Chapter 14 Light Start to Tremble


There be Lemons!!

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Bella frowns as she comments, “I went from being a nobody to people outside my field, to-“

“A princess basically.  Elijah is Old World.  He probably ranks higher than those royals in Volturi.  And being acknowledged as his daughter, well let’s just say you are a princess now, Cara.”

Bella laughs.  Damon growls as the movement makes him harder for her.  He tells her, “Mia Carissima, if you keep doing that, there will be actions taking place.”

She grins at him.  “Why do you think I suggested the bath?   This is my way of trying to make peace with the virgin nerves.”  She gets serious. “Damon, like I said earlier, I am getting an idea of how you feel.  I can barely keep myself still, and I promise you, I am nervous!”

Damon tells her softly, “I will wait, Bella.”

She smiles at his soft confession. “But what if I don’t want you to?”


Her words ringing in his mind, Damon looks down at her.  “Mia Carissima, there is no hurry.  I told you I will wait, and I have enough self-control to be able to keep that promise.” He only wants to make sure she has no regrets.  Their lives will be too long for any kind of doubts to be present.

Bella looks up at him, her brown eyes solemn. “But Damon, I don’t want to wait.  I want to know what it is like having you.  Knowing that you are my first and last, knowing I am your last.  I want to know what I have been missing.  I want to feel closer to you.”

Damon wraps both arms around her as he drops his chin to her shoulder. “I may have enough self-control to wait for you, mia Stellina, but I cannot guarantee that it will be enough not to stop from turning you tonight.  This is why I am willing to wait.” He kisses his mark on her neck. “I love you, Bella.  And I have fucked up enough times to know that love is selfless.  So I want you to realize that if we do this, you may not wake human in the morning.” He tries to hide how badly he wishes for this, to make her his in every possible way.  This is her choice.

Snuggling into his arms, and not mistaking the evidence of his arousal on her back, Bella says to Damon. “You’re right.  And I have thought of nothing but this for the past few days.  Especially after Elijah told us last night that you would probably turn me.  And while I appreciate the thought of you waiting for me to handle not being human, but think about it, Damon.  I have been aware of this option since Fuckward left me.  Actually beforehand.  And I can’t help but think that with all we have been told, this will be safer for both of us.”

She looks up at him, staring into his eyes, “I don’t want to lose you, Damon.  Either by my own death or by yours.  These feelings, they may have been sudden to everyone else, but I can’t stand to be away from you, I feel only complete when you are next to me.  I feel for the first time in a long time, safe.  Loved.  Cherished.  The feel of your arms are home, and the feeling of you next to me is unexplainable.  Which makes me wonder how you will feel inside of me, when the two of us are joined closer than any other beings on the planet with the exception of 4 others?  Closer than any being ever on the planet.  I deserve that.  You deserve that with all the pain you have felt over the years.”

Damon’s eyes close as her words hit home. A tear escapes as she describes his fear of losing her, of how he feels for her in the short while.  He will kill to keep her from harm.  And to know she feels the same way is amazing for him, the one who has always come out in second place with the women of his life.

Bella’s voice drops, “And that is just me.  How about you?  You’ve been alone for so long, chasing a ghost.  Sacrificing everything to be ready for her, to keep her safe, to only find that the sacrifices were in vain, that she never loved you.” A tear escapes as she thinks back on how much pain her mate has been in over the many years as he unknowingly waited for her.

Damon pulls her closer as he tells her roughly, “None of it was a sacrifice in vain.  It was all in preparation for you, my Tatina, mia carissima.   Nothing was too much because it brought me you.  Bella, I love you.  I have loved rashly before, never understanding the truth of it.  And now?  Now all I want to do is take care of you, love you, shower you with everything you could ever want or need.  To find that you treasure actions more than physical possessions, is a blessing.  As you have mentioned before, I am a romantic at heart, and now I have someone who will truly appreciate it.”  He ends the outpouring of his heart with a kiss. One that he tries to convey everything he just said into.

Bella gives in to his demand that she open her mouth to him, allowing him in.  She allows him to explore her mouth, as she lightly teases him by teasing his tongue with hers.  They ended the kiss with a laugh, Damon rubbing his nose on hers.

“Only you, mia carissima, can turn a kiss with the two of us naked in a tub, with high sexual tension, into a fun time.”  His eyes then search hers as he gently asks, “Are you sure, mia Bella?”

