Chapter 25 Have It All


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He twirls her in the air, and, bringing her back to him, says, “Because you are mine.  My treasure, which I have waited through the turning of the ages to hold, to dance in the air with.  And I aim to bring those dreams alive for you.  It is the least you deserve.  There is nothing I won’t do to make your dreams my reality.”

Bella just lays her head against his chest as Godric dances her through her ideas, through his dreams for their future…neither noticing the time or anything that is not in their current reality.


As Bella sits in front of the makeup mirror that Godric had gotten her as a gift, she thinks over the past month…the last month has been straight from her dreams.  There is no better way to describe it to someone outside the family, or, as Godric has taught her, their nest.

She has been slowly learning all the terms for their grouping, how the Guardians are separate from all others in the bloodline,  how the bloodline actually works, and the particulars that they had not been sure if she could feel.  However, to their surprise, they found out that if she concentrates, she can sense it.  But Eric told her that when she is turned she will just know who owes them fealty or not without thinking about it.  As Godric’s Mate she will just sense it, as does Eric.  It is the magic of the Blood.  There is no better way to explain it.

Smiling at herself as she powders her face, Godric has not treated her any differently than from the first day they met.  All he has done is, in fact, become even more affectionate, more protective.  He works hard to show her how much he cares. He does little things, like feeding her when he gets the chance.  He uses the Bond to tell him what she enjoys, and even has gone so far as to make her breakfast in bed.  The first time he did so, with a tulip in the glass, she had been speechless.  He has done what he had set out to do: he has made her fall in love with him as he is.  There is no doubt in her mind that she loves him completely with or without the Bond.  How could she not?  He is perfect in her eyes.

Bella Godric

And the sex?  Bella sits up straight as her lust zings through her, and she feels the answering lust from her Mate.  But, he also sends her some soothing vibes, knowing it is important to her to get ready.  However, it didn’t stop the montage of their past month from playing through her mind.  As Godric had promised that night, there had been times that they barely managed to get into their rooms before he was inside of her with their clothes floating in pieces to the ground as he drives into her.  There were also the times that they spent the entire day in bed, just making slow love to each other.  Ninety-nine percent of their showers involved lovemaking.  Godric had no inhibitions, but everything was at her speed.  The first time she had gone down on him, she realized it was not something dirty as Edward had wanted her to think.  It was amazing…for both of them.

Bella reluctantly wrenches her thoughts away from her memories, knowing neither of them has time for it tonight. The former King of Texas, now that Godric is acknowledged as the current King, seems to be relieved. As soon as Andrew had gotten permission from the both of them, he had moved into the main house and lives with them as one of Godric’s children.

Only Guardians and Godric’s children are allowed to live here.  Not that Bella wouldn’t want Andrew here, he is as much a sibling as Eric is, and soon they will share blood from Godric. Andrew and Bella love to gang up on Eric, and there are times Bella teams up against Andrew.  But for Eric and Andrew to team up on Bella?  Oh, no.  They both learned very quickly that she will not hold back, and they promptly called a truce on that.  The nest is one big happy group, as mixed in species as it is.  Even Alcide comes by when he can on the pretext of discussing club plans. But Bella can see through him, and sees how he loves to watch the nest.  He has also joined the rest in betting on how many times Peter would get slapped by Char.

When Bella, worried about her new sibling, had mentioned that Andrew should have a Guardian as well, Peter had just grinned at her and told her not to worry, that his will come. And then he had smarted off and gotten slapped.  When he had rubbed the back of his head and looked up at his Mate, the rest just laughed at him.  He always deserved it…

There had come a moment two weeks ago when Bella finally understood what Eric had meant about the bond between them being unusually tight.  Eric’s Queen had called to ask if he still wished to be Sheriff since he was with his Maker and had been making googly eyes at his Maker’s Mate.  The rage that had washed through Bella at that moment had made her sway, and she had watched with wide eyes as Eric had calmly told the queen that he was with his Maker, who was the head of his Bloodline. There was no sign of the rage she felt from him.  Instead she listened as he further explained that he had not abandoned his duties, nor had he done anything but work on his job while he took his rightful place as Godric’s Second.  If she would like, he would be glad to put his Maker, the King of Texas, on the phone, and she could make the request of him.

