Chapter 20 You’re Dead Alive

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Looking up at him as Damon helps her sit up, she informs him, “A huge download of information.  Seems we share everything.  He has my shield and anything else I will develop as time goes by, and in return, I have his vampire abilities and anything else that he will develop as time goes by.  We also need to get hold of Elena and the bitch who tried to fry me with her powers.  Bennet needs to grow up.  She was given the power to keep Klaus away and hopefully kill him from the Other Side.  That is the worst thing we can do.  He is needed.  Badly.” She looks back to Damon, and he holds her close as he reassures her that if they have to, they will fight everyone to save Klaus, even her father if need be.  The future was that bleak without Klaus.

They all stare at her in shock. “Why would Bonnie get the power from the Other Side then?” Elijah asks, trying to understand what is going on.

Damon looks up at him. “Cause your mother wants you dead.”



Elijah 4

Elijah stares at Damon.  “What?” His mother?  The one that made them this way, the one who cast the spell that started the entire race of them, wants them dead?  And she is helping to kill Klaus by giving a witch the power to do so, even though from what Damon and Bella are saying it would be the worst thing that could happen?  He just stands there trying to make sense of this information.

Jasper sits in the corner trying to make sense of the total upheaval of his life.  He finally clears his throat, hoping to have this explained to him.  What are they talking about?  Who is Klaus and what is this Other Side?


Jasper 14

When they all look at him, he tells them, “Why don’t you start at the beginning?  I have no idea what is going on, and maybe regurgitating it, will allow you to put it together.” In his eyes is a plea for him to be involved, to be allowed to do whatever he can to save the last of his family.  Bella’s irritation with him was not something he had anticipated, not since it had been explained.

They all look at him, then back to Bella, whose face is set.  Finally, Damon states to him, “It’s up to Bella.  You have to get her forgiveness.” Because he, for one, cannot allow this man to just assume to be a part of them, not when he treated Bella like he had.  His carissima is not to be underestimated by any in their inner circle.  She can kick all their asses, and if she for some reason is not able to, he will be there to help her.  But she can take care of herself, and might actually be the best one to do so with her research.


Jasper turns and looks at Bella, and she simply stares back at him.  She is not going to make it easy on him.  She is still mad about the way he tried to make her submit to him.  Never again.  Her father and Damon certainly don’t try to make her, and she figures that they have more rights than Jasper, even if he is her great whatever. She is no longer that seventeen-year-old girl.  She has taught herself to be more, and she will never allow another to walk all over her.  Not even Damon and her Father.

Watching her and sensing how she feels, Jasper sighs then leans forward.  He begins to recount what made them a family, what had happened to him, and why he never thought of her being family to him. “When I was sixteen, I was married to a woman that my Pa picked for me.  That was common back then.  But I fell in love with her, and we had twins.  Then the war came closer, and my Pa had wanted to send me to fight, but I was too young.  So I went and lied about my age, and enlisted.  I became an officer in a very short amount of time.  This pleased everyone, since it was better pay and I sent home every penny for my wife and kids.  This continued for years as I made my way up to being the youngest Major in history, even with the age they had for me. Then came the evacuation of Galveston, and I met three red eyed women on the way to Houston.  They bit me, and changed me.  But somehow, I had blood from your type of vampire in me, too, but no one knows from who or even when.  I spent five days changing, buried in the ground so that no one could hear me screaming.  When I emerged from my grave, Maria had my wife in front of her, with my two small sons.  She told me that if I did not obey her, that she would kill my family.” The last part is said in a broken voice.  Even as a newborn, he had not wanted to hurt his family; he could sense them as being that.  He knew Maria had hoped for him to kill them right away but when he didn’t she used them to keep him in line.  The nightmare of his life as a vampire had only just begun.

Jasper looks up with a haunted face. “I believed her.  I had no sense of my emotions, nor could I make heads or tails of all the emotions seemingly coming at me from all directions.  I fought for her, and made a name for myself.  Then I came back one night from hunting to check on my family, and…the room was a bloodbath.  Seems a newborn was ‘accidently’ in the area, and it killed my family.”


Damon tightens his arms around his mate, and even Elijah flinches.  This is not something that he even knew was happening.  If he remembers correctly, he was in England while this descendent of his was being made to go through hell itself.


He gathers himself. “I lost it.  I killed towns and cities in my rage.  I couldn’t deal with it, and that is where the Major stepped in.  My beast.  When I woke up again, it was because this little fucker was bugging the shit out of me.  But he made the Major laugh.  And the Major is part of me, and he wanted me to be happy too.  So he introduced me to Peter the hard way…by dropping me out of my state into life again.” Peter knew what he had been doing, and he did everything to bring Jasper back out, knowing that he would be needed later on in the future, a future that could only come about if Jasper survived this time in hell.

Jasper red eyes

Jasper shakes his head. “It was…almost more than I could take.  But I got a handle, and the two of us merged.  There was no other way to survive.  And then I found out that the Major had killed more than anyone could count.  Maria noticed my strength was not going away, was getting stronger in fact.  She wanted more like me, and forced the Major to turn people.  We had no way of knowing that I was a hybrid.  Peter was the first to survive.  He thinks it is because he remembers seeing a doctor and taking some kind of tonic.  It had tasted odd, but cured him.  He thinks it was a vampire who gave him blood, and he had enough of your type’s blood to allow the change.  Later, unknown to me, he tried it with a woman he had felt a pull to, who his knower told him was his mate.  It worked.  And we never told another how to do it.” He looks off in the distance for a second, remembering his family.

