Chapter 2 Can You Feel The Love

Chapter 2 Dying

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To make it simple, if he is happy, they have a longer lifespan. So they made sure she is happy.

Part of that is making sure that others in the area are aware that they are not the only ones to be there. That there are more dangerous types of Supernatural out there. Unfortunately, it seems to be a lesson hard to make them learn. Good thing they love causing mayhem and destruction. As well being sly on about doing it.


That morning has Cole dressed in a black suit with his favorite red shirt on. He sighs as he is dealing with something seemingly insignificant when there are far more important items for him to personally deal with, Cole makes his way through the forest, waiting for the insolent pups to come find him. His minions have advised him about how Jacob Black had changed into one of the huge wolves, and doing by so, has turned his back on his Bella.   Young Jacob blames her for his change, something which is encouraged by the others.

Yes, they are doing it to make Jacob stay away from her. It is an attempt to keep her safe, but it is driving thoughts of hate deep inside of Jacob and flaming the fires of hatred of another member of the pack. This is making them come closer to his Provence, and he will not have them threatening her. He is already too involved with her, and his heart is hers to do with as she pleases. To find out that he could have prevented another fissure in that kind soul, well the aftermath would not be pleasant.

Therefore, instead of being able to keep an eye on her today directly as he had planned. Or even making sure her life is comfortable as he makes decisions for their future, he is here putting out yet another fire.

He is getting tired of it. He has plans he is working on that will further his goals, and hopefully oust the idiots that make up the Elders with their inability to see the bigger picture. He does not want them to make a decision that would mess up what he is carefully constructing, which shouldn’t concern them anyways. However, knowing them, it would.

Even if he didn’t have all that going on, he is tired of all the supernaturals seeming to start to take an interest in her. Don’t get him wrong, Cole is not the least bit tired of protecting his Bella. However his mark alone should protect her from all this childishness. Instead, it seems to not even have them hesitating. How can he work on things for their future when he is worried about her and what may hurt her?

No more.

To make an impression and to make others outside his realm understand what it means when he put his mark on her, Cole is out in his suit. He is walking through the forest heading into the tribal lands, making sure they can hear him. One way or the other, these pups will learn to fear him.

Then the rest of the world if he needs to. Anything to protect the woman who owns his heart.

After another 20 minutes of heading inwards towards the reservation, he finally hears the sounds of the wolves as they make their way to him. “Took them long enough,” he mutters to himself, not happy that these so-called protectors let him get this far into their lands. How will they defend against the current threat as they are supposed to?

He stands in a clearing and waits for them to appear. When they do, snarling at him, he just smirks at them. He has a reason to be cocky, but do they? He lets loose some of his power; just enough to let them know he is not human.

A large black one backs away as they see him not moving, but before he leaves, Cole calls out to the Wolf, “Samuel. No reason to change. I can hear you quite clearly.” He cannot help his smirk widening at their thoughts. He would much rather deal with them as they are, he wants no questions later about if they could have taken him if they had all been  changed.

However, his statement only causes more growls to ring out, and Cole just shrugs, “Do what you want. Nevertheless, I can hear you clearly as I am. Moreover, no Paul, I am not a damned leech. Well, not the leech part at least. Some say I am damned for what I am.” He is amused with their thoughts, enjoying the limited imagination they have. How can this group of boys have gotten this far? They are raised on the legends of their tribe and are a living embodiment of one of them, and they cannot imagine what he is?

While he is thinking, the wolves start to circle him, but when Paul gets too brave and lunges at him, a shield of fire shows up around him as Cole tsks at him. “Now, I thought you were the good guys. Attacking me like this, an unarmed man in the woods?” He sardonically laughs at them. He shouldn’t be enjoying this so much, but it has been a while since he has been able to let his simpler side through.

Sam stops and, staring into the man’s blue eyes, asks in his head “Why are you here?” The way this man is obviously not worried about them bothers him. There is more going on here than it appears.