That had caused a lot of backpedaling as the woman realized that, by employing Eric as her Sherriff, she had an alliance with Godric.  The King would not allow his Child to be in any danger and so would defend him.  The fact that Eric had close ties to his Maker’s Mated and Bonded would also benefit her.  No, she did not need a war with the King of Texas who was one of the most revered Heads of a Bloodline, and in fact had most of the monarchy of the states in his Bloodline.

Of course the twit never realized that she would make an enemy if she keeps demeaning Godric’s favorite child, his Second, and that she will cause war because of it.  It is actually uncommon that Godric is permitting his Child to be a Sheriff in an adjoining state, but he is allowing it since Eric feels a need to be there.

They are all for supporting him since the revelations of the Mating, that the Cold Ones had been preventing the Matings of the Vampires.  So, since Eric feels the pull to be in Louisiana, they were all hoping that somehow the Cold Ones have missed this one Mate.

In the interest of not showing their hand to the Child Queen, Eric had to leave, and while he has returned at times, he came back just last night after a lengthy time away to be present for the grand opening of Godric’s club. His queen is here also, along with her retinue, which could cause some issues.

There were other notable names attending tonight’s opening, as well.  Many human celebrities will be mixing in with the vampires about whose existence they will be informed in approximately two months.  Godric planned it that way as a means of showing the world that they have in fact intermingled with vampires many times, and they had never been in danger then.  He plans to market the opening night as that, when it comes to the Reveal.

The authority had decided that December 31st was the date for the world to know about them.  Godric had grumbled, then promised Bella that she would be changed after the club opening, and had even arranged for Eric’s queen to release him to help him with his Bonded’s change.

Unknown to her are all the other things he is taking care of in preparation for her turning, along with Jasper, Eric and Andrew.  It might be a mistake, but these three care so much for her that he is allowing them to help out mainly to soothe their own nerves.  Andrew, for instance, is very much eager for the turning, saying he will be able to claim her as his sister much more effectively then.  For his contribution, he will be doing as much of Godric’s monarchy-related work as he can, allowing his Maker much more time with his Mate when she will need it.

Eric had done as he had promised, and Bella was now Isabella Marie Northman.  There was nothing left to show that she had ever been known by any other name.  It was a measure that they had all agreed upon that will hopefully cover her trail, especially to the point that it keeps the Cold Ones from finding her as easily.  They have also put out background information to make it so that the world believes that she really is Eric’s sister.  The physical changes in her body are making it so that they are more and more like each other.  Bella is happy to know that when she is changed, she will look more like Eric than anyone, and that will help delay anyone from putting her face with Bella Swan.

Peter swears that before the end of the year, they will have a run in with the Cold Ones, but he can’t tell them any more than that.  His Knower is not giving any more information no matter how hard he tries.  That has sent Jasper into a flurry of protective measures that everyone agrees upon.  It was hard on Bella and Godric when they would have liked to have spent time together outside the house, but Godric insisted on the security measures.  Nothing is more important to him than her safety.

He even had them move out of the house for the two weeks that it took for the changes that Bella had wanted to be made.  She had also put her foot down, saying this is their home, not a place for the vampires of Dallas and Texas to just drop in when they felt like it.  She wanted safety, and she wanted her home to feel like a home, not a typical nest. She had visited Stan and Isabel’s nest and had not enjoyed the looks of the vampires there.  Nor did she enjoy the looks of the humans, knowing that they were all glamoured.


So when she had made that announcement, the two of them had argued about it, which had cracked up Peter later on.  He had called it one of the calmest arguments that he had ever heard.  Both had stated their case.  Then they had parted to different parts of the house, only going to find one another when they wanted a point clarified.  After four hours of this, with the rest of the nest watching them in the main room as they would walk back and forth, the two had come to a conclusion.

Then they came in front of the nest and worked with them on how enact their ideas. They stood together, and Eric had been so proud of his sister, of the fact she was getting her confidence back, and that Godric fully supported her.

In the end, they had decided that there would be a separate entrance to Godric and Bella’s office on the estate grounds.  But for anyone to visit, it would have to be serious, and by appointment or invitation only since their home office was mainly for the nest.

