Chapter 16 Dead End Fury

What If 16

Disclosure:  Twilight is the property of Stephenie Meyers.  I take the characters out of time and see what happens.

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Carlisle pulls his mate closer to where she stands in front of him and he sighs as she is encased in his arms. “Charlie, as hard as it may be to understand, I am not here for you. In the scheme of things, you just don’t matter. Not even as Bella’s father, since you did nothing to impede Jacob to her.   I am here right now for Jacob and dealing with the Pack’s punishment. So please sit down, and we will explain what is going on, but I really need to deal with the mutt over there.”

Eyes wide, Charlie backs off from the man that suddenly exudes an authority far exceeding his own. He stumbles back into a chair, his mind coming to grips that things are not as they seem. And it looks like he is going to be held accountable for a sin he has knowingly committed.


Carlisle sighs, and with a light nudge, he has his mate back by his side. He then moves over to where Sam is. Remembering what Edward told him, he looks down at the two wolves, telling them with all his authority as Alpha, “Jacob and Sam, phase back into human for this. I want it clear to everyone what is going on.”

The Elders of the tribe watch, amazed as the two wolves do as he said. They know Carlisle is the leader of the supernatural, and they obey his laws as such.  This is the first time they are seeing why he is the leader of their world.

Sam is glaring at the man below him, and he looks up at Carlisle when he puts a hand to his shoulder. “I tried, Carlisle. I gave him an Alpha order, and when I could not stay awake anymore, he made his move. I will take whatever punishment you care to give. It is my fault he got away.”

Looking at the young man below him, Carlisle feels the support of his mate beside him. He closes his eyes for a second, then calls out, “Emmett and Paul, control him.” As the two jump to grab Jacob, Carlisle looks around for a spot for his mate to sit. When he sees a chair, Jasper jumps and brings it to them, carrying the Adirondack chair as though it weighed no more than a piece of paper.

Carlisle gently directs his mate to it; then standing before her, his hand on her shoulder, he tells her, “Unfortunately this will be your first lesson as a Queen of our world, my lovely. Are you ready?”

Charlie’s eyes widen, but Billy puts a hand on him and when he glances back, Billy shakes his head slowly to his best friend, telling him that he cannot interfere.

Sighing Bella shakes her head, “Nothing is easy. But then Jacob seems to be trying to make things as hard as possible, doesn’t he?” She is sitting in the chair, not relaxed, in fact she looks like she belongs on a throne, and her coven has arranged themselves all around her. She thinks fondly to the past couple of days and how peaceful it has been.

The last couple of days have been fun. The morning after she and Carlisle had made their first moves in their dance of seduction was nothing short of perfect. Carlisle had brought her breakfast with a rose on the tray. He had then proceeded to take the rose and used it to trace all over her body as she ate, making her lust build up and he in turn was amazed by the effects of the rose on her body. Needless to say, it had descended to another bout of . . . well she is not sure.

She doesn’t think they have been having sex, but whatever they have been doing, it has felt more pleasurable than anything she has ever done before. Last night, Carlisle had gone down on her, which had been more than her mind could take with their Bond moving their pleasure between the two.

When she had asked Carlisle if he was upset with them going so slow, he told her no. He loved this pace they are going better, because she will know that feeling pleasure was the norm, not when they had sex for the first time and she hurt the following day. He will do everything in his power to make it so she doesn’t hurt, but he had told her bluntly that she will be sore the following day.

When she had worried about him, he had laughed and told her that every time she had cum, so had he. They are too tightly Bonded for it to be any other way, which he told her was great, neither would be unsatisfied. But he told her that they could try some other things if she felt up to it.

The work on the house has started, so they are back in the Cullen household, and Bella has witnessed the aggression of Carlisle first hand. It didn’t scare her like she thought, but she knew that Alice may not be the friend she thought she would be.

The little pixie cannot seem to understand that Carlisle wants Bella to take her place, so she ‘helps’. She picks out clothing or food, tries to get Bella to sit down so she can do friend things like hair and such. Bella has never had a girlfriend, but none of it seems appealing.

Carlisle asked her what she wanted to do, and Bella told him that she just wanted to read. He had noticed something was happening, since Bella really enjoys spending time with Rosalie, Emmett, Edward and Jasper. But the last two days she had been retreating to their floor with a book.

He had suspected something was going on, since it also seemed to happen when Edward and Jasper were out of the house on errands. However, when he finally got Bella to open up about what was happening, there was no doubt the anger that coursed through him.

As he stood up, Carlisle had cupped her face tenderly while telling her, “I would like it if you joined me. It seems we need to teach Alice what an Alpha’s mate is. At the same time, my lovely, you need to learn to put your foot down.”

When she started to curl into herself, he crouched before her and told her softly, “Bella, I know you want a friend, and to be truthful, I am upset that Alice is taking advantage of your wishing for a female friend to get her way. This is not a true friend. Does Rosalie ask you to do any of this? Does she pick your clothing, or if she can’t pick apart your choices, does she try to rule your life?”

Sighing, Bella shakes her head no.

He looked at his mate, and told her softly, “I don’t know what to do here, Bella. You are my mate, therefore you are Alpha material also. You need to reach inside yourself and start asserting yourself. I know how it feels to do so, God knows this with the past I told you about. It will make it harder on you when you are changed, my lovely. Your vampire side will try to take you over, and for some reason, for Alpha’s it is a harder challenge to survive that first year. Jasper is the only Alpha I know that was assertive when he was human, and became otherwise when changed, but then, he was in a life and death situation daily for decades. We don’t know what that could do to someone like him.”

