Chapter 3 Set You Free

When I Pretend 3

Word Count: 2,293 Words

Song I listened to for this chapter:  S.E.X. by Nickelback


The plus to this is that she will be sensitive to his bites from his venom.  This is going to make sex so much more enjoyable to her because it is his venom scarring her.  Where he will be rubbing against it…

Jasper is soon sitting up, thinking…  He leaves her naked since when she wakes she will just end up tearing them off of her.  He knows that if Peter doesn’t bring her clothes, then one of the ladies will.  But for himself?  Jasper looks down and quickly realizes, he doesn’t care.  He hates the clothing he has on.  But just in case Peter doesn’t remember, Jasper quickly strips, and picks up his mate to take her to the spring fed pool.  She is close to finishing, and the cold water won’t affect her now.  He can clean off her blood from when James attacked her and get her ready.

Settling her into the pool, Jasper looks forward to the next couple of hours…


Jasper is sitting in the pool, watching his mate with a hunger that is quickly turning primal.  His body is prepping for the sex fest that is coming.  He knows that their coven will be closing in by the end of today, but they will stay out of range from his senses.  He will not care who it is, Jasper will see any male coming to close as a challenge to his mate and he will kill for her right now. He is not 100% sure what is going to happen when she wakes, but the stories, fuck… The needs of his body right now are telling him he is going to take his mate here and make her completely his shortly.

Her heartbeat is growing stronger as the venom concentrates on it, and Jasper grins as he realizes that in mere seconds his little mate will be here. The wait he suffered for 150+ years is about to be fulfilled.

All of a sudden, the sound of her heartbeat stops and Jasper grabs hold of her.  Even though they are mates, he will have to prove he is the dominant one in their relationship.  Though the time for thinking is now way past. Jasper might believe he is in control, but in actuality it is his instincts, his beast who is in charge.  And the only thing to matter to that part of him is that he claims his mate so that no one else ever dares to claim what is his.

As her eyes open, Jasper is already crouching over her, making sure that the first thing she sees, smells and senses is him.  This is crucial, it will make it easier for both of them if she knows from the beginning. Unbeknownst to him, his eyes are a flat black, reflecting the beast raging inside.  His mouth is open, breathing heavily to ensure her first breath will be full of his scent, full of his need for her.  His fangs are barely showing in order to help dominate her.

Bella opens her red eyes and before she can even snarl at the vampire on top of her, she breathes him in, and her fangs snap down.  She tries to bite him, her instincts now demanding that she claims the male above her. Her red eyes darkening as she senses that the male on top of her is hers!

Instead of her biting, Jasper’s fangs drop fully and he snarls at her.  Before she can react, his fangs are buried in her neck as he settles his body on top of hers, making sure they touch everywhere. Adding to their pleasure as their bodies react to each other, the venom recognizes itself in each of them, making for an intense burning sensation that is nothing but welcome by them both.  While Jasper connects their bodies, he smiles, drawing from her as she bucks up. The pleasure of her mate’s fangs in her body has Bella holding his head to her neck.

After a few draws of her venom coated blood, Jasper withdraws from her neck, leaving his mark on her.  He grins down at her, as he tells her, “Hello, Bella.” His voice is rough, his beast’s growl very evident.  But the southern lilt from his childhood in Texas is more evident than she has ever heard from him.

She is panting, her body driving her to complete their mating and she mewls underneath him.  She is trying to wrap her body around him, but he has her pinned down until she finally lifts her head, exposing her neck to him in submission.

Man licking up a womans body

Appreciating the significance of her move, Jasper nuzzles her and after checking her emotions, his cocky smirk appears as he looks down and notes how perfect she fits into his body.  He comments, “This is going to be enjoyable, little one.  You are mine, and we will be spending today proving how very much you are mine.  After I am done, you will never want another male ever again.” He moves his body against her, enjoying the feel of her below him. With his beast urging him to continue, Jasper is barely holding off on becoming the beast himself, but he wants to enjoy his mate with the other.

She looks up and demands of him, “I am not feeling this so-called being yours shit.” She needs the male above her, she will do anything to have him just move! If it takes her taunting him, then she will!

Jasper’s eyebrow raises as he tells her, “Nice.  I knew you, as my mate, had to be more than what you showed Fuckward.” He can’t help the smirk, he and his beast are loving that she is needing them so much.  He then decides to look down her body while his hands start exploring what is theirs.

