letting her hair fall loose around her shoulders.

The blood from their bond had made her skin even clearer, so she only wore mascara.  Her lips looked as though she already had lipstick on.  She had grinned to herself, “Vampire blood does a body good!”

Nothing Alice had ever done had made her look this good.  Every bit of this is all due to Godric’s love and blood.

When she had walked into the living room dressed for the evening, only the fact that Peter had wisecracked and gotten slapped upside the head had made her able to stand.  Godric was wearing a black shirt with a black jacket over it with dark jeans, and had been leaning against a pillar in the living room with his brows furrowed as he argued with Eric over something.  He had taken her breath away.

The simple act of walking into the room had drawn all eyes to her, and in the blink of an eye, Godric is in front of her.  He smiles, “A ghra.  Beautiful is too simple to call you.”

After that had been Eric’s teasing, but he comes up and hugs her as he whispers in her ear to have fun.  He grins down at her, and with that he pushes them gently out the door telling them to have fun and that Godric’s car is waiting for them.

Bella sits in the car for a second before Godric is beside her, and holds her hand and kisses it, then switches his hold on her hand so that her hand was under his as he shifts gears.  Bella understands completely, she doesn’t want to let go of his hand either.

He quickly makes his way to downtown since he had made reservations at the Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck restaurant.  But the real reason why he is taking her there?  To watch the sunset with her.  It is one of the more romantic places to do so.

He could care less about the food or how many stars it rated.  The only thing he wanted was to watch his first sunset with his Mate.

Watching the time, he quickly has them downtown, and is out of his vehicle and at her side escorting her out.  He tosses the keys to the valet, his eyes never leaving his Mate.

Bella laughs as she feels how anxious he is. “Godric?”

He leads her to the elevator and once inside, hits the button, then takes her in his arms and kisses her. Looking down at her, he tells her softly, “I wanted to take you out, to dinner and a show.  The dinner is the key, since it will be giving us the show.  One I hear is wondrous to watch.”

Bella shakes her head at him.  When the elevators open and she sees the name Wolfgang Puck, she tells him, “You don’t have to impress me, God-“


He silences her with a finger and looking at the amused lady at the hostess podium, he tells her, “Reservation for Nervii.”

The lady smiles and touches a button for their waiter to take them to their table.  “We have been waiting for your arrival.  The table you requested is ready for you, sir.”

And with that, Bella has no time to say anything, but she can feel the mirth in her Mate and the…excitement?

Soon they arrive at their place and Godric seats his Mate.  He tells the waiter, “A Moscato for my companion, and I will take a Royal Blend.”

The waiter does not even blink, just nods and is quickly gone.  The restaurant is one of the few that have specially treated anti-UV ray windows.  Though most vampires who could be awake would not chance it, once in a while one might choose to visit.

Godric had never bothered before.  He had seen no need to see a sun set since his human days.  But to share the first time of seeing it as a vampire, knowing that it will never harm him again?  That experience he wanted to share with his Mate.  He plans to have them watch the sun rise one morning together, as well.

Bella is just watching him, and when the waiter returns, she gives her order and then continues to watch him as he stares outside in awe.  Finally she asks, “They don’t seem too surprised to have a vampire here at this time.”

He glances at her, takes her hand and bestows a kiss to her wrist, and tell her, “They have just redecorated and have some suites in the building below for vampires who can wake early and like to walk on the wild side to see the sun again.  But they are only for those as old as Eric, no younger can be awake in time to see anything.  I never bothered – why look at something you cannot have?  But now that I can, I wanted to see my first sunset in over 2,000 years with my Mate.”

Her eyes soften.  She glances outside, and noting the light clouds that would make for a beautiful sunset, she softly comments to him, “You picked a beautiful day to see it.”

He cocks his head to the side, then tells her, “I didn’t care for the view as much as I wanted to commemorate our Mating with a memorable night.  Nothing could top that in my mind.” He grins at her, “Though even with all our connections, this took a day.  But still…”

She smiles at him.  “There is no need to do this; I don’t think I could forget last night nor this morning.” No, she and Godric had celebrated their Mating all last night and this morning.  In fact she is not shocked it had taken them a day to be able to do that.  As she had teased Godric, they had a lot of repressed sexual desire to work out.  He had promptly grinned and kissed her senseless.

He smiles at her. “Is it not tradition to feast after a marriage?  And is this not more than any piece of paper?” He just kisses her hand that he has not relinquished since he had held it walking into the restaurant.

She looks down, and sends her love to him through the Bond.  She hears his light gasp and feels the enveloping love flow back from him.  He lifts her face up to his and smiles at her. “You have my love, my heart, soul and body.  Everything I am, you now own.  And I am glad of this.  You being here has given me a much needed burst of new in my life.”

Bella frowns and she asks, “And what about when you’re bored again?”

