Chapter 15 Be In Our Past

What If 15

Disclosure:  Twilight is the property of Stephenie Meyers.  I take the characters out of time and see what happens.

Pre Edit Count –   2,663 Words

Song I listened to for this chapter: If It Means a Lot to You by A Day to Remember


She sighs into his kiss, and if she could melt more in his arms than before, she would have. The two spend some time just cuddling, and when she started to drift off, Carlisle asks her softly, “Bella? I am going to take us upstairs. While you may not be a mess, I need a shower. Did you wish to join me?”

Bella snuggles into his arms and just asks, “Just take me to bed. To sleepy.”

He smiles down at her, and soon has her in bed, she shedding her jeans without any issues popping up in the bond, and cuddled into their bed. He kisses her softly, and then speeds off to the shower. Coming out, he is rubbing a towel in his hair when he comes into the room, planning to sleep like last night.   But he stops and his heart melts in his chest as he sees she is waiting for him. Asleep, but as he leaves his towels in the hamper, and slides in under the blankets, she murmurs, and her odd way of lying is explained as she stretched along him. He wraps an arm around her and kisses her temple. He reaches out and turns off the lamp she must have left on for him, and the last thing he hears before the silence descends is his name murmured happily from her lips as he holds his mate.


Way too early for Bella, she hears her phone ringing. She reaches out blindly for it. She feels a movement at her side as Carlisle hands it to her.



Her father’s voice brings her more out of her sleep coma, and she asks, “What time is it?” Except it came out more like ‘at time isit?

Luckily her father has had experience deciphering her sleep talking. “It’s eleven o’clock Bella.”

She sits up, rubbing her eyes, blinking as she tries to pull her mind from the sleep coma she has been in. She has only started to rest so completely since she and Carlisle met. Right now, she is trying to figure out why Charlie is calling her. Finally she blinks a couple of times and asks bluntly, “Why are you callin’ me?”

Charlie’s voice comes out harder. “Well I decided to call you when I was woken up at 5 am by Jacob banging on my door. Then, as I answer the door, he tells me that I need to fucking control my daughter since she is fucking a vampire. Then proceeds to turn into a horse sized wolf. Mind telling me what is going on? Sam and the rest are here, but I really want to know what Jacob meant by you fucking a vampire.”

Bella’s mind kick starts as she hears Carlisle’s growl as he springs from their bed, heading towards his pants and the phone there, as he mutters about killing the imbecile.

She watches her mate, as he dresses faster than she has ever seen him, and is on his phone as he heads out of their room ordering Edward to get the coven together since they have to do damage control.

“Bella? Who was that?”

Her attention brought back to her phone, she stutters, “That was Carlisle.” Her mind is furiously thinking, trying to figure out what to do.

Charlie frowns as he asks, “And who is this Carlisle?” He knows of Bella’s issues with others touching her so he is wondering who this person is that was close by when she was sleeping.

Bella freezes with the question, and Carlisle comes back into the room, and seeing her frozen, holds his hand out for the phone. When she hands it to him, he leans down and leaving a kiss on her lips, tells her softly, “Get dressed, my lovely. I will speak with your father and we will come up with a story on the way down.” He gives her a look, and when she nods, he grins at her and taking the phone, “Chief Swan?”

Charlie frowns and, giving more credence to Jacob’s rambling, he answers, “Yeah, who is this?”

Carlisle is out the front door, and he nods to his family as he tells him, “Bella’s Boyfriend. Carlisle Cullen. I hear Jacob has been waking you up with stories.”

Charlie turns enough to take in the pack in his house, and tells him frankly, “Well if turning into a horse sized wolf, then having a pack of them come out of the woods and surround him, then turn into members of the tribe is a story, then yeah. So I ask again, who are you really?”

Carlisle growls, his eyes growing dark. “Someone not to be messed with. We will be there in an hour. I strongly suggest you let Sam know that we have informed his beta of his actions and that we are on our way with Bella.” With that he hangs up, and lets the rage wash through him.

Edward steps forward, “He is married to Sue, that excuses him since she is one of the tribal elders of La Push.”