With a slight uplifting of his eyebrows, shocked that only one is questioning his confidence, Cole informs him, “Stop painting Bella as the big enemy. You think you are doing well by making sure Jacob isn’t around her, protecting her. Instead, you are fanning the flames of hatred in Paul here, as well as turning Jacob against his friend, opening a way for evil to enter him.” His eyes flicker to all black then go back to their normal color.

Before Paul can say anything, Sam shakes his head at him, and asks the man before him, “How would you know this?” He is trying to keep a bunch of young hotheaded males from attacking the man in front of them. There is just something wrong with this picture.


Cole’s eyes flash black as he answers them, “Because to be quite literal, I am the Source of all Evil. I left my mark on Bella, to protect her, and instead you idiots are making things worse. My minions are watching everyone who associates with her, including you since you are the closest Supernaturals in the area. In particular, because Jacob here was a friend of Bella’s. Since it seems that they want to live longer they report everything. They cover all their bases with anything involved with her. So when a leaf falls the wrong way, I usually know about it before it hits the ground.” He cocks his head to the side briefly as he admits, “Actually it is quite smart of them really. I do seem to have a shorter temper where Bella is involved.” He shrugs and looks around the area, taking in the spectacular view. Not his type normally, but he can admire awe inspiring view .

The wolves all look at each other and back at the man, disbelief firm in their mind. Why would anyone care about the Swan girl enough to report to this man? And the Source of all Evil? What is this? A church sermon?

Shaking his head at the thoughts going through their minds, Cole conjures a chair for him to sit in. Once he stretches out comfortably, his hands resting on his stomach, he asks them, “Why the disbelief? You are proof that magic exists. How else can you shift and not be werewolves? You are obviously not a slave to the moon.” He waves his hand at the sky and then at them.

Paul growls and crouches at him, and Cole just laughs at him. “And you! You hate Bella, not for being a leech lover as you imply, but because she accepted them as they are, monsters and all. I understand…it is what attracted me to her as well. Well, one of the things at least. Nevertheless, for you, it is becoming an obsession. Paired with your honest hatred for the Vampires, it leaves quite a bit free in you to become manipulated by one of mine.” This statement has his power pulse from him. Not that one of his would dare since they are very well aware that he protects Bella directly.

The wolves all turn to Paul, but he is staring at the man with pure hatred. “I don’t want a leech lover!” The thought is imbued with all the disgust he can project into it.

His eyebrow raised at the statement, Cole rebuts him, “Yes, you do. At least you want Bella. She is not to be thought of by anyone in this manner, she is mine. Find your own person who is willing to accept it all. Good luck with that. It is not easy. Nevertheless, you have a better chance than I. How many would readily love the Source of all Evil?” He shrugs, but it is something he worries about whenever he thinks about it. Then there will an email from her, and the thought banished. He never hides himself from her. He did that once and found that it doesn’t build an excellent base for a relationship.

He tugs his attention back to the here and now when Jacob yells at him, “She doesn’t love you! She loves me!” Cole almost laughs at how childish the thoughts are.

Cole is shaking his head as he tries to keep his temper, “You may want to rethink your views. You really don’t want me mad.”   His eyes are steadily black now instead of flashing back and forth, a sign of how angry he is getting. The pulses of his power are coming a bit faster, and he knows he needs to get a handle on his temper before this goes further than he wants it to right now.

Closing his eyes for a moment, he sighs. “You are all a bunch of kids, boys, in fact, full of testosterone and other hormones. How do I get through your thick skulls to leave my Bella alone?” He is muttering to himself, but also warning them.

Sam is still trying to figure out what the man before him is. There are plenty of signs that the man is not human, but neither is he a leech. “What do you mean you are the Source of All Evil? How do you know if Paul is really becoming evil? And how can you hear all of us? What ARE you?”

These questions, along with Jacob’s steady beating in his head of the made up memories of how Bella is his, and Paul’s thoughts of how he will kill Cole and then take Bella to fuck become too much and he changes to his demon form.


