Chapter 7 It’s Been A Long Time Coming

What If 7

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The room gets quiet and Edward answers her, “We need to discuss what we are going to do about Jacob.”

And now:

The flat statement from Edward takes everyone by surprise and the coven looks at each other, trying to figure out how to handle the wolf outside.

Holding his Mate to him, Carlisle’s eyes darken to almost black as he thinks through everything that has been said last night and today.  “Edward, the mutt has heard that Bella is my Mate, right?”  Carlisle also idly wonders how much else he had heard.

Cocking his head to the side as he leans against the mantle, Edward flexes his hands as he listens to the mutt’s angry thoughts.  “Yes, but even though he has not imprinted on her, he believes she is his mate.  That is why he does not believe that she is yours.  I hear other’s telling him that he has no right to attack if you are claiming her, but he is ignoring them.  That pack mind of theirs is truly amazing.”

Edward has kept a close lid on the filth that is spewing from Jacob’s mind on the subject of Bella.  Carlisle is already entertaining methods of causing enduring pain without those thoughts.  Plus no man that cares for the diminutive woman being held so lovingly by Carlisle should ever be exposed to the garbage in that head.

Feeling the revulsion Edward is emoting, Jasper tries to send his brother some calming waves.  If Edward is hearing from Jacob’s mind anything that matches the emotions Jasper has gotten from the brute, then he has Jasper’s full support and sympathy.  Jasper then smirks, he is looking forward to seeing what Carlisle is going to do to the mutt.

Getting an idea from Edward’s face that he is editing again, Carlisle pulls his mate closer to him, as he growls at the audacity of the mutt to even be thinking that she was his.  He closes his eyes to gain back control and then Rose shocks them all with one question to Bella.

“Bella, do you know what Jacob is?”

Carlisle just stares at his daughter, thinking frantically over their conversations.  And he comes to the realization that while they have called him a pup, and a mutt, they have never once said what he is.  How had they never managed to tell her what he is?   And what exactly did she think he was to be able to cause all the banging around the house?

Bella looks at Rose, confused and tries to figure out what she is talking about.  “What do you mean do I know what Jacob is?  You mean do I know he is a Native American?”  She knows only too well how big Jacob is.  While he was not as big as Paul or Emmett, Jacob has mass against Carlisle.  And she is also well acquainted with the power of those fists.

Edward is as floored as Carlisle as he grasps that Bella has no idea what Jacob is.  He thinks quickly, locking eyes with Carlisle as he listens to his Alpha’s thoughts as well as Alice’s.  Once a combination is matched, he asks Bella, “What do you remember of the tales that Jacob told you when you were younger.  Specifically the ones that had the Cold Ones in them?”

Sitting there, Bella thinks.  She casually mentions, “I was told more tales as part of the bonfires w-when I used to go to them.”  But her mind is going back to the legend that Jake told her on that cold beach, knowing that they wanted her to think on that one, not her favorite of the third wife.  She starts talking out loud, “He told me that there was an attack of a Cold One against the village and something about how his ancestors made some of the tribe into wolves.”  She looks up at them, clearly puzzled as she tells him, “But while Jake laughed at the mention of the Cold Ones, he found the tale of tribe members turning into wolves the funniest part of the legends.  He made fun of them the most.”

Emmett can’t keep the sardonic chuckle quiet.  He doesn’t think about how his words will impact her, instead telling his sister  quite bluntly, “It’s funny how he found those the funniest, because that is what is outside our home right now.  Jacob as a wolf is attacking Cold Ones.”

Bella feels cold terror inch down her spine as she understands Emmett’s words.  Jacob is a wolf, just like the legends she had heard so much about.  As in what had torn and killed Cold Ones who attacked the tribe.  Cold Ones, the same being that her mate is.   And he wants to go out there and fight with it. With that she loses grip on her fear, she cannot lose Carlisle!

Jasper and Carlisle feel her terror, and Carlisle turns her quickly so she is straddling him, and he cups her face as he frantically calls her name, “Bella!”

Jasper pumps into her all the calm he can and he can feel Carlisle doing the same.  He can hardly control his anger at his brother, and spits out at him, “How could you put it that way?  Don’t you ever think, Emmett?”

Emmett just stares at Bella, shocked that she is actually hyperventilating in her fear.

Rose hits him in the back of the head as she hisses, “She has no idea what we can do, and she has only heard the tales of them killing us!  How would you feel if you thought I was going to get myself killed by attacking them?”

Emmett drops his head in his hands and moans.  “I am so sorry, you’re right, I didn’t think.”

Carlisle ignores Emmett, trusting that Rose will take of it.  His attention and, in fact, his whole being is focused only on his mate.   It takes awhile, but he can finally feel his her calm down enough that reason comes back into her eyes.  He tells her, “I am so sorry, my darling.  So sorry.”  And he pours his remorse and love into her as he continues, “Emmett should have put it another way.  But, please believe me, he cannot hurt me.  In addition sweetheart, Jasper and the rest will be there, and there is a reason why we are in control of this part of the world.  Bella, I will be fine.  The only thing that fully destroys me physically is fire, and there is no way we will allow the mutt to bring fire around me.” He stares into her eyes, trying to get her to believe him.

