Chapter 15 All Systems Go


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Before she is completely back to normal, he slides out of her, flipping her around until her rear is before him, presenting herself to him.  He growls, and the last part of his humanity is gone as he thrusts back into her.  His pace is brutal, but there is nothing but pleasure for them both.  Not even thinking of what he is doing, he brings his wrist to his mouth, and tears it open before presenting it to her.  He himself sliding up to her neck.

Bella latches on, drinking deeply of him, only hesitating when his mouth bites into her, and that is from the pure pleasure ripping through them both as they come together yet again.

That is the last thing either remembers for the night…


The sun creeps into the sleepy town of Mystic Falls.  As the light washes over the town, it lands upon the home of the newest Mated vampires in the world.

Damon 33

Damon wakes up when the sun rose, his instincts crying out for him to procure blood for his Mate.  He growls low as he realizes that his senses are heightened more than they were last night.  He also can feel his Bella, in transition beside him.  He can feel everything, realizing that he will always know where she is, what she is feeling, if she is in need of food or anything really.

He smirks when he realizes that his little carissima will never be able to hide her wants or needs from him.  He knew it meant the same for him, but it didn’t bother him.

Lady in bed

Turning to his Mate, he has no idea he has vamped out.  All he knows is the longer he waits, the more his instincts call out for him to be ready to feed her.

He springs out of bed but only after he nuzzles her, taking in the scent of them both on her.  He dresses without a real thought, heading out of the room, but only after making sure she is covered.  She is his, no other can see her.

He heads to the painting she had used to close up the house, and used the code she had told him last night to unlock the house.  But he did not withdraw the shutters, and put the system on a countdown.  He will need to go out to get a human, but he wanted the house on lockdown.  Nothing will be getting through to his mate!

Elijah 10

But when he opens the door, Elijah is standing there with a human by his side.

Elijah looks at his son in law, and can see a slight difference.  He can tell the urge to Mate is gone, but Damon is now part of a very small group who is basically slaved to his Mate.  Bella will be no better, it is a truly symbiotic relationship that Mates have.  Luckily, all the couples who have been Mated have all deeply loved their Mates.

“I brought a human as soon as I felt the backwash of power.  No need to worry, you and Bella are mine now.”  Elijah negligently tells him, then raises an eyebrow at him, waiting for the invitation into their home.

Damon shudders, and then carefully backs away.

Elijah grabs the human and they are both inside in seconds.  Elijah sighs.  He turns to Damon and tells him. “Remember our conversation?”

Damon lifts an eyebrow at him as he comments, “Which one?  We had many.”

Elijah smirks at him.  “The one where she will be feeding from you?”

Damon nods.

Looking up where his daughter is, he tells him, “It starts now.  You need to drink from him, then go straight to your Mate.  I will wait in the library.  Don’t worry about how long it takes, just come down when you both are ready.  I take it, you have gifted her with a suitable gift for the sun?”

Vamping over to the human, Damon gave into his instincts and drank.  His eyes squint as the blood tastes slightly flat to him.  But he drinks, his instincts driving him.  He finally withdrawals, and the next second is upstairs with Bella as she wakes.

Elijah catches the witch and gives him some of his blood.  He grins.  He wanted his daughter to have every chance possible.  It has never been proven that it is any different for them to transition on human or witch blood, but it doesn’t hurt either.  He grins upstairs at his children and makes his way into the Library.  There will be a lot needing to be done today.

When Damon is in the room, he sheds his clothing without thought as he makes his way across the room to his Mate.  Without stopping, he is soon on the bed on all fours, his body caging his Mates.  His eyes are trained on her, while his senses keep track of the other males in the house.

When Bella wakes up, the first thing she sees is Damon.  Right before she woke up, his face fell from his vamped out visage and is his normal one, staring back at her.

He smiles, “Good morning mia carissima.  How do you feel?” his hand reaches up and cups her jaw tenderly.

