Chapter 26 Your Love Lifts Me Out of Time


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Neither can go long without some sort of intimacy, but they have learned that while making love can connect them, the simple act of being together while taking a bath, reading a book together on the couch, or just simply being with each other will satisfy them.  Being together in those ways she realizes is just as intimate as making love to him.

Yes, she has learned many things with Godric, and she looks forward to learning more.  She sprays the last curl into place, and rises to slip off the dark blue robe he had bought her the other day to finish getting dressed.

Looking at her outfit, she grins as she looks forward to shocking her Mate.  And with that thought, Bella proceeds to finish dressing for the opening of their club.



Bella slowly dresses.  She pulls up her garters with the lacey edges and smiles knowing that only her Mate will see them.  But she has learned to enjoy the little things, and these make her feel very sexy, and she can certainly imagine the joy Godric will have in removing them.  Well, if he does remove them.  Sometimes he loves to leave her garters and shoes on…

She smiles softly to herself as she enjoys the act of getting ready for her other half. She knows that only he will see the care she takes to make herself beautiful exactly for what it is: a way to be beautiful.  For the first time in her life, she feels that beauty, and it had only taken a month of adoration from her Mate and her brother.

While it wasn’t that long of a time, when you are adored that much, you would be shocked at how your outlook changes…especially when the ones complimenting you are two beautiful men:  Godric and Eric.

Eric never pulled punches and he had been almost brutal in pointing out how her looks were more than competent when compared to any others.  As he had offhandedly commented, did she really think that Godric saw anyone but her?

That had made her stare at him, and she had to admit that Armando’s frankly admiring glances helped, too.  He had complimented her quite a few times himself.  When Godric had growled at him one time for it, he had simply raised his eyebrow and told him, “I found my Bella Stella, my very own Bella Principessa Oscuro (Beautiful Dark Princess), but I am not blind.  I can admire a woman in love, who is beautiful in her own way.”  He had been blunt, but appreciative.

This had shocked her.  She had slowly begun to learn that she might just be what they called her.  There were also the nights of passion, of Godric blatantly searching her out for the love she can give him.  The meeting of their souls during those intimate moments assures her that he only loves her, that he wants only her.  There was no other from whom he would drink, and there was no other, not even Eric, for whom he felt desire.

Now she is dressing for this night, and it’s a huge night for both of them.  This is the night they open their club to the public, and their last big outing before the Revelation.  It is also one of her last nights as a human.

Even though they knew the cause of it, her pain had been increasing.  After some tests and having Dr. Ludwig speak with Peter, they had decided that being with her Mate is causing her body to work towards holding even more information.  Peter actually stated that Bella will be powerful, and he suspects that the venom will make it so that her shield will be both physical and mental.  Plus she will also have gifts from being Godric’s Mate and Eric’s sister.

Peter had hypothesized with Dr. Ludwig about the possibility that the older the blood of the Maker, the more gifts could be bestowed upon the progeny, theorizing that the older the blood, the closer to the original vampire. Soon afterward they had received a note from Nash that stated, “Yes, now enough”, thus ending that topic of conversation.  But Peter had walked through the house with a proud smirk on his face, until Charlotte had smacked him, of course.

Bella had missed Peter and Charlotte when they had left with Eric, and it had pleased her when the house filled back up.  She had teased Peter knowing that, sooner or later, he would mess up and say something to get slapped.  Char had already complained about Eric’s current club, and the tons of half-naked women who threw themselves at Eric and Peter.

Humming softly to herself, Bella shrugs into her dress, then before she can try to zip it up, she feels her Mate behind her. He bestows a light kiss on her neck before he zips up her dress. His hands come to rest on her waist as he moves closer to her.

Black Diamond Drama

But before she can turn to greet him, he holds her still, murmuring, “I have something to complete the outfit, a thaisce.”  Watching him in the mirror, she gasps as he puts a black diamond necklace around her throat.  Her eyes meet his in the glass.