Bella is processing what he is saying, and she can finally articulate what she is thinking, “Carlisle, he is built to tear you apart!  I can’t lose you, not when I just found you!”

The heartfelt plea is heard by all of them, but Edward can’t help it, he can hear the pup outside, and while Jacob is proud that Bella acknowledges what he can do, he can’t help but think of his failures as well.   This makes Edward smirk as he relays to them all, but especially to his best friend, “Bella, neither Jacob nor the rest of his pack have managed the feat of tearing apart any vampires.  But, it is past time for this to be over.  We cannot remain holed up in this house.  Trust us Bella.” He looks over at her, his eyes telling her they will all be fine.

Meanwhile, Carlisle is fighting what he knows his Mate is going to demand.  But, before he can plead with her to stay in the house, Edward interrupts him, and tells him, “I think it will do more good than harm for her to hear Jacob’s side.  We will make sure she is safe.” He knows it will be a mistake trying to hide Bella away.

Surprised, but quickly putting the pieces together, Bella looks back at the man she loves and tells him with surprising strength in her voice, “Carlisle!  I cannot believe you would even think of making me stay inside.  You would feel what I feel.  Would it not be detrimental to feel what I am without being able to see me?  Or have me that far away from you?” Then her voice drops as her true fear comes out, “Or not let me see you and know that you are safe.”

Closing his eyes, he takes a deep breath.  Opening them, he looks over to Edward: ‘You make sure she is completely safe when I have to leave her side.  She is not to have any less than three of us by her side at all times.  You and Jasper will be my seconds, Emmett is to be between the mutt and her at all times.  Let everyone know, and silently please, Edward.  I wish to take care of this, to find out what he knows so I can help Bella.  And I have this need to punish him.  It has been a long time in coming for him, and he needs to realize the tables have turned.  Bella is no longer his plaything’.

Edward nods, his eyes darkening.  Flicking his eyes to Jasper and Emmett, they nod and so does everyone else.  He looks back at his Alpha, the whole coven is ready.  This is a coven which is ready for war, which is used to working together.

Carlisle looks down at his mate, and tells her, “You are right.  Are you ready?”  When she looks at him in shock, he leans down and softly tells her, “This needs to end now.  We have more important things to do than give in to his temper tantrums.  I don’t know about you, but I really would like to see some daylight.”  Then his eyes turn mischievous, “I would really like to take you to show you why we do not go outdoors in the sunlight, sweetheart.”

Bella can’t help it.  When Carlisle gets mischievous, it makes her heart so light.  She smiles at him.

Carlisle leans forward and kisses her gently.  He tells her, “Bella, I love you.  Let’s get this over with so we can start our lives together.  Because there is nothing I would love more than to spend a day, a week, hell the rest of our lives, just the two of us together.  But , for right now I would settle for a week…at least.”  He grins at her.

Bella relaxes some more, as is Carlisle’s plan.  She nods and he rises to his feet, surprising her with his strength.  It is often too easy to forget he can hurt her without trying.  He puts her on the ground, as the metal shades roll up from the weak points in the house.  He is looking at her, adoration in every line of his face as he holds her.  He asks softly, “You ready?”  And he only moves once he gets the affirmation from her feelings and her mouth.

He puts his arm around her, and not looking at his coven, trusting them to be in formation, he moves to the back door of the house.  Bella notes that they are double doors, like the front one, and she realizes it is so the Cullens never have to enter the house one by one.

Alice and Rose open the doors, and the rest walk through.  Edward is on Carlisle’s nearest side with Jasper behind Bella.  Alice is behind the couple, and Emmett and Rosalie are on Edward’s and Jasper’s flanks.  It makes for an impressive view.  And one that will protect Bella the best if Jacob tries to get to her. She will be shoved behind Carlisle and the rest of the family will surround her.  The Cullens are already adjusting to their Alpha being mated, and have moved their positions accordingly.

They move into the backyard, which is completely hidden behind both of their houses.  Bella realizes that their houses are alone on the road, there are woods all around them.  She had loved the peacefulness when she had seen the house, it had seemed soothing to her.  Now she can see the other use behind it, it allows them to be themselves when they are home.  Plus it probably helps for the homes to be hidden when other vampires come for Carlisle in his other role.

Carlisle stops, his authority, and the fact that he is a full Alpha, radiating off of him.  His eyes are black with the rage he is barely controlling.  He is about to meet the one who has hurt his Mate.  He growls out to the wolf he can smell, “Jacob, you have wanted us out here with Bella all this time.  We are out here, show yourself!”

A large horse-sized russet colored wolf shows himself at the edge of the woods.  Bella is shocked, but she can feel Carlisle sending her his love and his confidence that she can handle this through their Bond.

Edward growls at the demand from the wolf, but he complies enough to tell Carlisle, “He wishes me to translate for him.  He knows from the comments I made in the house that I can read his thoughts.  But it’s your choice, Carlisle.”

Carlisle thinks on it.  He normally would allow Edward’s talent to help, but he has a feeling that he needs to have Jacob say what he is thinking.  He has a feeling that Edward would filter the thoughts and Bella needs to hear it all.