Carlisle nods, telling him, “It is more the fact that Jacob is trying to influence things. I remember him saying that he had Bella lie to the man to drive him away. That does not make this  an easy time.   Bella is upset. So…I am upset.” He clenches his fists as he tries to get a handle on the bond that seems to be more today than yesterday.

Staring at his sire, knowing his mate will be home tomorrow, Edward tells him, “It’s because you did more. Your Bond with her is growing. Maybe how slow you are doing it is making it where you guys bond deeper than normal. Or maybe it is because you are an Alpha. Either way, both of you are bonding more strongly than any I have met or heard of in the past.”

Jasper is watching his coven head, and sends him some calm, but where Carlisle can reject the emotion he is sending if he feels the need to. He knows the Alpha has talked to him about the fact he can feel Bella, and it is not needed for him to say anything but right now, this is not about Bella. Well it is, everything with Carlisle is about Bella, but he is thinking about the fact that his Alpha is going to be dealing with her father now.

Bella walks outside and Carlisle turns immediately to her, accepting Jasper’s calm to help them both. He quickly informs his mate, “I told your father that we are coming. It seems that the secret is completely out right now. I would rather deal with this face to face than over a phone. Unless you have an objection?”

Bella shakes her head and Carlisle opens the door to her new Mercedes. Once she is seated, Jasper and Edward are in the back seat, the rest are following in Carlisle’s car. When she lifts her eyebrow, Edward answers her unasked question, “This is so anything they have to say, I can tell you. Since the rest of us can hear them.”

She can’t help the snort, “Of course. Supersonic hearing.”

Jasper chuckles as he listens to the two tease each other. Carlisle, too, starts smiling as he listens to Bella teasing Edward about being a stalker since he can hear from a long distance. He can apparently also be in a tree far away and still be a stalker.

Carlisle finally tells Edward, “No worries, she already calls me her stalker. She seems to have a liking for them.”

Bella’s look at him has all three laughing.

Jasper sighs, not wanting to end the laughter, but Carlisle looks at him and sighs too. “We need to talk about what can happen here.”

Bella bites her lower lip, and Carlisle, who has been holding her hand, reaches up with their hands to tug it free. “As Edward has mentioned, he is protected by being married to Sue, an Elder of the Tribe. What worries me more is Jacob.”

Edward nods, looking out the window, “He is obviously becoming unhinged and willing to do anything to make a rift form between you two.”

Bella humphs.

Carlisle glances at her, as he quietly asks, “Bella?”

She shakes her head, but when the Bond vibrates with his curiosity, she sighs as she lets him know, “Jacob made it a moot fact. He made my father and I separate and neither of us is really that comfortable with the other. So his attempt confuses me. What is he hoping will happen? That my father will make me come home? That he will forbid me from seeing you? He hasn’t bothered to tell me anything like that in years. All because of Jacob. So it doesn’t make sense what he is hoping to accomplish.”

Jasper answers, “To cause issues between the two of you. He doesn’t understand that by sectioning you off from friends and family, he also stopped them from affecting you. He is thinking that as your father and the Chief of Police, Charlie can come up with something to make you stay in Forks.”

She shakes her head, “But it makes no sense. Jacob knows my father can’t order me to do anything. A judge won’t sign off on a restraining order without my say in it.”

Carlisle answers in a soft voice, “But he does not realize that you are my mate. He thinks that this is a game, and that you do not have a bond with me which is stronger than the one to your father. He does not know that the issue he is trying to form does not exist in order for it to be an issue. The reason we are going to your father’s is not because of an issue between you and your father as he may think, but with Jacob himself. I am willing to bet that he will be puffed up, thinking his plan is working when we get there.”

Jasper laughs, “And then to see that neither of you are worried about Charlie?”

Edward slowly nods his head as he takes in the comments from the people in the car behind them. “Alice cannot see anything since it seems the wolves block her. But Emmett is excited to watch this showdown, and asks where does Charlie live?”