The office at the bar would be where they would meet with others.  That had been settled, and Jasper had put together the security to allow it, even going as far as to allow a separate gate created specifically for that purpose. They had also gotten a witch to cast a spell to make it available to vampires and even Cold Ones, but entrance into the rest of the house and property was by Godric AND Bella’s invitation only.


Godric had also, with Bella’s encouragement, insisted that the hours for the club be their office hours.  The actual club looked like a face, which it really was.  They had built into the adjoining buildings, creating areas for vampires to meet.  The buildings all around the club are parts of it, but Godric and Bella liked the looks of it.  It hid from most eyes the private parts of the structure, which is what they wanted.  Jasper had loved it from the security aspects, but he also loved to tease Bella about how industrial it looked on the outside with the inside being so opulent.  She just wrinkled her nose at him.

So they had designed the club around Bella’s ideas, with Jasper and the rest planning the security.  They knew that when the revelation came there would be fanatics, so the glass was bullet proof and there were many other security measures built into the club.  None were as in depth as the ones around Godric and Bella, which included doors that could close off parts of the club, areas that surprised Bella when they tested them two days ago.

Jasper told her that they were not taking any chances with security on either them or Eric.  Andrew moving in made it even easier. They had all given in to the levels Jasper had implemented, knowing that if they get used to it now, it will be easier when such measures are really needed.  And as Jasper had reminded her, humans are not generally very tolerant of anything new, and that it would take a while for vampires to have equal rights.

Bella painted her lips in the mirror as her mind skipped over the last month.  She grimaced when she remembered meeting the last of Godric’s children. Nora.  She feels love and care coming from both her brother and her Mate.  She sends her own love back to them, then goes over that time in her head.  It had certainly been an eye opener for her, not only about Nora, but about her Mate, her Bond with her brother, and about others.

Nora was a mess. Godric had gotten tired of her interfering whenever he had done anything with Bella through the Authority in an effort to make sure all the rules are followed.  So he had forcefully called her after notifying the Roman.  And he did it before dawn, making her suffer before she could answer the call.  He was done with her.  The rules were followed because it pleased him to do so; Nora thinking she could change the results was laughable at the very least.  Bella is Godric’s, and he is Bella’s.  Nothing Nora could do would ever change that.

It had been a lesson to Bella on how Godric could be to those who threatened their happiness.  She had, up until that point, only known the side of the man who was deeply in love with her as much as she, herself, was in love with him. He had been relaxed and easygoing around her, but she had seen signs of the iron control he had.  But never to the level that she had seen that day.

2013 03 09_0602

She grins as she remembers how much better she had gotten to know him.  She had loved finding out that he prefers laid back clothing, sweatshirts and jeans when they go out.  He adores skateboarding, and she had spent an afternoon laughing at him and Eric along with their Guardians as they skateboarded.  After Jasper and Peter had realized that Eric and Godric could fly, they called false on some of the moves they did.

But then she herself was surprised when Godric admitted that while he could maneuver anything touching him, Eric could only move himself.   They had no idea if Eric would gain more power later in his long life, but it explained the dance that she and Godric had enjoyed above the nonexistent dance floor on that first date.

Once that information had been admitted, they were treated to some of Godric’s moves from lonely nights when the skateboarding had become an art.  He had coasted throughout Dallas many a night, watching the world and doing something to pass the time.  It had been something he enjoyed, there had been many of his physical age doing the same, and they had showed him much in moves and such.  It had been a happier time in his long existence.

But the night of Nora’s latest stunt, Godric was angry.  Bella could not help but feel it, and she finally went to Eric to get relief from the pounding anger.  She never understood how he did it, but he was the only one she sensed who could help her.

Eric had looked up from the conference table where he had been working through the red tape of Nora’s latest ‘request’ and, sensing her emotions, had opened his arms to her.  When she had crawled into his lap, he held her close, kissing her forehead.  He poured his love through their Bond to try to alleviate the pressure he could feel from her.  He knew Godric was shielding, but the two of them were so closely bonded that there was no way to completely block his rage from her.  Eric himself was not exempt from feeling Godric’s rage, but then, he had also had a thousand years to learn to deal with it.  He counted himself lucky that his Maker didn’t get this angry often.