She needs to fully admit to herself that her Jake is gone.  That who she is dealing with is now Jacob.  Carlisle suspects, as does Jasper, that is part of the reason she would go back.  She blames herself for not bringing Jake back.

Bella needs to find out that Jacob is all there is left; he has been playing her, knowing she wants something that is no longer there.  He has been using it to play her along.  Without this awareness, it will be harder for her to let go of him.  And in fact, some part of her will blame Carlisle if he goes too far.

Sighing, knowing that what Carlisle is thinking is right, Edward admits to Carlisle, “If you could hear his mind, you would filter it as well.  I warn you Carlisle, this will take a lot of control if you allow the boy to speak with you.”  It takes all of my control not to attack him.

Jacob growls out from the edge.  Surprisingly it is Bella who answers him. “Jacob Ephraim Black.  You can’t face us as a man?  You have to hide yourself behind the monster you are?” She is scared and frightened of the wolf in front of her.  But this needs to end, and this is her line in the sand.

Jacob’s growl answers her and losing it momentarily, Carlisle roars at him, “DO NOT GROWL AT MY MATE!” The Alpha tone is there, it doesn’t matter that Jacob is not of the same species; Carlisle proves with that why he is one of the Kings of the Vampire race.

While he doesn’t cower away from Carlisle, Jacob does move back where they don’t see him.  Then he comes out of the woods in a pair of cargo shorts.  His face is twisted with a look of hatred.

Edward is shocked that one of the things that has Jacob so mad is that Carlisle’s command actually worked for a couple of seconds before he shrugged it off.  It makes him wonder…

The wolf and vampire glare at each other.  In a glance Carlisle takes in his foe, the man who has hurt Bella so much. And he smirks.

Then Jacob makes a huge mistake, but that smirk on Carlisle’s face, as well and the arm around her is pushing buttons.  Nor does he miss how Bella’s body is slightly curving into Carlisle’s, touching Carlisle and accepting his touch where she has scorned his!

He growls out at Bella, “Bella, get your ass over here.  I haven’t spent the last couple of years protecting your pale ass to hand it over to some vampire who fancies himself a King and your mate.  I own you after all I have gone through!”

Carlisle’s eyes go a flat black color.  The rage in him surpasses the rest of the Cullen’s.

But his Bella surprises him and the rest of them by her simple answer, “No.”


Bella squares her shoulders.  “No.  N. O.  What part of that do you not understand?”  All this time, she knows that Jasper and Carlisle can feel her terror at standing up to Jacob, but she feels the love and pride from both of them.

Carlisle has tightened his arm around his love, and brings her so she is in front of him, knowing he can move her if Jacob does anything.  At the same time, he knows she needs the extra support that having his arms around her can provide.  He also feels the family shift some, Edward and Jasper move slightly forward so they can help protect him in the precious few seconds it will take to move her.  Jasper at the same time sends approval to him, letting him know that this is what Bella needs.  He shakes his head minutely, telling himself that he needs to talk to his son.  He can feel what Bella needs better than Jasper.

Jacob is angry to say the least. Bella denied him! On the other hand, seeing his mortal enemy hold his woman in such a away infuriates him even more.  And to know she not only allows it, but probably encourages it.  His lips lift in a growl, and he answers her, “It is the whole concept.  I have heard it from your lips enough times to know you don’t mean it.  I let you play your games, but I know you really wanted me to fuck you.  You’re just lucky that Seth somehow has interrupted us each time before I could. I didn’t want you to whine to Daddy that I raped you.  Not like he would believe you after you did what I told you to with him. That was why I was so happy with your little house here.  No one would be interrupting us as I make you learn to obey me.  You owe me, Bella.  You owe me that ass of yours and then some.”

This time it is Rose’s growl that rips out.  She stares at the mutt, hating what he has planned for her little sister.  There is just no way that he will ever touch a stray hair of hers!  If it wasn’t that she knew Carlisle would take care of him, she would be attacking him already.  She will enjoy watching Carlisle teach Jacob why you don’t push yourself on a woman.  Much less Carlisle’s mate.  She smiles evilly at Jacob.

Jacob’s eyes roam freely over her figure then he smirks.  “Yeah, if you bring your friend, Bella, I won’t punish you too much for attempting to deny me.”  He prefers brunettes, but any blonde with those curves can service him, even if she is a Cold One.

Carlisle is so enraged; he had to gather his control around him.  His talent is often thought to be compassion, and it could very well be.  But his control, his control is legendary.  And that legendary control is what is allowing him to descend into an icy collected rage.  Where he can think clearly, but be able to use the rage to help fuel him if it is needed.

The beast in man form in front of them has offended each of them to the point that he will be lucky to leave there in one piece.

Shaking his head in disgust, Edward mutters, “I told you that you didn’t really want to hear what was going on in his head. What is pouring out of his mouth is nothing compared to his real thoughts. He really believes that Bella is his property.”

Wanting nothing more than to hide herself in Carlisle, Bella instead gathers all her courage, and her need to know.  She asks Jacob one question, “Why?”

