Chapter 11 I Want Your Beautiful Soul


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Song I listened to for this chapter: Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney.


Damon growls.  “That is something.  I wonder if they could survive a lightning strike.” At the end, he is turning over how he can do it.  He has done it in the past, but controlling that much power is something that is harder than people would ever guess.  That he had done it, successfully and more than once, had Sage calling him an elemental lord.  He had laughed at her.

Elijah grins suddenly. “I have no idea.  No one has tried it.  As you know, power over the elements is extremely rare, especially to one of your age and to the extent of your control. But it would be an interesting experiment.” He knows what Sage has named the elder Salvatore, and now, knowing what he does, he wonders if Damon was not always meant to be one of the elders of their species.

The two vampires grin at each other. Liking the direction their thoughts are going.

Elena yawns. “I am sorry to break this up, but I need to head home.  School is tomorrow.”

Elijah immediately apologizes and helps her out of the seat.  Alaric grins as he too gets what Bella and Damon have been saying.  He looks at Elena as his daughter, the daughter he believes he should have had with Isobel.  Stefan was too controlling.  Elijah would be better for her, and if he is thinking this through correctly, has been waiting for her for a very long time.

The group heads to the front door, Damon, Elijah framing Bella as they wish the other two goodnight.  Stefan had appeared and giving a dirty look at the trio, escorts Elena to her vehicle and they leave.

And then it was down to three.


Damon holding Bella

Bella sighs and leans back into Damon.  “I guess we need to talk first?” She is exhausted, today has been busy.  Damon moving in, meeting the group, and now all this.  She is more than ready to go to bed with her vampire and sleep.

Damon wraps an arm around her, kissing her on the head, “Let’s go mia carissima.  I promise that it will be worth your while.  How often do you get to pick the brains of an Original vampire?” He knows how tired she must be, but he will be here, to give her what she needed from him.

Elijah smiles as he witnesses the two together.  His pain at being parted from Elena is already starting, but he is used to it.

Elijah comments, “C’mon Bella.  As Damon mentioned, it’s not often that you get to pick my brain.  In fact, other than you two, I don’t think I have allowed anyone else to do so.” He looks down at his daughter, proud of her.

Bella huffs as she turns and walks towards the library. “That’s only because you call me your Blood.” She is still mystified by his claim.  Her own father has seemingly given up on her already, how would this man treat her?  In the back of her mind, she knows her father is aware of one of two outcomes for her, and is only trying to make her life easier in making the choice.  He loves her, and has proven that time and time again.  But his withdrawal from her life has left a wound in her heart.

They have made it to the Library as Elijah grabs Bella and turns her. “I am proud to call you mine.  I already think of you as a daughter of mine.  I told you I am extremely loyal to my family, and you have that undivided loyalty.  You, as part of me, will always hold my loyalty.” He is staring into her eyes, not knowing why she is denying this, but he will prove to her that he will be here for her no matter what.

She stares at him, defiant at first but as she searches his eyes, the eyes that are the exact shade of hers, she sighs. “I don’t know what to think.  I have a father.  But lately he has withdrawn from me. I don’t know if that is my fault or what.  But all in all, I allowed it, trying to put space in case of anyone finding out what I know.” Her eyes drop, hiding the pain, the pain that she is unaware that Damon is very aware of and now so is Elijah.

Elijah pulls her to him, holding her. “I will never abandon you, nor will your Damon.  You can always trust that the two of us have your back.  I promise.”

Damon had entered the room earlier with tea for Bella and watched the two.  He loftily comments, “And you were worried about meeting him.  Yet again, proof that I am better than any other.” He smirks, wanting his Bella to smile.

Both Elijah and Bella laugh at him.  He can see the resemblance between the two stronger with them side by side.  He smiles at the two of them. “So does this mean we will all be family?”

Damon 19

Elijah shakes his head as he lets Bella go to him, watching as he settles her in what he takes as Damon’s chair, making sure she is comfortable before handing her the tea he prepared.  He then lazes on the arm and stretching behind her.  He knows that Damon is also prepared to defend her to death if needed.  His lazy pose is nothing more than that.  A Pose. He bets that no one, not even Sage is totally aware of what this man will do for his mate, his other half.

He smiles at the two of them and starts. “This is going to be awkward, I am going to tell you this information, bluntly.  But this is also the secrets of our family, Bella and Damon.” His eyes watching theirs as they acknowledge what he is giving them.

