Chapter 17 I’m Sorry I Hurt You


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Demetri just smirks then, feeling the other one close.  “Oh, I am not the one who will fight for her.  Nope.  Not getting into that mess at all.  The one who is coming, he is the one who you will need to worry about.  We have no idea what he really is, besides a mixture of both of our types, but I will tell you, he has been fighting for her, killing many of our kind to protect her.  And no one can stand up to him.  If he wants her, no matter what your magic and legends say, he will have her.” And he deserves her so much than the asshole who is currently with her does.

Elijah looks up at the ceiling at the sounds coming from the bedroom.  He then looks at the hybrid in front of him. “I don’t think I need to worry.  Just wait.”

Demetri smirks back as he settles and waits for the show to begin.  No one has met the man coming as he is now.  In full control of himself and coming for Bella.  Maybe this death will be easier than the one coming for Damon.  God knows it will be painful.


Mystic Falls

A tall blond stands on a hill looking out on the valley before him.  He notes the picturesque buildings and such as he takes in a deep breath, excited to be close to the woman he has been chasing and protecting all these years. The wind blows his hair around his face, teasing the Henley shirt he is wearing with his jeans and beloved boots.

Mystic Falls, Virginia. He had not been in this state in at least a hundred years.  The last time was when he was being promoted to Major and had listened to another officer arguing with his superiors over the stupidity of his orders and how they would kill all in his command.  It wasn’t like anyone in the building could not hear the man as he argued eloquently on the reasoning of why the orders would kill his men.  But nothing would sway his superior, who wanted a glory attack and saw this as his chance. He had then listened as the man quit after stating he wouldn’t sacrifice his men like that, not when they trusted him to keep them alive.

Funny that came to mind, but he remembered that one of the men had commented that the man had left to go home to Mystic Falls.  He had wanted to meet the man who had impressed him with the fact he wanted to keep his command alive, even to the point of dishonoring himself to save them.  But he only saw the back of him as he had exited the room and strode off.

Staring out at the valley that held the town, he feels for his bond that had grown stronger last night.  He has been searching for her for years, killing anyone who had been too close, even if it meant that he had to let her go again.  The tall blond had known that he would find her.  And he will find out what this bond means, since he is not sure why he would be feeling her more now than before.  But he was told to protect her, and he has done that for so many years…

Bella's Home

His blond hair is still flowing in the wind as he cocks his head to the side as he concentrates on the bond, and soon he is moving faster than a human can track through the valley until he stops and looks at a large plantation house.  He smiles as he appreciates the look of the house in front of him. It reminds him of home, and he wonders who it belongs to.

Then his eyes go black as he smells others, other males…  He recognizes Demetri, but the snarl he lets loose from the closeness of the other hybrid is of pure rage.  He is not supposed to be here – he had made it clear that the hybrid was never to come close to her.  Then there are the others…

He is gone from his spot in seconds, through the door and in front of the person who he has tried to protect for years, for whom he would go through hell itself to protect.  He is not happy as he sees the male who he had thrown from her, who had been drinking from her! He is crouched before her, ignoring the fact that she had been drinking from the male at the same time.

Then he heard the voice he had not heard in years, that he had been searching for, defending, and killing others, scream out, “Damon!” And he is shoved away from her before he could turn to see her, to soothe her.

Bella snarls at the blond in front of her, but before she could do anything, he stumbles away from her and Damon has the man up against the wall, snarling at him.  The blond’s green eyes widen as they take in the face of the vampire holding him up and he struggles as he feels his throat begin to crush.

Damon 41

Damon is not even thinking – a male had interrupted when he and his mate were drinking from each other as they orgasm, and had thrown him off of her.  The result of this is Damon moving faster than he was used to, and had the man up on the wall faster than he  could have ever imagined.  The back of his mind, the side that was the rational male, estimated that he had been faster than any other vampire he has seen, including Elijah.

The Alpha male defending his mate snarls at the man when he struggles. His voice rough with the growls being emitted, he advises the male, “I’d stop if I were you.  I am fighting with myself about ending you for interrupting my mate and me.”  Outside it had grown stormy, with a lightning strike near the house.

The male looks into the eyes of the male vampire before him, and is shocked to see the storm outside reflected in his captor’s own eyes.  Lightning and all.