It made him stumble back in shock.  Jacob just stands there, gaping.  He finally answers her, “Why?”  He then laughs. “You and your damned questions.  You can’t be satisfied can you?  Well you want answers?  Here they are.  The answer is because of you, I lost my life.  I became this monster.  Because of how tempting you smell to vampires, I lost the chance to live my life, to get off the reservation, to make something of myself.  At first I was proud to be a Protector, to be one of the Pack, to be protecting our people.  But, then you had to have one living with you.  Then came the three Cold Ones, who killed and killed you pale faces, and then they started to kill our people just for the fun of it.  They want you so badly; they constantly come back through in an attempt to get to you.  It’s one big fucking game to them.” The words are hurled at Bella, each one battering at her small frame and he enjoys seeing the hurt in her eyes.

He glares at Bella, “The only thing that made the pain bearable was you.  I love you, Bella.  I tried to be sweet and loving, but you never responded.  You don’t think I didn’t notice the revulsion, the gagging when I tried to kiss you?  To know I was out there, risking my life to protect you, and you were sickened by my mere touch?” It is the closest he will allow himself be to that hurt little boy who he had hidden when the pain of her rejection proved too much for him.

With compassion, seeing in his mind how badly it had hurt Jacob when he realized Bella was rejecting him, Edward told him, “You heard what was said.  She didn’t feel it just for you, she felt it for everyone.  Once the vampire bit her and her life was in danger, their mating began.”  He tries, knowing he could have been that same lost little boy if his mate had rejected him.  Instead he ended up with a family that loves him and a new best friend who was giving him a chance to have his mate with him.

Not wanting to be vulnerable anymore, Jacob spits at him, “Lies.  She is great at lying.  Aren’t you, Bella?  Did you tell them how well you lied when I told you to?” He grinned evilly as he thought back to all the things he had forced her to lie about.  If only he could have trusted her, he would have had her mouth on his cock at least.  Those lying lips would have known what to do.

Sickened by the emotions rolling off the beast in front of them and Edward, Jasper tries one last piece of reason, “What about when you imprinted?  What would you do with Bella, then?” He couldn’t believe this tripe in front of him was something that sweet Bella had loved.

Jacob actually laughs.  “Imprinting?  Why would I imprint? It’s a fucking legend!  And if I did, then I would need to decide if I was to keep them both, or brush her off like the garbage she is.  Depends how good of a fuck she is.”  Then he gives a knowing look at Carlisle, “Plus it is always best to spread the seed of the Alpha around isn’t it, Carlisle?”

Before Carlisle can attack the wolf, a sandy colored wolf and a silver wolf exit the woods flanking another russet colored man.  He looks at Bella in Carlisle’s arms, and then at Jacob.  He directs his question to Carlisle, “Who are you?”

Carlisle answers him, “Carlisle Cullen, Alpha of my coven. And you?”  He is quivering with rage, but he answers pleasantly.   He is also trying to sooth his mate who is trembling and feeling sick.

“Sam Uley, Alpha of the Pack.” Sam looks at Bella again, and he asks, “Bella?” He is concerned for his sister, just completely flabbergasted that she is not only in someone else’s arms, allowing them to touch her, but that she is not ill.  She may look sick, but he suspects it’s due to what he heard as they raced here.

Bella just stares at him.  She is tired, she wants this all over, and she is feeling quite sick to her stomach.  It is frankly getting to be too much for her, the accusations from Jacob are too much.  This is all her fault?

Carlisle has been rubbing circles on her shoulders where his hands are resting, trying to calm his mate.  Carlisle realizes she is at the end of her rope.  Jacob has unknowingly just broken any affection that Bella still had for him.  He can also feel the guilt she is feeling and he will deal with that once he can get them alone.  First he needs to calm her down, Carlisle can feel how nauseated she is and is trying to sooth her.

When nothing comes from her and he feels as though she won’t say anything, he finally answers for both of them, “She is my Mate.  And as such, she is under the protection and care of my coven.”

Sam’s head jerks up and so does the head of the sandy colored wolf; the silver growls at them, vocalizing the shock of the other two.

Jacob on the other hand just laughs. Then he tells Carlisle with a twisted sneer on his lips, “You just want to fuck her.  I tell you what, you are an old timer.  Her being a virgin must mean something to you old timers and you want first dibs on her, I will let you.  Truthfully, I would rather have one who has been broken in.  I just figured that if it wasn’t me it would have been Paul.”

At that remark, the silver wolf snarls and crouches.

Jacob just looks at him unfazed. “What, you didn’t realize that is why I allowed her to hang around the Paul Meraz?  The great womanizer?  Since I was having a problem getting into her pants, I figured you would manage it, then I just had to talk you into letting us both do her at the same time.  And don’t try to tell me you never imagined it.  The pack mind lets us see all.  All the fantasies we have about her.” He grins, knowing that he is taunting them since he has kept his mind hidden from the so-called all-seeing pack mind.

Sam is shaking with anger, and he finally roars out, “Shut up!  Seth told me about the sick obsession you have with Bella, but I never believed it was this bad or I would have put a stop to it a long time ago!  If you keep this up, I won’t defend you against the pack or from her mate.”