He settles into a chair across from them and starts. “Bella, you are a direct descendant of mine.  Because of this, you are going to get abilities that are reserved for Originals.  But at the same time, when you finish the mating process, Damon and you will also receive the same privileges.  The only things that can kill you are the White Oak Stakes.  The daggers will affect you the same as though you were made with us.  We have been the strongest as the oldest vampires, but you are of my blood, and I am the original vampire.  I was first, even before my father.  Because of this, I have abilities that none of my siblings have, and from what I was told, you two will get these.  Some of the powers are the ability to compel any vampire.  Original and the rest.  Even Cold Ones.” The last is said with a twist of his lips, knowing how powerful that ability can be.

Damon’s eyes had widened.

Elijah chuckles.  “There is a reason I searched for any offspring of the Originals and am upset I didn’t know about the doppelgangers.  But it explains how Katherine is so powerful, and therefore you, Damon.  You are sired by a descendent of the Originals.”  He pauses.

Thinking, then looking up at the two of them, “I am going to get with some witches I personally know.  I am going to check on this, but I believe that once you turn Bella, Damon, you will be of Klaus’s line as well as mine.  It would take killing us both, but then you will be attached to Bella and she will be considered head of her own line.  I will let you know tomorrow.  I will also get them to spell some stones for both of you.  They are extremely loyal and I have trusted their lines for centuries.” He is getting everything in order in his head.  He has no doubt that Damon will be turning her before long.

Damon just looks at him oddly, “What does that mean head of her own line?” Bell had reached up and entwined their hands, and he squeezes it, giving her the support she needs.

Elijah leans forward, “Meaning that each Original vampire is considered their own line.  Probably Katherine as a descendant is her own line also.  You and Bella will be different if I am right, because it would take killing each one of us to end you without going against you directly.  Then there is the whole Mating thing and who knows from there.” He smirks, knowing that these two may end up the most powerful of their kind.  Not that it will matter, Damon seems content, as long as Bella is safe.  This is what he had seen of his own brother, Finn.

Damon growls.  “So if someone kills Klaus, you would kill anyone that can trace their line back to him?” He is not liking this option.  Which means to end him, he would not even have to be in a battle.

Elijah nods. “You see why this is kept secret now?” His eyes searching theirs making sure they understand how crucial this information is not to be given out.

Bella shakes her head. “This would be earth shattering if known.”

Elijah nods. He takes a deep breath. “Now, I take it you both have shared blood?”

At their nod, he smiles. “Good.  Not only will it save you, Bella, if you should get hurt or killed, but as Mates, you will need to do it.  Even once you are turned.  And Bella, don’t be shocked if you need Damon’s blood more than you getting your own.  I think it is part of mating, I know Sage only drank Finn’s.” So much they don’t know about mating, only what he observed and wrote down about Sage and Finn is the only guides they have.  He too is not happy with the amount of non-information that is out there, since he is half of a mated couple himself.  Which is why he will be watching his daughter and her mate.

Damon laughs as he looks down at his mate.  “I am going to get horny for you and you will crave nothing but my blood.  Makes sense.”

Bella is shaking her head. “You weren’t joking when you said Damon will change me then if not before.” She cannot help but smile at Damon making jokes, she knows that is how he is, and she is appreciative of it since she often takes things a bit too seriously.

He nods. “I will love to make you my heir in every way, but I will be satisfied in claiming you both.  If for some reason it doesn’t work the way we think, I would ask that you both take my blood in a ceremony that will make you mine.  I really rather you not connected any more than you are now to Klaus.” He shudders as he thinks of his brother who is on a revenge kick.

They both look at each other and then nod.  If Elijah is wanting this, neither can see a reason to deny him.  Especially Damon, he is still of that mindset of having an heir and a spare.  Even though for purposes with his father, he was the spare and his younger brother the heir.

He smiles.  “Damon, once again, welcome to the family.  You too have my loyalty since you are bound to my daughter.”  He settles back in the chair. “Bella, I will be dealing with some things, but I will be back to have you sign some forms to add you as my formal heir.  I will also be performing the ceremony to acknowledge you.”  He grins, “Some of those old rituals actually do work.” He cannot keep the joy out of his voice, letting them both know how happy he is to have a family of his own.

Damon kisses her head, “I did good.  I got myself an heir to a royal family!” He teases her, reminding her of earlier today.

Bella laughs as does Elijah.  “It goes with that Landed Southern Italian Gentleman I got.” She teased him right back as he grins down at her.  The love that the two are in, even if they didn’t recognize it, is obvious to Elijah and he is pleased with the two of them and the match.  It is for sure his daughter will not be wanting in affection from Damon.

Elijah relaxes with the two, making small talk for the rest of the night, wanting the connection with both of them.

After a while, Bella falls asleep in the chair.  Damon is watching her as the two continue talking.  After he is sure she is asleep, he looks up at Elijah.  “Now we can talk.” His tone is harder, giving notice that he is not the affable person he is around Bella.  No, this is his mate and he will be getting information to protect her.

