Chapter 4 Gonna Be Ok

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Word Count: 2,169 Words

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He can also feel her confusion.  Jasper knows this will be hard on her. Not many vampires are turned by their mates, and while it will be a special bond for the two of them for the rest of their lives, it will make things bumpy at the beginning.  Especially with her being a virgin, and thinking of him as a brother to her boyfriend.  Her human mind will kick in and start battling her new instincts.

The only positive thing will be that she will know that he is hers.  And he will reinforce that.  But soon coming are the doubts she will have and the human side coming out.

In short, soon will come a time he will be doing whatever it takes to make his mate happy, to show her that he does care for her.  The mating has only shown them both who the perfect person for them is.  Now, he needs to calm her rational mind and help her understand what is going on.

Jasper will be needing all those lessons his mama taught him soon.


Jasper 13

Jasper soon has the two of them in the water and he is carefully bathing her, waiting for her to come back to him.  He is worried, not knowing how she, as a newborn, will take everything.  As it is, while he knew quite a bit about mating, nothing anyone told him would have really prepared either of them.

He thinks back on it, and while his mind felt like it had been reasoning, he can see now that all he could really think about was her.  And while that has not lessened, nor will it ever in their lives, at the time he had been concentrating more on claiming her and making sure that no one will be able to deny them being mates.

And he knows why that instinct had been so strong. Fuckward.  Him claiming Bella as his mate had never sat right with him, and now he knows why.  He is fully aware of the times that his beast had almost taken over, but he had trusted that mindfuck who had told him otherwise.

Now he is worried about how she will take it.  How close she will allow her beast to the surface and how much she listens to it.  The best solution would be that she is somehow aware of her beast and it makes sense to her.  But with how fucked up everything had been so far, he doesn’t think the cards will be in his favor.

However it ends up for him, he is a fucked and he knows it.  While he will fuck up with her, probably often, he will never leave her, never be unfaithful to her, and will treat her better than anyone could dream.  She is the first thing in his life and he will treat her like the treasure she truly is.

But she will also know of his other side, the alpha in him.  The one who claimed her. But she will also know that part of him will never hurt her.  That the Major is Jasper still, and even more importantly, the God of War is her mate.  He will protect her with a ferocity that has rarely been seen in the world, but on the other hand, he will cherish her. Treat her as his other half, his equal.  But if she wanted that Victorian hogwash Edward had treated her with, well he isn’t that man.  He had been a rough and ready when he had grown up, though his mama had brought him up to his station.

Now Jasper is waiting for her to be aware and wondering how she will awake.  He has her sitting in the water, leaning against him as he cuddles her to him, waiting for her reaction to their mating.  And taking all he can, while he can.

He is sitting there thinking on all the choices they have available to them.  He had just decided that Las Vegas would be a great place to let loose when she moves slightly, and he softly calls out to her, “Bella, mi amor.”

Slowly, Bella awakens, feeling satisfied? Her whole body felt so satisfied, so content which surprises her since she is lying in water with a naked man and she has no idea who it is. She realizes that while it is pitch black in the cave, the water pool they are in has a light source, but that it should still be too dark for the detail she is seeing and feeling.  She blinks, trying to understand what is going on.

Jasper sighs to himself. Confusion is what he is feeling from her, well besides the satisfaction she has been emoting since they had finished mating.  He slowly sends her calm and love, as he calls her again, “Mi amor, Bella.”

Hearing the voice from behind her, Bella frowns, “Jasper?” Why is he here?

He kisses her mating mark, and tells her, “Yes, darlin’?” He waits for her, he will react to her.  It will be easier, but she is waking up much calmer than he had thought, even with the Mating bond solidified between them.

Leighton Meester 6

Confused, she asks him, “What is going on?  What happened?  Where are we?” And why is she naked with him?

He chuckles.  “What happened is that James attacked you after you ran away from me – which we will talk about later.” He kisses her again on her head, taking this opportunity while he has it. “When he did that, your blood was exposed to the air and the truth of who you really are to me was also exposed.  James was actually trying to keep you safe while waiting for me.  While I do not agree with his choices and will punish him for the pain you suffered, it was needed for me to awaken.” His voice darkens as he remembers the haze he had been in for the last few decades.  How the hell did they do it?

Shaking her head in confusion, Bella asks, “Awaken?  From what?” What is he talking about?

Resting his head on hers, he tells her, “From whatever spell I was under.  Bella, to be blunt, you are my mate.  Not Edward’s. Mine. I have no idea how he convinced us that you, as his singer, could be his mate.  Nor how he could think to hide it from me.  Something as small as a paper cut would have exposed your blood to me and I would have known.  If you had been a vampire already, the both of us would have known instantly.”

He sighs, his hand running up her arm as the other tightens its hold on her from around her waist. “Because of your wounds, and the pain you were in, my, well you would say other persona though that is not quite the right description, snapped forward.  Our coven had surrounded us, protecting us from the Cullens.  I turned you.  It was cruel of Edward not to do it, keeping you human in this world, but now we know why.” The last is growled out.  He has a score to settle with the penny-haired younger vampire.

Shaking her head, Bella asks, “What about Charlie?”

Jasper holds her closer as he tells her, “He probably thinks you are still gone, but knowing Peter, he will be setting up your death.  Doing it any other way would only put him in danger, Bella.  All it would take is for Aro, leader of the vampires, to touch any one of us and he will be put to death unless it is proven he has a talent, then he would be turned.  Either way, he would be gone from this world and those of us who told him would either be forced to serve Aro or given the death penalty.  There is no other choice.  It is why I was so against you being brought into Cullen’s family. I knew the chances of someone seeing and then letting Aro know was more likely than anyone would admit.”

