Chapter 2 Strong on the Surface


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Sookie cannot help but chuckle at the playfulness in him.  That turned into a full blown laugh as Bella yelled after him, “And get your hair cut!”



As the night continues, Sookie is constantly amused with Eric and Bella.  There is no question that the two of them adore each other, and are very close.  Their relationship makes her wish that her own with Jason was as close as their own.

However, she is also aware that Eric is very concerned about Bella.  He watches her with a look on his face that tells much about their relationship, that for all the teasing the two of them do to each other, their relationship is much deeper and caring.  It wasn’t until they are all outside, with a couple of people driving up in a van, that she gets some idea of why.

Peter Whitlock SYF_edited-2

A cheerful young dirty blond vampire jumps out of the van, looking at Compton with a laugh. “Here he is!!! You have been a naughty boy haven’t you, Compton?” He stands there his hands on his hips, enjoying that the person who would have brought so many pain has already been cut short in his shenanigans.

Charlotte SYF_edited-3

Out of the other side of the van gets out a blonde female who is soon by the side of the male, with a slap upside his head. “Peter!” There is no doubt that she is very aware of her own beauty, but at the same time, there is no vainness.  Just an acceptance of her sexuality.  As well as her forbearance of her mate and his mouth.

Sookie covers her mouth as she tries to hide the giggle. The two seem very well suited for each other.  She keeps his attention while the male obviously adores his mate.  She wonders why Bella and Eric are giving grins like this is something normal.  How often does the male get his head slapped?


As he hears the giggle, Eric turns to look at his mate. Now that he has met his mate, Eric is all too aware that Godric is made of sterner stuff than he is.  He craves nothing more than touching his mate and finds his hands often moving to touch her.  He has so far managed to prevent himself, often moving away from her.  However, it seems like the two revolve around each other when one moves unless the other is paying attention, they move with them.  Since Sookie has no idea what is going on, he needs to be aware for the two of them.

Because of this, Eric has resorted to putting his Syrra in between the two of them.  She is amused and often is grinning at him as she catches him constantly putting his hands down, and to the point, he even at one point held his hands in front of him. “Du försöker dölja något, bror?” (You trying to hide something, brother?) She has her eyebrow up as she tries to look somewhat innocent.  Failing, but trying.

He growls at her, and Bella just giggles.  But there is still the look of concern Eric has when she looks away.  He looks as if he analyzing her as well as being ready to jump to her side if anything happens.  By the looks of the two other new vampires, they are the same way.

It makes Sookie wonder why they are so protective of her.  Is she really that bad right now?

With a sigh, the blonde male gives a half smile to Bella, then went to put the drainers and Compton in the back of the van.  All through this, he ignores the protests of Compton as for him being innocent of anything that would have him back there.  Shaking his head, he is rough with the Civil War Veteran, glad he was caught before he did much harm, or even got a chance to get his blood in Sookie to mess so much up.

The female, however, smiles when she sees Bella and opens her arms to her.  Bella runs into them, and they can hear some murmuring going on between the two. There is obvious love between the two, and the look the blonde vampire and even Eric gives them shows this is common.

Running his hand through his hair, Eric shakes his head. “Why didn’t she come to me?” He mutters, the worry clear in his voice as well as the befuddlement that he is feeling.

Turning her head, Sookie asks, “I’m sorry?” She notices he is holding his hands in front of him again though she wishes that she could touch him.  She feels as if those arms will protect her, keep her safe, and all she needs to do is go to him to have it all.

Breaking her daydreaming unintentionally, Eric sighs, “I am her brother, always on her side no matter what and she hid from me.  Why?” He edges slightly away from her movement towards him and wonders yet again, how did Godric plan to do this with Bella.  He is having trouble keeping away from her this quickly in their first meeting!

Looking back to the two females, Sookie cocks her head to the side. “Do you have any idea of why she left?” She tries to help him since he is obviously lost in this.  She might not be able to read their minds, but she is a female and it might give her just enough of an insight to help him.

Looking at his mate from the side of his eye, he thinks over the question. “I think it is the media circus surrounding her about her pledging to Godric.” He shrugs, unable to really think of any reason she wouldn’t come here.  He would have protected her from the media circus.  She already knows how he feels about it, having been subjected to that terrifying moment that Bella had been separated from Godric by the media.