He rubs his eyebrow with a finger. “I have no idea how you are related to me, since my family died that night.  I have this intense need to protect you, but then, I was very protective of my family.  It’s hard to reconcile the mousy Bella Swan with you.  It’s like you are two totally different people.  I’m sorry.  I need to get to know you all over again and forget the Bella I knew, though I hope she is still here.  She is the one who woke me up, who made me think.  I have no idea how I got to that state.  But Edward truly thought of you as a pet, and it infuriated me.  So I attacked him.  And that was why they tried to keep me chained up.  I waited until they thought I was complacent again, and they went hunting.  I made no plans, and let the Major come to the forefront and escaped.  The rest you know.” He rests his hands on the chair, waiting to see what happens now.  He has all his cards on the table.

Elijah looks at him, “Why didn’t your eyes change? The gold eye color would be hard to fake.” He knows his daughter would have not missed it if his eyes were not the odd honey color from drinking human blood.

Jasper chuckles. “Demetri only has himself to go by.  He meets the other hybrids early in their life, or later.  I think it matters how much blood you drink.  The color is starting to come through since I went back to humans, but even when I drank from animals, my eyes were a different gold than theirs.” He had been thrilled when his natural green came back; he had always hated the gold color.

But the entire time he is watching Bella.  She is the one who matters.  She would be the one to either allow him to be close to the last member of his family, or send him away without another chance.

Bella thinks over what he had said, what he has suffered through, and finally looks up at him. “This is your only chance, Jasper.  I will not be treated like that again.  There is no need for it, and it’s demeaning.” She meets his eyes, conveying her absolute conviction.

He nods as the relief flows through him, glad to have this last chance.  He will not blow it, no matter what anyone says.

Sighing, Bella stands up, and Damon is beside her.  “Let’s go in the library.  And what about Demetri?  Is he trustworthy?”  Her distaste of the hybrid is evident in her voice, but she is giving Jasper another chance.

Jasper looks up.  Then he sighs. “He is.  It’s up to you if you want to trust him.  But he has kept the secret of the hybrids from his masters.” But his distaste for the hybrid is visible on his face.  He really hates the hero worship from the man, but Demetri had found him when he was particularly brutal and it had impressed the crap out of the little shit.

Damon narrows his eyes as he thinks.  Then he shrugs. “If he lies to us, we will end him.  But from what we learned, Stella, we will need all the allies we can get our hands on.” He looks down at his mate, letting her know it is her choice.

She sighs, and rests her head on Damon.  She is tired.  It is not even noon, and so much shit has already happened.  He puts his arm around her and pulls her to him.  He looks over her head at Jasper, silently telling him that he will end him if he distressed his mate again.

Elijah had been thinking about what Jasper had told them and finally asked, “Who leads the hybrids?” They need to get this firmed up, and get everyone under control.  It really sounds like something serious is going to be going down.

Jasper looks up at him, “No one.  We spend much of our time making sure no one knows about us.  Unfortunately, we always seem to be around the Cold Ones when we change, so there is no way not to have to hide. You guys are much more lax.” He shifts to be more comfortable, relaxing his body from the high alert he has been in since that phone call from Peter all those years ago.

Elijah chuckles.  Bella looks at him and reveals to him, “Klaus will be in charge of them.  You will lead the Cold Ones and us.  We will help.  But mostly the Cold Ones want to be left alone.  It is why the so-called rule works for them.  None of them want humans to know about them, but someone is going to need to get them under control.  No more making others willy nilly and leaving them often with no guidance, no more newborn armies and so forth.  Nature is rebelling and she has listed us as her weapons.” Her voice becomes resolute by the end of it, her eyes meeting Damon as they both remember the information they were given from Mother Earth.

Elijah stares at his daughter for a moment then closes his eyes. “Why now?” Why not before? Why did it have to involve his daughter, and why can’t he just worry about wooing his mate and celebrate the finding of his daughter?  There is enough drama already with Klaus and normal day-to-day things.  Why did they need this?

Damon answered for them, “Because she is being torn apart.  In reality, it started when your mother cursed Klaus.  That is why there are doppelgangers.  His curse was not meant to be, and he is the way he is to correct a wrong.  But, your mother has killed any others that have come to trying to lift his curse.  There is another reason and it has to do with my brother, but I don’t know what it is.  Basically we need to get our houses in order.  Your mother is a formidable force even locked in the Other Realm.” He doesn’t tell them the reason he and Bella are getting the information is because of the Elemental Lords’ status.  They are literally hers, the ability is one of hers that she gives to those she selects as her direct agents.

Elijah collapses in a chair, running his hand through his hair as he asks, “And my family?” He hates to give up his revenge against Klaus but, if he has to, he will.

Bella smiles at him, “I don’t know what Klaus has told you, but he has them all.  Elijah, it’s time to end this.  We can go over this now, and again with the rest of them, and yet again with your brother, or we get them all here and go over it all at once.  But Mother Earth has called in her tools that she had put in place.  Now it is time to pay her back.  It is why she has made so many Mates right now.” She subtly reminds him of his own mate, and lets him know that this is his reward.

Damon 197

Damon sighs as he holds Bella closer. “And there is more after we do this errand, but it will take a much bigger group to handle it.  But they all have their own tasks.  So what is the answer?” A lot depends on Elijah’s response.  Neither Bella nor Damon want to go against him, but the alternative is too catastrophic to even entertain.  But they have a choice.

Elijah looks up at them, rubs his face, and finally nods. “I guess it is time to gather them all and get our butts moving.  Mother is calling after all.”

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