Bella sighs again. “At the house in Forks. He needs to continue being the sheriff of the area. Sue didn’t need to live in La Push for anything so they moved to the house. She had offered her house to me, but I didn’t want to be that close to Jacob. I think Leah lives there now.”

Carlisle had talked with her about her past over the last couple of days, so he had no problem finding her home. It looks exactly like she described it. When he gets out, he can smell the wolves, and when he moves to Bella’s side to open the door for her, Edward informs him, “They are in the back yard. Sam apparently is so mad at Jacob, he has had him in wolf form and has him down under him. Paul is shocked at the anger coming from Sam about this.”

Nodding his head, Carlisle escorts his mate towards the back yard, and only stops when they turn the corner. The two of them look upon the pack and the elders of the tribe gathered in the back.

Jacob is on the ground, with Sam as a wolf holding his throat in his jaws. There is no mistaking the pure rage vibrating from the Alpha since he is growling at the wolf below him.

Jasper though tells Bella, “Carlisle would have won the bet.”

She closes her eyes and shakes her head as she hears Emmett’s laughter behind her. But her eyes open as Charlie comes at them. She can feel Carlisle’s rage as the man she has never called dad reaches out to her.

Carlisle steps forward and stares down the man who was trying to touch his mate as his coven forms around her, blocking any access to her.

Charlie doesn’t even think when he tells what he thinks is a young man in front of him, “Move away from her! Don’t you know who I am?”

Staring down at the older man, Carlisle lifts an eyebrow. “I know very well who you are. Now the relevant question here is do you know who I am?”

The self-assurance emitting from Carlisle has Charlie take a check on himself. As he does this, Paul comes up to the coven, and tells them, “Jacob escaped and came straight here. Unfortunately, he planned well, and had made a run for it, just as Leah fell asleep. She is the fastest, then him. He got here and got out what he did before we fell upon him. Sam has not been able to change because of how mad he is.”

Charlie turns to Paul, “Why are you telling him this?”

Sue walks up and nods respectfully to Carlisle. “Because this man, as you call him, is the leader of all the Supernaturals in the Americas. He may not reside in a castle or demand that others call him King, but that makes his authority even more absolute. Charlie, meet King Carlisle of the Olympic Coven. He is one of four Alpha’s on the planet.”

Charlie just shakes his head. “King? There is no King in America!”

Bella sighs, pushing aside Edward to stand beside her mate. She looks up at her father and frankly tells him, “Charlie, there is more to this world than what you know. Carlisle deserves your respect, not because he asks for it, but for being the person who will kill anyone for touching me. He is the man I love.” In addition, knowing he knew about her issue with touching, she leans into her mate, who immediately wraps an arm around her, making sure she is safe beside him.

Charlie stares at the evidence, then looks at Bella. He could always see the disgust she had even when she tried to hide it from Jacob. There was none in her features. His eyes widen as he realizes she is willingly touching someone and that she is not sick from it.

Jasper chuckles, then Edward sighs, “Yes, she is touching him willingly. Charlie, let’s sit down and talk. It seems you need to know what we are, and we need to deal with the pack for Jacob’s telling you, a mortal with no ties to the supernatural, what is going on.”

Charlie glances back at Jacob, then he sees Billy, and the look on his face. “This is real?”

Billy looks up and sighs, “Yes. And Jacob is in serious trouble right now Charlie. Come over here and sit. I can tell you now, that there is no way you will touch Bella, or really do anything to her, until certain things are agreed upon.”

Carlisle pulls his mate closer so she stands in front of him and he sighs in relief as she is encased in his arms. “Charlie, as hard as it may be to understand, I am not here for you. In the scheme of things, you just do not matter. Not even as Bella’s father, since you did nothing to impede Jacob’s access to her.   I am here right now for Jacob and dealing with the Pack’s punishment. So please sit down, and we will explain what is going on, but I really need to deal with the mutt over there.”

Eyes wide, Charlie backs off from the man that suddenly exudes an authority far exceeding his own. He stumbles back into a chair, his mind coming to grips with the fact that things are not as they seem. Moreover, it looks like he is going to be finally held accountable for a sin he has knowingly committed.

Final count, 2,719 words.


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