He looks down, and feeling her upset, his beast purrs to her, trying to calm her. Instead, it startles her and as she jumps, she asks, “What are you doing?”

Jasper pulls her back to him, knowing that their skin touching is one of the things that will help calm her.  Hence why he had them stay in the pool. But he answers her question, calmly, “Purring.  It is a sign of a True Mate. Bella, darlin’…  We have much to talk about.  But first things first – how is your thirst?” As her mate, his instincts are driving him nuts to make sure she is happy, comfortable. To see if there is anything he can do to make her life better.

Swallowing, Bella cocks her head to the side.  She tells him with wonder in her voice, “Not there.  Jasper, what is wrong with me?” she is slightly scared. Edward had told her that her thirst would overpower her thoughts and would be all she could think about.

Shaking his head, he reaches up and turns her face to be able to look her in the eye.  “There is nothing wrong, darlin’. You are just getting one of the benefits of havin’ your true mate turn you.  A lot of the benefits we will find out together.  There are very few True Mates out there, and even fewer Bonded True Mates, which is what we are.  I am your sire and your mate making us one of the very few Bonded True Mates.  This is especially good for you as a newborn.  Because we finished the mating, it allows you to start taking advantage of a lot of the good sides.” He is cuddling into her, enjoying her scent and just plain not getting enough of her being here, in his arms…

Bella is staring at his eyes and she frowns. “Jasper, your eyes…”

He grins.  “Yep, they are turning green, right mi amor?” He hopes she enjoys them, because he has actually missed them.

She is just staring in amazement and finally asks, “How?”

Grinning down at her he tells her, “Well, you are the reason for that, darlin’.  There are many changes coming for me, and for you too after your blood is used up.  Which also will be sooner than normal.”  His eyes flash darker. “If what happened to us when we finished mating is any indication, we will be exchanging blood often…”

Shaking her head, she tells him, “I don’t understand.  I thought my blood had been changed to venom… how can we exchange blood?  And…I am so confused!” She grits her teeth as the confusion almost overwhelms her.

Jasper starts nuzzling her with his purring getting louder as he tries to calm her.  When he can feel some of her emotions calm down, he informs her, “Hmmm. Let’s just start as though you know nothing.  I am not sure what all Eddy boy told you, but I have a feeling that a lot of it is untrue.  You do have blood, darlin’.  It’s just laced with venom, and when it hits the air, well you know how blood is blue and turns red?”

As she nods he smiles his crooked grin, “Good girl, well what do you think venom does?”

She thinks, “Turns clear?  But why?”

He kisses his mark and tells her, “I am not sure, darlin’, but I can tell you that when I bit you, I tasted your blood.  It has my venom in it, and will sting any other person but the two of us.  It is what makes us special.  My venom is in you, and because we are mates, it stays.  Normally a mated pair would exchange venom, and it would still sting since they have their sire’s venom in them, but that would have changed slightly as their blood is used up to reflect their own unique version.  But since we are mates and my venom is the one that changed you, as well as the fact that you will be getting steady infusions of it, we will never have that problem. As your venom changes, it will merge with mine when I drink from you.  This will cause you to scar so lightly that no vampire will ever see it unless I take special precautions.  And when you are injured, I can take care of you if it is necessary.”  He kisses her mark. “In fact, the only times I could mark you was before and during our mating.  I am glad that I did so.” He smirks, knowing how much those marks will increase their mating for her, each and every time.  The gift that will keep on giving all their eternal lives.

Frowning at him, Bella asks, “Didn’t you know this before?”

He chuckles. “Some.  But the marking bit?  No.  Which is a good thing since I took care…of something while you were changing.  And because I did, you will receive extra pleasure any time we have sex.  Only I will give you that pleasure.” The last comes out as a growl as his eyes darken.

Bella is fascinated by the effect. When he is calmer, his eyes are such a pretty color of green, they are simply amazing.  But as his emotions affect him, they turn darker.   Then, his words are sinking into her, along with her memories.  And if she could blush, she would.

Jasper chuckles.  “Oh, Mi adorable pequeña. (My lovely Little one)  Life will be interesting with you!”  He nuzzles her. “Come on my mate.  I have never seen a more beautiful woman in my life.  And you are all woman.”  His voice is all male as he tells her the last.

She is embarrassed and she tells him, “Hey!  Don’t think I haven’t noticed we are still naked.  I have no idea what happened when I woke up. But…”

Jasper nuzzles her. “The reason why we are still naked is for a couple of reasons, really. One, skin contact is best for us.  If you ever need me to be calm when I am knocked out for some reason, being like this will immediately calm me.  However, it comes with a nasty little side effect.  My beast is out, and will kill anyone who comes upon us.  The other reason is that Peter will be bringing us back blood.  I don’t know if it will be people or blood bags, his knower will let him know what is best.  Since we are not sure, well I didn’t want to ruin your clothes.  Well, more than they are already.”

He then sighs. “And I wanted to bathe together.  You are going to find me a very affectionate mate, mi amor.  I apologize, but my momma raised me to be a gentleman and taught me how to treat a woman.  Unfortunately, my beast was under the control of Maria and he is not such a gentleman.  He will always be loving, but he is the one, with your own beast, that drove us both to mating right away.  Not that either of them was giving us a choice.  But I will woo you, my Bella.  I will love you, and I will make sure that nothing will ever harm you.  Will you give me this?”

And there is the question that has been bugging Jasper.  He is holding his breath and waiting for her answer… The answer that will allow him to know how much he will need to grovel for her forgiveness and how their mating will be.

There is nothing more serious than her answer, and it seems as though the world is waiting for it.

Final Count: 2,652 words


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