She frowns.  “Why does that name seem familiar to me?” Sookie has heard the name Godric.  It is unique enough to have caught her attention from somewhere, but she is unable to place it.

He chuckles.  “You may recognize Godric and his Mate, Isabella.  Who are also my maker and my sister.” Amused, he watches as Sookie suddenly puts it all together.  Most people don’t realize that Bella and Isabella are the same person, so it isn’t surprising that Sookie didn’t.  Eric knows that is why she dresses the way she does in interviews and when she thinks media will be around.  So times like this, she is less recognizable as that person that they often see on TV.

Blinking, she looks at the brunette and then takes a step back. “Why is she here?” Ashamed she didn’t put two and two together, Sookie can see clearly that Bella is the lady seen on TV so often.  But who would expect to see someone so famous on TV, often with her mate in Dallas, in Bon Temps?

He looks down at her, beginning to think that he may have a longer road than Godric did with Bella with the media.  Eric shakes his head wryly, thinking that he has practice at least in it as he answers Sookie, “From her comments, it was because of you.  I take it you never thought she was Isabella?” He will be telling his Syrra about this conversation if she is not already paying attention.

Shaking her head slowly back and forth, as she stares at the strangely almost human vampire.  Though everyone knows that Eric, Bella, and Godric are all daywalkers, she never made the connection that she is even anything other than human! “No.  Who would think someone that important being here in little ole Bon Temps?” She never even tried to read her mind, just happy that her thoughts were being broadcast, since today had been a bad day for her shields.

He couldn’t help it, and starts laughing.  Eric finally gasps out, “Why not?” This will be one that the three of them will laugh about in the future.  If not, Bella will get a laugh out of it.

By this time, Bella has made her way back, mentioning to Sookie, “What is up with him?” She is watching her brother, as he is trying to hide his tears from his mate.  She reaches into her back pocket, and grabbing a napkin, she hands it to him, as he straightens up trying to stop.

Shaking her head, Sookie answers her, watching Eric. “We were discussing something, and he cannot believe me when I said I never thought you being THAT Bella.  Why would you be here?” She cannot help the spurt of jealousy that Bella could touch him.  She wanted nothing more, but when she has moved slightly closer, he has moved away from her.  Was it something about her?

Puzzled, Bella looks at her, thinking over her statement.  Not understanding why it would be odd, she asks, “Why not?”

Giving up on stopping, Eric just starts laughing harder, his head thrown back and leaning slightly on his Syrra as she leans into him giving him the support he needs.

Sookie just gives a little laugh, unable to see what is so funny. “That is what he said.” She shrugs, as Bella just shakes her head and trades looks with Eric.

Walking up behind Bella, Charlotte gives the siblings a look, and informing Sookie, “Honey, they are just that way. To them both, it doesn’t matter the city, or the size of the town for a reason not to suspect anything.  To be fair, Eric did find his sister in a small town like this.” She looks around the area.  She is suspecting that she will be spending a lot of time here until they can convince Sookie of the need to be around Eric more.

She suspects that Sookie won’t be as easy to convince as Bella.  But then, she is lucky not to be dying and having so much put upon her in a day or so.  Peter had told her how close it had been in them losing their Bella.  Edward would have never allowed them close to her until after she was changed, and it would be just too late by then.

Sensing his mates distress, and by the tenor of it, what it is about, Peter comes up giving a kiss to Charlotte.  He puts his arms around her, showing her that he is here, and all is well.  After giving her a loving glance, he discloses to them, “I will go drop off these guys and be back here soon, hopefully before Jasper gets here.” He turns to go, after kissing his mate and Bella on the cheek, then tells his charge over his shoulder, “Eric, just a note, the outcast from the Gone with the Wind set was here for her.”

When Eric’s eyebrow raises as his laughter stops and he becomes very still, Peter continues to divulge to him, “You need to deal with whatever it needs to be done to make sure she is safe.” He looks to his mate, knowing that until they can get through the issues, the two of them will be only together when Eric and Sookie are.

