Showed You My Scars


Two people are broken, scarred by life itself.  They have no idea what to do next, but neither can go on the way they have been.  On a chance encounter they find more in common than ever imagined, and set out on a journey to heal not only them, but others.

Excerpt from my notes on the story:

The beings who came for him told him she had been removed from the world. She never learned of his kind of vampire. When he thinks of it, that was about the time he became depressed.

They told him this and then asked how much he loved Eric? How much would he give to his Angel?

Everything is the answer.

Song for the story is Break Your Heart by The Gaslight Anthem.

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  1. American Android

    Looking forward to what you have cooked up! For some reason I don’t get your posts in my reader even though I’m subscribed. I get all the stuff you post from your re-blog site in my reader and e-mail but not YOUR stuff from this site and I don’t know how to fix it! *cry*


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