Chapter 2 Sift Through the Lies

When I Pretend 2

Word Count: 2,264 Words

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Carlisle rocks back on his feet, stunned by it all. But there was no denying it.  Jasper reacted to Bella’s blood as a mate would.  The fangs, his reactions to her, all of it.  But why had Alice not corrected Edward?  And why would she claim the blonde as her mate?  And to think of it, yes Edward had not been exposed to Bella’s blood, but there should have been other signs with as much as he had been around her.

His face firms as the questions come to him.  He softly calls, “Emmett, Rosalie.  Grab those two and bring them.  I believe we have some questions on what really is going on.”

Emmett grins.  Finally.


Jasper is running through the streets of Phoenix, trusting in his coven to disperse his and his mate’s scents so that no one can follow them. The coming time is crucial, and will set the tune for their mating, and quite frankly, Jasper is in the mood to dismember and torture any Cullen who comes close to him right now.

He and his beast, the Major, are trying to rationalize what has happened.  He knows there is no doubt that Bella Swan is his mate.  His reactions are only for those who are True Mates and they are rare in their world.  His coven is unusual with so many but that is because of Peter.  His talent often told him if there is or will be a mate for the coven.  Peter’s Mate can see things in even more detail about this.  It is uncanny how their talents work, and most guess it is because Jasper turned both of them.  The two of them together make it possible for all of them to be True Mated.

Peter had told him that the Pixie bitch was not his mate, but he cannot tell you why he had ignored him.  Nor why he had become an animal drinker.  Him, who when combined with his beast became the God of War, drinking animal blood?  Fuck!  What the hell was going through his head?

He looks down at his Mate and a smile ghosts his face.  The very second he had taken a breath in the ballet studio he had felt his fangs finish growing in and he knew who she was.  He will be punishing James for the pain his Mate had to suffer, but at the same time, he owes him a debt of gratitude.  That much blood had guaranteed his attention.

He had always been attracted to Bella, but each time he would go to speak with her, Alice was there telling him he needed to feed.  That she saw him attacking Bella.  The bitch was probably telling the truth, too. Had he been around her, Jasper would have known she was his mate.  And yes, he would have attacked her in order to change her.  It is the least she deserves.  There is nothing kind about leaving a human as is in this world of theirs.

Currently, he is on the run, making no decisions.  He doesn’t want Alice to be able to see him.  Right now he needs to find somewhere defensible so his mate can be allowed to finish the change.  When she wakes, well…  When she wakes, there will be need of his Coven to make sure they are not interrupted for a period of time.  He knows that they will be busy, but for how long and the details of their time together are unknown.  There are just not that many Bonded True Mates for him to know everything.  He knows more about the type that Peter and Charlotte are.

Which reminds him, he will need to monitor his mate carefully.  He will need to get rid of a nasty little thing that will regrow.  She may be a virgin, but her hymen had probably broken by now, either by her falling and her accident, or because of other means.  If he can catch it just right, he can break it again and using his venom to scar it, she will never have to suffer through the pain that most females go through.  Right now, it won’t hurt any less than the change, so it is the ideal time to do it. Plus, he knows that his venom would make her feel him more intensely.  He smirks at that.

GRand Canyon 1

This, along with many other items he needs to do before she awakens, is running through his head.  Before he realizes it, he is inside the Grand Canyon.  He grins as he realizes he has subconsciously found a great place for him and his mate.  There are so many caverns and caves that all look alike and it will make their location hard to determine to any other.  And it will be completely defensible.

GRand Canyon 2

Soon he comes upon a box canyon with a creek coming out of it and Jasper heads inside knowing that there will be more chances for a cave with the stream, and that he can hide their scents better. Jasper quickly finds what he is looking for and he grins as he jumps through the waterfall into the temporary home for him and his mate.

GRand Canyon 3

He has no doubt that Peter will be here with food for his mate when it is time.  Until then, he will be left alone and this pleases him. He gently places Bella down on the ground.  Still touching her, he looks around the cave and notices the back has a pool of water.  Everything that will be needed is here.  Once he and Bella are done Mating, they can clean up and will be able to leave.  Jasper is unaware of how much he really is thinking of that mating, and how he is planning everything around it.

He soon settles next to her, and studies her.  Her facial features are maturing quickly, and her hair is lengthening.  Her curves, which had been hidden by the clothing she wore, are becoming more evident.  There will be no way that Bella will be mistaken as a high school student ever again.  As a woman who had blossomed early, she is getting the benefit of it now along with his venom that is changing her to rival Rosalie in looks.

His bright red eyes are gleaming in the darkness as he looks out in the canyon, settling Bella’s head in his lap so he can try to think, to plan.  He has no problem doing this normally, and it baffles him that he had given into Alice and then into the Cullen’s way of life.  He had no need because if the emotions are bothering him, he would just change them, he is an empath for fucks sake! He shakes his head as he tries to understand all that has happened.

Instead, he turns his attention to his mate.  Her talent will be something that enhances his own in some way.  He suspects she is a shield, which would quite frankly make them unstoppable.  But at least until she is done changing, he will not know for sure.  He is still bewildered by the fact that he had ignored his Captain and lived with the boy-like pixie for so long.

James had been a surprise.  He had sensed that the three nomads were familiar to him, and once he had shrugged off whatever hold the Cullens had on him, he recognized his offspring.  All three had been changed by him during the time he served in the southern Army.  He is interested in how they left, if they had managed to escape, or had actually served their full terms.

That was a trick by the warlords of the south.  They told the new vampires that they had to serve a period of time and then they’d be released.  The trouble is, unless you were really good, you were killed long before your time was up.  He himself had served his term and then additional in order to free Peter and Charlotte.  Peter had finished his, and had actually been hanging around for Jasper.

