Chapter 24 Why Don’t We Go




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Damon nods, and catching Elijah’s eyes, adds, “We also have the visitor downstairs, and Stefan to deal with.” He reminds them, not wanting any of it to be forgotten.  Loose ends make things happen come back to bite them in the ass later.

From where he had been sitting quietly, trying to make sense of everyone, Jasper shakes his head. “If I am going to lead the motley crew, well, just leave Demetri to me.  There’s a lot we can talk about, and I’ll make sure he’s with us by the time he leaves.” The last is said with a note of finality in his voice.

Standing behind his Mate, a hand resting on her shoulder, Elijah agrees. “That would work.  And Stefan…well, I say to leave him where he is until after the ritual.  With so much riding on it, we don’t need him making things worse just because he can.  If it comes down to it, I will compel him.  Katherine is still around here somewhere, and if any of us can catch her, we can throw them both in the vault and compel them to stay there until we can deal with them.  They can amuse each other.” He nods as he thinks through it all. Klaus is with them, and there should be no others who could get through their compulsion, so it will be a way to get them out of their way.

Chuckling, Damon tells them as he pulls his Mate back into his lap, “Fitting.  She can be where she was supposed to be along with the man she preferred.” He nuzzles Bella’s neck as the group continues to make plans around them.



Soon after the meeting they all split off to do what they need to, some leaving the plantation and others staying to prepare for the ritual in another way.  Bella and Damon head to their room to grab a few clothes since earlier Bella had commented wryly that they would need them; so much of their clothing ends up ripped off each other.

Damon only smirks as he whisks her away to their room, and just to prove a point, he manages to undress them without ripping their clothing.  Then without much pause, he quickly begins ravaging his Mate.  He leans her over the chair in the room and is soon hilt deep inside his Mate. As both begin feeding off each other’s pleasure, he listens to her moans of pleasure as he shows her why this position is so popular.

From what they had discovered from Elijah and Klaus, the need to be with each other sexually, or at least by each other’s side, would abate after a while, but Sage and Finn had often disappeared for weeks and even when they came back, they were still insatiable for each other.  And separating?  Klaus told them, “Get used to it.  Finn didn’t even go hunting without her at his side.  It made it harder to save him, since for some reason Father had it out for them, and had tried to kill him a couple of times before I daggered him.”

Alas for them, they didn’t have the option of leaving for weeks, so every chance is taken to deal with the urge they each have to take the other. Bella hated the need to stake their mutual claim even in front of the others; it is a strong desire they both have to show the unmated ones that they were taken.   For Damon, there is a strong, hard to resist desire to do that, to Mate her in front of any males he thinks wants her, and unfortunately for him, he can smell when a male becomes aroused around her.  When that happens, it is a drive for him, and that is often when they leave.

Man and woman 2

Bella, though, is just as bad this time, and turns the tables on him. After they orgasm she has him under her on the bed and she rides him hard.  She growls, her vamp face comes to the fore, and he can feel her need to claim him. He is confused until he hears the word Barbie come out of her growls, and cannot help it as he laughs at his Mate.  Though now he understands more of what she goes through when he is doing this to her.

She lifts an eyebrow, and when he doesn’t answer her as quickly as she wishes, she lifts herself up to the point he is almost out of her, and pauses.  She makes it clear that he will not be getting any more until he answers her.

Damon 20

He groans, trying to seat himself back in her, and she allows none of it. His head flies back on the bed and he closes his eyes for the second it takes to allow him to gain control.  He finally tells her, “There is no one but you, Bella.  Barbie, as you call her, was a fuck and feed.  Nothing else.  You are everything to me.” He caresses her face, his voice soft as he finishes.  This is the woman that means the world to him, no other can even come close.

With that, she falls back on him, and they both moan with pleasure.   Damon makes no move to be dominant as he normally is, content to watch his Mate as she rides him, amazed as always that she accepted him as her Mate. The most he does is caress her face, and she bends closer for them to kiss.

Leaning back from his kiss to feel him go deeper inside of her, Bella is lost in the feeling of Damon as she slides up and down his cock, his thick, perfect cock.  It is just right for her, and she loves the feeling of it moving in and out of her. She is aware that he is watching her, and she arches her back when his hands move from her hips to her breasts to cup them and then tease her nipples.