She smiles, and tells him honestly, “Thirsty.  And odd…”

He smirks.  “Just wait, carissima.  My senses are way above normal, and I have no doubt yours will be fun too.  But first, you need to feed.  And your dear father, as well as my own instincts, tell me that you need your first meal from me.”

Bella scrunches her forehead, “Damon, I thought that I had to feed from a human?”

Kiss 1

Damon smiles down, as he lowers himself to her lips.  After kissing her, he asks huskily, “But what are your instincts telling you to do?”

A tear fall from her eye, “It’s telling me to attack you, to drink you.”  Then her voice turns pleading, “Damon, I don’t want to hurt you!”

He gathers her in his arms as he turns them.  He holds her to him as he quietly ssh’s her.  He tells her quietly in her ear, “You will never hurt me.  Bella, I need you to drink from me.  I don’t understand it, but please, mia carissima, please drink from me.  Once you have, we will head downstairs to Elijah and find out what is going on.”

He turns her in his arms and leans his head to the side, guiding her head to his neck gently.  He hears the sound of her fangs and then his eyes roll back in pleasure from her bite.

Without actively thinking on it, Damon thrusts up as Bella moves in sync with him.  He impales her with his cock, both of them moaning in relief.  They move together, Bella riding Damon as she drinks from him. His hands dropping to her hips to help her along, feeling the incredible feeling of her, being inside her, feeling her walls as they caress him, both of them working together in sync to bring them to release.

The pleasure building in the two of them is indescribable.  It felt as though they are feeling each other’s pleasure, being in the other’s body as their bond strengthens from her transitioning.

Unable to help himself, Damon sinks his fangs into Bella’s neck as he is thrusting up into her.  With each draw from the other, their Bond intensifies, and solidifies into an unbreakable Mating Bond.  Both climax at the same time, holding onto the other.

They both lick each other’s necks as they calm down.  Once Damon is reasoning again, he nuzzles her neck and tells her, “I love you, my Bella.”

Bella laughs softly as she pulls back to look into his eyes.  She notices the red fading away from his eyes and the veins retracting in his face.  Her hand moves faster than she thought it would, but Damon doesn’t flinch from her as her fingers trail down his face softly.  The only movement he does is as they pass his mouth is to reach up and hold them as he kisses them gently.

Ian Somerhalden aka

Looking at him, made her aware of how handsome he was.  He was not like Edward with the beautiful body and face, no Damon is all male.  He could never be called beautiful by anyone standards, no his jaw and his overall demeanor is all as manly male as any could ever ask.  But at the same time, he is not overly built either, he is perfect in her eyes, as male as any woman would wish.

Bella murmurs, “I really lucked out with you.”

Laughing at her, Damon ran his hand through her hair and teases her, “You mean I lucked out with you.  Damn, but I didn’t think you could be any more perfect than before, but you had to go prove me wrong, my Bella.”

The laughter that escapes her this time vibrates through the house.  Elijah in the Library, talking with the witch, who has recovered by now, looks up and smiles.

Damon is grinning up to her and tells her softly, “Elijah’s here.  I think we need to meet with him, mia Carissima.  I can tell you already there are changes to me, and how things are normally done.”

Sighing, Bella tells him bluntly, “I don’t want to move.”

Smirking, Damon pulls her closer as he murmurs back, “Me neither.  I wanted to be right where I am since I met you, Bella.  But we need the information.  And me going to get you a human, well the only way I was able to leave is because my instincts were driving me to get you blood.”

Bella looks up at him through her eyelashes, “And I take that is not normal?”

Cursing under his breath, Damon lifts her face up by a finger under her chin, “I don’t need any incentives to stay in bed with you.  But the sooner we get down there, the sooner we can be back up here in bed.  We may not surface for a couple days, weeks, months…”

Grinning at him, Bella shakes her head.  “I get it.”  She kisses Damon, then pulls herself off of him.  Both growl as they separate.  Damon watches her as she stands, unabashedly enjoying the view his Mate is giving him.


