Chapter 5: Be My Remedy


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He grins as he hears Scott complain, “Why can’t I have one of those instead?” as they ride down the road to the palace and hopefully the solution to Bella’s problems.


Steve and Bella ride through the winding road up to the castle, both of them grinning as Steve leans the bike into the turns, as well as going faster and faster through the them.

Basically, they were having fun.

Too soon for them, Steve and Bella pull up to the Palace of the King.  Steve rolls to a stop in his regular spot, then turns off the engine, holding the bike steady as Bella gets off.  As soon as she is off, he grabs the helmet that she holds out to him and puts it on the bike in one fluid movement.  Grinning at her, Steve ushers her through the doors being held open for them.

Knowing that T’Challa is looking forward to meeting Bella, Steve wants to get that over with quickly since he wishes to speak with her on other matters.  Like how he thinks of her, his thoughts on how she is like a sister to him and what is going on with her cousin as well as her comment about giving love another chance.


T’Challa is waiting for them in the throne room.  Seeing the woman whom he has learned so much about from Steve walking in, he descends from his throne and is soon in front of her. He quickly moves to stop her, shaking his proud head at her and attempting courtesy, T’Challa tells her, “You are most welcome in my kingdom, Isabella Swan.” He smiles down at her, waiting for her to raise her head.

His world is turned upside down when he looks into her eyes, and his widen.  “The Lady?” T’Challa’s mind is going a mile a minute as he tries to think of what it can mean that the Lady is working with this young woman.  He flips through the memories of the prophecies he had learned as bedtime stories, as well as his duties to this woman if she is what he suspects.

Steve and Bella glance at each other, then back at him.  Steve raises an eyebrow as he asks, “Excuse me, Your Majesty?” He had never mentioned the Bright Lady since it is something only talked about in person. Not to mention the fact that The Bright Lady is one of those ‘need to know’ situations, which very few actually need to know about. Steve had planned to speak to the King about it later, but how did he already know?

Waving his hand at the title, T’Challa asks Bella, “You are being contacted by the Lady?” His eyes are looking at her face, reorganizing things in his head as things are now put on the backburner that may have been important to him only moments before.

Amazed that he could see it somehow, Bella finally asks with the need to clarify, “The Bright Lady?”

Nodding, T’Challa waits.

Licking her lips then biting the bottom one nervously, Bella nods her head as she glances back to Steve for assurance. He steps closer to her to give her his support and to act if need be.

A smile appears again on T’Challa’s face as he comments, “Finally. It’s good to have you here where you belong, Chosen One.  My Kingdom is yours for as long as you need it, and then it is your home after that time.” He is amazed that he had no idea before that this woman matched the prophecies so much.  Then again, who would expect that a prophecy that had been spoken thousands of years ago would be fulfilled in his lifetime?

Both of his eyebrows shoot up and Steve asks, “What’s going on?” His head is slightly tilted to the side. Steve wonders if he will need to contact his backup plan on this.  Steve had only finally sent the files to him to see if he can help, or bring his extensive infrastructure to find out more information.

Turning to his friend, T’Challa tells him, “We have been waiting for the Chosen One to come for a long time.  She is the one that will shield us all from what is to come while her Warrior protects our universe by fighting for her and our planet.  In fact, the Black Panther was formed in that distant past with the help of the Lady, to be able to assist her Chosen in completing her tasks.  For as much as the Warrior is mighty, the Chosen One is the one who will be the protector of us all, making us able to concentrate on protecting the Universe from the threats bombarding it.” He explains, wanting to let Steve know that there is nothing wrong with this and, in fact, the one Steve calls his sister is now the most protected person in the kingdom.

Her eyes wide, Bella has to inquire of the man who might know more than she does, “Do you have more on this?  She never tells me anything.” The last is said with a sense of one who is getting used to knowing nothing of what is wanted and just having to work blind.

Unable to help himself, T’Challa laughs. “Maybe because she knows you so well?”  Shaking his head, he discloses to her, “I will ask my advisors to find all the documentation we have on it for you to look through. But I do have to ask, is Steve your Warrior?” He looks between the two, confused, “It has long been assumed that the Warrior will be your soul mate.”  Steve has mentioned that she feels like a sister to him.

Blushing, Bella quickly stammers out, “N-n-n-o!” She might not like it, but she is acutely aware of who the Warrior is and what he will mean to her.   She is just not willing to risk herself for the man.

