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What would happen if Bella is in college when the Cullens came? What if Carlisle is acting his age? What if Twilight starts now, but with a twist, a huge twist named Carlisle Cullen?

A/J, R/EM Es/? C/B E/? All will be revealed later.

This story was inspired by Feral Blood.  It was dicussed with the writer of the story and she endorsed it.  I have in no way try to steal anything from that wonderful story, but her Carlisle opened me up to a totally different world and made it where I wanted to write and read Bella with other characters.  If you wish to purchase the story that she has turned Feral Blood to, please click here.

This Disclosure is for all stories contained under this heading: Twilight is the property of Stephenie Meyers. All characters belong to her, the plot of this is my own.

Character List


Chapter List:

Chapter One – A Moment in Change
Chapter Two – I Step to the Edge
Chapter Three – Nothing Left of Me
Chapter Four – To Reach For Something More
Chapter Five – It Starts With Love
Chapter Six – It Is You I Have Waited For
Chapter Seven – It’s Been A Long Time Coming
Chapter Eight – Sunlight In Your Universe
Chapter Nine – I Can See Your Dreams
Chapter Ten – Love Speaks in Silence
Chapter Eleven – It Held Through
Chapter Twelve – Day Turned Into Night
Chapter Thirteen – Into Your Eyes
Chapter Fourteen – Take Me As I Am
Chapter Fifteen – Be In Our Past
Chapter Sixteen – Dead End Fury
Chapter Seventeen – Set The Silence Free
Chapter Eighteen – You Lift Me Up
Chapter Nineteen – Long Blinding End
Chapter Twenty – Walk A Mile


  1. My Universe

    I know you are having some computer problems lately, but thought I’d put in my vote for a new chapter of What if to come out soon. It was the first B/C story I ever started to read and I’ve started to read more and more of them. But I’m really really interested to see where this one goes.

    Anyway, hope your computer problems are solved soon and can’t wait for a new chapter. =)

    • kittyinaz

      I am actually right now working on getting the links down for the first couple of chapters and then to work on updating this until it is caught up. Then I will wait on my Beta to read through and then publish the next chapter. I figured I would try to make it easier for her to catch up. And as an Editor on this site, she can change as she goes if she feels the need to. =o) I will announce when I have this updated to what I have on FanFiction. I look forward to updating this!

      • JustAnotherCurlyGirl

        Do you know how much longer before you update it, I’m so in love w/ this story!!!

  2. Shena03

    This story is so good!

  3. Nicole

    Thank you for writing and sharing.

  4. Therese

    Hi! I just got your notice on fanfiction and decided to stop on over. I love this story. I was wonder when you were going to update it?

    • Kittyinaz

      There are two being worked on by my new beta, t6james6. I am also working on getting all the chapters to have banners and to use the correct buttons. So it is being actively worked on now that I am done with the mess on Fanfiction.

  5. sarah plumb

    hi I love this storyline and iv read upto chapter 18 over on TWCS can you tell me when the next chapter will be updated

    • Kittyinaz

      Beta is actually working on them right now. We were hacked, and all the work she originally did was lost when we reset the site back to a clean version. There are two chapters to be posted when she is done. Since she has taken over from the original beta, she is going back to the beginning to make sure she understands where this is going and looking over things that far back.

      Never fails no matter how much I look over something, a beta looks over it, we miss something. Humans!

    • Kittyinaz

      Today in fact! 19 is up!

  6. Silverontherose

    Thought I’d let you know the ‘next’ links from 14 to 16 are broken. I really enjoyed this and hope that someday you will come back to it.

    • Kittyinaz

      thanks!!! When I get a chance I will get them fixed!!

  7. Tess

    I love this story. When will you come back to it?


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