“Why is he so angry?  I never have felt Godric this angry before,” she had cried to him, not understanding how her loving calm Mate could be this livid.

As he held her to him, Eric told her softly, “It’s my fault.  He turned Nora for me, and it was a mistake.  She is a harpy, wanting nothing more than to be the number one female in our eyes.  She has never let up on Pamela, even after Pam admitted to loving a woman’s body more than a man’s, but because we had fucked at one point, Nora will never stop pushing her. I eventually took Pamela away from her.  Godric has never really paid any female any attention until you.  I think she is jealous that he never cared for her.  He had done his duty to her, and gotten her a position with the Authority when she requested it, but never did he care for her, never even thought of her as someone to relieve the itch.  She hated him for being my sexual partner when I wished, but she loved him as her Maker.”

He sighed.  Nora could not understand the apathy Godric held for her and did all she could to tempt her with her body.  That had been what had turned Eric off of her, what had convinced him she was not the Mate he had yearned for, the Mate he had had wanted her to be.

His arms were holding his sister close as his hand stroked through her hair, and he continued, “I never saw how bad she had gotten until I came back with Pam from a job.  Even then, she still listened to Godric.  But one day I came to Dallas to visit, thinking I would be able to have some time with him.  She was here and she was screaming at him because he had allowed me to become a Sheriff   He didn’t acknowledge her, acted as though she was not there.  But when I walked in the room, and realized what happened, I had her against the wall.  Then she had the nerve to try to be coy and act like nothing had happened.  I couldn’t help myself, I was ready to kill her.” His anger at that memory had ripped through him, and he felt Bella jerk in his arms and he soothed her as he sent remorse.

He rested his head on hers and continued, “But he ordered me to not to.  He said that she is what we made her into.  This is my lesson, that you don’t change those you don’t feel a pull to.  I felt bad since I had never felt the pull to Pam, and yet I changed her anyway.   Godric then instructed me that there are those who are not suited for our life, and to never trust those that there is no pull to.”

Bella asked so quietly that it took a lot for Eric to hear, “What about me?”

He frowned and looked down to her, “You are Godric’s Mate, my sister.  To say we feel a pull to you would be like saying that is a little bit nippily in Sweden in the middle of winter.  You are most wanted, pulled to, and needed.  But I will share my lesson that I learned too late with you, my dear sister.” Although if Peter is right, she would never be able to have the joy of being a Maker.  He just held her, and let her lose herself in their Bond.

She sighed as she relaxed into Eric, and he held her as he calmed her.  After a little while he asked her softly, “You do know he is not mad at you, syrra?”

She nodded. “I know.  I don’t understand it, but since the Bonding and Mating, if he gets too strong of an emotion, he can’t control it.  It hurts.  Not even blood helps.  But being with you helps mute it to a level I can deal with,” she mumbled, so relaxed for the first time since Godric had found out what had happened.

Eric frowned as he thought it over.  How would he mute the effect their Mating and Bonding had on her?  A voice comes from the door as Godric leaned on it as he watched the two people who meant the world to him. “Your own bond helps.  It is why I am over here, not holding her.  Touch makes it more potent.  I figured when I felt her and you dim in my bonds, that you were helping her.  Thank you.” He was very thankful for Eric being able to calm her.  He hated what he was doing, but no matter how much he tried to shut down the Bond, it had not been enough.  It had just added to the numerous incidences for which Nora would suffer.

As he watched his Maker, Eric touched on Bella and realized she was dozing.  He looked down and his face had softened as he watched her as she slept in his arms.

Godric chuckled.  “She can still hear us.  But since this is the first time she has gotten a chance to even shut her eyes, I thank you.”

Eric looked up and asked softly, “It doesn’t bother you?”

Godric had started shaking his head before Eric could finish the question, and informed him, “No.  I am glad of it.  She needs a way to escape me.  Per Peter, it will take past her turning to learn to block me.  And even then, we will never be able to block from the other completely.  It is why we worked out the method to arguing that you saw a couple of weeks ago.” It had been a much better solution than the last time they had fought.  Neither had liked that time at all.