Bella heads into the closet, laughing as she hears Damon groan.  She grabs a black dress, and feeling mischievous, grabs some stalkings and a garter.  She figures Damon will enjoy taking them off.

She carefully dresses, marveling at her new senses, at how even the material feels.  She never cared about it before.  As she is bringing the last of the dress down her legs, another pair of hands help her.

Damon is smirking as he asks, “You are making sure we make our way back here as fast as possible aren’t you?” his hands caress the skin between her garters and the band of the lace covering her.

Leaning back in his arms, Bella tells him, “I’m making up for lost time.”

He nuzzles her neck as he is chuckling.  He literally cannot seem to stay away from her.  Everything, her body, her scent, her being calls to him.  And he is not resisting at all.

Sighing, he backs away holding out his hand to her.  She smiles, and after slipping into some heels, takes it.  Pulling her close to him, he holds her left hand and kisses the ring he had put there last night.  Then leads her downstairs to the meeting with her father.

Elijah stands as they enter the room, his smile widening as he senses the changes in her.  He glances at Jonas Martin as he notices the witch staring at her.

Damon moves slightly in front of her when he notices the look from the human he had drank from to give Bella the blood needed to transition.  He growls at the human as he brings Bella closer to him and rest his hand on her hip.

Not knowing why her mate is upset, Bella complies instantly with his movements and rests her hand on his hip, letting him know where she is.  She also went to extend her shield to cover Damon, but finds that it is already covering him, both sides.

Elijah is in front of Jonas growling and tells him, “Submit or die.  Your choice.”

Jonas’s eyes widen and he immediately drops his eyes and bears his neck to his master. Elijah growls, and then asks, “Are you satisfied, Damon?”

Damon is vibrating with the need to protect his mate.  He looks at the man and then Elijah.  But he only calms when Bella rests her other hand on his back.  Taking a deep breath, he closes his eyes and calms the power that is raging inside of him.  Only when he is calm does he allow Bella from behind him.

Elijah cocks his head as he turns.  He lifts an eyebrow to Damon, and when the vampire nods, he opens his arms to Bella.

Moving quickly, she moves to him and sighs once his arms are around her.  She felt at home.  Not quite as grounded as when she is with Damon, he is everything to her, her sun, moon, her very being centers around him.  But Elijah is what she has been missing in her life when she would hug her father.

Damon smiles at the feeling he is getting from her as he heads to the liquor cabinet to pour them a drink.


Once Damon has their drinks and is heading to the chair they normally sit in, Elijah leads her to him and seats her with him, smiling the whole way.  As he makes his way back to his seat, he glares at Jonas as he stares at her.

Jonas 2

Jonas can feel the stare of Elijah and Damon and he tries to explain it to them, “There is a power in her that I have only sensed in Elijah and you Damon before.  I cannot explain it.  She is closer to Damon as she feels like a contained lightning storm, but what is containing it is Elijah’s calm.  I cannot explain it any better than that.  It is soothing but at the same time it energizes and captures the attention.”

Elijah thinks and finally comments, “That would make sense.  Bella, do you feel our connection now?”

Damon’s hand is on her knee as she is leaning into his side with her arms wrapped around his arm and leaning her head against his shoulder.  She looks up to Elijah from where she had been studying dust motes in the light.  She smiles and nods. “It’s unbelievable to feel.”

Then she frowns.  “I know I will have to give up Charlie, but I feel faint feelings of guilt for this…”

Elijah nods. “Understandable.  He is your actual biological father and has supported you more than anyone else.  This doesn’t upset me, nor does it change anything.  You’re my daughter for all intents and purposes.  Damon is now my son, but even he is not as close as you and I are.   He is only my son because of the Mating, his blood and yours are one and the same, as it should be.  But your conversion to your vampire state has awakened our own Bond, as I thought it would.   For you, it means that for both Damon and you, I would first need to be killed for either one of you to be even harmed.  Or at least that is what Jonas found out.”