Things start making sense to Steve.  He might not be smart on the subject of girls, but he has had everything relating to this idea shouting at him.  He turns to Bella as he asks incredulously, “Bucky?”  His mind is racing with how he had already noted that Bucky would have loved to meet her from the first time he, himself, had met her.

The furthering blush of Bella answers the question for the two of them.  T’Challa starts at first, then remembering what they have told him of her, he quickly realizes that the Winter Soldier would be perfect for the young Chosen One.

Where she is trusting, he would be protecting.  The Winter Soldier would be the one who would see the threat that she would just not be able to see.  Steve would be more likely to see the same as Bella, but they needed the worldly knowledge of the soldier that Bucky became.  The lessons he’d had to learn had been hard, but those lessons will only further their cause now.

He thinks about how Steve has spoken of both Bella and Bucky; he would be firmly on their side. Since Steve is such a worthy opponent and a more than capable leader of the Avengers, it could only add to their dynamic.

Yes, this might be the best and exactly what was meant to happen in the future.  For who knows what will happen, but with the links between these three, there is not much that will separate them.

With all of this in his head, T’Challa looks to Bella and asks, “You know how to free him?” For he has no doubt that things will be moving quickly.  He already plans to make sure that Banner is working on a cure for her, as well as make his people who are working on the cure aware of who she is to them.


Ignoring Steve’s suddenly sharp gaze at her, Bella nods. “I was taught how to shield his mind from anyone trying to tamper with it for now.  Eventually, I was promised that it would become part of him, that no matter how far away from me he gets, or what is happening to me, he will be protected as I am.” She had planned to surprise Steve, or at the least talk with him about it.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have time. Besides, who would have thought this conversation would be happening now and with the King?

Thinking through the information T’Challa has on her, it suddenly makes sense.  He tells her, “My people and I are at your command, Chosen One.  I will tell them to bring his capsule up so you can start working on him when you are ready.” He waits for her as he inwardly smirks at how this young woman has no idea how much power she now controls.

When Bella nods, T’Challa smiles at her as he informs her, “Now that we are done dumping information on you, I will let Steve take you and ask his questions of you as I greet your family.  I will also show them to the laboratory that Mr. Banner has taken over working on whatever he is doing.  But off you go, I suspect you two have a lot to talk about.” He stands to the side, indicating a room to the side for them to use for their talk.

They both nod, and Steve is soon escorting Bella out of the King’s presence, while the tall black man is watching them leave, knowing their world is changing yet again.

Exciting times indeed.

Deciding to take her to where Bucky’s Capsule is awaiting them, Steve quickly reroutes them to  another room.  He knows that the capsule is on an elevator from the chamber that he is being kept.  It will take less time than the two of them walking that way for the capsule to be moved up there.

Plus, the view from up here is remarkable, with the Black Panther snarling out of the mists with the backdrop behind him of the forest and falls.  No one else is up there, the room is dark with only the outside light and the glow from the controls on Bucky’s current home.


Ignoring the man that has taken up much of her mind lately, Bella leans on the railing around the room, looking out into the amazing landscape hinted at by the mists. She can just make out a structure in the clouds far off on the cliffs, and she wonders what it really is, her imagination running wild, thinking of wings and other things.

Steve had stopped by Bucky’s capsule, outwardly checking the stats showing on the side, but inwardly his mind is swirling with all the information he had just learned.  Soon enough, Steve has it all worked out and joins Bella, leaning his back against the railing facing the room as he comments, “I expected some surprises today, but nothing like this.” His eyes slide to look at her profile beside him.

Snorting, Bella wryly comments back to him, “Try from my end.” She sighs.  She has more than enough of these types of surprises that seem to come from out of nowhere,  though some of it must be more surprising to Steve since it is things that affect him more.  On the other hand, being told that she had been prophesied about is more than a little strange for her.

Their eyes meet, and the two can’t help but chuckle as Steve comments, “Our curse it seems.  Though I would dearly like to know who cursed us with interesting lives.” Smiling in ease, he grins at her, shaking his head as he wishes that he could find that person.

She laughs, “Me as well.  Might have a word or two to share with them.” Bella has had enough of the exciting times for more than a handful of people.  The only ones that might have more are here in the room with her.

The two of them chuckle again as they think of what they would have to say to that person.  Then Steve sighs, “Hey, I wanted to talk to you, but with all this information…” He turns slightly to her, shrugging since he has no idea what to do now.  So much more information is being thrown at her once again.