Godric just stares at his beauty’s reflection as he places another kiss where he joins the necklace, leaving the extra length of chain to dangle down her bare back.  “So beautiful, so mine.”  He holds her closer as he whispers to her, “I love you, a thaisce.”

She smiles at him, and sends him her love. “I love you, too.”

He turns her around, and staring at her, he slowly lowers himself to one knee.  He holds her hand in his as he tells her, “You are the one I dreamed of two thousand years in the past.  You are the one who knows my heart and soul as no other.  I am not asking for this now, but I would like you to join with me in the last Bond left.  Not the human way, that is so meaningless.  It’s a piece of paper that cannot encompass the true meaning of our love.  No, I am asking that in the future, you would honor me by Pledging to me in the vampire way, for forever.  Eternity.  I would accept no less, nor would you deserve anything but that.  Will you honor me in agreeing to Pledge yourself to me?” He gazes at her, his aforementioned soul and heart clearly visible in his eyes and face.

Bella’s eyes fill and she nods.  She will never marry.  Like Godric said, it is too temporary.  But what he is asking for is the stars, and she will give it to him as long as he gives her time to get used to it.

His face breaks out in a huge grin as he slides a ring onto her finger.  He then jokes, “I put a ring on it.  I didn’t want to let anyone else think they have a chance.”


And with that Bella is full-on laughing.  She remembers clearly the night that he had taken her out to a normal club, and they had danced.  Now that she no longer falls over her own feet, she has found that she adores dancing, especially with Godric, and even with Eric, too.  For such a tall man, he really can move.

But that night she had gone out with all the other single ladies and danced to a song by Beyoncé.  Godric had been confused, and she explained that if he didn’t put a ring on it, humans would think she is free for the taking.  For the rest of the night, he had laughed at the men who had gotten desperate with her, and had come gallantly to her rescue when they pushed too hard.  Unlike Edward, Godric trusted her.  Godric could be almost violently possessive of her, but he allowed her to stand on her own two feet and handle things.

She was taken aback the first time he had done it as King.  He had her by his side as they listened to two vampires arguing about a pet.  Godric had been calm, but when they had started talking in circles, he held up a hand.  He then looked to her and asked her what she thought.

He didn’t take her aside. He didn’t ask them to leave.  No, instead Godric had made it very apparent to his supplicants that his Mate, though human now, is ruling by his side.  If you didn’t like it, keep it to yourself, leave, or be strung up in silver.  There were no second chances. That message had been received as well as Nash’s announcement welcoming the King and Queen of Texas to the club of Monarchs.

Godric just stares into her eyes as their Bond does all the talking, saying all the things that mere words would trivialize.  He is thrilled that his Mate, who he knows hates marriage, would agree to do this for him.  At first he had been set back when he’d discovered her aversion to marriage.  But this, this is for eternity, and would also let the other Kings and Queens know that he is not entertaining any offers.  There would be no need to hurt his Mate needlessly with them asking.

Eric just stops in the doorway of their room, and leans against the jam.  He has a smile on his face as he watches the two, and since they are not hiding what they are feeling, he can sense when they reach out and enfold him in their closeness.  He doesn’t hesitate to approach, and the three of them rest in their mutual Bonds.

They had found out about the unusual Bonding experience one evening when Godric and Bella had been curled up on the couch. Eric had come in and asked if he could join them.  They had both looked up and nodded.  Bella had curled up in the corner of the couch and was working on a redesign for another of their houses, with Godric’s head in her lap, his eyes closed as her fingers had trailed through his hair.  Eric had collapsed on the floor in front of them and rested his head against Bella’s legs.  He had just received some news he was not happy about, and needed to relax.   Since no one bugged Godric and Bella when they are like this, he had asked first.

The three of them had ended up falling into their Bonds, finding a sort of peacefulness there that none of them had been aware of before.  Since then, Eric had often found himself working on his iPad in their room when they are just being themselves.  Once in a while they would talk, but there had been many times when they had all simply sunk into the Bond, all of them tangled up in each other.  There was nothing sexual about it, just a peaceful companionship that was hard to explain.