Jacob is shaking his head in disbelief.  “C’mon Sam.  You know that every single one of the Pack desires her.  What’s so different about me?  And to actually accept and believe that this vampire is her mate?  Why him?  Why now?  Where has he been all this time?”

The Cullen’s are all watching this; Edward is amazed by what he is seeing in their heads.  Yes, Jacob is right that most of the pack has at one time fantasized about Bella.  But, once seeing her and that she couldn’t touch any males without being physically sick in the later years, they had never acted on it.  Because of that reason and her kind heart not wanting to hurt anyone when she flinches away, she eventually avoided all physical interactions with anyone.  The pack felt for the lost woman they all had started to feel was a sister, they adopted her, and tried to protect her.  Paul is one of her biggest protectors, never allowing anyone to get too close.  They did it out of worry and love for her as a sister.

Sam, especially, views her as his little sister in every way; he alone has never fantasized about her.  He does not like that her mate is a vampire, he had always hoped that one of the new wolves would imprint on her.  At the same time, he is thrilled that someone is able to touch her, a male and that she welcomes it.  He accepts with his own eyes the physical proof that she is Carlisle’s.  How can one miss how she is relying on him to keep her strong?

Sam keeps an eye on Bella, seeing her retreat into Carlisle’s arms the more filth is spouted at her from Jacob.  He can see her Mate is enraged, and the only thing holding him back is her.  She needs him, and that alone tells him more than anything else can about the depth of feelings that the vampire holds for his sister. He is not surprised at all when Carlisle finally speaks to Jacob. He has already decided to allow the vampire the revenge he probably needs for the insults to his mate.   The Ancestors know that he wants to beat the shit out of Jacob.

Carlisle is done with this.  He needs to take Bella inside, and soothe her, prove to her how much he loves her.  He brings his head down to his love’s ear, and tells her gently, “I love you, Bella. But, I need to end this. Rose, Alice and Emmett will protect you.  This ends now.” He kisses her throat and takes a breath with her scent.  He uses it to center himself.

Bella looks up at him, intending to plead for him not to leave her, but as she feels his emotions, she nods.

Edward moves quickly to her side, he can tell from Jasper and Carlisle that she is feeling alone, confused, and frightened.  He tells her, “Jasper and I will be in front of you, but we need to be free in case Carlisle needs us.  There are no worries, Bella. It’s just a formality.  Carlisle can take care of himself.”

Sam is watching them and looks down at the two wolves at his side.  They nod, and move back to the woods.  After changing back, they exit the woods.

Bella looks over, and she is shocked. “Seth?  Paul?”

Sam looks over at Carlisle and states, “If you don’t mind, would her own brother and best friend be allowed to protect her as well?  It may make her feel better.  I understand what you need to do.  Just leave him alive to face our punishments.  Our tribal law states that no man can interfere with mating.  Not just imprints, but with mates.  And I know our treaty with you well enough to know that she is covered by it.”

Carlisle has not let her go, needing her in his arms until the last second.  But, he can feel from her the love she has for the two men in front of her, and nods in a short movement, acquiescing.  They move across the yard, and he releases her to them, but only after bestowing a kiss on her head and an, “I love you, Sweetheart” to her ear.

Seth grabs her, and hugs her tightly, apologizing the entire time for letting it get to this level.  Paul is right there behind him, telling her he loves her, and they will not allow Jacob to touch her.

Bella is just amazed that she feels no revulsion from touching either of them.  She smiles for the first time since they stepped outside, and she hugs both of them back, a hug that in her estimation has been way overdue for these two.

When they look at her, shocked, Carlisle can’t help but chuckle.  He tells them, “It was the mating Bond.  Now that she has accepted me, and we are together, as long as you don’t desire her, she is able to touch anyone.” And the joy and happiness he is feeling from her is more than enough to reward him.  He lets it flow down their Bond, knowing that she will enjoy the feeling as well. He’s also keeping his promise never to hide from her the joys and troubles of their Mating.

Paul gets a huge grin, and tells her, “Just wait, little one until the next time you are on the reservation.  There will be no reason you can’t go cliff diving now!”  He grins down at her, loving the fact he can touch his best friend.

Carlisle shudders, but he just tells them, “We will talk on this later.”  His mate?  Cliff Diving?

Then Carlisle remembers Jacob, feels his rage coming over him.  He turns back to Jacob who is shaking with rage.  Carlisle walks forward, knowing that behind him, his coven and the two wolves are closing ranks to protect his mate.  He hates this, but everything inside in him is demanding retribution from the boy in front of him.

Once he is in front of Jacob he looks him up and down.  And clearly dismisses him as he turns his back to ask Sam, “I have permission?”

He doesn’t want to show it, but Sam is impressed with the man in front of him.  Jacob is nothing to dismiss lightly, but Sam senses that Carlisle isn’t doing this to prove a point; he truly does not feel as though the wolf is a threat to him.  Sam nods to him, saying, “I just need him alive.”

Carlisle nods, and then turns back to Jacob.  He can’t help the sneer that crosses his face. “Did you not understand my Mate when she quite clearly told you no, earlier?  It is your saving grace that you were interrupted all that time, if you had raped her, your Alpha’s wishes wouldn’t matter.  As it is, you raised your hand to my mate.  You demeaned her, and sought to claim what is not yours to claim.  She is mine, my Mate.”

