Chapter 19 Long Blinding End

What If 19

Disclosure:  Twilight is the property of Stephenie Meyers.  I take the characters out of time and see what happens.

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Song I listened to for this chapter: ROADS UNTRAVELED by Linkin Park


Bella looked around, and then said in a small voice, “Nothing, not even a trace of a scent.”

He nods, wrapping her up in his arms. “I told you Edward and Jasper would make sure of it.” But inside Carlisle can smell what happened here, and his eyes turn dark in anger that someone thought they could go against him!   He will be teaching a lesson soon to some nomads.

A lesson that they needed to learn, and if this is what happens from his old way, Carlisle will be making sure with the punishment of these vampires, no one will ever go against him again. Or his mate.



Brad is in Jasper and Alice’s room, and he is screaming. Jasper is standing there, being there for his soon to be progeny. Alice had crept in earlier and is standing in Jasper’s arms, watching the changing man in front of her.

“This is my fault.”

Jasper says nothing, because he knows that part of it is her fault, she had not understood the results of her petty attempts to keep the authority she had known. Now, she is seeing what the outcomes of her decisions are in real life, not the visions.

He had long suspected that her visions made her not truly appreciate the pain and misery that her decisions could have. She has been a step removed, and seeing so many outcomes has to harden you somewhat. However, Bella, and what she went through should have brought home the consequences.

And it did. For a while. Then it was swept under the rug, and she started to try to make decisions for Bella. Jasper though did give her the benefit of the doubt and think that she was trying too hard, but now he is not as sure as he would like to be. Alice is going to be confronted with her mistake all the time now.

Carlisle had told Jasper that he is going to try bagged blood, and had, in fact, started on it earlier today since he needed to hunt. Jasper had told him that if it does work, as soon as possible, he wants to go on it as well.

His emotions are the only reason he doesn’t drink human blood. The animal diet is hard when he gets the blood lust from all the others in the family.

He and Carlisle have had many discussions about it lately since Carlisle can’t work, so he dived into his favorite pastime; their gifts. He and Bella are more like each other than they could guess.   But Carlisle is the one who thought about it and they tested his theory that the blood lust of others is an emotion. And it is. They also tried seeing if Jasper could send emotions to change the humans so he can drink Human blood, and he couldn’t override the last emotions. They are strong and it is the worst kind of pain he has known when he feels the fear, the overwhelming despair of the one he is drinking from.

Carlisle, unlike what most people have thought, does not mind if Jasper goes back to human blood. His red eyes right now don’t bother him. As Carlisle says, it is his own personal choice. He does not force or even comment to Peter and Charlotte on their choices.

And as Carlisle has told him, he doesn’t want them in pain. Carlisle cannot take a life, that is his pain to suffer. But he never has made it mandatory that they drink animal blood to remain part of the family.

So hearing that Bella had come up with the idea, he was proud of his sister. Carlisle had stated that as soon as they can find out whether it is possible they can check into the dates of the blood, and maybe actually find a use for blood that is currently being destroyed.

All this goes through Jasper’s head as he watches his newest progeny suffer and feels the guilt from his mate. But something is shifting in the young man, and there is a strength coming through that he had been long looked for.


Bella anxiously watches Carlisle as he drinks the first blood bag. He had looked into the situation and found that a combination of blood would give what he hopes will be enough to satisfy.

So as he drinks the first human blood in his life, his mate is worried about him.

NM-gifs-carlisle-cullen-27997882-314-133 (1)

Carlisle, on the other hand, feels a rush through his body, and his eyes spring open. He takes a deep breath and smells things that had been hinted at, and his mind quickly calculates the differences. But he soon turns to his mate and smiles at her to reassure her.

She looks at his eyes and frowns. “I thought human blood made your eyes red.”

Carlisle chuckles, “It does, it may take a while, I have never had human blood. It may take a while to sink in. they may turn an off shade of orange.”

She shakes her head quickly, “I expected that just not… Green.”

Carlisle frowns at her and as she stares at his eyes, he moves to a mirror. He looks and blinks. Bella is soon beside him, and he is standing so still that she touches him hesitantly.

