Chapter 3 Wanna Shelter You

Chapter 3 Dying

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He turns around, and walks away, not bothering to even look behind for an attack on himself. He has more important things to do. Like, deal with the whelp from the Cullens trying to play more mind games with his Bella.


The decisions that were made in that confrontation with the wolves vibrated throughout the world.

Alice Cullen

The first to see the changes it is making is Alice Cullen.

Almost immediately, once the decision is made she is lost in a vision, showing the death of all, especially her, unless she leaves Bella and her plans alone. With this in mind, she shuffles through the different outcomes, not accepting that there is nothing she can do to not have the future she has been working towards.

She wants everything she has seen and worked towards all these years. To achieve those goals, she had to act like a friend to that idiot Bella Swan. The woman had no style, no taste, no nothing of class. Unfortunately, what she did have is a shield that, once she is turned as a vampire she will be the most powerful vampire; she will bring the kings to their knees. Easily.

Alice should know, she has foreseen it. And she has done nothing but work towards that future since there is a huge reward for her at the end of it all.

She will eventually be able to rule the vampires, using Bella and her brother. Her husband will be part of the group to make her Queen. All her plans have been working towards the end she desires, but Bella’s future has gone dark since Edward was an idiot and left her. It had been fine earlier when they had met, and she had seen Edward leaving because of his inability to not hunger for her blood. She helped him win Bella, and everything had been on track until sometime in Phoenix. Nevertheless, the future had still showed her as Queen.

Now it has changed.

Nothing she can think of is changing the future as it is now. The best prospects leave her alive, but wandering the world wondering what had happened. The rest show her dead.

Not acceptable.

Therefore, she decides to do nothing for now, and this at least shows a possibility.

A possibility of that future that at least shows her alive. Alice is not giving up; she has worked all her life, both as a human and as a vampire to get this close to her goals. She has worked to keep Edward from seeing all the plans, but now… Well, she is going try to figure out a way to wrest back control.

When this is acceptable to her, she continues to scan the future, trying to see if there is anything, small or big, that she can use towards her goals. All the while she is cussing out the female whom all her plans had hinged upon on doing what she thinks is the impossible. To mess up her plans she has checked, double-checked and then triple checked every hour since she figured out how to do it.

Unknown to her, a blond man is in the room, watching her as the emotions play across her face and ripple through her. He has suspected for a long time that there was something odd going on, and he sees the truth finally.

Without letting her know he is in the room, he leaves then makes noise as he comes back in, making her think he just came in from his hunt. He will watch her for now…before he decides to let himself be free from this farce of a life. It is time to think of folding his cards here.

Peter Whitlock

In another part of the world, another dark haired vampire is getting information at the same time. He sits down and curses his so-called gift, wishing it would give him more information when he needs it. He could do so much more to help whoever is giving him this information if only they trusted him more!

With a harder than average hit, Peter buries the axe blade in the wood. He gathers the wood and soon has it stacked against the house. It is often times when he gets this frustrated that he wishes he could have the ability to get tired. There is just something about the feeling of his muscles singing after an excellent workout that he misses.

Heading inside after putting on his shirt, Peter starts the game of making decisions and then changing them. It is one he had thought of long ago to make sure that if Alice were watching him, she would give up pretty quick. Nothing pisses her off more than his fast, off the wall decisions which make it hard for her to see one true way through her gift.

In fact, it is a game he had taught Charlotte and Jasper so that they could hide things often. Peter himself does the exercise when he thinks of it, making sure she knows that he does it to annoy her. He loves nothing more than flipping her off, and oftimes will decide to do it so she will see it sometimes. That way, when the time comes to hide something, it is hidden in all the times that she will not see.

For the end is coming to this long game, and Peter firmly believes in making sure he is on the winning side. He had seen this long ago. It is one of the reasons he has been keeping close to his Coven Leader. He knew that only the three of them together would be able to survive what is to come. No more, no less. Therefore, he remains as close to Jasper as he can stand. In case that future ever came to be, he could have Jasper out of the Cullen’s grasp and where he belongs as fast as possible.