She loves the fact that he loves all of her, and it is often a testament to vampire healing that she doesn’t have marks all over her body from his mouth.  He loves to suck on her neck, breasts, anywhere.  And he loves to bite her, but then she loves to bite him too, and when they both bite…heaven.  It is often the only answer to the feeling that they both have.

No matter what she does to stave off their orgasms, there is no stopping the fire as it rises in both their bodies. She collapses on him, spent with how hard and fast she was moving, but she had felt this undeniable need to prove to any female that Damon is hers.

Damon chuckles at her as he lifts her hair from her body to help her cool off.  No matter how cool it might be, when you work that hard, even they as vampires will sweat from it.  He kisses her neck, and feeling the need to bite, starts nuzzling a spot to prepare it.

She moans as she feels him readying her, then when he bites, she closes her eyes.  Amazingly, she for once didn’t need to bite, but then she has been drinking from him a lot. This is the first time he has done it alone.  She didn’t feel anything but contentment in being able to provide for her Mate when he needs it.

Damon swallows, her blood pure ambrosia to him.  He, as always, is mindful of his Mate, but he sighs as he feels the need slowly ease, then when it is gone, he cleans her neck to make sure he didn’t miss anything.

Damon is often shocked when he notices how clean they both are with their bites.  One thing about their kind is the messiness of their feedings, especially when they kill their victims.  But, for the two of them, it is as if their blood is too precious for any of it to be wasted with messy bites.

Content, Damon leans back. The hunger he had been feeling creeping up on him, even though he had consumed the blood earlier, is now gone. He then looks down at Bella and grins. “So, we always rip our clothes?” He rests one arm behind him as he looks down at his Mate, his other arm around her as they relax in their post-coital bliss.

She drops her head on his chest with a groan.  “Really, Damon?  You just had to prove that point?” She knows he does, this is just Damon, but at the same time, she loves to tease him to keep him from getting too cocky.

He laughs as he bestows a kiss on her head. “Of course, Carissima. With you, always. I have a need to prove how worthy of a Mate I am for you.  It did take me a lot of work just to get that name from you.” He teases her about the whole ‘picking on him’ episode from earlier.

She snorts and then covers her mouth as Damon laughs at her.  He kisses her head as he sighs. “I suppose we need to pack and get on the road.  The more miles we can put between our trysts, the better off everyone will be.” He knows she is not happy with all the people here, but with the witches coming in to spell the house, this is one of the safest places for them all to be.  Even Jenna will be coming here tonight to sleep and will remain until the ritual.  It makes him more determined to build back his family home so they can have a place to escape to, to allow everyone to stay there if need be.

His hand and body were sending a different message to Bella, and, lifting an eyebrow, she grinds down on his cock. He sighs, “I told you that was a normal occurrence around you.  I don’t think there is a time I’m not at least semi-hard, since I’m always with you.  Truly, I always seem to be ready for you, Carissima.  And for me, that’s saying something, since I will admit I was a horny bastard.” He shrugs it off as he looks down at her to judge her reaction, his hand still slowing drawing words and circles on her back.

She moves up on his body and he shifts to make it easier for her, neither noticing how they move so smoothly together as Bella smiles down at him. She cups his strong jaw, and says, “Times like these make me so thankful I made that choice.  To know-”


He brings her close to him, and he murmurs to her as he hears her choked sob, “Shhhhh.  But you did make that choice.  So enough thinking about the ‘may have beens’ when you’ve already made the choice in the past. We need to make sure the future never takes a turn for the worse, and we now have Witchy here accepting her role to make sure that does not happen.  Take that trust you had in all of us making the right decisions and apply it to yourself.  We are Mated, which is a permanent feature in this world.” He holds her close to him, his purr erupting to soothe his Mate.

She sighs, and after a few more minutes of them seeking comfort from each other, both of them move, knowing they need to get on the road.  But as Damon mentions as they redress, they do have vamp speed for a reason, and within minutes they are saying goodbye to Elijah and the rest as they head out to her SUV.  Since neither of their cars could easily hold another person, they figure the SUV will be the best way to bring back the wayward vampire.