She growls up at him, then hisses as his hands run over her body.  The feeling from his hands is incredible. It felt like pure fire wherever he touched and then it turned to ice when he left each spot.  Bella leans her head back as the pleasure she is feeling, as well as what he is sending to her, starts to overwhelm her. Jasper moves down her body, following the movement with his tongue and fangs, nipping at her until his hand finally makes its way down to one breast. He purposely nips her harder on her throat, acknowledging her submission, but he is too eager to wait to explore her body more fully.

He had always made do with Alice’s body, but Bella’s is the epitome of perfect for him.  Her breasts are a perfect handful and her skin the most delicious mouthful as he makes his way to her nipple. The simple taste of her skin is enough to make him roll his eyes back. But Jasper, knowing from breaking her hymen earlier, is looking forward to being lower, knowing that the taste of her there far outweighs this.

But he is not going to be a five minute man for his mate.  Not when he enjoys her pleasure unlike anyone before him had or after him will. There would be no one after him.  No, he cannot and will not ever rush their mating. Well, not unless it is just a quick fucking after a feed, because hell, he would never object to that. Seriously, who would with this beauty under them?

His mouth is soon busy sucking on her nipple while his other hand is pulling and twisting on the other, enjoying as they harden under his ministrations.  He looks up and smirks as he watches her face.  He loves how her hands are in his hair and holding him to her.  His own eyes close as her nails scratch against his scalp.  The feeling of her enjoying his mouth is one he bounces right back to her, wanting her to feel his enjoyment along with her own.

His purr, which had been vibrating in his chest since she woke, erupts out of him, and the vibrations from it soon have Bella arching into him.  He, being the equal opportunity man he is, takes advantage of the movement and soon has her other breast in his mouth.

But as her scent of arousal increases he is soon tempted to go lower to where his mouth has already once been. To where only his mouth and body will ever go.  He raises himself with one arm as he kisses down her body, using his teeth only to get her attention.  When he gets to her navel, he grins as he circles it with his tongue.  He cannot help his smirk from showing his dimples as she shudders under his tongue.

When she growls at him, he laughs, then moves lower.  As he settles in, his purr actually gets louder as he enjoys the sight of her open in front of him, panting.  This is one of the reasons he loves virgins. They have no idea what is coming, except for the old wives tales from when he was younger. In this day and age, well, those old wives tales still seem to be around about the pain a virgin will experience.

His mate will not have to worry about that. No, he took care of her when she was changing, and now she will only feel pleasure under him.  Or over him, or as he takes her from behind, or any other way they can be together.  He cannot wait for this, and as he lowers himself to her folds, he can feel his own body’s reaction to his thoughts. He gives her a firm lick from top to bottom and his own hips thrust in response as he receives her feedback not only in her emotions, but the fresh scent and signs of her heightened arousal.

He has been hard for her since before she woke up.  But like the gentleman his momma raised him to be, he is waiting for his lady to come first.  And since she is the only one he will ever care for in this way, she will get both sides of him.  The gentleman his momma raised, and the hellion that Maria brought to the surface.

His mouth is soon busy, licking her from top to bottom repeatedly.  He pauses for a second as she arches up and her hands jerk in his hair.  He raises himself enough to meet her eyes as he leans down again and then flicks her clit as it raises itself from it hood. He does this for a moment before giving her a break, moving down far enough to lick some of her juices coming from her.  Soon, she is fucking his face and he chuckles. His little mate will be a vixen.  He keeps repeating the movements, mixing them up so she doesn’t anticipate anything.  Throughout it all, he enjoys her writhing underneath him, loves as her mouth can only whimper while she tries to get more of whatever she needs to make her pleasure continue or to even get better!

He can feel her coming close to her end, and he grins as he helps push her to the edge. Adding his fingers to the lineup, Jasper makes sure she is stretched some so she won’t notice the absence of his mouth.  As soon as she is teetering on that ever so steep cliff, he turns his head and bites her inner thigh.  Both of them jerk as he does this. Him, from the ambrosia that is his mate, and her, from the pain and ecstasy flooding her. Unknown to him, this act is close to the last of his mating venom, the last time his bite will mark her except for the final marking that will come instinctively.

Kiss 5

As she comes down from the new high she just experienced, she looks up and see’s Jasper’s face above hers.  Soon he is kissing her, demanding entrance to her mouth.  She opens to him, her toes curling from his kiss.  She had always thought that was made up, but as she can’t help the mewl falling from her as her toes start curling and her legs pulling up around him, she can definitely say it is true. Jasper is a master at it.