Elijah nods as he watches the transformation from the loving mate, to the alpha male he knew Damon is.  He had heard of him, and nothing in front of him is denying that status…

Damon calmly tells him, “How much does your loyalty stand next to Elena?  Because if you are anything like me with Bella, Elena comes first.” He decided to start on what he feels important.  There is nothing more important than Bella.  But he also does not know what is involved with Elijah acknowledging Bella as his daughter.  From what he can tell though, it seems to be a huge deal.

Elijah sighs, his eyes resting on her then flick back up to Damon’s eyes. “She does, but Bella is tied.  Damon, she is the daughter I have been searching for longer than you can ever imagine.  I was promised her a thousand years ago.  As you said, she is special and I don’t mean as a shield or anything like that.  She is the child I have somehow known was out there, and searched my entire life for.   I believe that I also mentioned earlier, that I met her father.  He had nothing of me in him.  But her?  She screams to my very instincts as mine. My daughter. I will kill my family to protect her.  The only thing I will not do is kill Elena for her.  Is that what you wanted to know?” He is quiet, but his voice in hard, not allowing any doubt in his determination to acknowledge and protect this child he has just found after so long.

Damon nods, his face serious, as he looks down to the woman who has become his life.  “I guess we are on the same side.” Then he grins, “And when are you going to take Elena away from my ass of a brother?  He doesn’t deserve her.” The Alpha look on him is hidden as usual, and he is back to his normal affable self.

Elijah laughs. “I am working on that.  You are lucky Bella was single.  No conflicts.  When she is with me, she is mine.  You can see that.  But when your brother comes, her mind interferes.  She thinks she owes him her loyalty.” He shakes his head at how she is withstanding the pull.

Damon sighs. “Can you break compulsions?”

Elijah nods, “I can, why?”

Damon tells him, “I met Elena first.  I compelled her to forget.  But I wonder if I didn’t make her seek Stefan out.” He tells the secret he has kept since they met first.  He never wanted her to choose him because of it.

Elijah stares at him.  “And when you thought you were in love with her?” His estimation of Damon is changing so much.  He is much more than anyone ever thought.  And he is just that much prouder that he will be calling him, his.

Damon shakes his head, “I never deserved her.  But now, I know what I felt for her was not love.  Bella is everything to me.  I will do anything for her.  But I will not die for her that would leave her vulnerable and hurting.” He meets the eyes of the Original Vampire, not afraid of him.

Elijah nods his head. “Dying for someone is easy, living for them is harder.  I am going to be proud to call you mine.”

Damon grins at him. “I think this will be the beginning of a long, beautiful relationship.”

They laugh.  Damon gets serious with him again. “If anything happens to me, what happens to Bella?” He needs to know.  He will do everything to stay with her, but he also wants to prepare in case something happens.

Elijah sighs, not liking the turn of the conversation, but cannot deny him the information. “Depends.  Sage is but a shadow of herself, but because Finn is still ‘alive’ she is still here.  The same will happen to Bella if someone daggers you when you are mated.  If you are not mated…well, all I can say is don’t let it happen.  It is really for the best interest of us all if you two would get on with it and mate.” He is serious, it will make them both much stronger and harder to kill.

Damon laughs low. “Oh, believe me, I am all for it.  But your daughter is a virgin.  Which is a good thing since the only man she has dated was the Cold One.” His eyes flash at his rage that someone could have killed her, had in fact damaged her psyche along with the scars on her body.  He will make them pay for each and every one of them.

Elijah shudders. “You know, sooner or later they will cause a problem.” His eyes flick upwards and meet Damons.

Damon’s eyes darken as he growls out, “I am actually looking forward to it.  They left her, to deal with everything on her own.  And the bite…”  He growls, his jaw tightened to keep control of himself.

Elijah leans forward, “Bite?  What bite?” His own eyes darken, as he is holding his temper at the mere thought of one of them having bit his heir, his daughter.

Damon closes his eyes and takes a deep breathe of Bella to calm himself and remind himself that she is here with him. He then carefully extracts her arm out of the blankets he had wrapped her up in earlier when she had shivered.  She stirs, but when he pulls her closer to him, she calms.  He indicates her arm with his head.

Elijah moves forward and his growl is soon heard as he stares at the mark on her.  “Who bit her?”

Damon’s teeth elongates as he answers, “The tracker.  But Fuckward sucked the venom out.  He had her blood!” He and Bella had told him the story earlier.  And just as when she told Damon, she had left out the bite.  From what Damon understands, it was more painful for the venom to come out than her recovery from the broken bones.