Not able to stop the chuckle, Eric smiled at Godric. “I will admit, that was the damnedest thing I ever saw.”

“She came up with it, and it does work.  I suggest the same for you, my son.  It is not a pleasant thing to try to argue with her, especially now that we are bonded so closely.  It does provide better results, even though I told her I would be happy to come to her when she had questions, but she told me the walking to each other helped to calm us down.  Seems it was a way she learned to deal with Renee.”

Eric controlled the burst of anger he felt any time her old family was mentioned, and nodded. “I can see where she comes from.  I could feel the difference in the two of you.  I will use it if we argue.” And maybe he could use it other times, too.  He really hated his temper, and he controlled it, but with Pam or any of the people he was bonded to, it was hard to separate their emotions to know which was his and which was theirs. It had been a reason he had gained his famous poker face.

Godric chuckled.  He then looked off. “What are we going to do, Eric?  I was given permission to punish her in any way I wish, even True Death.”  He was trying to see a way out of this, but he could no longer abide her disobedience.  It was coming to the point where she would be ended by him or by someone else now.

He sighed as he realized his Maker was truly angry, and looked at him, “I will do it, if you wish. It is my fault that she is your Child.” He would take the burden from his Maker at any time, but especially now.  It was his fault.

As he looked at his petite Mate in his Son’s arms, Godric told him, “I will do what I need to.  Meanwhile, do take care with the information that Peter provided you earlier.” He looked up at Eric, made eye contact with him, and conveyed to him that he would need to deal with the issue.  He hoped that now Eric would learn the lesson he had tried to show him before.

Eric closed his eyes.  “I will.  It is as you said, no one but those you feel a pull to.” He cannot believe the information Peter had given them, but he knew it to be true.  Being their spymaster was perfect for Peter since his Knower often helped fill in the blanks for them.

His eyes were sad as he looked at Eric.  He told him, “We have a good nest here.  Or as Bella calls it, a family.  You have a brother you trust to have your back, you have a sister to love.  You have other blood family who will watch over her as any relative should, and you have a pair of Guardians for yourself that I am happy with.  This will pass as all things do.” He truly believed this.  This was no more than just garbage that had been accumulating, and while it was unfortunate that it was coming out at this time, it was going to come to a head one way or the other anyway.  Godric would rather deal with it all right now – he had more important things to do with his time.

With that, the two shared a look.  Godric left, and let Eric hold his Mate to allow her the rest that she needed.

That evening, Bella and Godric received Nora in their new library, with the rest of the nest in attendance. She was angry and glared at Bella.

Godric had lifted an eyebrow.  Eric had looked down at her from his place between the two behind their seats.  He too lifted an eyebrow as he commented, “Is this any way to meet with the King of Texas, your Maker and the Head of your Bloodline?”

Godric just sat there and stared at her.  His rage was still there, flickering in his eyes.  Eric’s hands on him and Bella were really there to help Bella with Godric’s rage.  She felt why he was considered so powerful, and he was trying to control his anger.

He cared nothing of how Nora treated him as her actions showed her to be the guttersnipe she was.  How she treated Eric made him upset, and he has punished her for it.  But Eric can take care of himself.  Pam is Eric’s concern, not Godric’s.  He had made that plain when he had brought the woman home.

But his Mate?  Nora was going to find that her Maker was not one to mess with.  But right now, he needed to not hurt his Mate with the rage he felt.

Eric looked down at the woman he had at one point thought to be his Mate.  How wrong he had been.  When she still did not show any deference, he nodded and Jasper moved behind her and forced her to the ground.

Nora was shocked as the Cold One forced her to the ground.  She shrieked at him, “Unhand me you foul piece of filth! Do you know who I am?”

Jasper smirked. “A woman not respecting the Head of her family.  Be glad I am not in charge of you.  I would have you over my knee and spanked.  You need to learn some humility.”

Andrew choked. It was the least the bitch needed to learn, but it was accurate enough to promise that this showdown would be much more entertaining for the nest than normal.