Her legs are soon around his slender hips and she feels him rubbing his cock up and down her. He slows their kiss to a couple nips at her bottom lip as he lines himself up and asks her softly, the feelings that he is beginning to have for his little mate heavy in his voice, “Ready, mi amor?”

At her nod, he pushes in, both of them closing their eyes in the pure pleasure they have from their bodies joining as one.  She takes him deeper than any person has ever taken him. All she feels is pure pleasure from them being connected like this, as though this was what she had been waiting her entire life for, this very moment.


Jasper is soon shocked as he pushes all the way in, something he has not done in decades since Alice’s tiny body couldn’t handle him.  Settling himself, he waits for his little one to be ready for more and he kisses his way down to her mark, which is still leaking venom as it closes up.  He cleans her neck, careful not to close her mark, needing it open until the end since he will be biting it again.  He is making sure there are no questions of her being his mate.  Only mates with their fangs can make this bite.  Otherwise, the males are biting the females for no reason.  And it is a series of bites that can be made only with their fangs to make it official.  He always thought this was unfair since he is not sure the females have a way to do the same when they mark their males!

This all leaves his head as his mate bucks up into him, and he is looking down at her. Slowly, he leaves her, then thrusts back in, feeling her enjoyment as he does so.  He murmurs to her, “God, you feel so fucking good, my Bella.” He repeats his movements, his hips sliding sensuously along the mark he had made on her inner thigh, making sure that with that bite and his venom that had marked her earlier today, the experience is something that will give her extreme pleasure.

He feels her legs as they lock behind him and he grins as he comments, “You like this, mi amor?” And he moves faster, harder, feeling and hearing her enjoyment of his movements.

Bella can’t think as he is sliding in and out of her. It seems that their bodies are not just connected there, but that everything in them is connecting, becoming one.  The bite he gave her on her thigh is sending jolts of pleasure, as does his cock inside her.  Soon, she cannot concentrate as he begins to move faster, sending those jolts through her body in waves of sheer ecstasy.

Jasper is gritting his teeth as her walls grip him, the pleasure more than anything he has known in his long life.  Peter always told him that when he had his mate, he would understand the need to always want to be inside her. And now he truly understood.

But he can feel her coming close to her end, and as much as he wishes he can last longer, he knows that this time she will drag him over the edge with her.  To be frank, he is eager to finish this mating, to never have another think they are her mate.  No, she is his, and he will finish his claiming of her. His snarl rings through the canyon as he pushes the two of them closer to their mutual orgasm.

Bella cannot fight her instincts, and as she gets closer to her orgasm, her fangs lengthen as she pants with the pleasure.  And then, when she gasps as she starts to cum, she cannot stop herself from biting Jasper. His own fangs strike on her body.

The pleasure from the mating circle being complete makes them both jerk towards each other, their bodies showing how hardy they are as they both keep orgasming to the point that their pleasure is just feeding back into each other, making the world basically stop.  Nothing matters but the two of them in that moment.

This moment is the one that Jasper hadn’t known of.  The reason that the female drinks only from the male happens only if they are lucky enough to have been changed by their mate. And then this moment happens, this loss of themselves, them being everything to each other, all they need to survive in the world.   At this point, no matter what they think, they are being driven by the beast inside of them.  And they will be connected to the end of time itself, their very souls joining at this very moment.

Before the two of them know it, they come back to each other, and it is pitch dark in the cave.  Knowing that they are fully mated, Jasper starts licking her neck as he purrs to her.  He can feel her coming back to him, and while he knows that her body will not hurt, he still feels the need to care for her.  He can feel her so much clearer than anyone ever before.  She is his, and he takes care of what is his.  No one is more important than the little lady beneath him, no one.

He can also feel her confusion.  Jasper knows this will be hard on her. Not many vampires are turned by their mates, and while it will be a special bond for the two of them for the rest of their lives, it will make things bumpy at the beginning.  Especially with her being a virgin, and thinking of him as a brother to her boyfriend.  Her human mind will kick in and start battling her new instincts.

The only positive thing will be that she will know that he is hers.  And he will reinforce that.  But soon coming are the doubts she will have and the human side coming out.

In short, soon will come a time he will be doing whatever it takes to make his mate happy, to show her that he does care for her.  The mating has only shown them both who the perfect person for them is.  Now, he needs to calm her rational mind and help her understand what is going on.

Jasper will be needing all those lessons his mama taught him soon.

Final Count: 3,120 words


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