She turns in the tub and straddles him while pulling his head towards hers and she claims the kiss. Meeting his lips with hers, nipping at his lips, until he lets her in, then sweeping in to map it out, to claim what is hers. She continues until she is breathless, then she looks into his eyes and asks, “What do you think?”

His eyes are dilated as he stares back into her brown eyes.  She cups his face and tells him softly, “I have never been happier that your type of vampire doesn’t change their eye color.  What a shame to have lost these.”

Damon smirks as he leans forward.  He kisses her quickly as his arms wrap around her, bringing her closer. “Seriously Bella?  You want to talk about the color of my eyes when we have so much else we can be doing with our mouths?”

Bella laughs, “Ah, there is the Damon I met.  I wondered if I would have the joy of him again.”

Damon’s hands spread on her back, as he leans forward to nip at her neck.  He intentionally thrust with his hips.  At her gasp, he tells her huskily, “I can only ask so many times, mia carissima.” He kisses down her throat, leaving behind little marks from his teeth that he soothes with his tongue.

Bella’s breathe hitches in her throat as she feels the bites he is giving shooting straight to her stomach.  She leans back into his arms, knowing he will not let her fall, giving him room to do with her as he pleases.  She chuckles as she realizes that she is about to receive the benefits of a Mate who has probably had thousands of sorority girls in his life up to now.

Damon smirks as he tells her, lips hovering over her collarbone.  “You know, most men would be put off by their woman chuckling as they work to turn them on.  However, knowing you, mia stellina, you will have been thinking that will make me laugh with you.”

Not able to hold in the laugh, she shakes in his arms.  But the next minute, he verifies her thoughts of the benefits of having an experienced Mate by trailing his tongue down between her breasts, and looking into her eyes as he slides over to her left nipple, teasing it with his teeth.

He grins at her as her laughter turns into gasps of pleasure.  Damon uses his mouth to nuzzle and suck until her nipples is hard as a diamond.

Bella’s head is so far back, her hair is trailing in the water.  Her eyes are hooded with lust as Damon works to pleasure her.  Her mouth is open as she tries to catch her breath, which she can quite never seem to catch since anytime she comes close, he senses it and does something to make her either gasp or moan in pleasure.

Damon is looking up her body as he lays her down in the water.  “Mio Dio, donna, sei la vista più bella del mondo. Quello che fai per me dovrebbe essere contro le leggi della fisica.” (My gods, woman, you are the most beautiful sight in the world. What you do to me should be against the laws of physics.)

Looking down her body at the dark haired god below her, she attempts to smile as she tells him, “I know some Italian, but I have no idea what you just said.”

Damon kisses her stomach then turns her so that when he stands, he is holding her bridal style.  He looks down at her as he carries them into their bedroom. “We have a lifetime and then some.  I will teach it to you.”  He reverently lays her down, staring into her brown eyes.  He then tells her softly, “Last time, Bella.”

Bella leans up on her elbows and asks him, “Do you promise that this is the last time, Damon?”

He smirks as he admits, “I do seem to ask you that a lot don’t I?”  Then his face gets serious as he climbs on the bed, bestowing kisses as he makes his way up her body until he is laying on her. “But I have never had someone who has loved me for me.  I know how badly I want this.  I want us to be one.  I want you to be mine for the rest of time.  I want that assurance of nothing being able to take you away from me.  Because if you are ever taken from me, I will fight for you.   And if you are taken away from me by death, I will follow you in a heartbeat.  Bella, you are everything to me.  Please excuse me as I make sure this is what you want.”

Bella reaches up and cups Damon’s cheek. “You are all I want, Damon.  Make me yours.”

Damon reaches down and kisses her.  With one hand, he reaches out to the table beside them and quickly opening the drawer and getting the item he wishes, he hovers right above her lips as he asks her, “Be mine, mia carissima.  Be mine for the rest of time.”

When she smiles and divulges to him in a soft voice, “I already am, Damon.” He grins and slides his hand down to her left hand and never looking away from her eyes, he slides the ring on, kissing it when it is in its place.  He watches her, waiting for her reaction.