He kisses her with a slight smile still gracing his lips. “I don’t think it can happen.  I was weary.  I had felt for most of my life as though I was searching for more, never knowing that the “more” that I wanted was many, many years away.  Now that I have you, there is nothing I won’t do to keep you.  I am complete now.  Everything I ever wished for is here, and now I get to show you this life, this world.  I will never leave as long as you are here.  If something happens and you are no longer here, I will get revenge for you, a ghra, then join you in the next phase of our life.  I love you is so very little to say that will express how I feel.” He is watching her eyes, seeing the lighter hues and the green strands in them, reminders of her new family.

With tears in her eyes, Bella searches his face.  She tells him, “At one point, I would have been horrified at you even mentioning not being a part of this world.  But now, after last night, I understand in a that someone who doesn’t have the connection that we have wouldn’t.  I do love you, as you well know, and I know how much you love me.”

“More each and every minute, every second of this new brave world.”

She smiles, then looks up as her meal is placed in front of her.  Before she could do anything, Godric moves ever closer and asks, “May I?”

She grins, and he slowly feeds her dinner as they watch each other.  He teases her a couple of times, telling her if she enjoys the fish, he will make her one as he would have made for her if they had been human together.

And he can’t help but laugh when she raises an eyebrow and states, “By catching it, cleaning it and then handing it to me to cook?  No thanks.  I have learned all I ever wanted to about cooking fish.  Charlie loved to fish.”  And it is said with no feeling, just a fact in her life now.

Godric treated it as it is offered, a tease.  “Actually, I am doing what I wanted to do, a thaisce.  I am courting you.”

At that point, the dessert of a chocolate mousse appears, and he glances outside, judging by the light and the feeling in his body how close sunset is.  With that in mind, he takes the spoon, and getting some of the mousse on it, he offers it to her.

She takes the offering, then closes her eyes as the chocolate seems to melt in her mouth.  She licks her lips then opening her eyes, she smiles at Godric’s face.

He swallows, then asks, “If I take this home, will you then eat it when I can take care of the expression on your face as it deserves?”

Bella leans forward, and murmurs into his ear, “If we take this home, I may just use you as the plate.”

Godric freezes as he brings himself under control.  Then clearing his throat, he signals for the waiter.  His eyes never leaving his Mate’s, he asks for them to box up the dessert, and to add an extra one for them when they leave.

Bella can’t help the sultry laugh that explodes from her at the emotions and the look in Godric’s eyes.

He looks outside, then his eyes soften.  He turns their chairs to watch the show, as he calls it, outside the building.

He is sitting slightly behind her, and wraps his arms around her, resting his chin on her shoulder.  He softly whispers, “The setting of the sun was always wondrous to me.  The rising is also, but the setting of the sun behind the trees, as the mist comes up through the ground signaling another ending of the day, was amazing to me.  The fires would be stoked up, and the tribe would gather for dinner together.  We would sit around the fire; there was laughter and conversation open for others to enjoy.  It was a time of sharing.  I could look at my tribe and see that another day had ended with me taking care of them in the way they deserve, and know that I had done my duty for them.”

Bella nestles in his arms and imagines the life he led as a human.

His voice softly continues, “I never cared for much company by the fireside.  Our tribe didn’t believe in monogamy, and many a night, the fires would be surrounded by the sounds of pleasure taken and given by the couples or more around them.  We believed that pleasure was a gift from the gods themselves.”  He pauses then tells her, “But what we had last night and this morning was more than any sex I have had since I started.  You blow me away, a thaisce.  You truly are my treasure.”

She leans back into him, sighing as their Bond seems to vibrate between the two of them as they watch the sun slowly lower itself into the horizon, painting the sky with vivid colors.

Bella had never really watched the sun set, never having had the free time to just be still and gaze at it, and she wonders how many miracles she has missed because she had been too busy.  But watching the sun paint the sky in so many colors as it sets amazes her, especially when she realizes that she may have missed this opportunity if it hadn’t been for the thing that made her so different.  Whatever it was, it allows her Mate and her brother to watch the sun set, too, because she can share this gift with them.


Godric and Bella watch with reverence as the sun descends to its fiery death.  Then both are quiet as the skyline starts to light up.


Without Bella knowing, Godric pays for their dinner, his eyes never leaving his Mates after the sun had gone to bed; he enjoys watching her face as she watches the city lit up for the night time.  When everything has morphed into nightlife, she muses, “I wonder how many sunsets I missed because I was too busy?”

He kisses her temple.  “In a way, I am glad I will be with you to watch the sunset for the rest of our lives.  It will be something we can do that is ours.”  Then he chuckles. “In fact, this makes me happier.  Our window from our office looks out towards the west, so we will be able to watch it when we’re at work.”

She laughs.  “Romantic.”