On the road, Damon takes her hand and kisses it. “Finally some time to ourselves, no researching, no surprise family showing up, nothing but the two of us driving to Roanoke.” He lifts his face to the open sunroof, loving the sense of freedom he has.

Bella laughs. “Which, unfortunately, will only be a few hours…” The sound of his groan has her laughing even harder.

He gives her this look as he goes back to driving. “Silver lining, Bella.  Silver lining.” He shakes his head, and kisses her hand as he continues driving.

She laughs as they head out of Mystic Falls, leaving behind the feeling of the weight of the world on their shoulders for as long as they can.

Roanoke Hotel

As she had predicted, within a couple of hours they are driving up to a hotel where Damon has booked them a room.  Since neither of them know how long they will be there, he had decided that he would rather have a room available in case they need it.  But then he smirks as he checks them in, knowing they both will be using the room before they left.  This mating drive they have is unreal…not that he was complaining.

After they have a quick romp in the room, during which Damon once again manages to not rip their clothing, which naturally causes Bella to tease him, they leave the hotel and start downtown on the  sidewalk. They go to dinner, and after much teasing from Damon about Bella’s face at the thought of eating liver anything, they head toward the bad side of town where Bonnie had indicated they would catch their prey.

The two of them are laughing and staggering a bit to see if they can lure their prey in with the drunken couple act.  They had made a point of eating in a restaurant from where a couple of people have gone missing after drinking heavily.  At this moment, Damon has his arm thrown casually over his Mate’s shoulder as she snuggles into his side.

Damon is aware as only a male Mated vampire could be.  This other vamp could be a threat to his Mate, and he is prepared to do whatever it takes to bring him in, hopefully alive.  Somewhat…after being roughed up if he touches his Mate. No one touches what is his without pain.  Although he is aware that Klaus would be taking a pound of flesh from him if something happens to his niece; seems Elijah is not the only one focused on family.

So when the vampire starts following them, he sends apprehension and victory to Bella.  They argue after a little bit, Bella telling him she remembers the map and that this alley they were in front of is a shortcut back to their hotel.  They stand there arguing for a few minutes, then Damon sighs, and kisses her lips. He says to her, “Fine.  But if it comes out on the wrong street, no complaining.” He lifts an eyebrow at her, waiting for her agreement.


She looks up at him coyly. “Does this mean you won’t give me a piggy back ride if my feet start to hurt?”

He looks down at her, sending his amusement to her as he shakes his head. “Maybe, depends on how much you complain when I am proved right.” He tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear, the picture of a doting man caring for his woman.  He thinks in the back of his head that he needs to see if she wishes to marry him, or just have some paperwork to reflect it.  He would love to call her his wife.

Bella sighs. “Typical male,” she mutters under her breath as he hugs her closer to him.

He chuckles at her, and indicates the so-called shortcut. “Do you want to take it or not?” He gives a mocking little bow to her.

She rolls her eyes at him, and heads down the alley.  Damon hears the vampire chuckle in amusement at their play…and what he thinks is prime pickings. Damon barely stops from rolling his eyes at the idiot, and soon catches up with his Mate.

Bella looks up at him with a smile barely evident on her face, also amused by the vampire.  When the male goes to grab them, the two act in concert and capture him in a cage of wind. Damon nods as they worked seamlessly. “You are almost as awesome as me.” As he looks over their cage, he realizes that this is something he never would have thought of doing before. But then again, without his mate’s help it would have taken a lot more out of him to do this.  Not that he wouldn’t, it does has that stylish sense of flash he loves to use when he shows off.

She rolls her eyes at him. “Cause no one can be that awesome, right,” she asks as she waits for him to come back to her.  She is well aware of how proud her Mate is of the fact that they work so well together as a team.

He gives her a look, and cocks his head. “I knew you were a smart one.  I did get myself a Mate perfect for me, didn’t I?” He asks the trapped vampire as he walks back to around and looks down at Bella as he pulls her close to him.

The vampire growls at them, then demands, “Who the hell are the two of you?” He fidgets, then feels a reproving slap form from the wind encasing him, and tries to bring his body closer into himself.

