Chapter 28 Just Another Day




Disclosure:  Twilight and Vampire Diaries are owned by their respective braianics that thought of it. 

Pre Edit Count –   587 Words

Song I listened to for this chapter: Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins.


Damon is trying to get her to feed from him but growls when she can’t swallow, and nods in gratitude as Elijah takes her head and coaxes her throat to take his blood.  He is almost panicking, only the long years of solitude and the knowledge that keeping a steady head would be better to help his Mate making it possible.

Klaus soon turns her over enough to see what caused the injury, and snarls as he sees the white oak stake in her back, barely missing her heart.  Before he gets a chance, Jasper grabs it, pulls it out, and flings it across the room.  Klaus covers the wound with his hand and applies pressure to try to stop the bleeding. All three members of her family are operating as one to save the tiny woman before them.

The four watch as the wound in her back slowly closes, and breathe out a sigh of relief. And when she chokes, all the males’ shoulders relax as they realize she will be fine.  Damon is leaning over her, needing to see her eyes the minute she opens them, and the others watch anxiously for them to reconnect.

Bella’s brown eyes flutter, then fly open to meet her Mate’s worried eyes.  She tells Damon, “I remember what I forgot.”



As Damon consoles his Mate by telling her that it was not her fault, with Klaus and Elijah adding that they had also forgotten about him since they had believed him to still be imprisoned, elsewhere someone lands on their feet behind Alaric and, before he can react, they snap his neck.

They snarl as they stare down at the vampire hunter, then turn to the vault and push the rock away to reveal Katherine and Stefan inside waiting.  She lifts an eyebrow. “I take it you have seen the truth for yourself?” She has her arms crossed, waiting for him to come.

She laughs when the other snarls at her, and walks out of the vault.  When Stefan calls out to her, she looks behind and lifts an eyebrow. “Did you really think I would risk myself for you?  Especially after you have forsaken me for that pitiful copy of me?” She rolls her eyes as she places her hand on her hip.

While he stares at her, she takes the arm of the being who freed her and tosses them over her shoulder. “If you behave, maybe I will come back for you.” She laughs as she walks away, thinking that he will at least be out of her way and that she will come back, once everything is resolved.

With that he watches as she walks away from him, yet again.

In another part of the world, a large door opens and a man enters a chamber with three beings seated on thrones.  He mockingly bows to them.

The one in the middle waives at him, and asks impatiently, “Well?”

The man smirks and tells him, “It is all true.  She knows of us, and it seems there is one of our kind protecting her.  If any of us come near, they are killed.  But your laws are being mocked, oh great kings.” He leans against the wall cleaning his nails as he waits for the inevitable outburst to come.

The white haired being on the right side of the one who spoke snarls out, but the man just laughs at them.  “What will you do?  Your oh-so-mighty laws have been flaunted by one you favor, and there is a woman running around with the secret who is now a celebrated researcher.  I hear she specializes in Vampires – so much so that she wrote that god-awful book that has been so popular.” He cannot help but shudder at the monstrosity that the masses are reading and clamoring for another of its type.

The rulers snarl, and the man laughs as he leaves the throne room. He tells one of the vampires outside the door, “Heidi, do be a dear and bring me a couple. I’ll be in my rooms.” He waives her off as he walks down the hallway.

The vampire in question shudders at his request, but quickly leaves to comply.  The man strides through the halls as if they are his own, whistling a tune as he thinks over everything he has discovered.

Oh yes, it is about time for some changes around here, and he knows exactly who will be enacting those changes.  He laughs, and the other vampires in the castle shudder.

To be continued…

Final count:  808 words.


Thanks to everyone who has joined me on this fantastic journey.  This was due to a challenge to write a story in a month.  I hate that I was unable to finish, but I have finished this section of the story. I never expected the turnout for the story, much else what else you guys have honored this little story with all the awards on so on. The sequel will not be next writing period, but I will get to it in the next couple of months.

To be Continued……………………..

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  1. 01katie

    I am a little confused why would Kathrine drinking from someone who I think is Mikeal let her be free?

    • Kittyinaz

      No where does it say she drinks… She has been in there less than a day…

      • 01katie

        My bad I misread I got feed instead of freed.I apologize.