Barely containing herself from the anger pouring out of her for the interruption, Bella zips out of the room and grabs some jeans and a shirt for her mate, then hurriedly dresses herself in the same type of clothing.  She comes out and comes up behind Damon, who was standing there, naked, and not the least bit ashamed  about it.  His focus is on his mate, and on the male who had interrupted them.  Something inside of him tells him not to kill the male, but he is more than willing to tear the man apart for intruding on them.

Damon’s face was still in vampire mode, and when Bella came close to him, he pulled her close behind him with his free hand.   His voice is more growl than human as he glares at the man in front of him, “Elijah!” His hands on his Mate’s body let him know more, but he wishes nothing more than to check her over with his eyes and hands.  Until then, he holds her close so no one can do anything to her without him knowing.

The vampire and then hybrid in the library had run up when the other hybrid had burst his way into the house, but Elijah had held off Demetri until he heard Damon’s voice.  He heads into the room, dragging the younger hybrid by his neck, and stops as he steps in the room.

He can smell the sex and blood that he expected, and his first worry is for his daughter.  Seeing her being held to Damon’s back, he nods to himself.  Looking at the hybrid in his grip, he casually breaks Demetri’s neck and releases him, watching to make sure the move worked.  When it does, he casually tells Bella, “Watch him.”  He then heads over to the idiot who had attacked his son at the worst  possible moment.

He chuckles as he grabs the blond from Damon’s grip. “I think your mate would be happier if you were dressed, Damon.” He looks over the new intruder as he tries to get a sense of him as he holds him so his daughter will be more comfortable.

The snarl and the lightning strike nearby make him laugh as Damon grabs Bella and they are gone.  He looks at the hybrid in front of him and frowns.  “Who are you?” His look is dismissive, but he is curious who would dare to interrupt a mating like he did.  And who is he?  He had seen the look on Bella’s face, which tells him he might be one of the ones who tossed his daughter away.  If so, there will be hell to pay.

The blond just struggles in his hold and refuses to answer him. “Why are you here with Bella?  Are you holding her prisoner?” He couldn’t understand what was going on, but the fact that she has not been left alone is not lost on him.  This house couldn’t be hers, it was not to the taste of the girl she had been in Forks.

The surprised look on Elijah’s face is not one you see often. “Bella?  Prisoner? Why would you think that?  And why would you even think to interrupt a mating?” Who is this man to think this?  His daughter a prisoner??

The male moves, and it somehow allows him to slip from Elijah’s hold, then he crouches in front of him. He hits him with his gift as he wants to be able to take him down so he can rescue Bella.

When nothing happens, he exclaims, “Why the hell are you not affected?”

Then the voice the blond had come for answers. “The same reason it didn’t work on Damon.  He’s my father, and who else would I protect other than my Father and my Mate?  Why are you here, and where is the rest of the fucking coven, Jasper?” She is growling, and Damon is right behind her watching this stranger, but trusting his mate can handle the idiot.


Jasper moves and is in front of Bella in seconds.  He reaches out to touch her, but Damon’s hand came from behind Bella and holds him as he tells him, “Nu-ah.  No one touches my mate without our permission.  And especially not one that tossed her away as your coven did.” His eyes do not contain the lightning anymore, but are still stormy looking.

Jasper snarls, “Not my Coven.  They had me in chains until a month after they left you.  I have been searching for you, my darlin’.  And you have not made it easy at all.  I was lucky the pull was there to help me.” Seething inside that this male had overpowered him so quickly, Jasper is trying to figure out what he can do to free Bella from these men.

Damon cocks his head to the side as he repeats, “Pull?  What pull?” And he cannot help but step even closer to his mate, gratified when he met her stepping back into him.  One of his arms wrapped around her, the other free in case he has to react to the vampire in front of them.  He is getting tired of these interruptions, and to have someone else claiming his mate?

Jasper looks him in the eye, “The fuckin pull to my mate.  The one you were fuckin and drinking from, asshole.”

Soon they move downstairs to the library where Elijah drops Demetri in a chair, and makes sure that the chains he has around the hybrid will hold him securely.  Damon drops Jasper into another chair then stands beside the chair he escorts Bella to.  The storm is still in full force outside, and Damon has no intention of letting it lessen until he knows what exactly is going on.

