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Prologue: Every Storm by Gary Allen

Chapter 1: Teardrop by Civil Twilight

Chapter 2: Silent Lucidity by Queensryche

Chapter 3: Look After You by The Fray

Chapter 4: Wanted by Hunter Hayes

Chapter 5: Robot Boy by Linkin Park

Chapter 6: I’m Yours bv The Script

Chapter 7: Angel by Sarah McLachlan

Chapter 8: Missing Persons 1 & 2 by OneRepublic

Chapter 9: Fix You by Coldplay

Chapter 10: Over My Head (Cable Car) by The Fray

Chapter 11: Undertow by Timbaland featuring The Fray and Esthero

Chapter 12: Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin

Chapter 13: Somebody I Used to Know by Gotye (feat. Kimbra)

Chapter 14: Perfect by Hedley

Chapter 15: Nothing on but the Radio by Gary Allen

Chapter 16: Feel Again by OneRepublic

Chapter 17: Lady Day by Lifehouse

Chapter 18: Hey Soul Sister by Train

Chapter 19: Better Life by Keith Urban

Chapter 20: New Divide by Linkin Park

Chapter 21: California 37 by Train

Chapter 22: Where I Come From by Lifehouse

Chapter 23: Made For You by OneRepublic

Chapter 24: My First Kiss (Feat. Ke$ha) by 3Oh!3

Chapter 25: On Top of The World by Imagine Dragons

Chapter 26: Heart by Heart by Demi Lovato

Chapter 27: Unforgettable by Nat “King” Cole & Natalie Cole

Chapter 28: Wretches and Kings by Linkin Park

Chapter 29: My Immortal by Evanescence

Chapter 30: Human by Civil Twilight

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  1. seekerowl523

    I really can’t wait until you start updating this story again. It’s torture to know you’ve written so many chapters. Sometimes I go back just to read the first 17 chapters. It’s so awesome, I can’t get enough! And I love the name of the trilogy, Set You Free. I think it’s perfect. 🙂

    • Kittyinaz

      I just finished it last night. Sometime in the next month (That is starting in two days) I will have it updating again. I wanted to make sure the sequel flowed right.

      • seekerowl523

        I completely understand. Sometimes when you write things out, some things you can go back and change to an idea you have in your head… if that makes any sense. I’m just extremely curious and I just love Godric’s and Bella’s relationship- can’t wait to see how it develops :). And I will go ahead and admit I’m looking forward to their mating 😉


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