Looking in-between them all, Sookie, thinking that is all about Bella, informs them, “I can just go home while you take her elsewhere.” That would help them go and deal with what is happening.  She hopes that she can see Eric again, but she would like to talk to her Gran about tonight.  She never had this reaction to a male before!

Laughing at her as he opens the door to the van, Peter teases her, “Little one, you are about to find out your world is going to be turned topsy-turvy.  But, let me tell you, this is going to be something that will make your life 100% better.  And save the life of your Gran.  Just listen to Bella here, and she will help you and her brother out.” With that, he tips his head to the ladies and giving Eric a halfhearted salute, and is in the van, driving away.

With a fond look, Charlotte sighs, “What did I ever do to deserve him, Bella?” She is lucky considering what all they have gone through, to have Peter there at all times for her.  Poor Jasper went through it all alone, and then there was the hell that Godric and Eric have seen waiting for their mates.  She is very lucky considering that she found Peter almost on day one.

Smiling at her, since they drop the greats and so on, Bella just answers, “Me?” Charlotte is a big sister to her.  Peter is more like an uncle, to make all their relations even more messed up.  But somehow it all works for them, and that is all that matters.

With a warm look at Bella, Charlotte turns and looks at Sookie.  She turns her head to the side, and asks, “How much are you going to be like Bella here?  Or are you going to break the mold of the Northman’s and behave?” She is not expecting much in that.  Though, unlike Bella and Eric, she is only mated to Eric.  She doesn’t share his genes.


Lost Sookie just stares at her. “Huh?” What is she meaning how much is she going to be like Bella?  Bella is in a class by herself, and Sookie is just a backyard waitress.  There is no way they are alike.

Bella sighs, and then wraps an arm around Sookie’s shoulders, “C’mon let’s head to your house and we can talk there.” This will be a long conversation, and she suspects that her brother will have a much harder time than Godric did.  And knowing the idiot as she does, he will try to emulate Godric’s wishes.

Pulling up to her house, Sookie hears her Gran awake still, probably waiting for her like normal. She gets out and watches the others appear around her.

When they had gone to leave, Sookie had worried about how everyone will fit in her little yellow car.  To solve his mate’s concerns, as well as helping his own need to touch her, Eric had taken Bella in his arms and told her that they will be above her.  Then he took off into the air, showing her what he meant.

Charlotte had just told her that she will follow her, with no need for the theatrics that the Northman’s are often doing.  Though she was grinning at their antics.  She knew why Eric had needed to put some distance between them.  Using his sister is just another way to also find out why she avoided him.  A little hard to get away in the air.

As she starts getting her stuff out of the car, Sookie thinks over the night so far. Right now she has a lot of questions.  And she is noticing how caring Eric is for Bella.  She has the feeling that if it had been anyone else, she would be in a rage, jealous of how close they are.  As it is the jealousy she feels is more of wishing she could be the one touching Eric.

But of Bella herself?  She and her mate Godric are the stuff of legends. Stories abound about their story though they have denied time and time again of releasing the information.  It never stopped anyone from imagining it.

Their love for each other is very, very evident any time they look at each other.  It is what caught the imagination of a nation, having made vampires more humane.  It had fired the imagination of many.  It made the coming out of the Vampires more of a backstory to the two of them.   Goodness knows, she and her Gran talked more about the love of the two  of them, than anything else about the Vampires.

However, even as this all flows through her mind, right now, she wants the answers they have mentioned.  Her drive home alone allowed her to form a lot of questions in her head.  Mainly, why do they seem to congregate around her?  Why are they not taking Bella somewhere else?  Especially if she is unwell as it seems from their reactions.

Ignoring them for a moment, Sookie heads into the house, informing her Gran, “I have some visitors, Gran.” She is hoping they can wait for her outside until her Gran is suited for the company.  She wouldn’t want her ashamed of her reception of them in anything less than her best.

Lois Smith aka Adele Stackhouse 3

The elder immediately straightens her hair, asking, “Who are they?  And why at this time?” She is glad she threw on a housecoat though she rather of been in one of her dresses to meet company.