Jacob snarls at him, and transforms into a wolf and lungest for Carlisle in one smooth motion. However, Carlisle idly steps to the side, letting the wolf fly by.  Jacob slides to a stop and twists into another leap at Carlisle’s throat, only to find Carlisle behind him, punching his side, forcing him into the ground.

Carlisle snarls back at Jacob, and asks, “You think I can’t handle a pup like you?  Let me school you on how you are acting like an overgrown puppy.  No wonder you could never take down any vampires.”

And he crouches, obviously ready to fight the shapeshifter.  Jacob growls, and he leaps again, trying to bring his powerful jaws into play with the vampire.  Carlisle again punches him in the side, harder this time, and everyone can hear Jacob’s ribs crack. As the wolf falls, a whine slips out.

Carlisle shakes his head and tells him, “Think, Jacob.  You need to think before you attack me.  You have already seen that I am faster than you.  You know your teeth are powerful, but you have to get me in a position to use them.  Just leaping at me, snapping, is not going to work.  Now, that is enough of your lessons.  One of us is going down, and I highly suspect it will not be me.  Stop crying and attack me.”

Jacob snarls at his words, and he circles the vampire.  Carlisle laughs, “That’s better.  Just remember to always think.”  He turns as he watches Jacob.  Carlisle was trained by the best in the Volturi, then by the best fighter in the world, Jasper.  He spars with his coven often, including Peter and Jasper when Peter comes through.  He is proud to know he can hold his own with them and this overgrown dog is no match for him.  But at the same time, he needs to keep control of his temper, knowing if he loses control he will be no better than Jacob.  And with Bella watching, there is no way he can do that.  She needs him after this is all over. She matters more than anything else on this earth.

Bella is in the middle of her family, and she is watching her love fight Jacob.  She can’t help but feel guilty that she is enjoying watching the man who has made her life so miserable being put in his place.

Jasper feels this, and tells her as he watches the fight, “No reason to feel guilty, Bella.  You deserve this.  You deserve someone fighting for you because they love you.  And the only reason it is Carlisle out there is that he needs this as badly as you do.  Otherwise it would have been hard to pick who would be out there fighting Jacob for you.”

Paul looks down at his friend, and reinforces that the leech told her, “Oh hell no, Bells.  There is no feeling guilty that Jacob is getting what he fucking deserves.  I just wish I knew what the bastard had been doing to you all these years.  Shit, I wish I knew what he had been thinking!  We heard a lot of what he was saying as we made our way here, the fucking bastard is proud of it, and was practically shouting it.  I am so fucking sorry that he treated you that way.  I should have known why you were pulling away from us.” He puts his arm around her and gives her a one armed hug.  He, like the rest of them, is mesmerized by how Carlisle is moving.  Who expected a leech could move like that?

Bella can’t take her eyes from the fight in front of her, flinching as the sound of more bones breaking echoes in the yard.  “I was ashamed.  I believed him when he told me no one else cared.  He pointed out how no one had even tried to hug me anymore,”  she felt the need to explain.

Paul closes his eyes at the explanation.  “Damn him.”  The fucker really knew how to slant everything his way with an eye to isolating her.  He opens his eyes, “Bella, we didn’t try to hug you because it made you ill.  Not because we didn’t want you.  Fuck, I probably helped since I made damn sure that no one even touched a stray hair on your head.”  He grinds his teeth, feeling sick to his stomach that any action of his had helped Jacob’s sick plan along.

A loud bang makes them all pay more attention to the fight that has continued as they spoke.  Carlisle had allowed one of Jacob’s leaps for him to smack into him, and he had wrapped his hand around Jacob’s snout and threw him to the side.  Carlisle growls as Jacob, not learning the lesson, runs and leaps again, this time, Carlisle decides to end it.  He moves to the side, and grabs Jacob’s back leg as he moves past.  The sound of the leg breaking, along with Jacob’s howl of pain, echoes around the yard.  The next second Carlisle is hovering over Jacob, obviously the winner.

Carlisle’s inner beast is satisfied.  It would rather that he kill the mutt, but it can deal with this instead.  Carlisle’s mouth is on Jacob’s jugular, his intent clear to all.  Jacob needs to yield, or he will die.

Sam is awed by the vampire, and he moves over.  He tells Jacob in an Alpha voice, “Submit, you are done.”

Jacob tries to fight it, but the pain of his broken ribs and leg are too much.  He submits to Carlisle and transforms back into his human form, panting with the pain.

Smirking, Carlisle effortlessly rises to his feet.  His eyes immediately find Bella, and he motions for her to come to him.  He smiles as she comes to him with no hesitation at being close to Jacob, and he wraps his arms around her, breathing in her scent, letting her center him.  He asks her softly, “You okay?”

She laughs in relief that he is okay, and tells him, “That should be my question, but yeah.  I really think I am.” She feels as though a weight has been removed from her.

He holds her tightly to him, and then turns his head to Sam.  “I need to spend some time with my Mate.  Why don’t either you or your beta get with mine, and we will meet later.”

Sam looks over at Paul who nods.  “I will have Paul get with?”

