Chapter 22 Diamonds From Black Dust


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When the Mother of all of them releases her, she gasps as she grabs the back of the chair.  So much that could have been, so much she had fought against was put into play to make her to do that.  And right now was the choice.  And she makes what she thinks is the right one, “I accept.”

Damon and Bell grin at each other, relieved.  The major players are set, now the minor ones in their group need to be told, and they can get to work.  They have such a short time, and the sooner Klaus is changed, the sooner it will be better for all of them.

With a look to Bonnie, the three start explaining what needs to be done.  How the curse had been even been twisted, that any vampire and wolf will do.  As they revealed this and other things, it became obvious that they had all been manipulated, but now, this group is taking action against those that have tried to take their free will away.



The following day has Bella opening her eyes with a gasp as her Mate slides inside of her. “Damon!” She arches her back in pleasure from his actions, needing to be as close to him as always.

He chuckles, the smirk on his face full of male pride that he has his woman gasping out his name and moving the way she is. He is ensuring that those in his house who question if she is his don’t have a single doubt, not with how fast he is making her cum. Not that he is worried, but there is that beast inside him that demands that all males know who he is…and that she is his Mate. It’s what makes him a dominant alpha male, though he often hides that part away to allow others to underestimate him time and time again.

Damon had woken up earlier, and taken the time to think over the events of the night before.  So far they had managed to get everyone on the path that had been asked of them.  The last one remaining was Bonnie, although Alaric and Caroline also will have their parts to play; Caroline’s was simple but so profound.  She had to trust Tyler and believe in him. This one action is enough to change so much, just as Bella’s one decision changed the world.

They can tell with the hints they have been given that this is not an easy task, but it will mean the difference in the long run.  It will allow him to embrace what Klaus calls the beast, or the dark side of the wolf.  And to win, all the wolves need to embrace this in themselves.  Tyler will be the leader allowing them to see what happens when Klaus turns them.  That it is not all bad, and even though Caroline is a vamp, she is smoking hot enough to make them jealous of Tyler, but in a good way.

As he traced his Mate’s lines on her body, he thought more about what the world is going to be like and the things that they can’t tell another soul, how so much depended on free will that it wasn’t even funny, not with how free will had done so much to hurt the world so far.  His eyes close thinking of the pain that he and his Mate had experienced on behalf of others for what is to come. The pain of knowing the past, some of the futures, and the pain of knowing what they will be putting others through to make the two of them understand what they are asking of others.

However, he also thought of that moment and the argument Bella had with Mother Earth…Gaia.  She argued that that while having Free Will is awesome, most creatures don’t know that there is a choice, and that is what Bella asked for in return for what She is wanting them to do.  Bella wanted to allow others the choice, saying that Gaia would be surprised with the outcome if she did.  Thankfully his Mate’s belief in all of them was backed up.   He smiled as his Mate’s body moved towards him in her sleep, his face gentle with his adoration of his Bella.

Soon his mind wanders back to what they need to do, and who all needs to do what to make the right future for them all appears, the one that would make these moments normal, not the times they have to fight tooth and nail.

While Bonnie was the most likely to deny the choice she had, she had a real reason to do so.  Damon was hurt by the pain he had caused her to feel, even if they had both been manipulated as their working together was something that would hurt their opponents. Instead they fostered the pain that was started and no one needed to interfere any longer. No, the two of them hurt each other often enough to make working together hard.

In fact, if it hadn’t been for Bella being present, to say that he would have been willing to work with others coming too late would be the world’s worst understatement.   For he had seen his future and it was not pleasant for any of them. Elijah sacrificed his Mate because he thought that Damon and Elena deserved each other. His failure to save her at the ritual had made him feel unworthy and incapable of being her Mate when it had been part of the spell cast on them that he wouldn’t feel her as a Mate would. In that future, Elijah had caused so much pain that he didn’t blame her for not trusting him, which was a huge shame because Elena never seemed to be able to be happy. Even he had given her up trying to save her.

Then his mind turned to the other fate, one as bad as his and Elena’s had been. Bella had been Edward’s wife and they’d had a child, and she had died giving birth to that mutant. She had turned their entire world upside down with the knowledge of humans being able to bear the children of Cold Ones. It had been a well-kept secret because of what had happened afterwards. An evil man had kept the secret so he could breed his own soldiers, but he had kept it from the Volturi. Bella and her allies had almost gone to war with the leadership of the Volturi over it, but the Volturi had backed down…only so they could use the information for themselves.