Having followed Sookie for Eric’s piece of mind, Bella answers her from the doorway, “Sorry, Mrs. Stackhouse, but that would be because we are vampires.  And it is urgent we speak with you.” She makes no apology for her intrusion.  It is more important for them to inform these ladies of the threat and the fact of the mating of Eric and Sookie. Life is about to change for them all.

Shocked Gran blinks at her, but she nods, “Please come in, all of you!” She quickly gets up, turning on the lights, beyond the little lamp she had been using to read with.  If it was urgent, then there is no need for her to make them come back at a later time.  Though she might have an idea about the urgency.  It may finally be time.

Having had followed Bella inside, Eric is waiting, still surprised that the magic normally protecting a human’s home allowed him, as well as Bella to get past it.  He just stands there awkwardly for one of the few times in his life.  How do you tell someone and their grandmother that they are your mate? Much less the information that he suspects that Bella and the rest of the Whitlock’s may have on why Compton was here.

Thinking back on Bella’s and Godric’s meeting as he has already many times that night, Eric makes a correlation. He wonders why is it that, that particular bloodline seems to be involved in his blood line finding their mates?  Since Godric had met Bella on his way to a meeting on Compton’s maker.

Sensing Eric’s emotions, Bella smiles at them. “Ok, since this has already happened to me, I will be the one explaining this.  Sorry if I am too blunt, but there is just no easy way to say this.  Sookie, you are one of 3 possible couples out there from what we know.  That is three couples in a very long history, as well as a lot of couples.  Simply put, you are what we call mated to Eric here.” She shrugs.  There is no easy way to put this, and she has thought over this since the moment that Eric’s and Sookie’s eyes had met in the bar.

Sookie just blinks, looking at her Gran. “Wha?” She is Eric’s mate?  Are they talking as if they are British and are going to be friends?  There is no way that she is anything more or even have the possibility of being more to that godlike man staring at her over Bella’s shoulder.

Understanding her shock, even more than Sookie would understand, Bella chuckles.  “Better than my reaction.  But let me ask you.  Did you feel anything when you met Eric’s eyes for the first time?”  At Sookie’s blush and nod, she smiles. “That is the first step.  Your souls met in that glance, and they start yearning to be one again.”  She pauses as she tries to articulate the feeling better, remembering clearly those days. “Actually, that is wrong, they always have yearned to be one with their other half, but now they know who that is.” And she cannot help but let her smile get bigger as she remembers clearly her mating with Godric and how it felt to join their souls as one again.

Behind her, Eric shifts as he smiles, remembering that moment and how it felt for him through their links.  And the fact that this is looking to be in his future makes him look back at Sookie with even more longing.

Blinking in shock, Gran is just staring until she manages to ask, “How do you know this?”  Fintan had told her this may happen, and she needs to just encourage it with any of her children or grandchildren. He had even told her that he suspects it will be Sookie.  That finding a vampire’s mate is a treasure they will do anything to protect.  But they will love on their treasure, doting on them like no other being can.

It had been foretold for one of his line to have this blessing, so he had told his own mate of the possibility so that she will be able to understand and encourage their descendants about it.

Smiling, Charlotte pushes past Eric to lean against a counter, helping her charge keep his goal of not touching his mate until she agrees.  Indicating with her head, Bella, she answers Gran’s question. “She is one of the other 3.  Bella and Godric are the first ones in a very long time.”  Her smile only fades a little bit with the memory of how close that had been in not happening.

Everyone in the kitchen is all staring at Eric and Sookie as they stare at each other, the longing for each in their very bodies, glances, and everything.

Happy for her brother, Bella smiles, informing both Gran and Sookie, “The next step would be a touch.  With that one touch, you will begin to feel everything that he does.  You will never question in your entire life if he cares.  It is the most amazing thing ever.” The last is said with a look in her eyes, as well her tone telling them of the truthfulness of that statement.

Unable to take her eyes from Eric, Sookie finally says, “How do you know?” There is no way this is possible!  This man is too perfect for her.

Glancing at Charlotte, the two laughing, Bella waves her hand at herself, “One of the few, remember?” There is no doubting what they have in front of them.  She starts thinking of ways to make it easier for Eric to be around her.  Right now she is thinking of ordering him a NASA spacesuit.

