Chapter 1 Condescending Talk

When I Pretend 1

Disclosure:  Twilight is the property of Stephenie Meyers. 

Word Count: 1,401 Words

Song I listened to for this chapter: Lying From You by Linkin Park

James 1

“Tell him to avenge you, TELL! Him!!!!!!!” James demands of the human in front of him as he pushes her before the mirror with the camera in her face.

He is enjoying this – playing with the human that the golden-eyed coven was protecting.  Pity, he thought this would be more of a chase with the mind reader and the fortune teller, much less the God of War.  He had been ordered to check in on the blonde, but the call of the chase was too strong.  Hunting this human was supposed to relieve the boredom.  What else can he do?  The blonde never seems to care since he had gotten involved with the witch.

He growls as she sprays him in the face with some liquid and runs from him.  ‘Really? She is putting up more of a fight than their whole coven has.’   He jumps lazily and lands in front of her, grinning. ‘She is wasted on the mind reader.  She is way too defiant for that youngling. She deserves more.’  He looks her over and wonders if he should turn her or perhaps take her with him to the Volturi and put an end to the Cullen coven.  After his charge is extracted, of course.

Picking her up, he negligently tosses her across the room and he grins as he hears the sickening sound of her head hitting the pillar.  This is so much more fun.  ‘How pitiful is it that a human gives me more enjoyment than a coven of seven does?’

He moves to her side and takes her hand, smelling the ambrosia from her.  His fangs elongate as he recognizes the scent.  ‘No!  It can’t be!’ His mind is turning over as he realizes the gem he has in his hands.  James will need to be careful, but to have his coven leader come back to them? – There is nothing his leader wouldn’t do to have her back, no matter the punishments he may have to suffer for it.

As this is turning over in his mind, James tells her, “It really is too bad he won’t turn you, but you are, after all, a pet.”

Now, how to get him to realize it is her?

His eyes are black as can be.  ‘She is who we have been waiting all this time for.  Now all I need to do is make sure her blood’s scent reaches him and hopefully shakes off whatever hold the witch has over him.’  Then, James realizes why he was sent this time.  The Captain must have had one of his information drops.

He grins down at the girl below him.   He will defend her to the death, to make sure his master will scent his mate and come into his own. A mate finding their other half is a wonderful thing to see.  The changes are legendary.  They have the Captain to thank for the high rate of mates in their coven.  Now only one is left.

Before he could do anything else, he scents the mind reader.  He needs her to stay!  Reaching down, James breaks her leg.  “Scream for him!” ‘Bring him to me!  So I can finally get revenge!

James’ grin gets larger.  Her screams and the smell of her blood will be all the incentive her mate will need to turn her.  He leans close and tells her softly, “Soon it will be worth it, little one.  He will be here and it will all be fixed.  Just be patient.” He leans back, looking her in the eye as he waits for the youngling to attack him.  James is ready to play the game, to buy the time needed for him to get there.

As he is knocked away, he realizes that while exposing her blood will be the trigger for her mate, the one in front of him wants the same blood!

He growls and attacks the younger vampire.  He cannot have her!  Not now, not when the outcome means the end of so much effort!

Shoving him against the pillar, James growls out, “You are faster than the rest, but you are all alone.  Weaker too.” He is grinning, thrilled.

“Strong enough to kill you,” the penny haired vampire boasts.  James can’t help but laugh.  He will play with the youngling.  Once the girl’s mate comes, he will help defend them both.  The rest of his coven is on their way there. He can feel his own mate is close by and knows that she wouldn’t be alone.

With that, the two trade blows back and forth.  James is enraged when the younger vampire tries to take Bella away. “No!”  He grabs the vampire and throws him up at the windows.

Staring up at him, he bites the human.  Not enough to change her, but enough so that he can track her if the other manages to take her from his guardianship. As a Tracker, and a mated Tracker, he has much more control over his venom than the child in front of him.  Why did he even think she was his mate?  Did his coven leader not educate them on the signs of a mated couple?  If not, then they will get a lesson when he comes in.

The mind reader screams and crashes into James.  They continue to fight, and somehow the mind raper has him against the wall.  Edward’s eyes narrow as he tells him, “You think we would give him up?  Much less give him her?” He snarls, “My singer?”

Hearing something, James smiles, “No way it won’t happen now.”

Growling, Edward bites into him, tearing out part of his neck.  Before he can do anything else, Carlisle stops him, telling him he needs to take care of Bella.

Edward looks over and before he can say anything, Alice, Emmett and Jasper jump into the room.  He meets the eyes of his mate as hers widen.

Before either of them can react, Jasper, taking a deep breathe, drops into a crouch.  His eyes are flat black and he growls out, “MINE!” His fangs are exposed as he bares them at the rest of the room.

With that one word, he leaps over and lands crouched over Bella.  He grabs her and faster than anyone can watch, he has her in a corner.  His hands run over her body and his growls get louder. His mate, his other half.  How could he have fallen for Alice’s lies?

The sound of glass breaking is heard throughout the building as four other vampires crash into the room.  James uses the distraction to twist out of Edward’s hands and leaping in front of the Major, faces towards the rest of the coven, his coven.

The other four move in front of Bella and Jasper, one melting back to his brother’s side. “Major,” he says. He is submissive knowing that the Major is now out and has an injured mate.

Jeremy Renner 5

The Major looks at his second-in-command and growls out, “Report.”  He can smell the small amount of venom in his mate not doing anything to her and he realizes that his Tracker marked her to allow him to always be able to find her.  But his instincts are demanding him to turn her.  However, to do this correctly he would leave himself vulnerable to the others and his mate deserves nothing less than perfection in this matter.