As he told Bella before, he will fight for her, and he has no intention of letting her go. She is his, the bond between them a live connection, especially with as pissed off as they both are right now.  As it is, they have more to tell Elijah, since they had both been shocked when it had happened just a few minutes before they were interrupted.

His hand is on her shoulder, and her hand is on it as they both use that touch to convince each other that the other is fine.  It is something they need with all these people popping out of nowhere and intruding on this time that is supposed to be for them; a time they both feel as though they need to be constantly with the other.  And having Jasper’s declaration on top of that, well it is making Damon be more possessive of his mate, and his mate is seeking his reassurance.

Jasper is glaring at the tall black haired man that looked familiar. He doesn’t miss the reactions from them.  He may be empathic, but he learned how to read people in addition to his gift.  And though he cannot sense their emotions, everything he is reading from the two says they are together, and that he will have a fight not only from the male, but his own mate will be fighting against him as well.

Sighing, Elijah makes his way to the alcohol bar and notices that there is not a huge selection.  He makes the mental note to have some sent over.  Not that Damon wouldn’t fix it soon, but he gathers that they just have not had enough time.  He did notice the whiskey, that is unusual, then smirks as he realizes he found his daughters drink.  Grabbing the tumblers from the side, he pours one of scotch and hands it to Damon.  He raised his eyebrow at Bella, but when she shook her head no while still glaring at Jasper, he pours himself one.

Taking a swallow, he says, “So we have a slight issue.  I know that Damon is my daughter’s mate.  He transitioned her, which only her mate could have done in the manner that they did.  And they confirmed the mating bond, which I felt.” And he can really feel the mating bond in them and the way it vibrates and how Damon suddenly is his as much as Bella is.  It would be hard to explain to others, but it is the same feeling he had when he met Bella.  There is no question in his mind that the two are mated.

Elijah 8

He walks to the other side of Bella, and muses, “But I can feel you.  I am not sure how, it is faint, and if you were human, it would not be there.  However, the question is, why?  And why would you think it is a mating pull?” He looks at the man, watching him as the other two in the room are doing as well.

Jasper stares at Bella, incensed at the male touching her, and asks her, “Don’t you feel it, Bella?” He needs her to pay attention to him, he needs to figure out what is going on, and it has not escaped his notice that she is a newborn, but not acting like one.  But to be truthful, she has always been a little odd, so this doesn’t surprise him too much.

Damon growls louder.  The male is challenging them, and Damon is barely holding on to his human side.  It is not like when he turns off his emotions; no, in this he and his beast side are one, and the beast is not liking that this male is trying to take his mate’s attention.  Even though Damon knows it will not work, that someone disrespects him and his mate in trying is what angers him.

Bella on the other hand lifts an eyebrow, “While I feel something, it is definitely not a mating pull.  It is nothing like what I felt for Damon before he changed me, nor is it even close to what we have now.  I’m sorry, Jasper, but it’s not a mating pull.  If anything, it is like…” She then trails off as she realizes what the pull is reminding her of.

Damon looks down at her quickly and then back to Jasper.  He then looks at the board, narrowing his eyes and then starts swearing. This is not something he had thought of, and while it is good that they can tell this upstart that he is not feeling a mating pull, Damon is getting a little tired of the family lines.

Elijah looks at him with a raised eyebrow, and if it had been another time, Damon would have teased Bella on where she got the look from.  But right now he is too busy cussing his Mate’s mother. This is getting old.

Staring at the male in front of him as he is cussing, Jasper looks back to Bella as she is staring at him, her mouth open. “What is his issue, darlin’?” He is concerned, he has no idea what is bothering the male, but his mate looks too upset for him to ignore it.

Instead of Bella, Damon answers him, “You’ve got to be kidding me.  Bella, when you said you had no family, I was happy about Elijah.  But you seem to be having them come out of the woodwork.  Mia carissima, I love you dearly, but we need to track down your mother’s lines.”  Especially if they are going to come and claim mating status with her – HIS mate!