Nodding her head, Bella admits to Steve, “I wanted to either talk in person or surprise you with Bucky being free and awake.” She gives him an odd smile like she is sorry that her surprise had been ruined and that it had been her fault.

Steeling himself to ask her the questions that might make them both uncomfortable, but that he wants to get out in the open. Steve proceeds with the first issue, “And I take it with the comments Hope was making, along with the information we have just received, that you and Bucky are meant to be together?” He hates this, but with him thinking of her as being his sister, he needs to find out what is going on.  And if she truly is thinking of not giving love another chance, he needs to know what she is thinking.  And why.

Closing her eyes, steeling herself to impart the information she never likes to share, Bella confesses to him, “Supposedly.  But you know I don’t agree with this whole fate thing.  Been there, done that, got the pain and dying from it.” Her hands grip the railing tighter and only release when she feels the metal start to give under her fingers.

His eyes look at the man he considers his brother, whom he would go to hell and back for, then turning to meet his sister’s eyes in the glass, Steve offhandedly replies, “Well, there is no one I would like better for the woman I consider a sister than the man I wish was my brother.” He glances down at her fingers, hearing the metal complain as she tightens her hand again in response to his statement.

Shocked, Bella turns to him, and with her entire body reflecting her consternation, questions him, “What?” Bella couldn’t have heard what he said right.  He wants to claim her as a sister and he agrees that Bucky would be right for her?

Smiling, he stares at the reflection in the glass of his best friend in his capsule.  “I have thought of you as my sister pretty much since we met.  Nothing else fits what I feel for you, and I was going to ask you to be that person in fact, once we had the chance to talk here.  Instead, we get blindsided with all this information.  I asked myself why was it that after I heard all that I was angry.  Was it because it came up before I could get the chance to ask you to be my sister, that you were already thought to be hooked up with Bucky?   Then the thought came right after that, who else would I trust with my sister?”

Shrugging, Steve admits, “I needed the chance to put my thoughts in order, and soon realized that everything was okay.  Though I will admit I really want more time thinking of you as my sister.” He waits to see what she comes back with.

Bella huffs, “Well don’t get to thinking there will be wedding bells anytime soon.” She hates that it seems that everyone is for her and Bucky to be together.  What about the two of them?  Maybe they might hate each other?

Shaking his head in disbelief, Steve asks, “Why?”  At her questioning glance, he asks, “Why are you fighting against this?  The more I think about it, the more perfect you two will be together.” There were never truer words.  The two of them complimented each other in ways that he never put together until he started to think about them.  As he had mentioned, when he had met her, the first thought was that Bucky would have loved to meet her and, in fact, would have asked her to go dancing within minutes of meeting her.

Gritting her teeth, Bella reminds him, “I was told that before.  And look where it got me.” Why can people not respect her decisions?  Doesn’t she have enough to worry about right now, mainly if she will live long enough to find out any of this?

Turning to her, and taking her gently by the shoulders, Steve turns her to him. “I get it.  I really do.  But as you told me with Peggy, I got to move on.  Learn to live again.  Why are you not taking the same advice?” He reminds her of the conversation they had one evening in his apartment.  How they had discussed their past relationships, and how Steve felt so lost since the last he remembers he was asking Peggy to dinner after having kissed her before getting on the plane.  Now he is 70 years late for that date, and it is a giant leap to take in his mind.

Closing her eyes, Bella remembers that night and thinks.  She replies to his question, “Because I am not sure what is left of me to offer.  I gave everything to him, and he left me, Steve.”  Opening her eyes to him, she continues, “Now I am being told that this person is perfect for me.  That I will be his soulmate and he mine, but what happens when he leaves me?  There is hardly anything left to me, why would he want to have so little?”  She throws her hand out at Bucky, as she takes a step away from him, allowing his hands to fall to his side, “Look at him.  Why would he want someone like me?” The last was said in a hard voice.

Looking down at his little sister, Steve asks, “Why wouldn’t he?”  When she goes to protest, Steve puts his finger on her lips as he answers her unsaid protest, “He is broken as well, little bird.  His soul has been damaged by all that he had been made to do.  He will think himself unworthy of you, even as he fights with everything he has to give you the right to choose if you think he is your one.  He is my best friend, the one that stood up for me when I was that sickly youth that was beat up all the time.” And the more he talks, the more he sees that they are right for each other.  They both fight to give the other the choices they think are being denied to the other.