Elijah barely holds in the snarl.  His voice is rough as he bites out, “That blood belongs to you as her mate and me as her father!  He will die for that.  I don’t care if he saved her life.  He got her into the trouble in the first place.” Elijah sprang up as he stalked around the room, his hands clenching.

Damon is satisfied with his response.  He had barely held it together when she had told him the story. And looking at the only other male who he allows to have claim on her to react the same way, well it makes him feel justified.

Looking at him, Elijah asks, “This was the cause of the storm last night?” At Damon’s nod he nods. “That is understandable.”

Stopping at the same window Damon had the previous night to calm down, Elijah shakes his head after thinking.  “This cannot go unanswered.  I need to send a precedent to the Supernatural world.  My daughter is not to be messed with!  What do you know of the Cold Ones?”

Damon proceeds to tell him everything his mate had gathered.  After a while, Elijah nods.  “I think a trip to the Volturi will be in the works.  I want her a vampire before we go.  And it will be we, I think we will show them the power of us.  If I have to, I will destroy the head of them and add it to my holdings.” Nothing less will be accepted.

Damon smirks. “Confident are we?”

Shaking his head as he settles back into his chair, “And why wouldn’t I be?  Damon, you are almost my equal without the mating.  You will be my equal once you are mated, and even when I mate Elena.  I would be a fool not to include you and Bella.  You have no idea how powerful you are about to become.  Already you should be feeling something with exchanging blood.”  He smirks as he sees the look on Damon’s face. “That feeling will never end.  Taking blood from another or even your blood bags will never taste the same.  Finn said it was like having the best steak in the world then drinking rust afterwards.  But you will do it, to keep your mate from being hungry.” He leans back as he gives more information to Damon to see how he would take it.

Damon closes his eyes, then asks, “Everything is going to change?” Not that he wouldn’t give anything to have Bella as his.

Elijah leans forward, “Do you want it to not to, when you lose Bella as the alternative?”


“Good answer.  If you answered anything but that, I would have taken her away from you.  You would have searched your entire life for her, not knowing you were searching for her.” Elijah advises him in a matter of fact voice.

Damon answers, “I already felt like that is what I did.  I also suspect that is what drove me to obtain the power I did.  I needed it for her.” And he would do it again, the pain and everything he had suffered before Bella being nothing.

Thinking on it, Elijah nods. “I understand.  I have had Tatia, then Camilia, and Katherine before I found Elena.”

They meet each other’s eyes, nodding.

Standing up, Elijah informs him, “Take your mate to your bed.  I will see you later.” With that he kisses Bella on her forehead and leaves.

Damon holding Bella 2

Damon smiles at the little smile on Bella’s face.  “And you were so worried about meeting him, mia carissima.”  He moves and picks her up bridal style and carries her to their bed.  He will need to talk to her tomorrow about the lock down code, he knows the unlock sequence, but he is not for sure on the lock down codes.

He deposits her in their bed, then goes to close the curtains as much as he can.  When they are as light tight as he could make them, he sheds his pants and shirt and lays in bed with her.  He kisses her forehead lightly, surrounding her body with his.  He smiles, and soon tumbles into sleep with her.

Final count, 3,908 words.


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  1. theladykt

    Can’t blame B for being skeptical. But cool info from Elijah. B with more powers, cool. Ceremony sounds cool. Ah I like protective D. oooh Daddy E is not happy about the bite. I like take charge E. Cant wait to see the confrontation with the Volturi and the CUllens, esp Fuckward

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    • kittyinaz

      He’s been putting it there since Bella has been carefully keeping their contact rare, because if the Volturi find her she doesn’t want him threatened. Plus he knows how hard it will be for her to leave him if he doesn’t pull away. He told her that he wouldn’t mind if she became immortal. It’s something I hope to expand upon when I edit.

      • meridiean

        Awesome! Can’t wait for more – it’s a great story!

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    Story time in the story. *snicker* Compelling vampire oh no Damon is going to have a blast with that one. Wouldn’t that make Stefan just as powerful if he found his mate? Shhhh reading it’s secret time….yes I will keep this secret. More please. PPPleeeasssee Damon is always horny now it just has a single target. *no that is not envy…yes yes it is* Bout time! *rubbing hands together* Bring on the “real talk”. “get on with it and mate.” that is not a sentence you will hear many fathers say!!
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    Wow, she becomes the head of her own line. Plus power sharing with Damon. He could be head of his own line too.
    Like and look forward to this ceremony Elijah is going to do to claim them.
    The info Elijah shared regarding mates was interesting. Cracked up when he told Damon to get on it and mate.
    I’m glad Elijah had the same reaction to the news if Bella’s bite. It’s totally justifiable. Can’t wait for the smack down that awaits the Cullens.


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