They would take women from their feeding groups and impregnate them.  The mothers would die a messy death, no one caring enough to change them.  By the time the rest of the covens had heard about it, it was too late. Many of the Volturi children were grown by then, and they were very powerful.  They had in fact stepped up the process when they found out that the mixture of Human and Cold One made for powerful children who were able to go out into the sun without exposing what they are.  With the fact that the children grew at an astonishing rate, and were taught to revere the so-called “purebloods,” aka the Volturi, they were especially feared.

The entire world fell to the Volturi, first the human race, and then the rest of the Supes.  It had not been a good future, and the Race of Man had quickly become treated like cattle, with farms to try to refine the blood.  This had resulted in wars that ravaged the landscape and almost killed their world because the actual Supes who were not Cold Ones hated the idea of being ruled by them.

That entire future, and all the devastation and misery it caused and contained, had been avoided by free will:  Bella’s free will.  She had gotten angry about Edward leaving her, instead of despondent.  She had used their money, and everything that they had set up to pay her off, to advance herself.  She had written up their story for others to read, and it had become a hit and brought her even more money, to the extent that she could do as she wished.  All this came about because she chose to become angry and not become what she called “a zombie” in that other future.

Damon 33

Damon sighs and continues to trace his Mate’s body with an awe that most women would give anything to have directed to them, and he grins, glad his Mate is a fiery one. He kisses her shoulder, then his grin widens when she moans in her sleep, and he can smell her arousal.  She had told him that his touch is able to do this to her, but he is amazed anew every time it happens.  He just cannot explain the love he has for this woman, and that she loves him too with a fervor that he thought only came in fairy tales.

But the opposite is true also; she affects him just as much. A casual brush of her hand on him makes goose bumps rise; her lean body glancing by his causes him to hunger for her with a primal need that often surprises him. And he wouldn’t want to do a thing to change it.  He loves it.  He never thought he could love like this, and have the woman he loves love him back with the same passion.  But Bella meets and sometimes even surpasses his own passion for her.

So with this in mind, he checks his Mate and, finding that she is more than ready, slides into her to allow them to become one. He can’t help but close his eyes as his cock slides into her silky walls, knowing that she will be this tight to him each and every time, but he is also glad that they had enjoyed such a huge lovemaking session right before he changed her.  It allowed her to loosen up slightly, just enough to let him do this to awaken his carissima.

As he slides all the way in to the hilt, she wakes and moans his name, and he watches her as he slides in and out smoothly, slowly. There is no reason to hurry. His Mate is already coming to her height quickly, but he watches, setting his jaw as he feels the beginning of her orgasm. He is determined to continue a couple more times, wanting to see his favorite sight in the world, the sight of his Mate coming apart in his arms, because of him.

They continue in this manner for a couple of hours, Damon making love to his Mate, moving slowly to make sure it lasts longer for them both, making sure she knows how much he loves and adores her, both biting at the other during climaxes, needing that connection.  But Damon is slowly vamping out, his need for his Mate letting his own beast out and allowing him to mate with his love as well.  The combination of both sides of Damon coming forth, needing that connection with her, is a visual that only Bella will see.

Bella loves every moment, watching her Mate, her other half, with devotion in her eyes as well as her love for him.  She understands why he needs her; she needed him after seeing the devastation that could have occurred if she had not gotten so angry at Edward.  This wonderful man would have been at the forefront of the fighting, and as she had finally been killed by many Cold Ones overcoming her, her shield failing at the critical mass on her along with the many gifts leveled at her all at once, he also died on that same battlefield, overwhelmed, and as much as they could tell, they died at the same exact moment.

Neither had seen the other, neither had known their other half was only meters away and if they had turned just the right angles, their eyes would have met.   But, then, only Damon had even known of the possibility of a Mate, and he had thought that he had thrown away his chance so many times.  He had been so cold and angry, fighting only for the right to do as he wished. He had wielded power that had eaten away at him, power never meant to be used without his other half working in conjunction with him.

Alas, in that future, there had seemed to be so little happiness. They can understand why Gaia had called to Her children to stop with the pettiness, and pull themselves together against the true enemies.  And to help them, She gave all of them a chance to gain the true reward, someone to love them unconditionally, the other half of their soul.