When Eric had gone back to Shreveport, that sense of being so close to each other had been missed, and it had been one of the things they had made a point to do each time he returned.

Then Eric has to be himself, knowing that they can’t spend the night like this no matter how much they all want to.  This is an occasion to celebrate, and Eric is going to make sure that everyone knows about it tonight. “So I see you put a ring on it.”

Godric sighs as he shakes his head.  “Why is it I have never heard of this before?” He grins, and the amusement flows in their Bonds as he pulls his love into his arms.

Laughing at his Maker, Eric tells him, “Because you don’t work in a bar that plays it over and over.  I will be glad to be away from the top forty when Fangtasia officially opens.” He shudders at how many songs are played over and over and over… Surely humans cannot want such repetition?

Bella grins, but when she starts to pull away, Eric shakes his head. “Where do you think you’re going?”

She lifts an eyebrow at him as she comments, “To grab my wrap.” She isn’t sure about what Eric means. Godric has allowed her out of his arms, and if there had been something missing, surely he would have let her know.

He shakes his head. “You think you’re dressed?” Eric looks over to Godric.  “Women these days,” he intones ruefully as he grabs his gift for his syrra.

Bella shakes her head but when she feels a slight tugging in her ears, she looks in the mirror to find some beautiful earrings dangling from her lobes.  “Eric!  You shouldn’t have!” Then she glances at her wrist and notices the bracelet he has slipped on there, too.

He hugs her to him, “I should, and lots more.  You look gorgeous.  Are you sure you want that old man to escort you when you have me?” He lifts an eyebrow at her, enjoying the banter between them.

She laughs, looking up at her brother. “Sorry, he put a ring on it.  He gets to escort me.  But since I know you’re going stag, I will be happy to have you on my other arm.  Spiff you up, if that’s possible.” She looks down her nose at him in his tux, which is pretty hard to do since he is still a foot taller than she is even in her heels.

With laughter, the three start up the stairs.  Jasper and Paul are in Guardian mode, along with Peter and Charlotte.  However, Charlotte is decked out in beautiful jewelry, and it is obvious that her Mate is as gone on her as Godric is on Bella.

Pamela, on the other hand, is standing there in a Vera Wang dress, but it doesn’t look as good as normal, not with that frown on her face.  She normally wouldn’t escort Eric since he usually wanted it obvious that he was available for companionship, but she had heard Eric teasing Bella on the way up on how she is going to ruin his playboy image.  Why is he giving up that status for her?  And if he has gotten tired of the vermin, then why hasn’t he asked her to escort him?

She also notices that when she walks into the room, Bella just glows.  No human should look that good.

But she keeps her disgust under wraps.  She has heard what happened to Nora, and it makes her determined that her Maker would not have reason to give her to the Dark Prince, too.  No, her aunt can have that honor all to herself.

With only a slight stagger when they reach the top of the stairs and take her through the house, Godric and Eric guide her through the front door and into the Limo.  They had a tight timeline, and if Charlotte had seen the ring before they got inside, Bella would never get there in time.

And, predictably, Charlotte catches sight of the glitter on Bella’s ring finger, and she barely keeps herself from squealing as she grabs her hand.  As she looks at the ring, she tells her, “Your man has a fine eye for jewelry.  As is told by that necklace, too.  It is so unique!”

Bella grins and is soon talking to her animatedly.  The males all glance at each other in amusement, but they never once interrupt the female chatter.

Pamela sits in the corner, and just watches.


When they pull up to the new club, there are photographers everywhere.  Jasper and Peter exit the vehicle first, and once they are sure it is safe, they step out of the way as Godric gets out, then Eric.  They too take in the area, then in a synchronized move, reach into the limo to help Bella out.

Tons of flashes go off as Bella gracefully steps out of the limo.  She grins at the expressions on her Mate and brother’s faces.  All the while the cameras keep going off.  The two men offer her their elbows, and they turn to make their way down the red carpet.