This makes all the wolves cower immediately, as they feel the waves of power rolling off him. Their eyes are showing white, their tails are tucked between their legs. There is no question in their minds about the power of the demon in their midst. Moreover, they all immediately submit. They couldn’t do anything but submit to the demon in front of him.

Balthazor opens his black eyes and glares at the creatures in front of him. “You just couldn’t accept me as the human side could you? Well, you know now what I am,” and he laughs evilly.

Jacob is still an idiot as he struggles to straighten up and tell the thing before him, “And you think Bella can love you like this?” He spits the words out in an as hateful manner as he can muster. There is no way his Bella would want to be around something like this!

The creature just laughs, “At least I am still human looking. What about you, young wolf? Do you want to take her doggy style?” He taunts as he looks the wolf over, his expression giving his opinion on what he thinks about that.

Jake bares his teeth and prepares to attack, only to barely leap away from the fireball that hit where he had been.

Still amused as he tosses a ball of fire from hand to hand, Balthazor inquires of them, “I am not good. However, you are apparently expecting me to play by some sort of rules? Bella is mine. I will do anything, including ending you, to keep her happy.” He grins, his sharp teeth on display, as he thinks of the young woman who has claimed even him.

Jacob is so enraged by the idea of this being having her that he snarls out, “And the Bella I know will not like if you kill me!” His fur is ruffled and standing on end as he stands his ground in front of the being who may take the pure woman he loves away and corrupt her.

Balthazor just laughs. “I cannot say one way or the other, but ask yourself, do I really care? Do you really want to take that risk?” He is amused, as well just a tiny bit impressed with the wolfling’s courage. However, it is quickly eclipsed with the stupidity of his challenge.

Thankfully for Jacob, Sam is the one to wise up and orders Jacob, “Stand down! He is too close to the reservation for you to decide to attack him!! I doubt we can stop him if you piss him off enough to decide to attack them! And if he is what he says he is, what is to stop him from making all our lives miserable?!” Sam has no issues believing the demon in front of them now. He can feel the evil seeping off him.

Watching them, Balthazor is amused. He is not often out since Cole controls his temper pretty well, but he agrees with Cole, Bella is theirs. Moreover, they will do anything to keep her. Balthazor though, plans more with her, and he brings up the idea… Queen.

That brings a lot of shock to his being, but then he can feel Cole’s mind turn to planning. He smiles, his sharp teeth showing as he turns his attention back to the puppies, glad to be heard by his other half who rules their body. Their Bella is to be honored as only one other had been, and she is much more deserving of the honor.

On their end, Paul is getting angry. However, he also remembers that the man who had turned into this being had warned that he was turning to evil, and he asks, “So why haven’t you done anything so far?”

Looking at the dog, he tells him, “Because this will be an example. It is up to you how far we will go. As it is, I feel like I should punish you not only for planning to fuck my Bella, but also for failing to do your so-called job. So far a Vampire has been kept from Bella only because of my influence. However, I will tell you now; if she gets past you when I am not around, you will suffer. Clear?” And with that he turns back into the man he had shown them at first. However, he tosses a fireball in one hand. The meaning is clear, no matter what form he takes, all the abilities are there.

Sam issues an alpha order to the others to stand down as he swallows his pride. He crawls towards the man, whining. When he is close enough, he rolls over, submitting to the power still beating down on him.

Cole looks down with distaste. “Wolves are normally such honorable creatures. How the hell do you explain this?” He had entertained the idea of getting Bella a wolf to help protect her, but the disgusting reaction from the ones in front of him has him rethinking the idea.

With a roll of his eyes, he states to them, “I will send someone to get reports from you. I want the vampire stopped. If there are any issues, tell him right away. I will not give you a second chance.” Then he stops and tosses the fireball at Paul and another at Jacob, singing the two on their tails. “Never think of my Bella as yours, or as any of the disgusting thoughts you have had.”

With a hard look, he tells them both, “If I do find them, I will not be lenient next time.”

He turns around and walks away, not bothering to even look behind for an attack on himself. He has more important things to do. Like, deal with the whelp from the Cullen’s trying to play more mind games with his Bella.

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