Vampire Diaries/Twilight


Game of Life

Game of Life Final

Free Will Is Everything Trilogy


You’re All I Am Asking For

Cover for You're_edited-1

Our Road Is Long


The Shortcut Home

The Shortcut Home_edited-5

This Is Not a Drive – By

This is not a Drive By_edited-2




  1. 01katie

    When are you updating with the chapter 16?

    • kittyinaz

      Two things are stopping that.

      1) that my Beta is waiting to catch up with the rest with this. She works and is working on this once a week with me.

      2) It hasn’t been written. I had to revamp the Beta process to allow me more time to write. For now, I am working on the fics and soon it will be back to it’s regularly scheduled updates. Also most of the updates to the current chapters add quite a few words. The editing is not the grammar (Which she does!) It’s me clarifying the chapters and making them more in depth.

      Hope this helps.

  2. zikiya

    I would like the know when will you start posting the start of the next section of free will is everything trilogy


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