Bella answers him, “Edward.”  Then she laughs.

Carlisle looks down at her, loving the sound.  He asks her, “What is it, sweetheart?”  He knows she hasn’t processed what all has happened.  He needs to get her alone before she goes into shock.  He is actually happy that Seth and Paul have delayed that for a little bit, it is the real reason he pushed to fight sooner.  He needs to take care of his Mate.

Bella looks at him and just tells him, “My two best male friends.  Paul and Edward.” She is feeling a little odd, and knows from experience that she is just pushing everything away right now.  But she has a feeling it is creeping back, this is one time she won’t be able to deny it.

Carlisle just raises an eyebrow at the qualifier.

Alice sighs in exasperation and answers, “Hello!!  I am her best friend too.  So…”  She knows Carlisle needs to get Bella away.  She needs the wolves to leave so that she can see what is going to happen.  But for the sake of her sister, she plays along.

The laughter from everyone takes the stress level down in the yard.  Sam finally sighs, and tells Seth and Paul, “We need to remove the trash from Bells’ yard, and leave the two lovebirds alone.”  He glances at Carlisle and tells him, “I look forward to our meeting.”

Bella moves out of Carlisle’s arms, and hugs Sam.  He hugs her back, closing his eyes in obvious relief that his sister is better.  He tells her, “I wish I would have known that all you needed was him.  I would have sent the entire pack out to find him if it would have made you feel better.”  He gives her a brotherly kiss on the forehead and looks into her eyes so she will see the promise there, “I will see you later.”

Jasper can feel the worry that Sam had for his sister, and the pure relief he has that she has found her mate.  Sam’s words are completely honest; he would have sent the whole pack to find Carlisle if he had known that was what she needed.  He would do anything for his sister.

Moving back into Carlisle’s arms, she can feel his relief that she is where he can keep her safe.   They watch as Seth and Paul lift Jacob’s naked body and carry him out of the yard.  Sam watches them, and then nods to the Cullens before he follows them.

Once the pack is gone, everyone else relaxes.  Treaty or not, the wolves are their natural enemies.

Emmett is grinning as he walks forward and pounds Carlisle’s shoulder as he tells him, “I love it.  It was as good as being able to get my hands on him.” He can’t believe it, but it is so like Carlisle to not only defeat his foe, but to give him a lesson at the same time.

The rest of the family grins at him, obviously feeling the same way.

Carlisle chuckles, but he tells them seriously, “Thanks, but, no offense to any of you, I need some time with my Mate.”  With that, he scoops Bella into his arms, and before she knows it, they are in their rooms.

He only puts her down for a second, and then holds her tightly to him.  He can still hear everything Jacob had said.  How had his mate survived that for years? Then he feels his mate start to shake, and knows it is all hitting her.  He holds her tighter as she starts to cry and murmurs to her, “Let it all out.  Nothing he said is true, love.” He sends his love to her, as well as his belief in her.

Bella feels disgusted, and can’t understand why Jacob is like that.  To find out that her brother is the only reason she was not raped, oh God…

Carlisle is surprised when she pushes him away, but then the nausea she is feeling hits him as she runs into the bathroom.  He moves to her side so fast he blurs, holding her hair away as he uses his cool hands to best results as she empties her stomach.  As fast as he can, he quickly moves into the shower and turns it on, feeling the onset of shock coming through their bond.   He had been amazed at her earlier, but he now realizeds that she had pushed it all away, determined to show her stronger side.

Carlisle moves back to her side, knowing he is blurring as he moves as quickly as possible.  He doesn’t want to leave her side, but the shower needs to be warm so he can help prevent as much shock as possible.  He closes his eyes, making the conscious decision to have Alice bring him a Coke.  As he opens his eyes, he looks up into her eyes, as she hands him the sugary drink.  She quickly exits, knowing that it is only because of Bella he could allow her in there at all.  She is the only one, because she had been in there.  It doesn’t make sense, but she understands.

Carlisle softly raises Bella up.  He softly tells her, “Drink some of this, love.  It will help.”

She does as he asks, but he is starting to sound like he is talking to her through a tunnel.

Carlisle softly swears as he realizes she is in shock.  He quickly tears off their clothing and carries her into the shower.  As the water warms them both up, he does everything he can to calm her down, using his medical knowledge to bring her out of it safely.  He knows he cannot make her eat, since he is still feeling her nausea.  It takes more than a little bit of time, but he finally reaches her.

Bella raises her head, noticing she is in the shower with Carlisle holding her and they are both naked.   She blushes, and Carlisle tells her softly, “There is nothing to be ashamed of, sweetheart.  You needed to fall apart, and I was here to help.”  There is nothing sexual about this at all.  He, as her Mate, can feel her need for him, and he is taking care of her.

He holds her to him as she relaxes.  He lays his head on hers as his hand rubs her back.  They sit there like that, relaxing into each other, and letting her calm down.  As he feels her shame coming back, he tells her softly, “Nothing Jacob told you was true.”

Bella sighs and rests her head against his chest.  “I know that mentally.  But emotionally…”

Carlisle nods, understanding.  “It’s harder to take.” He thinks for a second, and comments, “I love you, Bella.  What I did was for me, but for you too.  I felt your guilt and heard the responses to it.”