Godric had a contemplative look on his face, but Peter told him, “It won’t do anything.  You need him here, not messin’ with her.”  The last word was said with as much disgust as possible. He looked down at the woman who had been saved from the ditch by these two men, and she had no respect or thankfulness for either of them for it.

Sighing, Godric looked down at her. “I can’t disown you, because I am the only one able to control you.  Roman has told me of your heathen ways and how he has tried to curtail you.  He has told me that Bella is acknowledged as my Mate, as well as other information I had sent to him.”


Then the door opened and a tall man dressed in black walked in.  He had piercing grey eyes under his raven black hair, and a scruff that drove women nuts.  A smirk covered his face as he looked down at the individual being forced to her knees.

Eric grined in recognition of the man. “Armando!” He could not help but smile at the man he had spent many hours in bars with competing on who would have the most women fall over themselves for a chance to be theirs for the night.

Armando gave a mocking half bow.  “Nash sent me.  It seems you have a problem.” He grinned back at his friend, one of his few.

Nora started at the name, but Jasper’s grip on her shoulder didn’t allow her to do much else.

Eric asked as he grinned at him, “I thought you were elsewhere, something about finding your princess?” He relaxed in the knowledge that they had received the answer to their question. He had heard that Armando had found her, and that she had been through some rough stuff, enough to break most humans, and that Armando had interfered often to make sure his Mate would be able to grow up in a family full of love for her.  Being who he was, he could not take care of her himself.  There were too many who would love to harm her just because of what she meant to him.

Armando looked around at the room and the rest of the nest as he walked forward. “I have.  She is safe.  But you, my friend, have growing problems  on your hands.  The only thing I am going to ask is:  have you learned your lesson?”  His eyebrow arched as he stood there looking at his friend.  He was earnest, and only because it was for Eric  was he willing to do this.

Eric closed his eyes in for a moment then nods. “I have.  More than learned it.” His eyes opened and met the grey ones of his friend.

Armando noded.  “I will relieve you of one of the problems.  Nash has authorized it, and if Godric will give me his Bond, then I will take her off your hands.  As you both know, this is not permanent.  And if she does anything to harm my stella, she will be dead.  Is this understood?” He had stated this to Nash, and he had agreed.  Nash thought that Nora might become useful, but if she could not be controlled, she would be given the True Death.  Armando had also stipulated that if she in any way harms his Mate, he would carry out the final sentence with no hesitation.

They nod, but Bella finally could not stay still. “What is going on?” She was confused, and though she knew that as a human she should not have spoken, Godric had encouraged her to ask and let her questions be known.  The only reason she knew otherwise was because she asked Andrew to let her know what was normal.  She never wanted to be a reason Godric killed.

Nora snarled at her, “Because of your ass, they are giving me to the Dark Prince for training.  All because you managed to get my Maker and my Brother to think you are more than you truly are, a whore.” Her face was twisted into an ugly visage, and she struggled against the hold Jasper had on her.

Without Bella seeing it, there was a sound that startled her and she looked down and saw Armando crouching with Nora’s head on the ground. He had leaned over her to enforce his dominant status over her.  Jasper was behind him, an eyebrow raised as he monitored the bitch.

Armando snarled back at her, “She is more than you will ever be.  She is your Maker’s Mate, and your Brother’s true sister.   You owe her your fealty.  But don’t worry, Whora, I will teach you how to bow before your betters.  You should have listened to Eric when he told you that you were pushing boundaries you have no idea about.  I am to be your Master, and I will teach you the full meaning of this word.” The last was said with his fangs extended next to her ear.  He would not fail his friend in making sure that this waste of space would make up for her many shortcomings from all these years.

Bella managed not to cringe, but when Armando threw Nora to the side and she crashed into the stone pillar, she flinched.  Jasper immediately had Nora in a headlock and nodded to Armando.  He would take over from here.

Armando sighed then turned to Bella to bow.  “I am so sorry, your Highness.  I have forgotten to introduce myself to you.   I am Armando Ignacio d’Napoli at your service.” He looked up, and his eyes were twinkling as he smiled at her.