Closing her eyes, Bella thinks on what her mate is telling her. She knows she is going to change. She cannot be apart from Carlisle. She doesn’t know what else to do, since she can’t even leave to prevent the family from fighting. Even the space between the houses if she tries to be apart is to large a gap. They are already working on getting Carlisle in her classes, and she has worked with Jasper and Edward to get a course load that will work to help her in the future.

When it comes to making a decision, she makes it easily. She wants to start controlling her life rather than let others do it. When she walks down beside Carlisle to face Alice, it is truly beside him. Ever since that day, she has worked to be what she needs to be, and the coven has been supporting her.

All this is evident as she sits in the seat beside where Carlisle is standing, waiting for her lesson. The change is enough to have Charlie cocking his head to the side, trying to figure out the change in her.

Carlisle looks to Jacob and shakes his head. “Do you have any idea what you may have done? If you ever want to know what the public would do if we were exposed, all you need to look at is October 30th, 1938. When a little broadcast called War of the Worlds was told. They told people that it was fake, but it was done in news bulletins and over the radio at the time. When many people tuned into it after the popular show of the time was done, there was panic. Phone lines were jammed, and people panicked in the streets. This was not a study, nor was it something that anyone predicted.” He stands there looking down at the man before him.

“By exposing yourself to Charlie, a human with no ties to the supernatural, you have caused me to come in judgment of not only you, but your tribe.”

Charlie stood up, angry, “Wait a minute. If my daughter is with you, and my wife is a member of the Tribe with these wolves, then how do you say I am with no ties to the supernatural?”

Turning his dark golden eyes on the human before him, Carlisle raises his eyebrow. “Charlie, answer me honestly. Did you have you any idea about the events around you being supernatural before Jacob exposed himself?”

Charlie shakes his head, “No. But what does that have to do with anything?”

Bella snorts. “Because you had a vampire housemaid, you have two wolves for your step children. From what we have figured out, I was attacked by a vampire, the same vampire that keeps coming through and killing people you mark as killed by animals. Not once did I ever hear you mention that it was odd, that it might be something other than what you could think of. That is the reason Jacob is in trouble. You had no idea at all, and never would have unless something happened.”

Charlie turns on her, but before he can say anything, Carlisle is in front of her, and watching him with a lifted eyebrow, daring him to say something.

Jacob scoffs, “Old Timer, what are you going to do? What if Seth or Leah lost their cool when they were here? Punish them?”

Carlisle’s eyes shift to the insolent young man and tells him, “There are rules in place for that happening. If it had, then no one would have been punished. You blatantly came here to expose us to Charlie, and  though your pack tried to stop you, you will all be punished. But first will be you. Jasper and Emmett.”

The two Vampires move so fast, there is no doubt they are inhuman. Charlie is standing there gaping at them as they effortlessly force Jacob to the ground, and Edward comes forward.

Carlisle explains to his mate, “You already know why I picked those two to hold him down, my lovely. Edward is going to search and make sure Jacob is guilty of his crime. While Edward normally only reads surface thoughts, he found with some training from Aro, that if he concentrates, he can go deeper in. He is vulnerable during this time. So Jasper and Emmett are to protect him.”

During this time, Rosalie has moved to stand behind Bella, and she plans to tell Carlisle that she would prefer to guard her Chica, since she has a bad feeling about things. Not enough of a talent to be noteworthy, Carlisle has Alpha ordered her to tell him when she has them, since too many times she has been right.

Carlisle raises his eyebrow at his eldest daughter and when she motions that he keep doing what he is, he nods. He then turns to watch his son move forward and lay his hand on top of Jacob’s head. He sees the flinch on Edward’s face, and wonders about it.

Edward, on the other hand, is fighting through Jacob’s thoughts. He is yelling in his mind about anything and everything, trying to make it so Edward can’t find whatever he is hiding in his head. Jacob has nothing on the pain of being separated from your mate for decades.

Everyone is watching the seemingly young man as he frowns as his eyelids move, his mind is scanning Jacob’s brain to make sure he is guilty of the crime he has been accused of, to make sure there are no other crimes they need to know about or being planned. This is what makes Edward’s talent different than Aro’s. Aro knows everything by touching that person. Edward has to search it out, and often has to really work at it.

Jasper is there, working with Edward, in pushing emotions to counter Jacob’s hate and anger. He is trying to make Jacob more pliable, easier to read. He and Edward have worked lately in conjunction to see if he can help the Beta’s job.

He is having issues with Alice and wondering why she isn’t behaving as normal, but he is focused on the current threat, and reacts with Edward as his eyes fly open and he snarls at Jacob.

Carlisle rocks for a second, his need to know, fighting with his need for his mate to be protected, but Edward turns to him, “This is all a distraction! Jacob didn’t think you would bring Bella. He contacted the nomads that had come around for Bella, to kill her. If he couldn’t have her, then he was going to make damn sure that no one else could.”

At the house, Brad is standing there looking around to what his men have accomplished. Even with the week deadline, it looks like he will complete this one ahead of time. He grins.

It will be the last action he will remember having during three fiery days in hell . . .

Final count, 2,485 words.


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