Bella's Ring

When she realizes he wants her reaction, she glances at her hand.  Her face goes blank in shock as she stares at it. “Damon…”

He smiles.  “That was what I was looking for.  And before you go saying it is too much, it’s only the beginning.  We may need to wear the stone, but I wanted it to mean something else for the two of us.”  He laughs. “I got some more pieces that, as I told you before, I had spelled.  But that one, that one is spelled by the same person who spelled mine.  I saw it and could not, not buy it.   However, I also could not give it to Katherine or anyone else.  In fact to be truthful, I thought I lost it until I was gathering my things the other day, and it fell out of a suit pocket.”

Smiling up at him, Bella reaches up and kisses him. “You know, for a horny man, you sure are talkative…”

Damon laughs as he kisses her back.  He sits back on his knees, admiring her body in front of him.  They both were still wet from the bath, and he is sure that there will be words later.  But for now, everything is perfect.  He trails his hands down her body, admiring it. Loving how creamy her skin is next to his.

When he reaches her hips, he smirks as she tries to move under him.  But he ignores her, and lightly trails his hands down the outside of legs, moving them outside of his own.  He is enjoying the view, knowing no one has or will see what is in front of him.

Watching him, Bella can see the moment when his possessiveness comes over him.  His eyes darken, and the veins around his eyes darken slightly.  Not enough for anyone else to notice, but enough for her, who studies his face as though it is a portrait, notices.

When his eyes flick up to hers, he grins and then without warning, he is between her thighs, his tongue making a sweep from her clit to her entrance.

Her hips try to rock, but Damon has her held down, as he starts to educate her on the lessons he has learned over the years.  And before Bella is unable to think anymore, she thanks everyone who taught Damon.

Damon’s blue eyes are locked on hers, wanting to read every reaction from her to know if he is doing it correctly.  This is his other half, his Mate.  He wants nothing but to make her feel good.

As her hands descend on his hair, he grins.  And frees one hand to slowly enter her, as he traces lazy eights around her clit with his tongue.  His grin gets only bigger as he realizes that she will be this tight for the rest of their lives together.

He slowly adds another finger, stretching her.  He also is looking to see if her hymen is intact.  He adds a third as he finds none, and picks up his pace on her clit, alternating sucking it, with flicking it as his fingers curl for her G-Spot.  As he hits it, he moans, enjoying her flavor as his fingers pump it out of her slick hole.

Bella cannot put one thought in front of the other, not when Damon is doing his best to drive them out of her.  Before she knows it, that slow burn that he has been stroking at suddenly bursts, and she jerks up as she screams his name.

Only moving to make sure none of the fluids escaping from her is missed, Damon’s hips thrust into the bed once before he can stop himself.  He can feel her still fluttering around his tongue, but his brain is turning off, only his mating urge is present.


Bella suddenly opens her eyes to find him in front of her.  His eyes are blood red around his blue iris, but his veins are not prominent as they were the other night.  He is staring at her, and then kisses her gently.

Then she gasps as he thrusts once into her, sheathing his cock in her.  He holds himself above her, kissing her as she adjusts.

Once she realizes that she just feels full, no real pain, she moves slightly. Damon takes that as his sign that he can start to move.  And he does just that, slowly.  He is mostly all instinct, but that instinct is still of a man/vampire who loves his Mate deeply.  And with this being their first joining, he wants to make sure she enjoys it as much as he does. But he cannot deny the feel of her wrapped around his cock is pure pleasure, like none before.

Bella wraps her legs around his hips as she meets each of his thrusts with her hips.  The pleasure he is building inside of her is starting to burn and she gasps out, “Damon!” This is nothing like she thought it would be, and everything she dreamed.

He grins down at her, never changing from his pace.  He is determined that she will come before him.  It is the only thought that is running through his head.  He lays one arm down, using it to hold himself above her as he reaches down between them, finding her nub and rubbing it just hard enough to make her come.

He throws his head back, gritting his teeth as her walls grip him.  He doesn’t slow down until she is panting his name over and over as her orgasm subsides.

Before she is completely back to normal, he slides out of her, flipping her around until her rear is before him, presenting herself to him.  He growls, and the last part of his humanity is gone as he thrusts back into her.  His pace is brutal, but there is nothing but pleasure for them both.  Not even thinking of what he is doing, he brings his wrist to his mouth, and tears it open before presenting it to her.  He himself sliding up to her neck.

Bella latches on, drinking deeply of him, only hesitating when his mouth bites into her, and that is from the pure pleasure ripping through them both as they come together yet again.

That is the last thing either remembers for the night…

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