He tells her, “Blue. They are turning blue. But why?” He frowns as he literally watches the gold color he has gotten used to fade away, mixing with the blue color. His mind supplies him with the fact that the blood cells are all separated and mixed in with so much else, that maybe this is what causing it.

Bella, on the other hand, stares at her mate, and finally asks, “What was your original eye color?”

He absentmindedly answers her, “Blue.”

She frowns, and then walks away, muttering so lowly not even Carlisle’s ears can hear her. Though right now, he is shocked to watch the oddity of his changing eyes.

Bella goes downstairs and starts researching, and is soon sitting at the dining room table, with her laptop in front of her, and her biology books around her. She never notices the room darkening until she gets up to turn on the light, and then goes back to her work.

Carlisle is the one who snaps out of it and heads downstairs. His mind is now cataloging the differences he has known about and how it could be. And he wonders to himself, how the hell could he have missed this? But he stops when he notices his mate in what he could only call research mode. His face lifts in a smile as he leans against the entryway.

There is no question: she is his. Or her frustration level.   So he walks away, grabs a blood bag, pours it into a glass and then makes her a coffee. Once it is done, he goes into the dining room, and putting down her drink, he kisses her head as he heads to the other side of the table. Sitting down he tells her, “Talk to me, my lovely.”

Bella sighs. “Blue is your original color right?”

He nods, his eyes watching her, wondering where she is going with this.

Bella does some pointing and clicking with the mouse then turns the computer around to show Wikipedia. When Carlisle lifts an eyebrow, she tells him, “After researching this everywhere, I know this to be true. The eye pigmentation thing is set for humans by the layers of your eyes, and 15 markers in your DNA. I’m not so sure what happens when you turn to vampires. Red is not really a color to be had, nor can the ways they said that eyes change color even be possible per my research, other than a slight darkening due to emotions.”

He smiles. But when he starts to say something she holds up her hand. He closes his mouth and watches her with amusement.

Clicking to another tab, Bella informs him, “It looks like animals and humans have some huge differences. But first, are there any differences you are experiencing other than the change in eye color?”

Carlisle nods, “I feel more alive. My senses are all open, and I can see why turning to an animal diet would be hard. For me, I never had human, so I wouldn’t know the difference.”

Nodding, she notes that in the laptop. She then asks, “Jasper is the one we need here with you.”

Lifting an eyebrow Carlisle asks, “Why him?”

She doesn’t even lift her head as she notes what he says, and makes headings and such for tracking the differences. “Because, while you know animal blood, he would know human. He needs it.   We talked about it and he just can’t deal with the emotions when he feeds. It seems that he has to let  some of his humanity go in order to feed, and that causes him to not be able to keep the humans sedated. It’s his human side that identifies the emotions and determines what is sent.”

Thinking it over he asks, “You want him since he recalls the best what he should be feeling with human blood.”

Bella nods, “Yes.”

Carlisle slowly nods, then pulls out his cell phone, then hesitates. “Do you mind going over there? Or do you wish to have him here?”

Bella looks up from the notes she is typing up, chewing her bottom lip, “Huh?”

Carlisle reaches over and tugs the lip out of her teeth, “Do you mind if we go to the house?”

Her forehead wrinkles up in confusion, then clears, “Oh yeah. Grab what you need, I just need to finish and if we can take this over…,” she indicates her laptop as she finishes.

He stands up, and leaning over as he kisses her lips, he turns to slant his mouth over hers, claiming her as his need for her skyrockets. Before long, he feels that her newly acquired talent of breathing through a kiss is lost as he is taking over her mouth. Not able to help it, he smirks as he brings the kiss back to a gentle pace.

Bella opens her eyes slowly to her mate, her hands having found their way into his hair and she shakes her head. “What was that?”

He once again kisses her lips quickly and tells her, “That is me on human blood. And I can tell you to add taste to the items that are enhanced.” He starts walking out of the room, then pauses and looks back as he tells her, “I think we will call it an early night. I have other areas I would like to explore.   In the name of science of course.” He chuckles and winks as he watches the blush work its way down, knowing by now just how low it goes.

Final count, 1,710 words.


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