Bella laughs sardonically, “You’re fighting, but also listening to my conversations?  Carlisle!”  She shakes her head, unable to believe that man out there had defeated Jacob without all his attention on his foe.  It worries her that he could have been distracted at the wrong time because of her.  Too many of his moves had involved very intricate timing to sidestep.

Laughing softly, Carlisle tells her, “I will always have a part of me attuned to you, love. Always.  I can’t help it, but believe me; you will understand better when you become one of us.” He knows she is worried that he may have been hurt, but he can’t explain well enough for her to understand that unless she had been under attack or something would have happened that she would have needed him; she would have not been a distraction.  She had been right earlier; it would have been more of a distraction not to have her where he could see her.

He lifts his head from hers and looks down at her, his eyes soft, but dark as he remembers the conversation and how she is feeling now.  “Bella, they are right.  Jacob should have never gotten away with treating you that way.  But now we will deal with the after effects.  I will woo you like you have never been, treat you like the treasure you are.  You really are my world.”

Smiling gently up at him, Bella can’t help but comment, “Well, since I have never been ‘wooed’ before, it won’t take much.”

Carlisle laughs.  He takes a stray hair and tucks it behind her ear.  “That reminds me.  We will need to take a trip to Forks.  I mean it when I say I will do this right.” He gazes into her eyes, feeling better that he has taken care of his Mate.

Bella can’t help it.  She starts laughing.   The thought of her Mate asking her father if he can woo his daughter is too much for her.   She finally tells him, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Carlisle.  Nowadays the guy only asks for permission to marry the daughter.  My father may lock me up if you came asking for permission to woo his daughter.”

Alice speaks up from downstairs where Carlisle can hear her, “She is actually right.  You cannot ask him that, Carlisle.  Well you could, but then you would be sneaking into her bedroom to rescue her and will gain nothing but his distrust for you.”  She chuckles at the sight of Carlisle sneaking into Bella’s bedroom back in Forks.

Carlisle groans, and leans his head back on the shower wall.  “Why is it that me trying to treat you right should be so hard?”

Bella reaches out and touches his face.  His eyes open, and look down at hers. “Carlisle, you do treat me right.  You love me.  Just because we can’t do something from when you were raised, well to be truthful, from what I read of those times, we wouldn’t be in a shower together.” She blushes, but knows she is right.  Of course normally they wouldn’t be in here if it wasn’t for her falling apart and him taking care of her.  But she can’t deny that it feels so right to be with him like this.

He thinks on that, and nods.  “I guess I will have to settle for dating then.”  He smirks as he says it, the playful man she has fallen in love with coming out.

Shaking her head, Bella asks, “What does it matter, you already have my love, and know that I am yours forever.”

Carlisle lifts his head from the shower wall, and just looks at her.  “Bella, I know that, and I do love you, sweetheart.  But I want to give you the world.  Since I cannot, I will settle on romancing you.  You are a gift to me, one that I thank God for every second you are in my life.  I want to show that appreciation to you, show you that I will never forget that you are gifting me with your presence, your actual life.   I know what you are giving up for me, and while I am ecstatic about it, I want you to never regret it.”

Bella stares into his eyes.  She shakes her head, and mutters, “One of these days I will wake from this dream, and be miserable. You just cannot be real.”

Carlisle lowers his head to hers and kisses her.  He tells her softly as he lets her up for air, “This is no dream love.  I am here, and all yours.”  He kisses her gentl, and then rests his head on top of hers again.  The two of them relax and bask in the love that they have for each other.

Final count: 8,738 words.


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  1. Gemma C

    Wow, two updates so quickly is amazing.
    I love that Jacob got what he deserved, but unhappy that there is still a come back from him- he’s clearly mentally unstable.
    Sam, Paul and Seth are so cute with Bella, treating her like a proper little sister.
    I can’t wait to see how this progressed
    Best Wishes

    • kittyinaz

      Oh they will be coming quickly for this for a little bit. I am trying to catch it up with FanFiction. After that, I will see what I can do. It’s a deal I made with my hubby. No looking for work, (Too many vacays and weddings,) but I have to write.

      win win for you guys…

  2. Meridian

    Loved the Jacob beat-down – well done!

  3. theladykt

    Well at least the pack has some brains. Oh wow B really didnt know what Jake was? I think B needs to be there to challange jake verbally. WOuld do her a mound of good.

    Ok Jake…you are a f’ing moron. Poor B…Not your fault chicka. At least Sam has a decent head on his shoulders. Yey for Paul and Seth being able to hug her now.

    Poor b. She was bound to fall apart. At least she did it in private with C. lol for wooing

  4. yesmorestory

    Wonderful chapter
    Luv how you’re writing C/b and Edward.

  5. Lady Elizabeth

    I have to say I love this story.
    The Pack it’s well writen, specially with the way things are.
    What impacted me the most was the way you describe the mating process, it’s amazing!
    Please update this story soon (*-*)

    • Kittyinaz

      The beta for this one has the chapters, she has been too busy with RL. When she gets a moment, she will work on it.


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