Shaking her head, Sookie looks at Bella, “No, how do you know that he will like me?  I’m nothing.” She needs them to stop with this game.  This is painful to be giving her the idea that this man is hers.  She was fine being on the outside and getting all the eye candy that she will be using for a long time when she is alone.

“Sookie!”  The shock in her Gran’s voice is enough to have her looking down, but she then lifts her head and her chin out as she tells her, “Look at him, Gran!  I remember that he is an ancient, one of the older ones out there from the news reports you have on all the time.  Why would he want me?” She challenges her Gran.

Unable to help herself, Bella starts laughing.  When they all look at her in shock, she just gasps, “And that is what Eric is thinking!!! He is feeling so unworthy of this honor that you have no idea.  You two belong together!” She glances back at Eric, and he looks away, obvious he would be blushing at the worst if he could.  He never was so glad that he couldn’t anymore, and at the same time, cursing the bond between Bella and him.  While never wishing it gone, he sometimes wishes they were not as attuned to each other still.

Unable to stop themselves, Sookie and Eric look at each other, Sookie blushing.  Eric sighs, and with a glance at his sister, explains to Sookie how his sister can tell, “She can feel what I do because Bella is my blood sister, blessed by our goddess, Freya. This means we share so many things it really isn’t funny, but at the same time, it helped her in a time she needed it.” He sends Bella his love, making sure that no matter what, she knows that she is loved and he will never regret the bond.  No matter what his embarrassment wishes.

Knowing that she would want more information, Eric’s hands going through his hair, he explains, “After Godric and Bella mated, there is nothing more that I want for myself.  I even stopped a lot of my previous habits.  Between the bond between them and myself, as well any disapproval from Bella is enough to stop anyone, I am nothing like I was before.   All I wanted is to have this chance.  But I never thought I was worthy of it.” He just shrugs at the end.  It is very true, and Bella knows it from their many talks they have had over the years.

Bella has stopped laughing, and she turns to hug her brother. “You are worth it,” She tells her brother, as she has always told him all this time.  She sends back her love and conviction that he more than deserves this.

Jasper SYF_edited-2

A laugh from the door sounds out, and a gentleman comes in.  He is tall and looks more like Bella than anyone other than Eric.  They give a fond look to each other, and as he stops next to Eric, the family resemblance between the three is very evident as he informs Bella with a strong southern accent, “Those are my words, sister.”

Eric grins as he sees the man. “Jasper.” He feels relief seeing the blonde Guardian.  Jasper is able to watch over Bella all the time, and with his help, they may actually make sense of this mess.  Even with all this going on, he is worried about Bella and can even still feel her hunger under everything else.

A head nod is exchanged between the two, as Bella stays in Eric’s arms, hiding from Jasper.  She does not want to get the lecture she deserves from Jasper.  She cannot explain her actions, and even though he will listen to her, even going so far as to argue for her against Godric, she has nothing to give him to do it.

Sensing her emotions, as well as remembering his thoughts on the run here, Jasper shakes his head and moves to her.  With a look at Eric and gaining his approval for him to do so, takes Bella from his arms.  “Why, little one?” He asks her as he floods her with his relief that she is ok, and worry that she would do something so unlike her.

Grasping the only excuse that she even has, Bella groans.  “I was being swarmed with people asking.  I needed some time, and when I read the reports about Compton being here, I jumped at the chance.” The short, simple truth. But as she has been here, she cannot recall why it was so urgent for her to leave.

Shaking his head, Jasper dips his head down to her to meet her eyes. “And none of us would have blamed you.  But to not let Eric know you are here, as well as ditching Paul?  All you did was make him worry.  He is not a happy camper.  Life is not going to be easy for any in Texas, and especially Paul.  Is that fair?” His red eyes stare into her blue ones, waiting for an answer.

Slumping into him, Bella tries to explain the feelings at that moment when she had left.  “I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone.  I can’t explain it.”  She is frustrated, and sends the feeling to him, knowing he will understand.

