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Bella doesn’t become comatose when Edward leaves. Instead she became angry. She went on to become a world renown researcher, debunking supernatural legends, using her insider information. She even writes a book, all the while hiding from the Volturi. Imagine her surprise when she meets Damon and her entire life is turned upside down. First in a series. B/D

I just received a Beta to be dedicated to this story, Sitalia25, (who writes also!!!) so I am redoing it and posting it up on FanFiction.  I will be updating this and adding the Song List and a Character List as I get the chance.  There is not much so far, but later on it will be needed.  This will be a series.

Disclosure for all stories listed: Twilight and Vampire Diaries are owned by their respective brainiacs that thought of it. 

All I'm Asking3

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by Patricia Parker‎

Character List

Book 1 Chapters:

Song List

Prologue – Gravity Pulls
Chapter One – Long for the Unseen
Chapter Two – Getting Back What I Gave
Chapter Three – Once Upon a Time
Chapter Four – No, I’m Not Alright
Chapter Five – Uphill Struggles over Years, the Fear
Chapter Six – Made to Never Fall Away
Chapter Seven – I’m Bared Boned and Crazy for You
Chapter Eight – I’ve Never Been Perfect
Chapter Nine – Dream of Paradise
Chapter Ten – Will Give You the Strength to Go
Chapter Eleven – I Want Your Beautiful Soul
Chapter Twelve – Whenever I Feel Lost
Chapter Thirteen – Lives In A Dream
Chapter Fourteen – Light STart to Tremble
Chapter Fifteen – All Systems Go
Chapter Sixteen – I’ve Dreamt Alone
Chapter Seventeen – I’m Sorry I Hurt You
Chapter Eighteen – Everything That Kills Me Makes Me Feel Alive
Chapter Nineteen – A Fighter, Dancing Through the Flames
Chapter Twenty – You’re Dead Alive
Chapter Twenty-one – It’s Now or Never
Chapter Twenty-two – Diamonds From Black Dust
Chapter Twenty-three – A Moment of Love
Chapter Twenty-four – Why Don’t We Go
Chapter Twenty-five – Hide No More
Chapter Twenty-six – Eye of the Storm
Chapter Twenty-seven – Still Fight While I Can Fight
Chapter Twenty-eight – Just Another Day




    • kittyinaz

      I like her!!! I just use Kristen right now since I am working to complete this… But the pic I have somewhere is really who I am thinking as her.

  1. theladykt

    ooh just noticed this one. Off to read

  2. Fisher Johnson Lou

    I loved this story line with Bella and Damon of finding true love when Bella comes to his town.
    Is the gonna be more of storyline and chapter’s..

    • Kittyinaz

      yes. The Beta for this is currently unable to work on it, but as soon as she can, she will be finishing this up. I have finished and handed it off.

      • Kittyinaz

        Also, I just wanted to let you know, that while chapters are finished and everything, I have it listed as a rule, that RL comes before my stories. but the Beta for this one TRULY loves this story and is eager to get it done. Thanks for asking!

  3. tj6james6

    I ran across this, and you may have already heard from Meridian but you’ve been nominated for Favorite Crossover Fanfic for Every Dark Night Turns Into Day. True Blood/Twilight
    Favorite Crossover Fanfic for You’re All I Am Asking For. Twilight/Vampire Diaries and
    All-Time Favorite Author. You’re in great company for Fav Author since EIM was nominated as well. Congrats and well done.

  4. Aylissa Wolf

    When is chapter 29 going to be posted. I love this story

    • Kittyinaz


      This story is completed the sequel will be up by the end of the year.

  5. JesskaLynnK93

    I went to look at the character list but the link brought me to one of your Alice 2009 fanfiction character lists. Just thought you should know so you can fix the link.

    • Kittyinaz

      Thanks!!! I forwarded it to the Admins and they will correct! I appreciated it!

  6. andrewpine

    What is the name of the sequel,and is it done?

    • Kittyinaz

      Sequel has not been started. I am trying to finish the sequel for Every Dark night first. But I will say you are a great motivation to get back to writing these!



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