Jasper had served his original 50 years, but during the last decade he had felt the need to keep Peter.  So he had negotiated that they both would stay for 30 more years.  Peter had served out his thirty, and Jasper had 10 left.  Instead of leaving, Peter found his Mate and Jasper had used the opportunity with Maria being overextended and her begging him to stay to negotiate and get Charlotte released.  And he had told them both to leave.

What happened at that point was enough to cement Jasper’s belief that Maria was crazy.  She had actually tortured him enough and to the point that his beast and he had merged to survive.  Most vampires go absolutely crazy during this time, and he had been one of the few who didn’t.  For her reward, he had detached her head and buried it in the deepest ocean and put her body, with just the torso remaining, on the other side of the world.  Peter checks on them occasionally and if either moves, he places them farther apart.

The message was received by the rest of the vampire world.  Don’t fuck with the God of War.  But somehow, he had been turned into a squirrel drinking laughing stock in their world.  And he is not happy.  Seems he will need to give lessons again to make sure that he is allowed to live the way he wishes without any interference.

The sun is setting on the canyon, and he finally says out loud, “It’s beautiful, Bella.  I cannot wait until you are able to see what I do.  Knowing what I do of you, you too would find this breathtaking.  Soon, Mi Amore.  Soon.”

And he runs his hands through her hair, monitoring her through her change.

The following day has them in the same position.  Jasper monitoring her change with an acute ear.  He is waiting for just the right moment before he takes care of some things for his little mate, and he is actually pleased she has stayed diminutive.

He is also keeping track of her change by the changes in him. He can feel the need for them to complete their mating as it grows closer and he is eager for this.  He will enjoy when she wakes.  For the first day, he knows from Peter and Charlotte’s mating that she will only feed on him, her mate.  Once the Bond is solidified, they will basically need fresh blood which he knows Peter will provide at the time.  For the next couple of days, they will be lost in each other.

As the male, his body is preparing for this.  He can feel the changes, most of which actually make it easier to be with humans.  He smirks.  His eye color will come back.  The damn sparkles will remain, but will be more of a halo than a disco ball.  They will be more attractive to humans than any others of their type.  And even better, the fucking fangs.

The fangs allow them to drink without their venom and without inserting it.  Bella, for the first century, will have less control, but Jasper will have complete control of his venom.  It is how Bella’s change is accelerated without using multiple bites.   He gave her his concentrated venom for the change.  He can only do this once in his life, and once is all that is needed.

His mind drifts back to the Cullens and he realizes not one of them is truly mated.  No matter what they think, they have none of the signs of a truly mated pair.  He smirks as he reminds himself to ask Peter if any of them have passed up their chances of a true mate because of their misconceptions.  And he is not sure how Carlisle is not aware of this.   But then again, there is not a pair within the Volturi, although it is Marcus’s hope that his mate is coming. No one knows if Didyme’s talent is the reason he is suffering so from the loss of her since his type of suffering is usually for a true mate, but he showed no signs of it.

His attention is brought back to the here and now as he hears some pebbles being dislodged a few canyons away.  Once he is sure that it is an animal, Jasper stills again.  His attention on his mate and the environment around him.

He only stirs one other time, when it is time to take care of some maintenance for his mate. Since he knows it will not hurt her he admits to himself that he will be taking great enjoyment of this process, of making sure she will be ready for him when she wakes.  He will not want to wait for any reason, and to be realistic, neither will she.

Man and woman 5

As he looks at his mate naked for the first time, he tells her, “Damn, little lady.  Everything up to now is more than worth the wait. We will be more than compatible.”  With that, he moves down his little mate and closing his eyes from her heavenly scent, he decides to taste her fully before taking care of the real reason he is there. Soon, he is actually purring at the taste of his mate as he uses his tongue to please her. He can actually feel her pleasure during this, only needing to keep his touch on her to allow her not to feel the pain of changing as much.

Don’t doubt it, it still hurts like hell.  In fact, Jasper is fucking pleased with his mate for not crying out during this time.  The strength she is showing is amazing.  And this is his method of rewarding her.  Not that he will ever not please his mate.

But what has Jasper moaning himself, is when he pushes one finger inside her and feels how tight she is, how tight she will be for the rest of their eternity.  Oh yes, he will be fucking enjoying this every day!

Jasper quickly works her to an orgasm and soon he is licking up every drop of her release, thrilled that even changing as she is he could still bring her to orgasm.  Only once he has taken all she has to offer does he start to work on the real reason he is down there.  He starts pushing his venom in her, only stopping when he feels he has flooded her enough, and then he works his fingers back inside her, reaching for her hymen and then breaks it.  He quickly removes his fingers, licks them, and then uses them again to force the venom inside of her in order to scar her so that her virginity is no longer an issue.

The plus to this is that she will be sensitive to his bites from his venom.  This is going to make sex so much more enjoyable to her because it is his venom scarring her.  Where he will be rubbing against it…

Jasper is soon sitting up, thinking…  He leaves her naked since when she wakes she will just end up tearing them off of her.  He knows that if Peter doesn’t bring her clothes, then one of the ladies will.  But for himself?  Jasper looks down and quickly realizes, he doesn’t care.  He hates the clothing he has on.  But just in case Peter doesn’t remember, Jasper quickly strips, and picks up his mate to take her to the spring fed pool.  She is close to finishing, and the cold water won’t affect her now.  He can clean off her blood from when James attacked her and get her ready.

Settling her into the pool, Jasper looks forward to the next couple of hours…

Final Count: 2,638 words


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