Putting it together, Elijah starts laughing.  “That explains the feeling I have.  It is through Bella.” He relaxes some, not needing to worry about the interloper.   He may be family to his daughter, but Elijah only claims those who are worthy of it, and nothing has impressed him with Jasper.

Shaking his head, Jasper just raises an eyebrow and asks, “Anyone want to share with the class?” He is mystified, but has noticed the tension drop in the room.

Damon is shaking his head in disbelief at that, but he turns his back on the male, crouching down in front of his mate.  “Mia carissima, do you want to tell him?” He moves a piece of hair from her face to behind her ear tenderly.  His focus is on the beautiful woman in front of him, knowing that he will know if the male moves, and that Elijah has them covered.

Bella just shakes her head.  She leans forward, and Damon quickly gathers her into his arms as she almost burrows into him. He moves and has them seated in the chair, holding her as he purrs to her, as she shudders.  He finally looks up to Elijah, “You need to tell him.  She is overwhelmed.”

Elijah’s face shows his concern, and Damon tells him, “I got her, you take care of him.” He then turns his attention back to his mate, calming her.  The shock is great, and he can only imagine everything going through her mind right now.

Leaning forward, Jasper tries to relax her, but then a sudden crash of lightning and Damon’s own snarl at him is enough to have him raising an eyebrow as the emotion bounces back to him. Damon’s snarl of “Don’t do that unless she asks for it,” leaves Jasper shocked that Damon had detected him doing it.  He is also shocked that the storm outside is somehow connected to the dark vampire.

Elijah looks over as Demetri moves, waking from the death he had given him, and ensures that the vervain-laced chains are holding him, and then turns to Jasper.  “From what I am gathering, you are a hybrid as is Demetri?” He settles where he can stop anyone from interfering with Damon calming his mate.  He is also watching over the two, concerned that it had finally been too much for his prințesă. (Princess)

Not able to help the growl that comes from him, Jasper answers, “Unfortunately.”  It is not something he is proud of.  The little sycophant to the Volturi Kings is one that has bugged the shit out of him since he had found him when he was in the wars.  While the idiot idolizes him, Jasper hates him.

Elijah’s lips lift in a small grin.  “Well, if you can’t figure it out, the pull you have been feeling for Bella is not a mating pull.  Taking from Demetri’s information, and what I am observing, is that while you keep some of the Cold One’s attributes, you become more like us as time goes by.  A mating like Damon’s and Bella’s is so rare that there are 3 couples in our entire history that have it.  And since I am the first vampire of our type, I can attest to it.  However, the pull you are feeling towards her is a sibling one.  Let me guess, it formed more fully last night?” He suspects it formed the same time Elijah felt the snap of his own pull, and when Damon became his.  But that the man had felt it early enough to have been thinking it was a mating pull, well Elijah wonders how strong mating pulls are for the Cold Ones.

Jasper nods, still watching Bella with Damon, flinching as he hears the man murmur to her, telling her how much he loves her and will protect her. He has thought of this woman for the last couple of years as his mate, and to hear another male telling her the things he desires to be telling her, well it was a shot to his heart.  He has fallen in love with her ever since he told her in Phoenix she was worth it.  She is still worth everything he has done for her.

Elijah smiles.  “Jasper, I suspect the pull you have is through Bella’s mother.” And it explains his own slight pull.  But it was through Bella he was feeling it, and he is not impressed at the young man taking it as a mating pull.

When he has the man’s attention, he nods to the whiteboard that Damon had been cussing at earlier. “As you may know from tracking her all this time, Bella is a researcher.  She had come to this town after inheriting this house and a lot of history she was not aware of, including the awareness of our type of Vampire.  She also managed to meet Damon right away, and the Bond worked to pull them to each other.  Within days, working together, they managed to figure out a great many things for a lot of us.  And I found my daughter that I have been searching over a thousand years for.  See, Bella is the culmination of my line.  Damon is distantly related to me, and therefore her, by only a couple of hundreds of years for me, but for her much longer.” He watches the other male.  Nothing is information he intends to hide.  His world will know all about his daughter, his mind of the thought that the more that know who she is related to, the less likely they will be to try to hurt her.  And the foolish ones, well he and Damon will take care of those.