She nodded, but she watched the man in front of her warily.  Upon seeing it, Armando sighed.  He told her in a gentle voice, “You do not know of me, nor have you heard of me, but I will never harm you nor any you call yours,” he promised to her, having already known how important she was to the world.  She would be setting so many souls free with her presence which would allow these warriors to be ready when the call comes.  It was his honor to watch over her for any length of time.  Plus, as Eric’s sister, he was very interested in getting to know her.

She hesitated, but feeling Godric and Eric next to her, she asked, “Why did she call you the Dark Prince?” She was curious; she had not missed how Eric felt when he had seen him.  There was friendship between the two.

He chuckled.  “It’s a play on a couple of things, my Queen.  One, I was born a Prince of Naples, and once a Prince, always a prince.  Also it plays on the fact I wear dark clothing.  But mostly, I am sworn to the Dark One, as some call him.  I serve Nash for now, but I know that I have some changes coming, not the least of which is my stella.”  He smiles, and it makes the man who was as handsome as any she had seen, become beautiful.  She smiled at him, and wondered about this woman who was obviously his whole world.

He looked over at his new charge, “For Nora, it means that she will see the darker side of me.  I have been tasked with training her while I wait for my stella to grow up.  It will not be pleasant for her, but it has been needed for a long time.  Nash has decided that she has shamed her nest and her position too much to be allowed to continue.” Not said was that this was her last chance.  They all understood.

Bella looked at where Jasper held the woman who had made her Mate so angry and then back to Armando.

Godric held her hand, and told Armando, “I will accept this gladly.  As you mentioned, we have enough troubles coming.  If she will not heel, I will end her.  I have no more time to give to someone who holds nothing but contempt for my Mate.”  He said it out loud as he knew that Nora would not accept it unless she heard it from his mouth.  He was done.

Nora started, her eyes wide as she realized what Godric said.

Jasper’s eyes darken as he lowered his lips to her ear, “Yes, darlin’.  He is done with you.  She is truly his Mate, and you insulted her.  If you do not learn the lessons the Italian is going to teach you, he will allow you to have the True Death.  This is your last chance.  If I catch you upsetting him or my sister, I will end you.” With that, he nodded to the rest, and took her to be interred in a silver coffin for Armando to deal with when he had the time.

Eric shook his head at her idiocy.  He looked up and asked, “Are you staying for the opening?” He was interested to know if he would have time to reminisce with him and to find out more about his dark Princess.

A smirk appeared, “Of course.” He waived around him.  “Like I would pass up the chance to see this much talked about club.  I hear that it is a one of a kind.”  And that had been the topic of the conversation for the rest of the night, the club and finding out more about the Dark Prince.

Bella sighs as she pulls the last of her curls out of the curling iron for tonight.  The lessons of the last month had been fun, but Nora had been a wakeup call that all is not perfect in her world.

However, the nights with Godric had been enough to satisfy any woman. That night had been a new high, and she can feel herself getting aroused, and can feel Godric’s amusement at her arousal for the second time already for the night.  But who can blame her?  Godric had worshipped her body enough times that she is still in awe.  He would once in a while murmur to her that he found his new spot for the night, and that night had made her reevaluate the joys of being his lover.

Giving up since she is ready, she lets her mind wonder over specific times with her Mate. The night after their date had been memorable.  Since then, he has had the chocolate mousse delivered a couple of times.  Seems Godric’s body was the right temperature for maximum effects when it came to eating it off him.  And she had also found some ticklish spots.

Her face reddens as she remembers all the ways Godric has shown her his thousands of years of experience.  The man has taken her to places she never even dreamed.  And she thanks his gods and her Goddess for the fact that he is the one to introduce her to sex, to the art of making love.

Neither can go long without some sort of intimacy, but they have learned that while making love can connect them, the simple act of being together while taking a bath, reading a book together on the couch, or just simply being with each other will satisfy them.  Being together in those ways she realizes is just as intimate as making love to him.

Yes, she has learned many things with Godric, and she looks forward to learning more.  She sprays the last curl into place, and rises to slip off the dark blue robe he had bought her the other day to finish getting dressed.

Looking at her outfit, she grins as she looks forward to shocking her Mate.  And with that thought, Bella proceeds to finish dressing for the opening of their club.

Final count:  6,909 words.






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