She shakes her head as tears come from her eyes unknown to her, “But see?   He deserves more than me.  He is worthy of a whole soul, one that can love him completely.” Why is this so hard for anyone to understand?

When she starts to argue, he reaches up and pinches her lips together gently, “No.  Take the time to think about it.  You need that time with all the information being thrown at you and who knows when you may get the chance again.  I will go get Banner and see what he will need from you.”  When she looks away from him, he releases her lips and gives her a little shake, as he advises her, “But seriously think about it, Bella.  I truly believe that you two are what the other needs.”  With that, he hugs her, then kissing the top of her head, he leaves the room, hoping that she will do as he asked.


She hiccups slightly, allowing the sob out that she had held in so Steve wouldn’t see.  Then Bella straightens up, and finally looks at the man everyone is trying to convince her is worth it. Swallowing, she informs him, “You are worth more than me.  I will give you what you need, but I will not make you like me or anything else.  You have suffered more than anyone else I have ever thought about.  And I will make it so your mind is your own.  Anything else is up to you.” She is standing before his capsule, her hand resting on it.  And she gives him a look, admitting he is everything she ever would wish for in looks.  Her life has changed, and she just wants someone that can take care of her, but at the same time, she doesn’t want to be the damsel in distress yet again.

Shaking her head at her thoughts, Bella gets to work, taking the time to make sure her new brother gets his best friend back. Then she can rest and try to push it all away.

Down in the Labs where Banner is, Hope is aware of when Steve walks into the room.  He comes up to her as he tells them all, “I did what I could,” and shakes his head as he rubs the bridge of his nose.  How in the heck has Bella gotten to the place that she thinks she is not worthy of love?


Watching the two, Scott is lost, but he notices the rest of their group nod in understanding.  Unable to stay quiet, Scott comments, “I’m glad someone knows what he is talking about.”  He nods… then pauses as he says, “Wait.”  He points his fingers around as he announces, “That’s right, everyone but me knows!”  He extends his head slightly, waiting for someone to explain what is going on.  When no one does, he tilts his head a little more, telling them without words that they need to explain.

Unable to help themselves, they all smile. Hope pats his back as she walks by, “It’s ok, Scott.” She turns her head away, hiding her grin at his antics.

He cocks his head to the side, waiting for her to explain but when she doesn’t, and in fact continues walking away from him, he grouches, “Man, what is this, a conspiracy against Scott?” He shakes his head, turning to look out the window at the scenery with his arms crossed.

Hank P. just chuckles as he works with Beast to make sure all his files transferred completely.  He is updating the files with the latest that he and Hope did that morning before they left San Francisco.  He has also answered an email from an inside source in S.H.I.E.L.D.  It was from one of the leading biochemists in the world, and they are willing to work with them on this.

Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier..Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans)..Ph: Zade Rosenthal..? 2014 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.


From where he is standing with his arms crossed, Steve shakes his head at Scott’s antics.  Remembering his questions, he turns and moves to Banner, asking, “So now that everyone is here, can you tell us what is going on?” He waits patiently for his friend to tell him what he knows that can save his sister.


Turning from his microscope Banner smiles at his friend.  “Not everyone is here.” He knows how important Bella is to Steve and will do all he can to help them.  He is shocked to find out that what is happening to Bella is related to what Steven went through and that Dr. Erskine went so far so make the serum in the first place.

Shaking his head sadly, Steve laughs ironically, “You expect Bella to want to be here?” While he wishes she would be, he meant for her to take some time to herself to think about everything.

A voice comes from the door, “No, but since I am here to help out, I should be here.” It has a southern drawl to it, recognizable as Texan.

A quick glance shows three individuals at the door, and it only takes a second to realize what they are.  With everything Bella has explained about her ex it is their physical beauty which gives him the answer. He drops his arms and clenches his fists, wondering why the hell they are here.

Before they can do anything, another voice sounds out as he appears in the room, “And I.”



Before they can do anything else, T’Challa is there holding Steve in place as he tells the rest of them, “Relax.  I have his promise not to interfere.  He was contacted by Banner regarding all of this.” He waits until Steve nods to release him.

When Steve turns to look at Banner to find out why these people are here, he sighs and rubs his temples. “Now that everyone is here, I can explain all of this.” He knew that it might not be what Steve wants to know, but he has been talking with Loki since he left the Avengers in Sokovia.  He had been planning to leave the Earth when the call came for him to help Steve.  When he found out the specifics, he had immediately come to help his friend, one of the few to understand and like him.