Shaking his head, Jasper tries to understand. “How is Bella your daughter? She is the daughter of Charlie Swan.” Not that he didn’t understand anyone wanting to claim this wonderful woman as his.

“Charlie is my biological father, but Elijah is my father.  It’s the magic.”

Jasper’s attention is immediately on the woman who he has thought of as his mate for the last couple of years.  She looks up from Damon’s arms and explains, “Our type of Vampire is magical. Elijah is the head of my family line, and for some unknown reason, I am his heir.”  She is not happy.  This is not a development that is wanted nor needed right now.  There is too much going on, and she is barely handling all the new senses and so on.  Right now, Damon is the only reason she is still in the room.

Elijah nods.  “That’s it exactly.  Even as her Mate, Damon would be her consort.” He grins as he looks over at Damon, and Damon just rolls his eyes.  He cares not about what others think of him.


Damon couldn’t help it. He wanted to see her smile, and react like she normally does.   “My little heiress.”

She teases him right back, “My Southern Landed Italian Gentleman.” And she grins up at him, both of them lost in the feeling in their bond, each reveling in the other and the simple joy of making each other happy.

Jasper can’t help but laugh at the mirth he can feel at them.  He shakes his head. “I don’t understand.  Why was the pull so strong?” He is slowly accepting it, but he is stubborn.  It is what allowed him to survive hell on earth, and being told to watch her…well, after the pixie bitch, he had hoped his salvation could be found in the girl he had admired for slipping away from him to save her mother.

Shrugging, Elijah told him, “Because you’ve seen her, smelled her, and knew her.  It was the same with Damon as her mate, and me when I met her.  Our type of Vampire is magical.  Look at Damon and Bella.  They are mated, joined in a way that is incredible.  Our type of mating is different from yours.  She literally cannot survive without him – he has to drink blood for her.  And he cannot survive without her, either, as he needs her blood to provide something he needs.  To kill one is to kill the other.  Luckily, they are not easy to kill.  But that is the proof that they are mates.” Elijah is musing on his own mate, and wondering how she is.  He had checked on her last night, and had been amused to hear Stefan complaining to Damon about not being allowed into her home.  He is hoping it is a step closer towards him.

Damon is still feeling Bella’s emotions and knows how much she needs some time to get everything together in that magnificent brain of hers that he admires so much.  Out of the blue, he asks, “Jasper.  Are you going to try to kill me?” He figures he will be blunt in handling this new relative.

Jerking up at the bald question, he answers him just as bluntly, “Not until I understand what is going on.” He is not taking a chance in case this man is right and killing Damon means Bella dying.  He is not sure what spell or whatever they have done to her, so he will wait and try to find a way to free his little one.

With that Damon stands with Bella in his arms.  “Elijah, can I drink blood bags?” He feels the need to feed his mate, and he is hoping that he can do it with blood bags which would allow them to retreat to their suite.  Though he is going to see if his mate will agree to more intense measures for safety.  He never wants to be interrupted like he was earlier.

Lifting an eyebrow at him, “I suspect so.” He can’t see a reason why Damon couldn’t and he knows why the couple needs to leave.  He can slightly feel the emotions that are beating against his daughter, and he is concerned.

After a sharp nod, Damon begins, “Excellent.  Jonas, out.  Elijah, there is a dungeon down below where you can stick Demetri.”  At that they share a mutual look of distrust regarding the hybrid.  Damon continues his orders, “Jasper and you can take one of the bedrooms down here.  I am grabbing a couple of blood bags and I strongly suggest that none of you bother Bella and me.  I will see you tomorrow.”

With that he is out of the room, and Jonas quickly makes his way out of the house.  To say he had been terrified most of the day is a slight understatement. But he had not been dismissed, and Elijah had wanted him to cast some spells that he never got around to.  As they hear the front door close, Jasper hears something rolling over the windows and doors.  He looks up at Elijah.  “Is it for the storm,” he asks, indicating the storm which has only grown stronger as the time has gone by.

Elijah smirks.  “Damon has nothing to fear from any storm.  He is locking the house down and caring for his mate.  I suggest you do as he wishes.  Or you might have something to worry about from the storm if you interrupt them again.”

With that he turns and grabs Demetri, and leaves a very confused Jasper in the library.

Final count:  4,873 words.


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