Jasper is behind them, and when Peter hands out Charlotte, they soon follow them as well.  Paul gets out, looks around to ensure that nothing is coming up behind them, then hands out Pam. The two of them generate just as many flashes from the cameras.  They looked remarkable together, his russet coloring complementing her gown and her blonde looks.  Pamela gracefully smiles, and she can hear comments about her boutique being a hit in New Orleans and across the pond.  It is enough to calm her down, and Paul sighs in relief.

Godric, Bella and Eric are stopped a couple of times as they make their way up the carpet.  Bella is a newcomer, but it had been gossiped about how Godric had been seen escorting her about town and the looks the two trade.

Thanks to the Blessing the Goddess had given Bella and Eric, there is no doubt now that the two are siblings.  When a reporter asks Eric why he had hidden her away for so long, Eric laughs. “I was making sure that Godric would allow her to grow up before he swept her off her feet.”

The reporter swiftly grabs the tidbit, “Are they an item?” It would be the scoop of the night.  Godric is well known as a wealthy investor, and has been being seen in public more and more since the date for the Revelation has been set.  So in Dallas, and in a lot of the nation, Godric is as well-known as Eric is.

Eric, knowing this game, grins at the reporter. “Oh yes.  And there is no one I would trust my little sister to more.  In fact,” he leans closer to the reporter, “if you get a flash on her hand, you will see that he took my advice and put a ring on it.”

Eric couldn’t help it.  He had laughed when Bella told him the story about the song, and had ribbed Godric about it the entire time.  Finally Godric had snapped and told him that he will be sure to make her not available in anyone’s eyes.  Then his eyes glowed at Eric as he told him, “Mine.”

So now, he will drop it about all that to his Maker, who has been transitioning from being his father to being more like his brother.  As odd as it sounds, Eric likes this new relationship, but he also loves the fact he can let his playful side come out more and more.

Godric hears his comment and rolls his eyes as he leans closer to his Mate. “Eric opened his mouth, expect a flurry of flashes.”

Right after he says that, they all go off.

Bella just laughs.  They are close to the doors, and so it would not be very long that she has to put up with it…and she has no doubt that Eric had planned it just that way.


The crowd itself ends up giving them the reprieve she wants as the three make it inside.  Bella’s eyes widen as she takes in the first thing she sees when she enters the area: the dance floor.  She can see the full band inside, just like in the old musicals she had admitted to Godric that she loves.  They had spent a lot of time watching those, and Bella sees why Godric has been so intent on it.

He has recreated that exact feeling right here.  The seating is elegant, the lights might be a little harsh, but the fog on the dance floor gentles it all, making it seem like a dream. And as he has told her many times before, he will make her dreams come true, even the ones that she never imagined possible.

Godric smiles at her reaction, and he heads to the right for her to see the bar.  It is much darker, but he wants her to see the entire place. It is hers, all of it.  He made it for her.  He had never wanted a place like this before, but for his Mate…he wanted to give her this.

Eric steps away, making sure that all the plans for the night are in place.  This is Bella and Godric’s time.  They will be dealing with all the other shit soon enough.  For tonight, he will give them this.

Godric shows her all but the business part, figuring they will be spending much time there anyway.  And, while he has surprised her with the club, the business area is something that she designed.

When they come back through to the front of the club, he swings her onto the dance floor.  The music begins with a piano segueing into a woman’s voice.  Godric swings Bella out on the floor, and she cannot keep her eyes off her Mate as she realizes he is giving her another dream made into reality.

As the song picks up, Godric effortlessly leads her as they dance on the floor with no other couples.  The fog is swaying with them, and no one wants to disturb the scene in front of them.  The couple everyone watches shows their love, and the song that had just made it into the hits recently seems to have been made for them.

Neither looks in another direction as each is captivated by the other’s eyes.  And now that the fog was thick enough, no one can tell that the couple is no longer dancing on the floor;  no, their very feet are lifted from the ground as they swirl across the floor.

As the music slowly dies, the lights dim, and the two end their magical dance staring into each other’s eyes, and the love they have for each other is evident to all.

And for that moment, life is all that Bella could wish for.  The love of her Mate is strong enough to make her very dreams come true.

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