Sitting down in the leather chair, he steeples his fingers together as he thinks through all that needs to happen per the information he just received. As well, his talent informs him that he will soon meet the one who gives him the information, and Peter cannot wait. He would like to give that person a piece of his mind for all the mishaps that have occurred because of incomplete information.

Not the least being that Jasper is not here in the Coven. He has told Jasper that Alice is not his mate, but anything more he cannot explain. He hates not being able to answer Jasper’s questions. If he had the information, he could have extracted his brother sooner. However, as soon as those thoughts are through his brain, he learns that Jasper needs to be where he is for a little longer, and then he will contact Peter. When that happens, that is when they need to act.

Rubbing his face, Peter wonders just who the hell Bella Swan and Cole Turner are, and why does the fate of not only the ones that he cares for, but the whole damn world rest on them. And if he had known that Jasper needed to be there, he would have left him there. He knows how to play the games that are needed in order to keep secrets, he has played them for over a hundred years!

It is not as if they were playing for keeps.’ He sarcastically tells himself as he lays back in the chair, his hands resting on his stomach.

Hearing Charlotte pulling up outside, he heads outside to tell her to start playing the game as well.

Cole barely gets back to his office before another minion tells him that Bella had just gone to the bank and found out about the money left for her by the Cullens. The minion did not need to tell Cole how Bella took it; Cole already has a smirk on his face, and demands, “Is all in place as I asked?” He has been looking forward to this moment in time for awhile. His little spitfire will be guided but never controlled.

The minion bows to him, “Yes, Master. In addition, the Bank Manager is one of ours. He will handle everything as you asked.” Or the bank manager will find out what the rest of them have lately. You don’t mess up anything that has to do with Isabella Swan.

Cole is sitting down in his chair, turning on his computer he waves his hand to pull up the bank. Noticing the man is still there, he raises his eyebrow, “Is there something else?” He is looking forward to the show and doesn’t need anything bothering him during it.

The man blanches and disappears. He had taken no risks, calling three demons to take his place watching over Bella. Going back to his regular place, he wonders like the rest of them what is taking place. The deaths of those that have failed are enough to make sure she is safe and no one complains if they are called into play. They don’t dare to.

Cole leans back to watch the woman he has encouraged to take back her fire, tear apart the people in the bank. And he grins in anticipation of what is to come.

Yes, he has plans to make since his other half made an interesting suggestion.


In the shadows of the bank, a young man is watching the young woman, his new charge, come into the bank demanding to speak with the bank manager. His face is hidden not only in the shadows, but also with the hoodie he has on. Though his eyes would immediately capture the attention if anyone were to look, the sheer intelligence in them would be captivating.

Watching her, he notes how she efficiently takes charge and demands to know where the money has come from. She tells them that she had not deposited the money nor does she know anyone who would have. She is confident, and not screeching. She commands the attention of those around her and efficiently has them scurrying around her as she is relaxed, waiting for them to do as she demands.

While this is going on, the young man is making observations, calculating the changes he is witnessing in her, and cannot see a reason to be alarmed. She had been a toy, used for others pleasure, and now she is taking back control. She is not demanding, nor is she rude. Instead, she has the quiet assurance in her bearing that this will be fixed as she has requested.

Why is this such a bad reason? Did they really want this young woman to be used as she had been?

Or is it because the Source is the one behind many of the changes he is seeing in her? If so, why? He has not acted physically for, or against, her personally except the one time they had met. Yes, he had left his mark on her, but he has done nothing to harm anyone around her until recently and that was only because someone threatened her. He is not even making any plans to make her evil in any sense. He is, in fact, empowering the young woman to make her own choices.

