Chapter 3 Past the Black

Chapter 3 Wisdom 4

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Char tells her, “Sweetheart, get some rest. When we get there, it will be better for you.”

Not able to stop the blackness overtaking her, Bella finally gave out a pained sigh and succumbed to the darkness with those words following her into the black.


When they landed, Bella woke with the jar of the wheels touching down. Since it was in the midst of a storm, the fact they landed at all is shocking, but neither Peter nor Char wanted to take the chance with Bella. Yes, her broken bones are the worst issue at hand, but the internal injuries are nothing to sneer at either.

They were met with an ambulance as the doors opened and a doctor came onto the plane with a gurney. He checked over Bella and knowing who he worked for, looked up at Char and told her, “Non dovrebbe essere spostato, ma lei sopravviverà al viaggio. Dopo che si vede, il suo dare questo nel IV mi aggancio, e lei dovrebbe andare bene fino a quando posso impostare le sue ossa. Se è per essere trasformato, allora può essere allora.” (She shouldn’t be moved, but she will survive the trip. After she is seen, give her this in the IV that I am hooking up and she should be fine until I can set her bones. If she is to be turned, then she can be then.)

Char nods and pockets the needle. The doctor sets Bella up quickly with an IV, then Peter helps place her on the gurney and with the help of another vampire, gets her off the plane and into the ambulance with hardly a jar.

Char follows with the containers holding the redhead. She drops them in the ambulance. When the vampire with them lifted an eyebrow, she looks evenly back at him and says, “I don’t like her.”

The vampire has a small smile on his face, but he nods. He watches them as he leans back in the corner. He notes the care that the two take with the human and nods in understanding as Peter tells her, “Not too much longer. You will be one of us.” It explains their careful handling of her.

The sirens are going until right before they hit the city, then silenced as it takes a turn that no one could see unless they are right upon it. This led through a tunnel and as they pass the entrance, it darkens as a screen is dropped back down behind them, blocking the view of their route. It’s nothing elaborate, just a way to prevent a tourist who may be walking by can’t note it and get curious. The blind turn blocked it from those curious and wandering souls.

Another way for it to be hidden is the long route it takes around the city walls, ending in a pitch black room. The vehicle halts and then once a code is entered into a box that can only be seen with supernatural eyes, they move forward into the parking bay. The back doors fly open. Peter and their helper bring Bella out and are soon carrying her through the halls. They put the gurney down so lightly that Bella didn’t wake. During the time she sleeps, they reassemble Victoria and she is quickly put under the thrall of their vampire guard.

Sighing, Peter gently wakes their Bella and once her eyes are open and focused on his face, he tells her, “Show time.”

With that, he turns and with the help of a huge vampire, they bring her into the room.

Sitting on his throne, Caius is bored as hell. He had been stuck there for centuries without an outing to entertain him. The werewolves have been hunted almost into extinction, if not exterminated completely. He hated them fiercely; they had attacked his village and only by the wishes of Odin did he survive and is still around.

He woke to this new life with a vengeance that his sire had been glad to help him in. It had only gotten his maker killed and he regretted that. So much so that he was added to the litany of those he makes sacrifices for to Odin in addition to his personal patron, Freya.

Aro had approached him when he had freed his area up north from the savagery of werewolves or those vampires that had come under what he thought of as his territory. He was a King in his human life, he remained one in his undead life.

He had ruled with a just hand, but everyone knew he would not suffer fools to live under him and anyone who flaunted themselves was made a fool. Having been one of the group who would have challenged the supernatural as a human, he had taken many names over the years to try and hide his presence from the humans.

However, as things happen, he was often in the legends of the humans. He had laughed and still does when he can read things he has done being attributed to the Gods. He is a humble believer and no matter how many times he has tried to correct it, his deeds are remembered as feats of different gods.

Caius sighs as he only partly pays attention to the proceedings. He has been King long enough to know that times of action are few and far between times as this. His great age has allowed him to be faster than most vampires and he needs blood less than many others. But to be whole… That is his greatest wish. To find his true mate as his brother has done would be his greatest adventure yet.

He knows that Peter and his mate are coming and there is something going on with their arrival. Per their requests, he knew there was an injured human coming and he felt a stirring in him. Mayhap this human will relieve the monotony of his days. If nothing else, he will listen to the two people who had sworn loyalty directly to him, instead of to the Volturi as a whole.

It does not happen much, but when it does, those that are accepted are under his personal protection. They are part of the Volturi, but only as long as he remains. If he leaves, he will take them with him.

Many thought the brothers, as they term themselves, were real brothers. Caius often chuckles at it, but never tells the truth. There are times he gets away and returns to his actual kingdom. Indeed, Caius is still King of the northern countries. His realm is huge and he does his job in maintaining order. He loves his homelands and while the borders may change in this time and age, his borders harken back to when he was human.

His mind seems to be more inclined to find patterns in things. He is very tactical minded and is the one who is in charge when they go to battle. All in all, he is a true Viking.

Suddenly, he smells something that turns his eyes black. As he looks up, his eyes meet a very astounded pair of brown ones. With that moment, everything settled for Caius and his greatest wish is granted.

Then he registered that those eyes belonged to a body that made his heart warm and his loins tighten with lust. Only after that, does he register the gurney she is on and he surges to his feet roaring in fury that the one he has waited so long for has appeared, but has been greatly injured.

Bella is barely aware of the world around her, but she wakes when she hears Peter’s request to do so. She opens her eyes and tries to keep them open. The pain is worse now. She normally has found that the day after is always worse.

But her mind is clicking along and she trusts Peter and Charlotte. They keep telling her that they will take her as one of them and this makes her feel better.

So she opens her eyes and tries to give Peter a smile. She notes the two vampires holding Victoria, but the blank look on her face leads her to believe someone has a talent that is allowing temporary peace to reign. Sighing as she waits with them to the pleasure of the kings, Bella notes the IV hooked up to her.

Charlotte smiles, saying, “I have a drug that will help you with the pain once we are in there. Peter’s gift is telling him that none of the talents in that room will help you. So we have to wait to give this to you, but as soon as we get the okay, I will give it to you, so you can be out for the setting of your bones.”

Nodding her head, Bella tells her softly, her throat a raw mess from Victoria’s grip, “Thanks. I would normally hate taking anything, but I don’t think I will mind too much today.”

Peter and the other vampires chuckle. There is no doubt that she is suffering; one look at her gives that information readily.

The darker haired vampire tells her, “No worries, little one. Our kings, contrary to what may run as rumor, are very kind masters. No matter what, you will be pain free. There is no reason I can see for them not giving you to the Whitlocks to change.”

Smiling at the gentle vampire, Bella whispers to him as the doors open, “I thank you for your kindness.”

Peter gently pushes her gurney in the doors and she looks at the Kings. The blonde one on the end… His red cloudy eyes meet hers and instantly clear before darkening. There is shock on his face, followed by lust and lastly, rage. He surges to his feet, roaring.

Bella is staring at him as the vampire who was holding Victoria says, looking shocked, “Well, that was one thing I had not thought to happen.”

Final count: 1,687 words.


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