Letting go of his Mate, Damon gives a mocking bow. “Damon Salvatore and Isabella Swan, my Mate.  We were sent for you by Klaus and Elijah.  I think you have heard of them?” He lifts that eyebrow, and Bella struggles not to laugh at him.  He is just a tad too flamboyant at times.  But it is that same nonchalant attitude that makes him so formidable.  He can back up his words with actions, and often does.

The vampire just growls at them as Damon shrinks the trap into a second skin around the male. He sighs as he comments to Bella, “Sires are nothing like they used to be?  I mean look at you, I am teaching you what you need to know, and you are only days old.” He pulls her close to him to make sure she is secure as he tries something.

She snorts as they use the wind to lift them above the buildings to bring them to their hotel. “There is nothing like the fact I am the daughter of Elijah that helped.”  Then she looks down, and points out the road that where alley would have led. “See, I told you it would go back to the hotel!”

Damon 238

Damon chuckles, holding her close as they land on their balcony. He opens the door they had left unlocked earlier as a ‘just in case’, waives her in then drags the other vampire through the door after him.  “So it did.” He shrugs, then goes back to the point he may have a chance at winning. “Now back to what I was saying.  No idea what you are talking about.  It is my tutoring as your sire that gives you all sorts of benefits that this one could have not have had even if he dreamed about it.” He waits for his Mate to answer him, knowing she will have a comeback.

She instead just laughs at him as she heads back to the bar where he had left the cooler containing the blood bags. After opening the lock, she grabs him a couple.  He sighs as he takes one to drink, then drops into a chair to look over their prey as he sips.

“Not much to look at is he?” There is a sense of moodiness that she wouldn’t argue with him.

Running her fingers through his hair as she sits on his lap, Bella replies, “No, but then even if he was drop dead gorgeous, you still wouldn’t admit it.” She looks down at him, enjoying the purr that had erupted with her actions, and raises an eyebrow.

Damon stops drinking long enough to give her a nod, acknowledging her comment. “True.” He waives it off, his eyes half closing as she continues running her fingers through his hair.

The vampire has tried to struggle and found that if he did, the pressure on him increases.  He finally growls and asks, “Why the hell did you capture me?” He stares at the two beings in front of him, wanting nothing to do with either Klaus or Elijah, and not liking the fact the two throw those particular names around so easily.

Bella smirks. “Klaus wanted you for some ritual.  Daddy agreed, so here we are.  Seems you have been a bad, bad boy and this is your punishment.” She looks at him from her Mates lap, and cocks her head slightly to the side.

The vampire just shakes his head, and demands with a growl, “How do you know you have the right vampire?  It could have been me passing by taking advantage of the moment.” He eyes the male she is sitting on and wonders if he could take him on and have the woman moaning under him within minutes afterwards.

Damon tosses his drained blood bag on the table, and taking the next one from Bella, comments, “It is pretty amazing how stupid he thinks we are.  Let’s just say Mother told on you.  Now, love, what shall we do?  It was pretty simple and easy to get him.” He is also making sure that nothing of the male’s arousal gets out of the cage. It’s hard enough to have to see it, since the idiot wore those skinny jeans.  Nope, the odor would drive him nuts and cause him to have to claim Bella in front of him, so instead he takes the high road.

Sighing as she thinks about the lost opportunities, she tells him seriously, “Take him back.  Remember what Bonnie said? She doesn’t see any issues, but we shouldn’t take chances.” She lays her head on his shoulder, not happy at all about those lost chances either.

Damon groans as he drops his head on the back of the chair. “Asshole.  You are going to pay for the fact we have to go back home.  There are just too many people at the plantation.” He cannot wait until it is just the two of them.  By the time he is done, there won’t be a place in their home that won’t smell of their mating.

Grinning down at her mate, Bella entices him. “If you break his neck, you might get some road head.  But it all depends on you.” She grins at Damon, knowing that with as horny he always is, and with how much he loves to watch her suck his cock, this would be a very tempting offer.

Damon growls at the enticing thought, and, looking at the vampire, comments, “Bad luck for you.” And with that he makes a twist with the wind and that is all the vampire saw before blackness overcame him.

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