So with that future in both minds, they drove toward a final orgasm together, needing the connection yet again, and in tandem both strike at the other’s neck and drink.  They need to be one with the other, to wash away that pain and suffering, to remind each other of the fact that they are here, and neither will leave the other to a fate that had been thwarted.

When sated, Damon pulls his Mate to him as rolls to the side, and she rests half on him, their legs tangled as they both pant from their joining.  He places kisses on her hand that he holds, proud of what he has done. What male wouldn’t, knowing they had not only pleased their mate for hours this morning, but that it had been a continuation of hours of lovemaking from the night before?

Woman's fingers trailing down a Male Body

Reading his emotions easily, Bella laughs at him. “Don’t let that head of yours get too big, Damon.” Her free hand traces lines on his chest, amused by the reaction of his body, even though they had just finished making love for hours and both their bodies needed a rest.

He angles his head to look down on his Mate. “Why not?  Tell me of another who could have made you come that many times in their arms.” The smirk is there, but the look in his eye is serious, he will tear apart any male she could mention.

She just laughs as she gathers herself together.  “Good thing I learned to take showers at night, or we never would get out of this room.” She sits up in the bed, still touching her mate, and he her.

Damon 20

His smirk gets bigger as he rests his hands behind his head, his look screaming alpha male. “And the issue with that is?” He watches amused as she trails her hand down his chest in a movement that she is not fully aware of doing.

“Ugh, men!”


In a lightning maneuver, he springs up, rolls over her, kissing her and chuckling as her body responds to his.  Rolling her back on top as he allows his eyes to trail down her body, he offers grandly, “I am quite willing and ready to do what your body is asking for, but are you, Carissima?”  He nuzzles her neck and then looks up into her face.

She moans and pushes him off her. As she stretches and gets out of bed, she replies, “I think you have spent plenty of time proving that already this morning alone, Damon.  But we have a house full of guests, and we need to figure out what to do with your brother.” She sighs, not wanting to deal with any of it but acknowledging that this is the price they have to pay to have the right future.

He falls back from being on his side admiring his Mate’s body as she stretched, his arm falling across his eyes. “Ugh.” His brother, who for some reason had lost all the reason he ever had last night. “Maybe he drank a rabid bunny?” He opens one eye to gauge her reaction.

She grins down at him as she heads to the closet to gather clothes for them both. She grabs herself a button up black shirt and jeans, and grabs for Damon his own signature black and blue.  She tosses them to him as he walks in, and he watches her as she dresses, shaking his head. “You know how hard it is to concentrate on things knowing what’s under those clothes?” With a groan he drinks in the sight of her clothing covering up all the creamy skin he had spent time rememorizing just this morning.

Damon 27

She lifts an eyebrow. “I know we are both horny as hell most of the time, but is there a time you ever stop?” Her own gaze is admiring as he raises an eyebrow at her choices. He then slides the shirt onto his body that had made women drool in the past, and reaches for his pants slowly to allow her a few more seconds to admire his body.

He laughs and waves at his body as he pulls the pants up. “Male, Carissima.  That whole thing about how we think about it so much?  True.  Imagine this body, at its prime, forever…  And with a hot-ass mate like you for me to love?  Yeah, I think about it constantly.” He then buttons the pants, his eyebrows wiggling at her at the fact they both are going commando, but as she had told him last night, she needed to go shopping since he can’t seem to resist tearing her underwear off of her.  He had just smirked at her, and murmured in her ear, “Maybe that was the plan, mia carissima?”

She tries to give him a stern look, but a giggle escapes and he pulls her into his arms. “I can feel your amusement, Carissima.  Plus how can you be exasperated with me?” He wraps himself around her and starts chewing at her neck. A full out laugh comes out of her as she turns in his arms and looks up at his twinkling eyes, full of mirth.  The fact that this man is hers, and that no one can ever separate them, is enough to make her thrilled.

The two of them stare at each other as they share in their bond, the immense love that they have for each other and a million other similar emotions bouncing back and forth. Everything is noted and acknowledged by the super brains that they have, but in truth, it wouldn’t matter. Each was it for the other. Even without the mythical bond they share, the two of them have found a love where the only thing the bond did was point out the other one to them.