He stands, then helps her stand up.  He kisses her temple again, then says, “Always with you.  No one I know deserves it more than you.”

With that, he takes the canvas bag the waiter has for their dessert, nodding as the waiter tells them that the chef had packed dry ice around the dessert and that it should last until morning before refrigeration is needed.

He escorted her out, and when they are in the elevator, she asks, “Where to now?”

He grins. “A walk to our club.  It’s not even close to being finished, but I wanted to walk you through it, so you can see what I’m imagining.  I hope you will find it pleasing.  I just took your ideas and tweaked them slightly.”

She shakes her head. “As I told Eric, I am only giving you ideas.  They are your clubs.  I’m just helping out.”

He pulls her close. “It is club.  Eric’s are his own production, and I am happy he will have a place that is more to the level he should be entertaining as.  But, as you have said, he is young.  A frat man?”

Bella laughs as they walk off the elevator. “Frat boy. College age men often spend their times drinking and basically having as much sex as they can as they try to beat the rules.”

Godric nods. “That is good.  Men need something that will allow them to be free.  That age is one that the elders told us is good for Chiefs.  We are able to lead by example.  Though I was the youngest, they told me I had an older soul.”

Laughing as he deposits the dessert in his car, they then make their way outside, his arm wrapped around her waist as he directs her to the Fountain Place.  He had looked up routes to their club, and decided that he would walk her through the landmark, then he will fly them to the club.

Once they make their way through the streets, he takes her hand as they slowly walk around.  The noise is loud, but the delight he feels from her watching and taking in the sights makes it more than worth it.  He smiles as they lazily make their way through the park, watching as the fountains erupt, then calm to the point that they can hear the falls further up.


The fountains had intrigued him when he had seen them built.  He has enjoyed many examples of humanity’s imagination when something like this is built solely for the beauty of being able to do so.  He wonders if Bella would enjoy traveling later so they can see other marvels of technology.

They soon make their way out, and he lifts her in a bridal hold as he takes to the air.  Her delighted laughter is soon ringing through their bond as he flies them to McKinney Street.  At the end of the street, is a building encased in tarps and such, hiding it from public view.  Godric descends outside of it, but lands inside the barrier.  He sets his Mate on her feet.

Bella looks up and can see all the construction.  “I thought you were remodeling an existing place.”

He grins down at her. “That was the plan, but Alcide’s project manager had emailed me saying that the building was so run down, it would be easier to rip it apart and start over.  After talking it over with Alcide over emails, he told me that it would be built much faster this way.  I approved it, thinking it would be better.”

He pulls her along with him, making sure she doesn’t trip as he escorts her towards the building.  When they get closer, he frowns, then pulls her forward, wraps an arm securely around her waist to hold her close to him, and glides them inside.  He didn’t want to take a chance with her or with those shoes.  He likes them.  He has fond ideas for those shoes.

They get past the outside of the demolition area, and Bella can see the holes in the ground.  He tells her as they hang in the air, “Those are for the holding areas.”

They hover as he slowly glides them forward, telling her, “I thought over the ideas you had, and I realized they remind me of a 1960’s club.  You know, the nice clubs that you probably saw in musicals, with the full band playing music.  I decided that we would do that.  Bring back that era in our club.  It can open before the Revelation, then when the newness may fade, the fact that it is owned by vampires will make it a centerpiece of McKinney Street.”

Bella looks down as she thinks about his idea.

Godric can feel her excitement as he continues. “The idea of the dance floor you had would be perfect. I’m adding fog for the floor, to make it more of a dream experience.  Everything will be of that era, but updated.”  His voice lowers as he turns her in the air, having them face each other, dancing over the area he has decided would be the dance floor. “Our first dance will be here.  The band will be playing old favorites, and making new songs to fit the times.  We would glide along the floor, the fog swirling under our feet as we celebrate the opening of our dreams. The entrance into our offices would blend into the rest.  We will also have banquet rooms.”

She shakes her head as she tries to imagine it. ‘Your dreams.  I can’t see it yet.”

He turns her, dancing in the air. “Our dreams.  Without you the club wouldn’t be a thought in my head.  I only took your ideas and turned them into reality.  As I will always do with you, a thaisce.  You give me the dreams, I will make them into reality for you.  Always.”

She shakes her head. “How can you be real?  No one does what you’re doing.  Why do my thoughts matter?” Even Edward hadn’t tried to make her feel this way.  Godric is just… magical.

He twirls her in the air, and, bringing her back to him, says, “Because you are mine.  My treasure, which I have waited through the turning of the ages to hold, to dance in the air with.  And I aim to bring those dreams alive for you.  It is the least you deserve.  There is nothing I won’t do to make your dreams my reality.”

Bella just lays her head against his chest as Godric dances her through her ideas, through his dreams for their future…neither noticing the time or anything that is not in their current reality.

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