He gets up and heads over to a screen in the middle of the lab which is big enough for them all to see, and with a few clicks Banner has pulled up a chemical compound diagram.  “Seems your Doctor had knowledge of Vampires.  The serum actually has their venom in it.  It is what helps you become so much more.  It toughens your skin, makes you stronger, perfects you.  But what your doctor did Steve, is make it so the serum didn’t make you a vampire. Instead, it made you become a better specimen of a human.” And it boggles his mind how everyone has missed this.  The only thing that comes to mind is that none of them knew, nor did they have the idea that magic needs to be used as well to make the most stable viable version.

With this in mind, Banner rubs his thumb on his eyebrow, “The venom is the missing piece from all the attempts to recreate it. But when you sent Bella’s blood, I saw something I had not seen except in your blood.  And with the knowledge you guys passed along…” He waves his hand at the newcomers.

Of the three who had walked in last, the short haired blonde nods, “And we confirmed it.  We are willing to help the three here that are affected by the venom.” He leans against the wall, waiting for the theatrics to be done.  Little Bird, as her brother calls her and he loves the name, needs them to remain occupied while she works on the Winter Soldier.

Trying to piece this information together with what he knows about Bella, Scott frowns, “But I thought the Captain was a successful experiment, the only one ever made by the serum?” Why would they need to help him if he is stable?

Having looked over the information, as well as what Banner had been telling her beforehand, Hope explains, “But he would have been checked over by the doctor after the application, and any trouble would have been fixed.  Instead, the good doctor was killed before any of the tests were even done, and on top of that, Captain Rogers was frozen for so many years, and we have no idea if that affected the serum. We never had a baseline from the one person who would be the best to know what that baseline needed to be.” She frowns, then explains, “For one thing, it seems to have deadened your nerves somewhat.  We are not sure if that is good or bad.” She shrugs her shoulders as she shakes her head, trying to figure out why no one had asked until it was too late for what the good Doctor thought would be the baseline and see if Steve had them.

Remembering when he first came out of the capsule and how everything seemed too heightened, Steve answers, “Good.  Definitely good.”  He cannot imagine everything being more sensitive.

Image result for the beast marvel

They chuckle, but Hank explains the pluses to Steve, “But at the same time, it could be bad.  Maybe your heightened senses may tell you something that you needed to know?  We are aware your hearing and eyesight are improved, but your sense of touch should be as well.”

The long haired blonde vampire nods, “Touch and feeling help sometimes.  It has often been the only thing that has saved my life by feeling the difference in the air moving to warn me of another attacking me.” His southern drawl explains as he watches them all, leaning against the wall next to his brother.

Steve looks like he is thinking about what they are saying then slowly nods. “I can see what you are saying.  I don’t know how much it would help with the suits I wear.”

The Beast rumbles from his place standing behind them all, “Then there is how he made the serum not change you:   For you not to suffer like Bella is.” He shakes his head as he looks over the lab work they have on the two, shocked by the similarities between not only Steve and Bella, which makes sense in a roundabout way with them being related, but also the Winter Soldier.

Standing with his arms crossed, Loki comments, “Which is where I come in.” He has his own reasons for being here beyond what he is willing to admit, but he wants to make sure Bella, especially, does not suffer and at the same time he remembers his own torture at the hands of Thanos:  He’s hoping to help the friend of Captain Rogers.

Turning to him, Steve demands, “And why are you willing to help?”tom-hiddleston-as-loki-from-nun-gun_tumblir_com

His green eyes piercing Steve suddenly, Loki explains the part he is willing to admit to, “Because without her and her warrior, we will not survive what is to come.  Nothing will.  I think you would agree my survival is enough to guarantee my participation.  There is no need to be King of nothing.” He gives the answer that he knows the Man out of Time will accept.

“And your attack on Earth?  Did you know she was there?  She could have died!”  Steve asks in a hard voice. It is one of the things he will not forgive Loki about that whole escape, that Bella had been so close to dying in that mess.

Losing all color in his face, Loki answers, “No, I did not.  And that wasn’t completely under my control.  I was as much controlled as Barton and Selvig were.  I can be held accountable for what I have done afterward, and only one person on this planet has that right.” And she will be who he needs to talk with after he is sure that everything is ready for that discussion.