  2. trbuie

    you sure set up a pretty evil little cliffie for us to deal with for a while….. 🙂 can’t wait to hopefully see damon, bella, and everyone take on the volturi and everyone yucky…(smirks evilly)

  3. Dark-Supernatural-Angel

    Hang on, so the man who killed Alaric is the one that freed Katherine and the one who mocked the Volturi? I want to say Mikael but I doubt he’d go back to free Katherine after she gave him information on Klaus. It’s gotta be another player.

    So the thing Bella forgot about was Mikael, right?

    Can’t wait for part 2!

    • Kittyinaz

      Nope two different people.

  4. Cuinawen

    Hmm somehow missed the last chapter of this, so had some catching up to do. Interesting set ups for the next story, curious now as to where it will all go 🙂

  5. Sassy Mami

    I somehow missed the last chapter and I had to read that one so this one could make sense. Great chapter and I hope the next installment is up soon 🙂

  6. Carol

    Great story. Can’t wait for part 2

  7. procompsognatus

    THANK YOU for this amazing job! Waiting for next book.

  8. gyllene

    Can’t wait for part two! This was my first fanfiction story that I read that wasn’t True Blood or SVM. Thank you for introducing me to The Vampire Diaries and Twilight crossovers.

  9. JesskaLynnK93

    i loved this story and i cant wait for the next part in this trilogy.

  10. geenakmom

    Such an amazing story! I’ve loved reading every delicious word! Can’t wait for part 2.

  11. northstackfan

    hope you write the sequel soon. can’t wait to find. out who freed katerine and who wet to the volturi. any hints? 🙂

  12. Justine

    I am so, so in love with this fic, your amazing writing and all of the awesome characters you have created here!

    Cannot wait for the sequel! ;o)

  13. Justine


  14. Oihana

    I love this story!!!
    Will you take long to update???

    • Kittyinaz

      the Sequel will be updated once I can have some time to write. Thanks for asking!

  15. Amber

    Love it

  16. twilight-et-the-vampire

    Hâte de lire la suite de cette fiction géniale

  17. Gredelina Fanfiction

    Really like what you’ve done with this story. Having them all work together, with Elijah and Klaus being the great guys they can be – love that! The pics you’ve chosen have been perfect and really added to the experience. The mates mythology you’ve built is fascinating and I can’t wait to learn more. I really hope you still plan on doing the sequel. Are you?

  18. galwidanatitud

    finally able ti finish reading all the chapters. what a ride. can’t wait for part two.

  19. TeAire

    Thank you for the gift of your writing. I’m glad that I find your writing. I couldn’t put it churn until I finished it. Can’t wait until the next installment.

  20. sbrett1989 (@sbrett2000)

    I love this story. I can’t wait for what happens next. Hope you write again soon xxx

  21. cullenlover55

    Well I have read this story so many times and now I will say that this is one of the best you have written. I have a few guesses and I know I am probably wrong but I think Mikael got Katerina out and Douchward went to the Volturi. I also have the thought that the Three that are coming are G/S/E. I may be wrong but that would be a hell of a story.

  22. Annelie

    i hope you will write more on it

    • Kittyinaz

      I will!! Just have to get back to it!!

  23. andrewpine

    To be Continued…………………….. when?

  24. EvilElf

    I LOVE this story. I read the first chapter on Fanfiction and wanted to read more. You are now my favorite writer.

    • Kittyinaz

      Awww you made me blush!!! Thanks!!!

  25. RavenHaile

    I adore this story, it’s one of my favorites. I cannot wait for the sequel. :3

  26. Starbrites

    This was great. Have you wrote the second part yet?

  27. Isisinme83

    I took my time to savor this story since I blew through all your others. You are by far one of my favorite writers and so happy I came across you. I loved every bit of this journey. The world building, the nuances between the characters. You brought the worlds together flawlessly. Poor Bella she has to deal with so much strife even in her new life. However I love how you have given her a family of her own who will be loyal. It’s all she ever wanted was to belong and be loved. I can’t wait for the sequal and all the baddies to be handled. I hope everyone makes it to the end but then again it adds to the drama.



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