Moreover, even when he acted towards someone around her, he turned someone from following down the path that would have made them his, and instead scared them into leaving her alone. Yes, he burned them, but he did give them a couple of chances.

Honestly, thinking about how you want to fuck the woman that has a demon coming out to protect her, and knowing he is a mind reader? Who is the idiot?!?!

Personally, the man thinks that it is all deserved and is still not sure why he is there. For now, he is going to do what he does best, observe. From what he can see, she is no witch, and he has never heard of a time that one such as he is sent to save one like her.

The idiot in front of her is irritating Bella. She reigns in her temper and articulates her comment, yet again, to the man, “I don’t care that the money is mine and there are no mistakes. Why would I want it?”

She is sitting in an outfit she would have never worn before, but now it is common to find her in. Dresses are empowering as Cole has taught her. She receives more respect in one than ever before and has found that her posture is better, and she sits as he has told her in their emails to command that respect even more unconsciously from others. She tried it once, and Bella had been shocked at the difference it had made. Right now, she is using every single one of those tricks to get her way. AT least, it should be working…

The bank manager sighs and taps the letter he had handed her at the beginning of the talk. “It’s free money, what most of us would love to have rain down on us. As it is, the letter should explain a lot, and if you would sign the authorization papers, this will be all that is required from you.” He is only patient because he knows that his life is being judged as they sit here. If he makes a mistake, then his Master will have him dead before he knows what is happening. That is if he is lucky.

Rolling her eyes, seeing that she is getting nowhere with him, she grabs the letter and opens the envelope. She pulls out a thick stack of paperwork and opens it up to see the handwriting she has become familiar with over the course of working and receiving gifts from him.



Just sign the paperwork enclosed and I will take care of it all. I have no idea what the Cullen’s are up to, but when I am done with it, there will be no chance the money will be used for anything but what you want to use it for.


She sighed, and when she was about to argue, she got a text on her phone: “Sign the damn paperwork! Be selfish.” It is a common thing she receives, but rarely is it for something like this.

She chokes back a laugh at the man who is her employer. She writes back, “Why?” Knowing him his reply will be quick so she holds her phone to see what his answer will be.

There is barely a pause when the answer comes back, “Because I am asking for it. Bella. Trust me.”

That was that as they say.

Shaking her head, Bella signs all the paperwork after she reads through it all.  Seeing that she is allowing Turner and Co. to take control of her accounts she finishes, and texts him, “Did I sign my soul away to the devil?” She awaits his answer with a little grin on her face.

Back at the company Cole chokes with laughter at her text. He quickly types out, “No. I will tell you if you ever do.” It is too late for his little one, he needs her too much for him to let her go. However, never does he wants her soul to be in the same hell as his will be when this is all over. So no, he will be careful with her and make sure that she never signs that precious soul of hers to him.

Those thoughts fly through his head as he watches her finish up and leave the bank. The grin from their text exchange remains on his face as he muses on how he understands the saying’ how he hates to see her go but loves to watch her leave’. The woman is quickly becoming someone he loves to interact in any way with. Even if it is through a camera showing her leaving the bank.

Hopefully, graduation will come soon. After that will come college, and he will allow her as much time as she wants there, but he suspects that he will be by her side soon enough. With that in mind, he turns to the information sent to him, taking it apart and reading between the lines as he often does.

He now needs to not only to protect himself, but the one whom he had had such an interesting morning so far.

All over the world, more and more seers are getting premonitions telling them the time is coming for a choice to be made.

Depending on who they are, the one sending the messages lets them know as little, or as much as he wishes. All of it is to move everything forward as he wishes.

He has a destiny to keep everyone on. Moreover, it is his job to keep it going the way he sees it coming out in the best interest of all. There are a lot of changes that need to come, and new people to lead the world towards the future.

More than that, it is pure fun. By the time he is done, so much will be righted, and the world should happily spin on for a couple thousand years while he plays.   It will be nice to have new toys!

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