Jasper gets an odd look on his face, and then tells Eric and Bella, “When we leave, we need to talk about this.  Bella, think about it some more since I have some questions to ask you.” Too much is not making sense.  He can feel the difference being here than being there in Texas.  And it is sending up red flags in his head that there is more going on than they think.

The two siblings exchange a look before they nod.  Yes, everyone has questions and they are suspecting there might be more going on, than just Bella’s aberrant behavior.

Then sensing the emotions in the room, beside the two he had been focusing on, Jasper then looks around and seeing Sookie and her Gran, he bows to them slightly.  “Sorry, my charge here commanded my first priority.  My name is Major Jasper Northman Whitlock at your service, ladies.” He had left Charlotte to defend them all if there was any need.  He trusted her to do all she could in that split second that would be necessary before they rest of them would have reacted to a threat.  But he cannot help but smirk as he realizes that there is much more going on here.

Her eyes lighting up, Gran asks, “Civil War?” Maybe he can tell her more about the past and answer any questions that she may have at that time.  It had been one of her fond daydreams on meeting a vampire from that time and asking them questions.

Feeling her curiosity and delight, Jasper laughs. “One of them.  But I cannot answer any questions about it right now.  I suspect we have the usual mate talk going on, and no one telling everything.”  He grins down at his sister in his arms as he feels Eric’s own exasperation.  This will be fun being able to tease Eric for awhile.

But as he feels Eric’s fear and unworthiness, Jasper sighs.  He takes in the emotions of the people in the room, as he discloses to the two humans, “Ok, let’s get it out on the table what is going on.  I feel emotions, and I will answer what I can from those since they are often the most informative and truthful.”

Even knowing that Bella had already told them this from his entrance into the house, Jasper reiterates, “To initiate the next step is for Eric and Sookie to touch.  No, it won’t go away the need to touch, and will only get stronger per sources.  Sookie, you are worth it, and so are you, Eric.  You both are fascinated by the other.  No, your emotions are not going to change, only get better.  Charlotte will be by your side Sookie since Compton is here for you.  Now.  You two touch.  Or Not.  Either way, we need to leave and talk, Bella and Eric.” He needs answers since he is conjecturing that there is much more going on in Dallas.  He takes his position very seriously and also loves his sister and her mate dearly.

The room looks at each other waiting for an answer to any of what Jasper says.  Nothing is said until Eric sighs, giving in. He looks up into his mate’s eyes and softly informs her, “Sookie, I propose that we meet tomorrow.  If the need to touch is worse, then we will talk about it.  The choice is up to you.  But for now, we will leave Charlotte here to answer any questions, while Jasper gets his meeting with Bella and me.” He too is needing answers about his sister and Maker.  There is too much going on here.

He looks around, but he waits for Sookie to answer. Eric will be needing to build his mate’s confidence.  While he is not thinking he deserves this honor, he will grab it with both hands.  But he is trying very hard to make sure his Mate is accepting of what will happen when they touch.  And they will touch.  There is no doubt now that Jasper is here.

She is shocked, but a nudge from Gran has Sookie answering hesitantly, “Ok?”  Is what the new intruder into their home saying is true?  That Eric, this man who seems too perfect is also surprised about their mating?  Sookie has much to think about tonight after they leave.

Eric smiles at her while reaching for her, with only Jasper sighing and moving between the two, stopping them touching.  Jasper turns, and after telling Bella, “You first.” Nodding towards the door for them to leave.  He hates this, but he needs to make sure Eric and Sookie don’t touch as per Eric’s wish.

He rolls his eyes, and escorting them all out, thinks, ‘Godric, you need to pay me more for this stuff.’ But the whole time, he is grinning at his ancestor for getting his fondest wish.

It couldn’t happen to a better man.

Final count, 5,531 words.


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  1. kevin shaffer

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    So something was also working on Bella to make her leave Dallas, curious. Glad they stopped Beehl from influencing Sookie. I think they glazed over the meeting and meaning of Mates to fast for Sookie. I hope it doesn’t turn her away from Eric because of it. And I know Jasper needed to talk to Eric and Bella but they should’ve explained more to Sookie before taking off. Leaving Charlotte is a great idea for being Sookie’s gaurdian but I don’t think they should have left her to answer it all.
    Awesome chapter!


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