The tall blonde nods his head to his maker, “Everything is as it needs to be.  Turn her.  We will guard you and help take her to a safe area.” He is careful, but he can’t hide his grin of glee.  Finally!

Jasper 7

The Major growls.  Her screams had lessened since he had touched her, and he knows it will be better once she is turned.  She will always feel comfort when he is around.  His eyes flick to the group in front of him, trying to assess what is going on.

James tells him, “Turn her.  I only bit her to be able to track her in case he got her away from me.  We will protect you.” He knows that he will be punished, but he would do it again to make sure she could not be taken from them.

The Major nods and turns his attention to his mate.  He gently moves her hair away from her face and neck.  He tells her, “Lo siento, mi amor. Estaré aquí todo el tiempo pequeña, pero necesito transformarte. Si no lo hago morirás y yo te seguiré después.” [I’m sorry, my love.  I will be here for the entire time, little one.  But I need to change you, if I don’t you will die, me following soon after you.]  His face rubs hers softly before he gently turns her head and he bites, pushing his venom into her. He can feel the changes that had started as soon as he had scented her starting to accelerate as her blood mixes in with his venom.  She is to be half of one of the very few, very rare happenings in their world, a bonded mate.

At the same time, they hear two voices scream out, “NO!”

James and the tall blonde laugh at the two. “It is way too late.  You were never going to be able to keep him from her.  One little drop of blood, a paper cut even, would have exposed her to him for what she is.  If you would have turned her, he still would have found her and killed you for daring to have your venom in her in place of his own.  No way was this ever going to not happen.” And the rest of his coven is grinning in glee.

Alice and Edward fly to attack, to get Bella away.  The blonde’s grin as they both attack the golden duo.

During this time, Jasper has injected the venom into his mate.  His nose leads him to James’s bite and he growls as he sinks his teeth into it, sucking until all he can taste is his own venom.  Grinning, he seals the bite, then stands with her in his arms.  He snarls at the Cullens as he moves quicker than they can see.

James laughs in joy, kicking the mind reader from him.  “Finally!”

The other blonde yanks off the seer’s arm and grins back at the other.  “Time to go.  Need to make sure none of these can find either of them.” This will be important, to protect their leader’s mate until her change is complete.

Both of their eyes show their joy as they turn to their mates.  With a nod, the five disappear.

Carlisle rocks back on his feet, stunned by it all. But there was no denying it.  Jasper reacted to Bella’s blood as a mate would.  The fangs, his reactions to her, all of it.  But why had Alice not corrected Edward?  And why would she claim the Jasper as her mate?  And to think of it, yes, Edward had not been exposed to Bella’s blood, but there should have been other signs with as much as he had been around her.

His face firms as the questions come to him.  He softly calls, “Emmett, Rosalie.  Grab those two and bring them.  I believe we have some questions on what really is going on.”

Emmett grins.  Finally.

Final Count: 1,949 words


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  1. My Universe

    That is an interesting twist. I would enjoy reading more whenever you are able to pick up a new story.

    Hope your feeling better. I’ve actually been sick all week as well….I feel l like sh&%

  2. kittyinaz

    It just won’t leave me alone. And when I do dream up these stories, they never leave. I have a AH still in my head and not sure who to do it for! And it has been 3 years!!!!!!!

  3. Meridian

    Erm…so…Jasper let James live knowing that James had purposefully tortured Bella and broke her bones and shit? Not cool, Jazz, not cool at all. Can’t wait to see where you go with this!

    • kittyinaz

      James was making sure her blood was in the air, and that her pain will make Jasper turn her. It sounds cruel, but what I have in mind, shows their world as cruel. James will be punished, the Major would not let him her his mate that way without it. But right now, he is more concerned about his Mate. And James didn’t know until her blood was in the air. Once he realized she smelled like the Major, he worked to expose her to her mate.

      You will like it… but theirs will be a cruel world. Which makes their covens more important because they are the only ones who care.

      • Meridian

        Maybe he’ll let Bella beat the immortal fukk out of him in return? James needs to die. *nods head* Can’t wait for you to find those other 48 hours/day so you can get back to this one, too! It’s gonna be an awesome story!

        • kittyinaz

          Lol. That is why this is in possible and not being worked on. Too much going on and not enough interest. And sorry to say, James will be punished, but not dead. You’ll see. Whenever I get back to it.

  4. theladykt

    oooh loving it already. Cant wait for more!!! E and A need to pay!!!

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    I can’t wait for the mysteries and whys to be solved! I really enjoyed this twist you put on the scene!

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    I really like the start of the story. Very different. Very interesting.

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    I really like this, the spin is amazing and i’m intrigued to see what happens once Bella is a Vampire and realises her mate is Jasper.
    Yet another story of yours i’m addicted to!!

  11. barbara

    I can’t wait for more I love j/b stories

  12. My Universe

    So happy you are truly posting on this story now. I’ve been anxious to read more since I found it in the possible stories section.

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    I love this story. I also love the way James taunts Edward.

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    I absolutely adore your story. One of my all time favorites!!! Hope to see chapter 6 soon!!! Thanks for writing and sharing this beauty.

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    Amazing start! Love a Jasper/Bella pairing.

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    Great start – can’t wait to see where you take this.

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    Nice twist hopefully it will be finished some time/

  18. andrew pine

    Have you lost interest in this story and moved on to others?

    • Kittyinaz

      Nope. I just am concentrating on my What If story to get it done with. This story has the potential to do to me with what If what Every Dark Night did to What If, and changed the story where I can’t write certain things. So I am finishing that one, and will do this one after it.

  19. desireecarbenell

    Wow. I guess you really do not like Edward and Alice very much. LOL. I do like a different POV.


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