Then with a sigh, and a promise sent through the bond, they separate and go about getting ready.  As Bella said, they have a full house, and Damon needs to get some blood in him for Bella.

They head downstairs, and Damon pauses by the keyboard to open the house up, and then walks past Bella in the kitchen to where the freezer was added to the wine room.  He grabs a couple bags and is drinking one as he comes into the room.

Battery acid is the best way he could describe the blood, but knowing that he sustains his Mate by drinking it enables him to force it down. And, because he loves her and doesn’t want her to feel how much he hates it, he has learned to put it in the back of his mind.

He helps her make taquitos for breakfast, all while he drinks down what he knows they need, sighing in relief when he is done. He can also feel her own hunger rising, and it only drives his instincts to care for her.

Making sure everything is on warm, he takes her outside to have her drink from him, since he knows she is still embarrassed by others watching her drinking so much from him.  She knows it is because of being a newborn, but still, the out of control way she gets sometimes bothers her.  The relief they both feel as she drinks from him is palpable, and he strokes her hair as she drinks what she needs. His own eyes close in ecstasy of being able to provide for her needs and feeling his own blood making its way through her body.

Jasper steps outside, and the sight of Damon feeding Bella plus the emotions radiation off them make him back into the kitchen in a hurry, where he bumps into Elijah.

The elder vampire lifts an eyebrow, then sees what Jasper had walked out into and grins. “I told you she has to drink from him, and he has to drink to sustain them both.  Later, he will drink more, but when she drinks from him, he will need to drink from her.  Right now, she is a newborn, and he is taking care of her.  Rightly.” His eyes glow for a moment as he looks forward to when he will be able to do the same for his Mate.  He can feel the satisfaction from Bella and Damon, and even though it is an echo of what they feel, it is enough to make him eager for the same.

Jasper just shakes his head.  “I really don’t understand how that works, or even how his body adds so fast whatever it is that allows her to drink it from him.“ He waves to the bags in the trash. The blood still bright enough to allow them to see that they had been freshly drained.

Elijah goes into the wine cellar to grab himself a bag and a couple for his descendant.  “We keep telling you, magic.  I suspect it governs you more than you guess.  If you had gold eyes drinking animals, I wonder if that was the magic allowing you to hide your true self. How have you felt since you went back to drinking from humans?” He lifts an eyebrow as he hands him the bags.

Jasper answers him as he pulls the tube out, chuckling with the memory of when Damon had joked about it being a Capri Sun for vampires with built in straws.  “Free.  The difference between human and animal blood is unexplainable.  I used to purposely slip when the hunger became too much.” He cannot understand someone choosing it.  He had no choice; if he wanted to be with Alice, who he had thought was his mate, he had to drink the horrid stuff.

Elijah stares out at the window at the two. “I suspect you cannot endure on a pure animal diet, look at Stefan as an example.  He needs to learn the control to be able to drink from humans. I am thinking that the diet is affecting so many of his reactions, and is maybe one of the ways that had been used to manipulate him.” Or at least he hopes so for Elena’s sake.

She has given into their bond, and the joy he had felt last night as they both had admitted it will live in his memory for the rest of his life. But even though she had acknowledged the bond, the sorrow his Mate feels at losing even the friendship with Stefan is enough to make him wish otherwise for her sake.

They both glance at each other, then back out the couple who are now just resting in each other’s arms.  Bella had carefully cleaned her bite, and then placed her head on his shoulder, and he continued to run his hands through her hair. The two were utterly content.

Elijah nods toward them. “They are what make it all something to strive for.  Knowing that our Mates have been being killed for all these years makes sense of the fact that every time I felt a pull, it was for the doppelgangers.” But he suspects that Elena is, and has always been, his true Mate.  Otherwise he would feel the bond with Katherine and that is one woman he is glad to have washed from his hands.

Jasper chuckles. “I would have to say that, out of the ones we know about, you have a real winner.”  He shakes his head, remembering everything he’s been told about the prior doppelgangers.  Though he had suggested that if it’s a doppelganger’s blood that allows the change, they might want to gather Katherine and have her donate to the cause, too.

Elijah nods. “I know.  And I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep her.” His hands unconsciously fist as he thinks of what all could happen.  He would walk through fire for her; it would be the least he would do to keep her.

The two glance at each other and nod. They then gather the breakfast dishes and head outside, knowing the rest of the house is already stirring.

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