Jonas nods, his baritone voice agreeing, “Per the sources I have contacted, Bella is unique in this.  But the sources are all agreeing, both on this plane and on the Other Side.  Bella and Damon, even stabbed by a White Oak Stake, will not die unless Elijah is gone.”

Unable to help himself, Damon chuckles.  “Well, thanks for that Elijah.”

Jonas shakes his head. “It’s Bella you mainly have to thank that for.  She is the missing link, without her, it wouldn’t have happened.  Her connection to Elijah is…amazing.  I really cannot explain it, nor could they.  But it has to do with her.  And you.  Your link to the family played a part in it all too, but again, they have no idea why.  But they all agree you two are the promise of vampires being continued.  It is crucial, and nature itself is working actively to make sure as many steps can be taken to make sure your race continues.”

Damon leans his head back as he sighs.  He asks, “Is it too much to ask for a couple of drama free weeks?  I really wanted to take the time and ravish my mate until she can’t walk.  Then rest before I repeat a couple of times.  I am tired of the witchy afterlife taking away fun times.”

Elijah laughs.  “Life will certainly be more fun for knowing you, Damon.  But think about it.  We have the Cullens, the Sun and Moon curse, my own need to woo my Mate from your brother.  Keeping Elena alive past the sacrifice time so we can find out what to do with the whole situation. Not to mention anything else coming, because none of that sounds like the end of our race type thing.”

Bella grins.  “At least you don’t have to worry about me anymore.”

Both men chuckle at that.  Damon looks down at his diminutive mate as he tells her, “I will always worry about you, my Bella.  And I have no doubt that Elijah will do the same.  You are too important to the both of us to take a chance.”

Elijah nods and watches as she brushes a hand through her hair and smiles. “I take it that is the ring you gave her?”

Damon looks at him and nods.  “It was my mother’s and my father sold it when she died.  When I found it, my memories were hazy but I felt it was important to purchase.  When my first ring was spelled, Emily did that one too.  She told me to give it to my other half, which at the time I thought was Katherine.  But I never could.  In fact as I told Bella, I thought the ring lost until it fell out of a coat pocket.  The spell on it should match my own.”

Jonas nods, “I don’t think anyone could repeat such work again.  The two are made to be worn by mates.  However you gave it to her, was the right way and set the spells.”

Damon just stares at the ring.  He looks up at Elijah and asks bluntly, “Are our lives always going to be governed by the Other Side?”

Elijah lifts an eyebrow as he thinks through what Damon is insinuating.  “It is a disturbing thought.  But right now they are all protecting you and your mate.  Is that so bad?”

Bella is frowning and then, tapping Damon’s hand on her knee rises to go over to her desk.  As she settles in her chair, Damon is behind her, taking her laptop out of its hiding place, handing it to her.

Elijah watches them, the smile hovering on his face.  He is enjoying the two’s closeness, knowing that this will be an eternal happenstance between the two.  And quite honestly, he is thrilled.  No matter what, Damon will ensure her life will be happy and she will be loved.  What father could ask for more?

Bella quickly signs into the laptop and asks Elijah, “Where did your mother come up with the spell to turn you and your family?”

Elijah rises an eyebrow.  “I don’t know.”

Biting her lower lip as she thinks and tries a few searches.  She looks up at him, Damon’s hands already on her shoulders as she asks him, “I feel that is as important as the other questions.  There is just a feeling of an apocalypse hanging over everything.  And your right, none of the issues facing us are that important.  I think we need to get your brother here in some sort of manner that we can control.  We also need to find out if Nature is wanting his curse lifted.  If it didn’t why would it keep having the doppelgangers?  And what is the importance of each time they have appeared since they are so rare.  Something is triggering all of this.”

Damon smirks as he looks up from her. “And welcome to the new age of Bella.  One with the questions that we needed to be asked all this time.”

Elijah sighs as he says, “And let us hope that is all she is needed for.”  His eyes meets them both as he states, “Because I really would hate to find out what you two are really capable of, since that will mean we will need it.”

Final count, 3,526 words.


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