Shaking his black mane, Loki explains what he can to Rogers. “No, I wouldn’t harm the Shield no matter what.  I have been looking for her longer than any other.  Only the Enchantress holds more appeal for me, and in a different way. I only want to protect the Shield until her warrior is ready to take over.”  He dryly comments, “Unfortunately, the Allfather and Thor were sufficient distractions for me to know that both of these ladies are here now.” His eyes narrow as he remembers when he found out that it may not have been accidental that his attention was elsewhere.


Catching onto the capitalization of the name, Scott asks, “Enchantress?” Maybe this man will give him some information.

Loki shakes his head, “One Lady at a time, Ant.  We need to concentrate on Miss Swan first.  Her skills will be required soon if what I remember from my fall is true.” He cannot help the slight smile as he talks with the man.  He has kept Loki amused many a time with his conversations with his friends.

Clearing his throat to bring attention back to him, Banner tells them, “Loki is right.  Without him, the serum wouldn’t work to the full effect that we will be needing from what the vampires and Loki are telling us.   And per our agreements with them, only three people will receive the benefit of our research.  Steve, Bella and Bucky.”

From where he has been standing off to the side, T’Challa asks, “And the knowledge afterward?” He is only worried that it might be used for others.  He cannot see any good coming from this because of all the failed attempts to remake the serum.

Quickly answering him, Hank Pym answers, “Destroyed.  Only the people in this room have any knowledge of it.  And it is only because it is dangerous to those three that we are doing this.” He will never allow this formula to get out.  He, too, is aware of how many have tried to replicate it.

Wanting to make his objectives clear, Loki interjects. “That is what you humans want.  I want the Shield and her Warrior to be ready for what is coming.” Not sharing that he cares about the Soldier is another way to make them believe that he is dismissive of their attempts.  He doesn’t need anyone realizing how well he knows the people in this room.

When they all look at him, Loki starts to pace back and forth in front of them. “Do you think it is just coincidence that all this is happening now?  Think about it.  We have always had the beings for this.  Earth, and its guardians.  But for this all to happen now?  Much has guided us all to this time and place.”

Looking up to them, Loki clarifies his words.  “Thanos is on the move for the first time.  The Dark Elves have returned.  Other events, far from your knowledge, are happening.  Earth is the center of all that is going on.  And it also happens to be the birthplace of the Shield and her Warrior?”  Shaking his head, Loki advises them, “Beyond my petty squabbles with Thor and everything else, the universe is gearing up for a showdown which is unprecedented since the Celestial Beings had their war.” And that personally scares him since he knows how many worlds were destroyed by those beings.

He stops and pierces them all with his green eyes, “It is why I want to be King, to help protect my people and others from what is to come.  It is why the Shield has held my allegiance since my 100th year when I found information on her which I hid from all others.” Loki hides his real reasons.  He never wanted to be King, had hoped to help guide Thor in all that needed to be done.  Instead, he has had to stretch himself thinner than is good for everyone, having to do both the job that Thor was supposed to do, as well as his own.

The beings in the room are quiet, watching and listening to the God of Magic.

Lifting his head, Loki continues to make known to them all, “And her connections?  Think about it.  She is the self-professed sibling of the Soldier.  A man not able to be surpassed in his ability to lead others.  She will have the Warrior, one that will actually be able to beat my own brother in his own strength.  One that is taught in the crucible of pain.  She has the loyalty of the God of Magic, and later, you will find that the Enchantress will also give her loyalty to her.  Her Uncle is the man who invented the suit for the Ant-Man before you, the one who can rival Stark with his suit and mind.  As well as the loyalty of the mutants as they help.  She even has the loyalty of the vampires in this room.  As well as the Black Widow and Barton.  And there are so many more you will find that have ties to her.” Loki shrugs as he tells them what should be crystal clear.  It is up to them to take what he is admitting to them of the plans he has been making as well as information that can only help the Shield.

“No, the information in this room wouldn’t matter if it leaked.  It would need someone like me, or the Enchantress to help make the serum that we are gathered to make work.  And neither of us would agree to this again.  And I wouldn’t agree if it hadn’t been for the Shield.”  Loki stares at the others.  “Now I think we have given the Shield enough time to work her powers on her Warrior.  We need to get the serum made soon so that the three of them will be able to work on what is to come.”

With the words that Loki uttered, Hope jumps to the screen and brings up the room that she had glimpsed Bella in earlier.  With a curse, the blonde vampire left the room to retrieve Bella from where she has fallen in front of Bucky’s capsule.

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